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Radnich Postmortem; Shumann Question; KGO-TV/Disney Rush; KTVU Holmes and Orozco Items; Wednesday Wash

Image result for San Francisco in summer RADNICH FILE: would be easy to go over all the negative stuff in the late innings but why? We all know he had/has shortcomings but not all his fault. Family issues have priority here and he might be dealing with one now so let's give him a break; I will.

Image result for Gary Radnich*I DON'T have a dog in this fight: the Mike Shumann affair; I just ask myself do we really think the ex-KGO-TV sports guy with a quarter-century on the job would actually, intentionally, steal a jacket? For what? I would give him the mother of all benefit of the doubt but that's just me. And KGO and the Disney folks could have too but did what they did and now here comes the legal beagles.

*Real brave men who sit up in the broadcast booth and say it is the "baseball code" to hit a batter and retaliate sounds real bush to me; will it be the baseball code one day when someone is killed?

*Henry Lee was a damn good street reporter for the Chronicle and seems to be maintaining the tradition at KTVU just hope they don't start messing with him and tell him what to do; he knows the field like no one else.

*Radnich, Barbieri, Pete Wilson, I see a trend here.

Image result for ralph barbieri
Ralph Barbieri
*Gary could and still can do a pretty decent interview when he wants too; as a matter of fact I think he loves interviewing but too bad the interviewee these days don't warrant much attention. I remember when he did a great one-on-one on KNBR with Jim Brown a few years ago and managed to get Brown to laugh which is sort of akin to swallowing a cube of butter.

*Yeah, maybe you're right; maybe dog stories do have a big meaning here because I forgot Time Magazine once had a cat on the cover, meow and ruff, ruff.

*It would be easy to say the local TV newscast are getting dumber so yeah, I just said it.

*I harp and harp and harp on the amount of weather reports (TV and Radio) we get that are the SAME weather reports just five minutes earlier and am still dumbfounded on such a moronic practice of waster time. Maybe one day a local station, (like, say, you, KTVU?) bolt the consultant BS and give the viewer/listener ACTUAL NEWS? I mean, dwindling consumers mean maybe it would be creative and proactive if someone were to, yes, think outside the box.

Related image
Heather Holmes
*While yes, many men adore Heather Holmes, lots and lots of women cannot stand her and I'm thoroughly not surprised.

*Rosemary Orozco: plenty of sex appeal and on-screen chemistry doesn't necessarily translate to primetime --they actually thought you had it and so did I but your forecasts still lack and your lightweight image has so far prevented you from overtaking Bill Martin which is sad in a way because Martin is boring and lacks screen presence; dullsville all the way. Get with it, Rosy.

Image result for rosemary orozco ktvu twitter
Rosemary Orozco

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

The 'King' of Bay Area TV/ Radio Says Enough is Enough; Gary Radnich Calls It Quits on KRON; Will Stay at KNBR For Now; Farewell From Unlikely 415 Media Blogger

Image result for King's crown WHEN YOU SURVIVE almost four decades at a TV News station in the Bay Area you deserve plaudits and then some; for sports personality supreme, Gary Radnich, a big day and one to remember --Radnich announced earlier in the morning he was retiring from KRON and that his last day would be Sept. 1.

Sure, the wily veteran and showman was going to leave any day now; in fact it's been rumored for months and clearly, Radnich, still at the top of his game had dragged a bit at the end and when Nexstar made it clear to everyone at KRON that even the big stars were going to have their pay program slashed, Radnich decided it was time to go but it wasn't all about money. Far from it.

The combination of a six-show at night schedule combined with his weekly sports-radio show on KNBR was already taking its toll on Radnich's family (he has three kids from current wife, Alecia and three grown kids from his first wife, Donna) --the physical and mental work was already a behemouth. Something had to give and it was TV that was the designated eraser.

Image result for gary radnich
Gary Radnich
Radnich, who clearly had lost a lot of his luster, was tired of a two-prong rigor. You have to give the man credit for juggling a massive schedule and spending the better part of the day from morning to midnight devoted to work even if his work has noticeably slacked. It did. That said, Radnich still had a sizable adoring fandom and made the vanilla KRON at least watchable--to a degree. He had slacked off attending most sporting events and devoted the little time off air to emceeing events and KNBR activities. Family matters were beginning to become altered states and Radnich decided to make a move; he's nearing his late sixties and only has so much time left and the clock is running out.

We've had our differences. Major differences. Combustible?, you betcha. I called him out and thought at times he was mailing it in which in some cases he was but overall --in nearly 40 years of work in radio and TV in the nation's 4th largest market (for radio) and 8th (for TV) he had to do something right.

