Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Radnich Comedy Act on KNBR Sprinkled In Even on McDonald Domestic Violence Allegations

 To Gary Radnich everything is just a barrel of laughs no matter what the subject, even domestic violence allegations.

Radnich returned to KNBR from his vacation Monday morning and couldn't help himself with his own style of reacting to the news of Ray McDonald's arrest on Sunday.

The arrest involved 49ers player, McDonald allegedly beating his pregnant fiancé. The facts aren't totally clear now, but what the general public has heard thus far isn't pretty. We're now due for yet another lengthy legal process but right now the 49ers and, namely, McDonald are in the limelight for all the wrong reasons.

Worse yet, KNBR is per usual, shows its amateur light when it comes to matters of serious nature that don't involve the Giants and fanfests. Moreover, Radnich's sprinkling of faux anger over McDonald's alleged behavior rings hollow, just another backdrop to his shameful Don Rickles act.

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Sunday, August 31, 2014

I Was Thinking The Same Thing Johnny Taylor; Sunday PM 415 Media Video Of The Day

{Johnny Taylor - Who's Making Love}

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KSFO Running Gun Ads On Radio; What's Wrong With This Picture? Sunday 415 Media Column


 The other morning surfing the AM radio dial I stopped and was amazed. Not amazed in a good way, more amazed in shock, resentment and then anger.

I should know better by now, it was KSFO, one of the once-legacy radio stations in SF decapitated by Cumulus media.

I was sitting down sipping coffee when I heard an ad being played. It was a local gun store hyping its "firearms and mass quantity of artillery." The female voice-over sounded methodical and chillingly stoic. Perfect tone really considering the fact that she was touting guns and ammo.

I know this is going to open up a can of worms about gun violence, gun control, et al. That's for another lounge, this is a media blog. And please, I don't need a lecture about the second amendment.

This is about a radio station airing gun ads. Given KSFO's white-male dominated limited audience, perhaps they don't care about ethics and are squarely trying to seize upon their target demo, pun intended. Even at that, I'm quite uneasy about Cumulus, which owns KSFO, doing anything for the almighty buck, even selling ads for gun stores. It just sounded, quite frankly, crazy, tacky too.

Furthermore, it speaks volumes about how Cumulus can't read the room. Have they forgot how many school or theatre shootings has occurred in this country? Have they ever heard of Gabby Giffords--do they recall Columbine, Virginia Tech or Newtown, Conn? Wait a minute, once again, I pause, it's Cumulus after all.

Sorry, but I find the ads offensive and inappropriate. I suppose the company that has on its website the image of its morning host aiming a firearm inappropriate too, especially in light of all the seemingly monthly mass shootings that has plagued this country and sent terror through all of our people, including the poor children in Newtown. Dummy me, I thought that would be the game-changer. And I didn't even mention that nine year-old girl in Las Vegas that accidently shot her shooting instructor to death with an Uzi --at a place called "Bullets and Burgers."

So, once again, if you listen to KSFO and hear those gun ads and don't feel a little uncomfortable, I would suggest that maybe you don't have a pulse. I listened and said there's something wrong here. Or just another example of the irresponsibility called Cumulus.

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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Kate Kelly Was Regarded As The 'Princess Grace' of SF TV Woman Anchors; KPIX Staple

 Every now and then I see Kate Kelly pop up on the KPIX airwaves. I wish she was on a whole lot more but Kelly apparently enjoys her private family life more than TV News. Makes good sense.

What I most appreciated about Kelly: smart as a whip, graceful on the screen, beautiful, and one darn good TV Newswoman --cool, calm and collected.

That beauty earned Kate Kelly a description: the Princess Grace of the SF TV Woman anchors.