Tuesday, July 22, 2014

KGO-TV Contacts KTVU's Mark Ibanez About Possible Sports Anchor Gig; Breaking: Inglis Set To Retire in August

 KGO-TV has contacted veteran KTVU weeknight sports anchor, Mark Ibanez, about possibly joining the SF ABC O and O, (owned/operated), according to a reliable station source who asked for anonymity.

Ibanez has been a KTVU stalwart since 1979 and recently signed a three-year extension, but it's up in March, 2015 and given the uncertainty at Channel 2 since Fox acquired them, Ibanez might be tempted.

Ibanez was unable to comment.

At KGO, Channel 7, the sports anchor situation is very much up in the air.

Larry Beil has been doing much more news anchoring but through a variety of sources, has told people he'd prefer to go back to his native Hawaii and "be a big fish in a little pond."

Mike Schumann is KGO's weekend anchor and prime backup but isn't considered a "long-term" option should an opening occur if Beil splits.

Ibanez has indicated in the past that he'd prefer to end his career at KTVU, but with Fox taking over and perhaps wanting to chop highly-paid on-air talent, Ibanez may have to at least listen to offers.

**Meanwhile, I have heard from KTVU sources that longtime weekend sports anchor, Fred Inglis will retire from Channel 2 in August.

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Ask Rich Lieberman; Tuesday 'Special Edition'

 There's a lot on everyone's mind. So many topics, so many questions and so it's Ask Rich Tuesday, "Special Edition."


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Monday, July 21, 2014

Time For Some Eric Clapton--Monday PM Finale

{Layla, done the right way}

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On The KTVU Front Burner: Fox Network Makes Its O and O Anchors Run Their Own Teleprompters

Here's something KTVU staffers are not looking forward to: according to a heady local TV news hound, Fox makes its anchors run their own teleprompters, a small-market practice not seen in San Francisco.

Supposedly, Fox does it in New York, LA, and Chicago.

Why so? It saves money by dumping studio crew.

I have a feeling I just destroyed a lot of dinner plans in Jack London Square tonight.

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KRON's Catherine Heenan Bay Area's Most Underrated TV News Anchor; Giant's Brass Peeved By Announcers Excess Absences; PIX 10 PM News Show Debuts Tonight; Drakes Bay Oyster Saturation Coverage; Monday Opener

 It's almost as if we take her for granted--and, come to think of it we do: Catherine Heenan, the veteran KRON anchor who has been at 1001 Van Ness since seemingly the beginning of time, is the most underrated anchor in the Bay Area TV News scene.

Heenan just shows up to work and does her job, effortlessly, gracefully, no matter the extraordinary circumstances that exist at the unpredictable environment called the KRON studios.

We've acknowledged that element recently.

Heenan is especially effective and no-nonsense on screen as she prepares for a personal milestone: she will turn 60 this October, usually a minefield for women TV news anchors. Not the case for Heenan whose presence on the SF TV airwaves goes back to the days of Evan White, Pete Wilson, and Bob Jimenez.

What I most admire about Heenan is that she's never changed. She's always been the same which in the news business is your greatest compliment. While some other anchors subliminally try to inject phony nuances into their presentation, Heenan has always been Heenan which is just right. And to KRON's benefit too we appreciate seeing her work particularly if there's a legitimate breaking news story--when her ad-libbing helps and when her news acumen is in full force, thank God.

NOTES From the Weekend--

*The Giants executive broadcast brass won't say so publically but many were none-to-happy over Mike Krukow missing Sunday's game in Miami where the team was playing the Marlins. Turns out Krukow missed a flight from Reno. He's scheduled to be back on the air Monday night in Philly where the Giants play the Phillies.

EXTRA Note: Have you too noticed, lately, the amount of absences from the team's broadcasters? It began in early July with Duane Kuiper who missed a week's worth of broadcasts due to an illness--not Kuiper's fault, but the Giant's front office felt Kuiper could have returned much sooner. He missed nearly seven games.

Soon after, both Jon Miller and Dave Flemming also missed games--Flemming, due to illness and Miller, who took some time off as he's done in recent years. No issues there due to the length of the baseball season, everyone needs a break, but combined with all the others absences, Giant's broadcasts have seen notable cracks in the routine and a few team officials are a bit annoyed.

*KPIX unveils its youth-oriented Bay Area Night Beat on its CW sister station tonight--this could either be truly ground-breaking or a monumental joke. PIX wants to try to gain some younger viewers with a newscast that's supposed to look unconventional --they'll be the usual news conduits like weather and sports but heavy emphasis on "social media" entities like Twitter and Facebook. I can only imagine the possibilities: "We'll get back to the scene of the fire at 4th and Market momentarily but we see once again, Justin Bieber trending heavily on Twitter..." Don't laugh and dismiss --that's the early speculation from the 855 Battery boys.

*This whole Drakes Bay Oyster Company story is beginning to reach to the depth of enough already! Granted, the idea of the Feds trying to dislodge the famous eatery and its oyster farm is important enough to warrant the attention of Bay Area media but there comes a point where saturation coverage has entered in to the equation--we've reached that here and then some.

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Song By The Great One Perfectly Suitable For A Gray Sunday

Get out the scotch.  I'll grab the hat.

{Nat King Cole}

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