Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Radnich and Aveson at KRON: It's War; Aveson Isn't Impressed with Mr. Bentley

Image result for Gary Radnich KRONImage result for Gary Radnich twitter Steve Aveson and Gary Radnich are  essentially tuning one another out...not on-air mind you but since he's (Raddy) been back from vacation, Aveson once again will throw to Rad man even though he hates his guts!

Why? Because Radnich thinks everyone is in on his party even though clearly, many are not.

At KRON, Aveson is one of those.

The Kaepernick Post Mortem; Too Much 'What He Did/Say'; Time To Step It Up; 415 Media Analysis

Image result for Race relations IN THE IMMEDIATE AFTERMATH OF COLIN KAEPERNICK NEWS we've been bombarded with  "what he did "and "what he said", predictably not so much, "what he actually said."

This is not to defend Kaepernick but I think mass media has a golden opportunity to, as they always say, "begin a conversation."

So much of radio and TV has been about the event as opposed to a serious discussion about race relations, law enforcement, America, 21st Century, etc. I realize it's a pipedream but why not discuss all of this in a town-hall forum-like setting?--I recall Ted Koppel had many of these during his tenure at ABC News and "Nightline" --it was not your usual archaic PBS-style presentation, no it was really informative and dare I say, refreshing and entertaining.

By and large Americans are not doofuses --I think they would react positively to some sort of programming like this; why the hell not? We've been programmed to act like idiots because we've been force-fed a lot of garbage by the idiot people who run the news business; it's not just TV, it runs the entire media spectrum from radio; of course the Internet and Cable TV too.

Listen to the quislings on AM radio in this market (and beyond) who couldn't have a serious conversation about the Kaepernick affair if their life depended on it. They have to rely on phony sound drops because they can't talk authentic for a change. They assume the audience is just as stupid and silly as they are; the worst are the sports-talk shows who suddenly have to veer off from their banality of AM radio minutiae and deal with  real-life news events like the Caepernick issue. Too bad they're almost comically lost in space.

TV News is good at getting the initial sound bites and reaction with MOS interviews but after that, it's all downhill from there. Wouldn't it be great if the anchors had a split-screen with opposing viewpoints? For example, Dr. Harry Edwards and a retired military figure. Five minutes of that beats another useless weather update but that's just me. I'd rather watch a Book Notes on CSPAN 3 than an old "Law and Order" rerun. Everyone has different tastes.

Even if you can't stand Kaepernick and think his actions were disingenuous and unpatriotic he did get his message out; it's a message America has been dealing with for over three years and running now; law enforcement mistreatment of and misconduct directed at mostly unarmed African-American and minority youth. This is not to take sides and this forum is not an arbiter of who's right and wrong. Leave that to the participators and their affiliates.

This forum advocates our mass media and how they can take a massive topic; a singular American issue that has become ingrained into our daily lives what with incidents like Ferguson, Baton Rouge, Minnesota, and Dallas and Orlando in the mix. Add international and domestic terrorism and we have quite a lot on our plate.

Colin Kaepernick may have indirectly done all of us a favor by putting it all out there. You may deride his tactics and question his motives but he's got a nation talking about a whole bunch of very serious issues that have nothing to do with Pokémon and millenials taking selfies.

It's time our mass media got off their rear ends and offered something more substantive than the usual drivel.

The American people deserve no less.

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Monday, August 29, 2016

Now, Roberta Gonzales is Sucking Up to Roqui Theus; Inside Story on KPIX's Morning Show Weather Drama; Lots of Auditions; The Skinny From 415 Media

Image result for roqui theus instagram
Roberta Gonzales and Roqui Theus
 Now Roberta Gonzales...sensing a sea change in the KPIX Morning Show is kissing up to Roqui Theus --which is amazing in that only a few weeks ago I was told that Countess Roberta was both annoyed and jealous of Theus' growing influence at 855 Battery.

This is all getting rather gooey especially when you consider some details I got from a 415 Media spy.

* The Skinny:

Here is a list of the fill-ins PIX used before Theus was hired:

*Gianna Franco: not enough sparkle, better-suited for radio.

*Elizabeth Wenger: was getting tired of the routine and horrific hours; got pregnant too. Quit.
*George Rask: Rask knows the market and knows traffic. Unfortunately, Rask is not as pleasing to the eye as Theus is. It's that simple.

*Sandra Osborne: talented enough but was deemed  unspectacular.
*Liza Batallones: didn't do enough to make consideration of permanent hire.
Image result for KPIX Morning ShowObviously, Executive ProducerBrandice Bailey, wanted a woman of color. A smart move only compromised by her inability to assess Theus' obvious inexperience and lack of preparation.
Robin Winston and Erica Kato both auditioned. Winston turned down the gig because of the low pay and Kato didn't do very well in her audition from what I've learned.
Either way, Bailey wanted to make her mark on the morning show by hiring an attractive, younger woman personality of color.

