Sunday, November 23, 2014

Ann Killion of the SF Chronicle Steps In It

Embedded image permalink Ann Killion is a sports columnist for the Chronicle-- who stepped into it heavily on Saturday.

Killion curiously tries to be cute here on Twitter. (Since deleted). The "rapist" she refers to is Florida State QB, Jameis Winston. Later, Killion tweeted out, "alleged rapist."

Killion will be given a pass by her sheep Bay Area brethren sporting media but Twitter world may not be so forgiving.

Meanwhile, the Chron is getting lots of pub.

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Oakland Meets Ferguson This Week

 In the next four days or so, more than likely, a Grand Jury in Ferguson, Missouri will probably decide not to indict a white police officer who shot and killed an unarmed black man back in August.

The TV networks have already sent correspondents back to the scene in anticipation of the upheaval that is expected to take place in Ferguson the night of the announcement.

The networks, cable outlets, radio networks, internet news outlets are already staked outside the courthouse waiting for the inevitable. They won't directly say it but they expect violence and mayhem in the streets. Rioting. The police and National Guard are already in position and waiting too. A virtual media village is readily seen as evidenced on the Sunday talk shows.

Here in the Bay Area, there's already TV presence in Oakland even though there's been no indication that trouble might be brewing anytime soon. This is a recipe for disaster. This is where common sense and responsibility is trumped by a thirst for sensationalism and visuals.

Come announcement day, protesters, the legitimate passionate, loud, but peaceful throng will make speeches and express their anger and resentment toward the decision of the Grand Jury. You'll probably see little of them because they don't present good TV pictures. As nightfall nears, news choppers will buzz overhead and a bunch of black-bandanna-wearing anarchists with masks and armed with spray-paint cans and bars will emerge from BART trains--90% of these fools don't even live in Oakland --but will come out and start breaking windows and making trouble. That's when the TV news choppers will do their thing and breathless reporters begin their "reporting."

I'm assuming this scenario plays out--I hope I'm wrong. I'm hoping for a lot of things. I'm hoping that, as expected, the Grand Jury no-indictment decision will not spark any violence in Ferguson or cities across the nation like NY, Boston, Los Angeles, SF and most especially, Oakland. But like many, I'm not entirely optimistic.

I'm hoping too, that the TV people here, show some responsibility in their coverage. They don't have a very good track record. That they cover 50 or so odd hooligans bent on using the Ferguson decision to inflict violence and mayhem in Oakland is not right. It's one thing to cover the rioting and mayhem when there's significant numbers; like if there are hundreds or few thousands of protesters starting fires and confronting police; uncivil disobedience. That's news, albeit unpleasant, but it's news. A rat pack of anarchists, few in number, should be shunned by mainstream news outlets but that's hardly been the case in Oakland.

I would hope that the people who make these calls of just how they cover the impending week in Oakland would show some degree of caution and restraint. Most of the anarchists don't even know Mike Brown from Buster Brown and are using this tragedy to make trouble. Furthermore, the fact they know they will get coverage from media here, no matter how trivial they are, speaks volumes about news judgment, or lack of it.

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Saturday, November 22, 2014

KGO Radio Changes Across The Board

 *Weekend talk-show hosts have been told they may be history.

*Heavy rumor that all weekend programming will be taped and chock full of syndicated real-estate shows and sweet nothings. In other words, lots of air mush and nothing else.

*News content devoid of ABC Radio by end of year; CNN rehash on the itinerary.

*News segments cut during week and all but wiped out on weekend except a few updates.

*One or two hosts might be hired, (Chip Franklin is already on board), for weekday nights.


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Friday, November 21, 2014

20 Questions; Does Radnich Drink? Why Is Copeland Defending Bill Cosby?; Is Kate Scott Still A Moron? Michael Savage Downturn; Friday Midday

 1. Does Gary Radnich drink? Only orange soda mostly, but no, nothing alcoholic although occasionally he sounds drunk like today when he said that mostly people like drunks attend the Guardsmen luncheon.

