Monday, May 30, 2016

Warriors-Sharks Viewing Conundrum on Memorial Day Night; What are You Watching?; Dumb NHL TV Guys Schedule Stanley Cup Opener Against Warriors-OKC Game 7; Monday


The Warriors or the Sharks? It shouldn't have to be one or the other; in fact, most of you will be switching back and forth; even those of you, like me, that only, if at all, dare admit that you watch hockey, even playoff hockey, but I digress...

This is an historic evening. The BBQ has been put on hold; the mad rush to watch a KRON sports personality make his fellow anchors look like mush is delayed; you have must-see sports viewing of historic proportions commencing from about 5 PM up until around 9, a basketball-hockey orgasm punctuated with epic story lines; can the Warriors survive a Game 7 with OKC's vaunted double superstar tandem; how do the Sharks look on the Stanley Cup opener at Penguin control center in Pittsburgh? A BBQ? Screw that! We have a lot on the menu.

It didn't have to be this chaotic for your watch party on Memorial Day night. For example, the brain-dead buttheads who run the NHL and are desperate for ratings must have been high on dope for scheduling Stanley Cup Game 1 on a night when they knew a Game 7 NBA encounter was possible, what goofballs!

Who's responsible? This schmuck.

I mean, any amateur yahoo could have stood up at the NHL TV meeting and said, "sir/madam, I do believe we can stagger Game 1 on Sunday Night and 2 on Tuesday or Wednesday so as not to compete with the NBA, right?" Of course that would haven been too logical.

This is not going to wreck your day or evening. Some of you will carry on and do laundry. Your kids and family are more important. The babysitter has been paid and you're already dreading Tuesday and back at the office. Life moves on...

Then there's the rest of you like me that have no life and are counting down the time between 5 and 6 when teal and black and gold and blue are more vital than good chopped liver. I get it.

Just be careful and enjoy. It's still just a game. It will have no bearing on your regular ways and means; you'll still have to be fresh for tomorrow --remember, the boss doesn't give a damn, he's so gosh darn cranky!

Take care and eat well.

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Friday, May 27, 2016

This is Very Cool; Peg Live; 415 Media Friday Video Finale


Thank you all for supporting 415 Media-- Have a safe and honorable Memorial Day Weekend.

While You're Thinking About a Three-Day Weekend I'm Thinking About New KPIX Reporter Emily Turner

 Say Hello to Emily Turner, a recent addition to the KPIX Reporters Depot.

I like Emily quite a bit. She seems poised and cool on the scene and she gives you the straight stuff. There's not a smidgen of phoniness --I could be wrong mind you but first impressions are important and Ms. Turner has so far delivered on all counts.

I want to see a lot more Emily Turner. Lots and lots and not just because she's attractive, it's more than that, she just seems genuine and inspiring; I mean, I'd even watch more Julie Watts if I could get more Turner.

So there, PIX.

Go ahead, make my day.

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Hey Vic Lee Is Still Reporting for KGO-TV on the Streets of SF

 Vic Lee is still on the streets of San Francisco --as a reporter for KGO-TV --which is reassuring because as long as Vic is out there, we're in good hands.

Lee is one of the best street reporters, if not thee best, in the Bay Area. Sometimes we take him for granted. Not 415 Media.

Nervous Nellies at SF Cumulus Cluster; Layoffs Coming



*Cumulus financial position main reason; all departments; on-air; sales; Public Relations; clerical

*Usually a bad day of the month is the last day of the month (like today, the last business day) but certainly could come June 1st.

*We'll be monitoring.

One of the Few Times Gary Radnich was Humble; Pete Wilson Encounter on KTXL, 1982

This is interesting --we go back to 1982 on Sacramento's KTXL (Now Fox40) with the late, great anchor, Pete Wilson, and some guy named Gary Radnich, you've heard of him.

Radnich is rather humble here, BREAKING NEWS, he did have a humble side. Radnich is about to exit Sacto en route to Columbus; four years later; well, the rest is history.


