Saturday, May 23, 2015

Loren And Leverage; Saturday 415 Media Coffee Shop Notes

"I can't believe they let her go", her being Christina Loren from KNTV. I can't tell you how much I 've heard and read that reaction from people. Well, it's further proof that no one is safe anymore, not even those who are prominent personalities on their respective media outlets.

Not that Loren was hugely popular and garnered worship status but she definitely had a very large, loyal following among men, women too.

That didn't save her from her eventual fate though. As I pointed out, Christina will land on her feet and have a job soon. Those close to her told me she's almost relieved to be able to sleep in and have her mornings back. There's always a silver lining to being let go particularly when you might be looking for something new, something different, a change of scenery--everyone benefits.

*If Loren doesn't end up somewhere in the Bay Area, she might be headed to LA where they seem to snatch up many of our blond weather forecasters --i.e., Evelyn Taft and the like.

*Sure, Loren has the body. But even better, brains too. Score one for the Diane Sawyer card. Yes, I said, Diane Sawyer. Still hot and getting hotter.

*You, the average viewer, like and appreciate the KRON "Back Story" show. But you, the astute viewer have an understanding and can comprehend the real, non-bullshit goings-on at KRON and know the program is a crap full of...

*Memo to News Directors in town: No matter how many times you tell staff not to talk to me I still get the word. In fact, the more you spiel, the more info I get so keep it going. Some of you get it, others, not so sure.

*The morning weekday war at KGO-TV is once again boiling over. She might have to update the resume soon.  He can't wait for them to lower the boom but that might require some heavy lifting if you know what I mean.

*KRON: Between your shitty lighting and the camera in anchorwoman's face you really don't know what the hell you're doing. If this doesn't eventually get fixed, you might really be an albatross --wait a minute.

*I don't have the information yet or the breakdown but I can bet KPIX had a spectacular May sweeps for 11 PM, thank you David Letterman.

*Speaking of the devil, quick rundown on May sweeps: KGO, very good, ditto, PIX. KTVU and KNTV, flat. KRON: Don't even ask. Time for the doofus to commence screaming and yelling on Tuesday.

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Friday, May 22, 2015

Exclusive: Connecticut Weather Forecaster To Replace Christina Loren; Kari Hall Joins NBC Bay Area; 415 Media Inside Story

 I'm going to tell you who replaces Christina Loren at NBC Bay Area: it's Kari Hall from News12 in Connecticut --my San Jose spy confirmed she's already in the South Bay at the KNTV building getting acquainted.

*I don't know much about Hall but she comes to the Bay Area with a salary considerably less than what Loren was making; money was NOT the biggest factor in hiring Hall, but just enough .

*Hall is African-American; she's also known as someone who "won't rock the boat." Loren wasn't an it-disturber by any means but she was also fiercely independent --read that as you will.

*A source told me management might have been less than thrilled that Loren may have been looking at "other opportunities" down the road--just in case she was dealt cards handed down by NY and San Jose. (She was).

*Fact: KNTV had a stagnant ratings report during the recent sweeps that just ended. So did KTVU, who recently hired a young up-and-comer anchor to broadcast their new 4 PM News. No, it's not a coincidence that Keba Arnold is an African-American woman, just like Hall. Put two and two together.

*With her proven track record and viewer (male) popularity, Loren will land on her feet somewhere soon and most likely in a big market, maybe even the Bay Area too. Stay tuned.

*415 Media Exclusive

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Loren 'Angry Diva' Gets The Axe; NBC Bay Area Source: 'She Was 'Very Difficult' To Work For'; Inside Story; KGO-TV Memo Draws Chuckles From Staff; TGIF Starter

 Make no mistake, Christina Loren was one of NBC Bay Area 's most popular on-air personalities--and she surely knew it. But at the end of the May sweeps on Thursday, Loren was reminded that even a big-time air talent is not immune to getting the axe --and that's what Loren got most unexpectedly: her walking papers.

Loren, from a variety of insiders wasn't given a pink slip due to normal budgetary trimming--in fact, NBC paid her to leave! From multiple sources close to the matter, seems Loren was "difficult to work with."

A KNTV production staffer who spoke on condition of anonymity: "She was nice but she could be very difficult at times --it got to a point where she became an 'angry diva.'"

Another station source: "I like Christine a lot but you have to treat the people you work for with respect. She could be tough."

Loren indeed was very popular in the morning doing weather reports; she also did a ton of PR appearances for the station. This isn't going to break KNTV obviously but I'm pretty certain the decision to bounce the ultra-popular Loren probably was a combo-San Jose/NY move.

We'll be digging more. Stay tuned.

*Over at 900 Front, KGO-TV the talk amongst staffers was a memo distributed to staff from management: "Move around the camera more!" Among other things. Let's just say the initial chuckling has been off the chart.

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Breaking: Christina Loren OUT at NBC Bay Area

 Christina Loren is no longer working at KNTV (NBC Bay Area) The reason(s) so far is ambiguous --we're investigating.

Loren has posted her status on her Facebook page. Her bio is missing from the station's website.


KRON 'Back Story'

I  finally watched it.

Oy vey.

Take A Damn Break And Pay Attention

 SLOW DOWN --take a break. All of you. Quit thinking about what you think is important and worry about what is important.

I speak from experience because a life filled with anxiety sucks. That's why I say, slow down. Concentrate on things that matter like your family, your health, your well-being. Screw the Facebook and Twitter every now and then. They're not that important in the long run; matter of fact in the short run too.

The other night I went to the Warriors playoff game and saw some of the few press friends that I can talk too; while schmoozing with the gang I noticed a few of the --I'll call them the ego schlubs --that sounds about right--they were glued to their smart-ass phones and oblivious to the surroundings. Good for them, in a way, their life reduced to staring at an electronic device. What tranquility. They need to slow down too and look in the mirror because at some point it won't be such a big deal and they'll have to deal with real life and real-life issues.

The past six months has been traumatic. Eye-opening too. Out of misery and anxiety and feeling down for all the various reasons and worrying about things out of my control I figured out the biggest things in life, I thought, are real meaningless after all. I'm trudging into Dr. Phil territory and don't mean to inject therapy into the equation but we worry too much and are concentrated on various things, ideas, events most of which are insanely trivial. We all need to collectively check our ego at the door. SLOW DOWN! Relax. Don't carry grudges like I used to 'cause it's not worth it. Fight the real fight, the good fight and pay no attention to the posers. They're living in a fantasy world based on half-truths and delusional state-of-being. If they only knew how worthless it all is, under the circumstances, then they themselves would get out from under the shell and sort of figure it out but they are in eternal denial. I was there too one day and have, thank god, realized how much a fraud I became because I used to think all of this meant something--it doesn't.

I am hopeful that this registers for some of you. Everyone. Media, civilians, armed guards, sports pundits, everyday people. Individuals who take pictures of their parking passes. Credentialed sports cable behemoths. Drinkers. Smokers. Bloggers and other assorted sociopaths who take pictures and selfies.

The big picture needs your assistance. Membership has its privileges.

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