2. Why does KNBR not offer an on-air disclaimer that it pays weekly guest, Greg Cosell? We'll first off, Cosell is one of the few paid guests that are entertaining, even so, KNBR should tell its listeners they give Cosell money, just like they should tell their listeners they've been paid to put on a betting shill once a week. Then again, it's KNBR, and they really need the money--that's why they shove nearly 40 minutes of commercials in an hour down your throat.

3. Why is Brian Copeland the ONLY person in the world defending Bill Cosby? Because Copie has a vested interest in kissing Coz' ass since he's been on Copie's show and Copie opens for him even though Cosby's TV shows and comedy gigs have been getting canceled en masse lately. Note to Copie: since your program last Sunday another five women have come out and made detailed accusations against the Cos, yeah it's all a conspiracy, genuine man.

4. Do you still think Kate Scott is a moron? Yeah, she still sucks, anything else?

5. Do you still like Michael Savage? Savage has reverted to the old political radio model that doesn't work: the constant, boring barrage of anti-Obama, Obama, Obama talk which isn't successful and tires easily. He's also spent the better part of three months using his radio show to promote his book, bash Obama, and promote his book. It's a good reason why his ratings are way, way down and he's in a near-record funk. See, I can rip Savage for those of you that think I'm a Savage kiss-ass. Not.

6. What happened to Ted Ramey on KNBR; wasn't he the guy that started the union movement? We'll, that's a good question, I haven't heard Ramey although I'm not all ears on the sports bleeder as much as I used to.

7. Who's your favorite Bay Area TV Sports Anchor? In order, Mark Ibanez and Larry Beil. I've always liked Mark because he can write and Beil has warmed on me more because he has a very sly and dry sense of humor.

8. What's your opinion of KTVU weatherman, Bill Martin? I think Bill has become tired-looking and in that, I don't mean to be disrespectful just giving an honest take. He used to look and sound energetic and have a sense of humor about his--now it looks like he just comes in and does his thing and takes off. Could be a faze too, we're all not immune to such situations.

9. Who's the most underrated TV anchor in the Bay Area? Several choices there. I like Anne Macovec on KPIX--she's very solid and consistent in a very understated way. Ken Wayne has always been a favorite of mine and has been doing great on the weekends over at KTVU but you rarely hear his name spouted. Ann Notarangelo quietly does her job very well on PIX. Oh, Terry McSweeney is pretty solid too on KNTV, (NBC Bay Area).

10. Why does Radnich always talk about family and having kids makes you responsible, blah, blah, blah, it becomes sort of repetitive. Because when you have nothing else to your repertoire, you can repeat the same old shit and get away with it.

11. Do you listen to Gil Gross? No, that ship has sailed.

12. Can you become an Insider on CSNBA? No, they only used people who suck a lot of Giants ass and have very inoffensive people on their talk shows. It's a very successful business model if you like white people and a few token yappers who say nothing of substance and look like Fresno insurance reps.

13. Does The Game have any hope? Not really, but in the sense of will they last?, yes because Entercom has deep enough pockets to just survive and make the best go of it here--they keep changing programs but since nobody is listening it doesn't really matter. It's pretty much Damon Bruce and a few doughnuts.

14. Who's the single-most talented anchor in the Bay Area?: Easy, hands down, Dan Ashley. Dan gets a lot of flack because he seems so perfect, so immaculate but that's only because he's so steady and good.

15. What do you think of Greg Papa? I have consistently said I like Greg Papa--in terms of preparation and knowledge, he knows the NFL and in particular, he knows the Raiders--I do think his "Touchdownnnnnnnnnnn Raiders" call goes overboard at times when the game is outta hand--he's better now but he's not that great.

16. Can KGO Radio ever become, through time, the old KGO Radio? No, never, not even remotely possible --in fact, impossible.

17. You're kind of hard on Gasia Mikaelian. Yeah, I am but not like everyone thinks--like Heather Holmes, I just don't get all the attention.

18. Do you ever get freebies from Tommy's Joynt? No, but I should.

19. Who is the hottest woman on Bay Area TV News? Tie between Vicki Liviakis and Christin Ayers.

20. How do those obnoxious True-Car ads appear on radio so much? Money, lots of it.

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Dave Clark And Tori Campbell; Deconstructing KTVU 'Mornings On Two' Anchor Pair; Friday First Take

 Dave Clark, one of the anchors on KTVU's 'Mornings on 2", is often the recipient of negative anti-positive e-mail in my message box.