Thursday, May 26, 2016

Everone's a Hockey Fan Now; Radnich KNBR Directive; Still Told Not To Mess With Shipp; KGO: Cumulus Amazon Center; Congrats, Randy Hahn; Bruno Can't Stand Raddy Too; Thursday 415 Media Nuggets

 SUDDENLY, EVERONE is a hockey fan.

*Randy Hahn, the San Jose Shark TV Play-by-Play broadcaster, I'm happy for you for finally getting the recognition you so deserve --about time. Only negative thing: no Drew Remenda.

*Gary Radnich: if all of it was just ha-ha funny, then why did you tell all the boys at KNBR that they were not to mention it in any way, or else...

*Oh, congratulations, Sharks.

*KRON: First time station personnel ever witnessed a "humble Gary"--that should last about a week until the Don Rickels act resurfaces.

*Again, Raddy was warned to not even think about referencing Brittney Ship, the weather goddess still sending her resume to LA stations --she's apparently already weary of the KRON mojo.

*KPIX in the Morning: more stale content than a week-old loaf of wonder bread at the Yuba City Walmart.

*Darya: ask Raddy about Jaguars. I dare ya.

*It's well know--he even says it on the air--that Gary Radnich does his morning TV gig with Darya from his bed. That's dedication. Given KRON's status it's a wonder he doesn't do it from the toilet.

*Then again...

*I assume at KGO-TV they're changing their set which is why all of you has inquired of me: "Hey, Rich, what's up with KGO anchors doing the news from dark places?" Survey said!

*Radnich is not out of the woods yet which allows him to say, for the 99th time, "my 'Buster-Brown' gig."

*Radnich: "I don't make it out to the ballpark much anymore because of my young kids."

O'Donnell has kids; so does Vern Glenn; so does just about everyone else, so there goes that shit.

*Raddy not long ago told KNBR's Larry Krueger, on-air, that he had more kids so he could feel younger. What a swell guy, that Raddy is.

*More painful than multiple toe fungus: the three amigos at KTVU named Keba, Mike and Ross. Oy!

*BREAKING NEWS! Roberta Gonzales just broke the World Record for her 6,676th KPIX camera mugging!

*SFGate: your great Bay Area Real Estate directory.

*Mike Mibach: "does my make-up look all right?" KTVU journalism at its best.

*And that new set upstairs showcasing the Oakland Estuary? Looks like you guys are in the sky elevator at the Cliff House, nice going, FOX2.

*Remember too that it was Radnich who threw Tony Bruno under the bus so he could kiss more ass at KNBR.  That's why Bruno never talks about Raddy anymore.

*Bruno is Italian, Gary, don't forget.

*Supposedly, KRON has instituted a gag order on its staff: "No talking about Radnich and Heenan. Period!"

Yeah, as if any media outlet is gonna call KRON --it took a fucking video from early May to get KRON any pub.

Put that on your fucking "Back Story!" --LOL.

The Peacon, host of KNBR's 'The Saloon'
*HEY!, just in time for "Take your redneck to work today!, KNBR presents, "Peacon at the ballpark!" 

*Dear Stan the Commenter: Love the blog, miss your mutterings --really, Stan, bury the ego hatchet and come back to 415 Media. You make me laugh and that's pretty hard to do.

*KGO Radio: Cumulus's SF radio warehouse. Or think of this analogy --the local Amazon radio distribution center where the morsels sit before being carted off to some zombies in the black hole.

*KNBR in the morning: very, very, very white --lots of white guys, the only thing missing are the sheets.

Hold it, that's KSFO's property.

*Hey, don't tell me that NBC Bay Area anchor chick is really looking forward to going to Rio for the Olympics. Yeah, Rio in early August..."hey, bartender, can I have a 'Zika martini!"

*If somehow the Warriors were to pull off a miracle, win three in a row, combined with the Sharks Stanley Cop Finals appearance, then, THIS JUST IN! Larry Baer threatened to make a statue of himself and place it outside KNBR.

*Hey, Happy Birthday, Aaron Pero: Here's your present, fairly symbolic, don't ya think?

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