She got it.

So far, the reviews aren't good but a lot of people are sucking up to the twosome --for now at least.

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Image result for KPIX 

The White Anglo KNBR Sports Hosts from 10-1 PM Took Predictable Stands on Colin Kaepernick

Image result for KNBR Gary and Larry It was fairly predictable.

The White Anglo hosts KNBR--criticized Colin Kaepernick for his stance; perfectly their right, along with Kaepernick.

It's their reasons that especially sucked--predictable and jingoistic to the core.

The Radnich fellow said because Kaepernick collects a check from the 49ers he should keep his mouth shut. So because he collects a check he loses his First Amendment rights? Radnich is as ignorant as they come but this one takes the cake. Radnich believes because he's married to a Black woman it gives him cachet on matters of this subject.

Ali took checks.


His doofus co-host went jingoistic big time: "You salute the flag to respect ideals."  Huh? He went further. "If I were the 49ers, I'd cut his ass." Spoken like a true White Anglo who grew up in the Sunset.

Moron 2.

I don't agree with Kaepernick but I support his right to say it. He will lose millions and endorsements and he's clearly OK with that. Most of you can't stand Kap and I understand. To some degree.

I do not understand ignorant white Anglo sports hosts who don't know real life. It's old-school.

Roqui Theus Gets Unconditional Love from KPIX Morning Show Exec Producer and Staff is Ticked; Monday Opener

Image result for roqui theus
Roqui Theus
 New KPIX morning traffic anchor, Roqui Theus is getting on-the-job training; she's still flubbing her lines and is unaware of certain local landmarks (she didn't recognize the Golden Gate Bridge last week)

She's getting a little better --the law of averages helps--then again, according to a PIX spy, she's still embarrassing the morning news crew and its staff.

The source tells me:

"She is in no way shape or form qualified and I fear we are the laughing stock of Bay Area TV. This was once a respected newsroom."

Image result for brandice bailey kpix
Brandice Bailey
So, how does this continue on the CBS O and O in the nation's #6 market? Theus has curried favor--some say, suspiciously, from the morning show Executive Producer, Brandice Bailey. It is Bailey that has steadfastly stood up for Theus in spite of her numerous mistakes. Maybe there's a reason.

The source:

"Roqui lives in the same apartment as the EP, and they're  always together --'Brandice is always desperately sticking up for Roqui. It's off-putting and borderline inappropriate to say the least.'"

I've watched Theus and agree she's clearly not ready --and have said so here--I've also said much of it isnt her fault; KPIX management rushed her on the air --and now they pay the price. It's apparent they don't care about the embarrassing talk on the street. Bailey is respected in the industry but this new information doesn't make a pretty picture.

CBS honchos in NY are aware of all this and are not exactly thrilled.

We will be monitoring.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sunday Happy Hour at 415 Media

Image result for Old-fashioned bar What they're saying at the bar Sunday Night...

Howard the attorney at Tommy's Joynt: "This Kap thing is bigger than I thought; I doubt he's on the 49ers roster when the season begins."

415 Media: Biggest sports/non-sports story of the year, so far.

Slick Sally at Original Joe's: "What's up with Ronn Owens --who was sick enough on Friday, Pat Thurston had to come in and finish the show on KGO?"

415 Media: This is not the only time it's happened. That's ominous.

Dorfman the ad guy at Oaks Card Club in Emeryville: "What the hell is going on at PIX!!?"

415 Media: Wait till what I write on Monday.

Sheila Marconi, real estate woman from Marin: "I think the new set at KGO is blasé --agree?"

415 Media: Well, I like it but it looks like a renovation of the old set. I see the same backdrop of the Bay Bridge --the weather gizmo looks decent enough.

Jimmie Duke, Irish DJ and bouncer --Quinn's Lighthouse, Oakland: "Does Bauer (Michael) only review restaurants in the city and Napa?"

415 Media: I read the Chron for the sports and Bauer's reviews and I agree with you 100%. Mike, any places in San Jose? Hayward? Get out of Healdsburg every now and then.

Last call.

Kaepernick Story Perfect for 21st Century Social Media; TV/Radio and The Internet Go Off

Image result for colin kaepernick memes I first learned of the Colin Kaepernick controversy via Deadspin early Saturday. By the middle of the day it exploded onto Twitter and Facebook --and was the lede with a center picture on the Drudge Report.

Just when you thought the story would die down, CNN anchors began discussing it with two guests via Skype with opposing viewpoints ...later, MSNBC and Fox News followed.

Mind you this was Saturday.

This is the information age we live in. And the Kaepernick brouhaha is the perfect storm --the mother of all stories especially primed for social media. I can only imagine if all of this broke during the week. I'm expecting a resurgence on Monday when both sports and news talk in the Bay Area and across the nation react to Kaepernick's stance.

I'll bet Rush Limbaugh will talk about this, so too Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Michael Savage and the local news talk people.