Most people say he looks uncomfortable, that he gives off a bad vibe and seems angry. I'm paraphrasing of course but the overall impression of Clark isn't warm and fuzzy.

Which is interesting because almost every person at Channel 2 has told me Clark is a good guy, or, "he's a real nice man."

I bumped into Clark a few years back; it was some industry event in the city and didn't say much, it was mostly small talk. He was cordial and pleasant and in a brief time, there was nothing to indicate that he was some crummy jerk, not even close to it.

Part of Clark's low-grade appearence, at least on TV, appears to be his facial scowl, which makes him look sort of cranky. But along with the eternal scowl comes the frequent smile afterward so there's every indication that Dave Clark's look can be interpreted as angry but those who know swear he's Mr. Sunshine.

 Then there's Tori Campbell. Tori looks and sounds a lot more careful these days. I wonder why. That last statement was intended to be sarcastic.

Ever since you-know-what, Campbell seems more dazed and plain, just do the job and get out of the building kind of vibe.

Maybe it's fair, maybe it's not. I'll give Campbell credit; few people in the business could have survived the whole you-know-what and come back strong seemingly able to put all of that behind her.

While I said my thing on that old deal and wondered aloud why Tori Campbell wasn't given the ax, I also commend her for being able to move forward and onward. True, she has little choice but nevertheless, the stigma of 16 months later is still there and an indelible mark on her career.

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Two Of Cumulus' Biggest SF Players, Gary Radnich and Ronn Owens Anti-Union; KNBR Recent Vote To Join SAG-AFTRA Dynamic; Thursday First Hit

Gary Radnich and Ronn Owens--both morning air talent for Cumulus stations, KNBR and KGO are notorious anti-union guys. Interesting coincidence given KNBR's recent vote to join the SAG-AFTRA Union.

We're not necessarily trumping up the idea of being pro or anti-union. That's for the membership to decide but given San Francisco's strong identity as a labor town it merits conversation.

It's just interesting that both Owens and Radnich, (and most other prominent air talent), have pooh-poohed the union --until they got to their status where benefits, health coverage and the like was a given and which they take for granted. The underlings at KNBR, fed up with Cumulus' work demand, its demeaning and destructive abuse toward its employees had enough, apparently. The hard part comes now but their heart is in the right place.

Owens has decried the union many times on the air; he's said repeatedly, paraphrasing, "Hey, I have to be in a union to work." Yeah, Ronn, it's a tough life.

Radnich hasn't been as vocal but once the KNBR-union story got out he made an off-hand remark like be careful what you wish for. Yeah, until they tell you they're cutting your pension and asking you to make more contributions to your health care.

Poor babies.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Damon Bruce Interviews New Oakland Mayor-Elect, Libby Schaaf On 95.7 The Game; Candid One-On-One; Refreshing Back And Forth On A's/Raiders Future (Audio)

 I was listening to Damon Bruce interview new Oakland Mayor-Elect, Libby Schaaf on All-Sports, 95. 7 FM, The Game.

It was a very spot-on interview both by Bruce and the more-than-candid Schaaf who didn't sound like the typical rah-rah politician.

The subject matter was Oakland and its commitment, or lack thereof, in keeping the A's and Raiders in town.

As Bruce noted during and after the interview, the new mayor-elect has a lot more important matters on her plate than trying to woo billionaires to maintain residence in a city that has a multitude of problems but also lots of buzz too. She was sincere, or at least she sounded sincere. Perception is the key. It was refreshing and so was the banter between Madam Mayor and Bruce. Certainly better than another soon-to-be, ex-mayor who didn't sound too good.

When he's on his game, Bruce offers up a plethora of all that's right on the Game. I've often said he's a pretty damn-good interviewer too--too bad we don't get more of this on the station but in time maybe we will.

This type of adult-sports programming wouldn't happen on rival KNBR; they're more into trivial pursuit and making sure their clients are happy. But 95.7 provides a welcome relief from the relative minutiae from 680 and Bruce's interview on Wednesday afternoon with Libby Schaaf was more than welcome.

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