Friday, January 25, 2013

Jim Harbaugh's Long Toss to John Madden scores a Touchdown on KCBS

In an otherwise ordinary phone interview on KCBS Friday morning, 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh threw a compelling toss to John Madden and the coach scored an audio touchdown with a two-point conversion for good measure.

Harbaugh was his usual Harbaughish--not exactly saying anything of note and being his usual, well, Jim Harbaugh--polite, but not really compelling. Suddenly, out of nowhere, he asked Madden a question.

"Coach, (Madden), 'what can you tell me as a first-time coach going to a Superbowl'"? Madden offered the following: "The team that complains the most, (during the week), usually loses...and the team that is happy to get there usually loses." Harbaugh stopped Madden, on the air no less, and began writing down Madden's missives. No, reallly, you could hear it, I'm dead serious. So was Harbaugh.

It was very enlightening. And better yet, it was genuine too, a moment that showed a different part of Harbaugh. And it probably caught Madden off guard, (in a good way). It most certainly made anchor Stan Bunger and sports guy Steve Bitker stop and take note. As it should have. Damn good radio and not a whiff of any gimmicks.

The entire few moments is one of the reasons why Madden gets paid a good deal of coin to chat every morning on the radio. It is enlightening and engaging. But again, most of all, it's Madden, (and in this case, ironically, Harbaugh too), that provided an interesting human element to listeners eavesdropping on a Hall-of-Famer coach talking shop with one of his buddies. Moreover, it was an authentic moment devoid of any sound effects or disingenuous chatter. And it worked.

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  1. I heard this as well. It was fantastic. No way the idiots on The Sports Bleeder could've had an interview like this. Bunger, as per usual, was very professional in how he treated Harbaugh and even apologized about bringing up the brother vs. brother issue. The Sports Bleeder couldn't have done such a good job.

  2. Post the audio Richie

    1. There's a daily Madden podcast on KCBS. Here's the link, although it has not been posted yet:

  3. Great radio - Madden at his best - Jim being Jim. However, I would not be surprised if Harbaugh called Madden for more.

  4. Caught it live this morning. Pretty cool. Jim was genuinely interested in what John had to say. He even took notes.. John paid Harbaugh a huge compliment calling him a far better coach than he ever was..

  5. Rich! Good Post. ... You are the best. ...

  6. Madden loves the game so much, and has a great respect for the men who play it and the history of it. Harbaugh is cut from the same cloth. Both men were born to be around the game and the Bay Area has been lucky to have had them around. Madden brought the bay area it's first Superbowl win when the Raiders pounded the Vikes back in January of 1977, and Harbaugh will bring the bay area it's eighth NFL title, (one of the three Raider titles was won in LA, so it doesn't count as a Northern California title.)

  7. I really like former Coach John Madden! But on the flipside, its really too sad that the Great former 49er Coach, Bill Walsh isn't around to answer that question from Coach Harbaugh. :(

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    The don't call him "Whitey" for nothing.

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