Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Me and Mrs. Jones

(Billy Paul)

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Giants Utility Fielder

(Darya Folsom)

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Tuesday 415 Media Dot Dot Dot Dot Dot


KCBS, firmly #1 in the AM radio market domain has made a mini-alteration to its sounders and it's pretty good...Carolyn Johnson, when she's done reading over at KGO-TV, is headed to LA's KNBC in some major news-anchor position to which I believe will be significant, like multiple news blocks presence--I'll give you specifics when I get my info...Not only did KGO lose one of their major personalities--they also lost a woman who was immersed in medical news and health-related content that is a major source of viewer interest. Keep in mind Johnson, a Stanford grad, had developed a keen interest in reporting on and gathering all the major breakthroughs in cancer research, aids-awareness and the like. That's a specialized talent difficult to replace...As good as Johnson is, yes, of course the ABC Broadcast Center will survive--it's just that an anchor of Johnson's talent and presence isn't as easy to come by as one would think. Combine the fact too that Johnson is in the middle of her prime and to lose that type of individual is a major blow to both KGO and the Bay Area...Yeah, have you noticed ALL the various KGO talents that have been gobbled up by NBC Bay Area, (like Jessica Aguirre, Terry McSweeny, Janelle Wang, and now, Mark Matthews, the latest, he a political reporter). No, it's not a coincidence all those were hired by ex-KGO News Director, Kevin Keeshan, who is now Senior VP of News Content and Standards at NBC in NY. In fact, it was Keeshan who directly hand-picked Matthews for his San Jose gig...Don't for a moment assume that the new anchor at Channel 7 will be a woman. For one, KGO doesn't exactly have a woman anchor in place that could fill Johnson's shoes. Cheryl Jennings is too old; (sorry, I'm being honest and blunt); Kristen Sze is considered "not ready for primetime", (according to station sources); Ama Daetz is holding down weekends but I would bet she might be the clubhouse leader...Yeah, that was some helluva Clear Channel- mid-management munchies over at a tony downtown restaurant. Seems someone was really, really, really, outraged that KGO Radio had a higher, (2.0), rating than "Talk 910". It's real simple here: when you actually discover that hiring bland pintos like Frosty the Snowman and Gil Gross ain't going to get you anywhere you deserve the worst and 910 AM got the worst. Even more disastrous: Gross really doesn't care and Frosty is so lost he just told another story on the air --psst, nobody's listening!...Brian Murphy made audio love with Larry Baer on KNBR Tuesday morning. Orgasms galore. Even the female interns were excited...Speaking of KNBR: their obnoxious commercial overload might actually help The Game and its new programming, particularly Damon Bruce vs. Tolbert in the afternoon...Jon Carroll and cats, it's orgasmic!...Leah Garchik makes Rob Morse look like Hunter S. Thompson...Two guys in black suits walk into Tadich last week, ask for booth in back, "immediately." Place is packed, as usual, fellows are told 30-minute wait but "we'll take care of you." Fellows insist that's way too long and flash KRON cards. At that point, wait is more than 40 minutes and I'm not kidding...One of the town's biggest PR figures, a very attractive 30-something female: trying best to parallel- park her BMW, (she waved off helpers), over at Original Joes--the result was visually mind-boggling as the Beemer nearly hit 3 tourists and chopped a huge portion of cement off Union St...Kate Scott is Jewish. Brian Murphy asked her, and I quote, "What's that Passover thing--is it an 8-day affair?"...Murphy is what we mishpuchah refer to as supreme goyim. Probably puts pineapple on a pizza and uses mayo on a pastrami...Yeah, Allen Martin has been vacant from the KPIX 5 PM anchor seat. The same seat next to his good friendLiz Cook. I heard vacation but then why then did Martin suddenly halt his vacation and return last week for a token appearance? Bad look, according to a PIX source --those of you in denial, yeah he still hates her, but he's been told to try to fake it...."Powlie", Murphy's lap dog, the guy with the fake Jersey accent, married someone named "Liz"--how do I know? Cause Smurph mentioned it about 680 times. Back to your soundboard, dude!

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Monday, April 14, 2014

SF March '14 Radio Ratings; KCBS Scores Top with a 6.3 Whopper; KQED Holds Serve; KNBR Up, (Thanks Giants); The Game Breaks a 1; KGO/KSFO Flatline

KCBS Dominates--scores a 6.3 --highest score.
KQED holds serve at #2
KNBR: The Giants are back
The Game breaks a 1
KGO still irrelevant --so too, KSFO.

*These numbers are not the ratings that advertisers base their buys on--so-called "beauty-contest" numbers --6+ --March 2014

Here's the full rundown.

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Separated at Birth: Seth Rogen and Damon Bruce

Seth Rogen


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Toxic Black Smoke Inside 900 Front; Watkowski Center of Doom and Gloom; Vet Writers/Producers Anger over Copeland Daughter Role; Johnson Next Stop: KNBC With Hefty Raise; Monday Starter

 At KGO-TV the already nervous Nellies inside the newsroom have become even more anxious.

"There's a lot of black smoke here", offered up a prominent news reader who didn't want their name used.

Let's state some quick, beefy bullet points...

*How acrimonious was the Carolyn Johnson departure? Sure as hell a lot worse than you read, except here.
Word was, according to a newsroom source, even though she's leaving for a LA station, (which I'll tell you in a moment), Channel 7 management, (Watkowski and GM, Bill Burton), was insistent that Johnson continue to work to the very end. Embarrassing --at the last minute, morning anchor, Kristen Zse, apparently is scheduled to work the evening newscasts temporarily filling in for Johnson.

*The whole dog-and-pony show that is being planned when Johnson leaves is fraught with bullshit: A. I doubt Johnson will be on hand for a "newsroom celebration" and if a cake is ordered looks as if the interns will eat it. Hardly any staffers will want anything of it. They're worried about their job, particularly the writer/producers; the ones especially without union protection who feel as if they're about to be nudged out any day now because KGO is bringing in younger, cheaper, hires, with little or no experience.

*One of those younger hires happens to be the daughter of Brian Copeland, the host whose "7Live" show was dumped because of horrible ratings, (or lack thereof)--the feeling from the inside: "They're giving this woman a cush daytime position and that's really been met with a backlash by some of the veteran guys. It's a slap in the face really."

*Curious timing that this inner turmoil at KGO is just a few weeks before an important Spring sweeps period beginning at the end of April until May. The latest developments and toxic atmosphere in the building isn't going to rally the troops one would think.

*Several insiders insist Disney is trimming their station(s) to make a sale more appealing. Yes, the stations make money for the company but profits have been down and the cost of labor, notably the high-priced anchor/reporter talent pool is considerably higher.

*There is a major disconnect between staff and ND, Watkowski: Said a popular personality: "She micro-manages everything; she blows up on people without any care or thought and she has absolutely no people skills."


Look for Carolyn Johnson to land at NBC O and O, KNBC. She'll be making a lot more money, (I'm told $400-500K with significant perks and financial aid in moving expense). Keep in mind this is a HUGE move for Johnson. She's got 2 teenage kids and an attorney husband so this means having to uproot the family. Then again that first check should cleanse the wound.

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

NBC Bay Area's Mathai on Mark Matthews Hire

Mark Matthews knows the way to San Jose

  Mark Matthews, an experienced political reporter who was let go by KGO-TV last October will be joining NBC Bay Area, as I indicated earlier. He begins his duties Monday.

I reached out to Raj Mathai down in San Jose, NBC BA's lead anchor for his reaction.

"We're thrilled to add another experienced and high caliber reporter. Mark's local and national connections are invaluable."

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