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Friday, May 24, 2019

Tension Mounting at KGO; GM Cibrowski Asleep at the Wheel

Image result for KGO ABC 7 900 Front "THERE'S A LOT OF UNEASE AROUND HERE" --that comment from a KGO staffer about the atmosphere at 900 Front which houses the offices and studios of KGO-TV.

The exodus of talent continues and while Jessica Castro leaving won't make the ship stop sailing, it nonetheless speaks volumes about the current morale.

"Everyone wants out," says another in-house source who like everyone else, is sending out resumes. The Disney tranquility? Not at KGO.

Not helping matters at the Embarcadero ABC O and O in SF is the new GM, better known as lame schmuco, Tom Cibrowski, the "Good Morning America" and ABC hightop  who manages like an Eskimo in the Mojave Desert.

Cibrowski was brought in to massage the workforce and help maintain stability but so far is a supreme dork. Doesn't talk much; doesn't do much of anything; likes to take long lunches and has a habit of not returning phone calls from associates and business people concerned about the KGO news operation.

A new GM that doesn't do anything? Prime Disney picking.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

415 Media Exclusive: Jessica Castro Leaving KGO-TV

Image result for jessica castro kgo
Jessica Castro leaving KGO-TV

MY Circle7 spy of which there are many has informed me that morning update anchor, Jessica Castro is leaving KGO for parts unknown.

Castro has been at ABC7 doing update work in the morning and occasionally fill-in anchoring.

Her high profile let some believe that she would either get a more prominent position, either during the morning, or maybe something more prime time.

This wasn't helping matters. A rivalry? No, but let's just say it didn't help matters. There's abundant rumors that Castro will head south where she's prime talent for the FOX LA people.

As usual, I will investigate.

#415 MEDIA

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

415 Media Exclusive: Jim Taylor Returning to KCBS Radio

Jim Taylor returning to KCBS


I'm a YUGE fan of CBS Radio News Anchor, Jim Taylor and Great Word To Report:

Taylor is coming back to KCBS as a fill-in anchor and reporter, I've learned through a contact.

The SF native spent 15 years at KCBS before migrating to New Yawk to become CBS News Radio's morning anchor.

As they say in the business, "Taylor has great pipes"; a mellow voice rich with texture and substance.

He is set to begin at KCBS in early June.

Looking forward to his return.

415 Media Exclusive: Mindi Bach To Leave KGO-TV Sports Anchor Chair; Going To a PR Gig at Tech Company

Image result for Mindi Bach ABC7 KGO
Mindi Bach leaving KGO-TV

KGO-TV (ABC7) Weekend Sports Anchor, Mindi Bach will leave 900 Front and has decided to split the Sports TV News biz to accept a PR gig at a local High-Tech company, according to multiple sources within Circle7.

415 Media learned an announcement was made at the station last (Tuesday) night.

Bach has had stints at Comcast (now NBC Sports Bay Area) and KPIX.

When I first got word of this transaction I was nonplussed --Bach is a pleasant woman and friendly but not a very good sports anchor. Not a good anchor for that matter.

She consistently flubs her lines; she tries to be engaging on the air but it comes off as artificial and syrupy. It's just not that sincere.

My early opinion is that while Bach certainly knows sports, she probably saw the handwriting on the wall that her days as a #-2 sports anchor were waning and that she had ZERO chance of becoming a #-1, at least not here in the Bay Area.

415 Media Breaking: Traffic Talker Raines OUT at KCBS

Image result for Cheryl Raines KCBS RAINES OUT

Veteran Afternoon (3- 7PM) KCBS Traffic anchor, Sheryl Raines was given a mighty heave-ho by Entercom traffic MGR, Don Bastida.

The two have been feuding for an extended time, a source told me who has knowledge of what was taking place.

The irony here is that it was Bastida and KCBS suits that fought hard for Raines job when Entercom wanted her gone from the budget not so long ago.

Raines apparently thought she was safe. Like almost everyone else in the broadcast biz, she was expendable.

I'm told KCBS will replace her with another woman; the thought of another man doing traffic is not on the to-do list.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

More BS at Worker's Expense at KQED; KNBR and 'The Game' Fight Over Warriors' Content; Siege Mentality at KTVU (Again) Tuesday Tuna Sandwich

Image result for SF Media GulchTUESDAY TUNA SANDWICH

KQED is one fine mess. Its workforce minus the insanely paid middle and high-up-top managers are once again major PISSED-OFF because management promised the rank and file bonus checks (depending on seniority) if the company reaped extra ad revenue and found new money. It didn't happen in spite of KQED's record revenue in both TV and radio and its digital content. So while KQED has a boatload of money and whose high tops got uber-bonuses, the little people got what amounts to a few coffee mugs and day-old  doughnuts. How's that for the perceived good people at KQED and how they take care of the rank and file which is contrary to the bullshit spewed forth by NPR and its slumlord policies toward the people who actually do the heavy lifting at KQED. But most of it is smoke and mirrors.

Related imageFor such a behemoth and KQED is certainly that (worth south of $500 million and 2018 pre-tax revenue of $54M) it once again shows how big a fraud KQED is in this Bay Area. With all that revenue you would think KQED would explore and produce more LOCAL programming but it does not. And how is that so? Because KQED has no accountability. There's no incentive to create content when the money stream dips into corporate junkets and massive bonuses. Mind you, I have no access to KQED's books (obviously) I'm getting this info from sources and contacts who work at the building. I can only imagine what is in the goody bag and how many people are getting screwed.

A lot.

*KNBR is testing the boundaries of what is "broadcast rights" and what is not.

The Bleeder has been ramping up its Warriors' talk on all its talk-show platforms almost to a point where if you listen that much you would think 680 AM is the flagship station.

It's not.

Which then creates the tension between FM All_Sports 95.7 'The Game' which carries the Warriors and is the "flagship station" -whatever that means today. Not a lot. KNBR has a "Steve Kerr" show (on PM drive with Tom Tolbert) every week. It also carries actualities from game broadcast off NBC Bay Area Sports (Comcast) and does a "Fitz Files" segment every morning after games.

KNBR cannot air actualities from the radio broadcast but has pretty much carte-blanche everything else and used it to its advantage. There's a lot of upside to that reasoning but at what cost? Entercom's "The Game" is seriously thinking of filing a grievance saying KNBR is ripping off Warriors-related content. KNBR and its youthful PD, Jeramiah Crowe counter it is merely talking about the team and hasn't committed any wrong doing.

Image result for KNBR Warriors 957 The GameYOU WANT IRONY? By ramping up the Warriors' chatter (and frankly, who wouldn't?) KNBR is drawing away fans from its cash money-maker, the SF Giants. Don't think the Giants aren't pissed even without kingpin Larry Baer in the office.  Last night during the Giants-Atlanta game at Oracle Park, both the radio and cable broadcast guys had to pretend to not listen to the cheers in the park; cheers having nothing to do with the stale baseball game. Fans in the stands were watching the Warriors' clinching Game 4 sweep of Portland --it had to seriously annoy Kruk and Kuip; Dave Flemming on KNBR had to sneak in the Warriors were playing an Overtime thriller not dare mentioning the game was on ESPN.

After the game was over KNBR host, Mark Willard devoted almost ALL the show to Warriors; again, the obvious choice but by going ga-ga Warriors, Giants' fans listening had to be royally pissed.

*KTVU: No Sea of Tranquility. The newsroom continues to be a siege mentality with famous anchors having personal issues flood the gossip chatter in the breakroom. Which is funny because now everyone splits the station and heads to a few Jack London Square bars and coffee shops in fear of HR boss, the infamous Chris Nohr she of the 54-camera CEO, who watches and listens to everone, Countess Darth Vader, with blessings from The Firm, aka, Fox.

Image result for KTVU Bill Martin
Julie Haener (l) and Bill Martin
*Good line from a KTVU spy: "What we pay Bill Martin we could get 3 Rosemary Orozcos" OUCH! The spy is right. Martin continues to flub lines, mumble his broadcast and worst of all, misread forecasts. He is detested by BOTH Frank Somerville and Mark Ibanez.  Only Julie Haener sticks up for Billy Boy and even at that, it's diplomatic at best. Martin seems to have a playbook of "I've been here 20 years and nobody's going to screw with me!" Uh, Bill, The FIRM can and WILL screw with anyone. Ask the SF SAG and NABET.


Damon Bruce thinks he's God which is sad because he's not even a Martian fart...Larry Krueger on KNBR tweeting he "got a new 4-year contract extension", forgetting the contract has NO guarantee --meaning if they wanted to, Cumulus could send him packing in a day. Larry has apparently never heard of "personal-services" contract which guarantees ALL years and money/ Ronnnnnnnnnnn Owens had one back in 2000 at the old KGO...


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