I know you're shocked but it needs to be said. Even, yes, from me.
So, I congratulate the King and wish him well down the road. It's the right thing to do because anything else would be cranky at this point and I'm not going there, yet.

He Gone

Image result for Gary Radnich YEAH, GONE now let's provide the reason(s)

*Gary Radnich leaves KRON



*Party over

*We'll examine


415 Media Exclusive: Mike Shumann Mulls Legal Action Against KGO-TV Over Alleged Warriors' Theft Incident; Says Whole Affair 'Was Total Misunderstanding'; KGO/Warriors Didn't Buy Excuse; Shumann 'Lawyers Up'

Related image
Mike Shumann
  IT WAS THOUGHT TO BE A MUTUAL PARTING, right? But we all know behind the scenes it was anything but.

Until now.

415 Media has learned, through multiple sources aware of the situation, that former sports anchor, Mike Shumann, is "highly considering" legal action against KGO-TV, the ABC local station which essentially fired him back in April following an alleged theft incident with the Warriors that ultimately spelled his doom.

Shumann was caught on video in San Antonio at the end of a team practice that shows him taking a jacket and then walking away --its images with various shots of Shumann looking around the scene and then leaving an almost empty arena with jacket in hand.

Shumann denied the story outright and said the whole thing was "a total misunderstanding."

I concurred.

In fact, the whole bizarre drama had almost the entire KGO newsroom in a total daze because Shumann, a 24-year employee at the station, had never been in any sort of trouble nor was he ever accused of something so damaging or seemingly out of character like this incident in San Antonio where he was immediately sent home by KGO with the Warriors' organization approval.

It turns out there's a more recent explanation.

Shumann, according to 415 Media sources,  told both KGO brass and Warriors' team officials:

he took the jacket when he left the practice because there were no other Warriors' personnel present and he grabbed the thing because he wanted to return it to the security guy (really, Steph Curry's main security guard) to whom it belonged.  But when Shumann went under the stands to find him, the guy wasn't around. So Shumann took it back with him to the hotel, with the intention to give the jacket to the guy the next time he saw him -- at the game.
Image result for mike shumann videoBut within hours and before Shumann was able to convey what really took place, the video of him "stealing" the jacket went viral and that Warriors' players seeing the video had immediately wanted him out. Soon, he was sent home from San Antonio and not so long after was taken off the Warriors' beat leading eventually to his leaving KGO in a mutually agreed-upon decision.

Only now it's learned the decision was rushed up and that Shumann denied any wrongdoing and feels he was thrown to the wolves. And even though his tenure at KGO was clean and that he had a solid relationship with Bay Area sports teams he was nevertheless sent packing.

KGO officials didn't buy his excuse and worrying about a backlash with a key sports client; a partner that directly provides the station with millions of dollars of revenue and national exposure; KGO quickly disposed of Shumann.

Image result for Day in courtNow it appears Shumann is headed to court and has lawyered up.


Monday, June 18, 2018

A Goodrich-Bastida Tandem at KPIX Solves a Lot of Problems; Cibrowski Missive: Take Care of Ashley Before NY Does; Jess Flores Does Dog Story; Is in-Depth TV Interview with New Mayor London Breed Too Much To Ask For?; Giants' Have '19 Broadcaster Issue; Duane Kuiper and the Peanut Problem; My Problem; Miller Time? Monday Wash

Image result for Ken Bastida MONDAY WASH 

IT GOES WITHOUT SAYING; if KPIX is to want a pulse then it has to pair Ken Bastida and Juliette Goodrich as its primary anchor team; I've said this before but it bears repeating: PIX is on life support and needs a gigantic bolt of lightening. The present model isn't working. Never has. This is an easy call; something that could have and should have occurred under the leadership of News Director, Dan Rosenheim, who is currently checking out rental suites in Tahoe because he was retired by CBS --maybe his lack of common sense accelerated the decision. I think so.

Image result for Juliette Goodrich
Juliette Goodrich
Goodrich has the wherewithal and spark that PIX needs. She's Bay Area centric and has pedigree. She's being wasted on the weekend with the paranoid scientist who looks as if he's auditioning for the latest CBS Morning News anchor.

Goodrich saves the station. She also, by extension, probably saves Bastida who could use a good leadoff hitter.

Likewise, KPIX.

*Just Down the block on Front Street KGO-TV (ABC7) has a potential issue on its plate; a very big spaghetti and meatballs and don't leave out the garlic bread.

Main anchor, Dan Ashley, the captain of the USS Circle7 is less than two years away from a contract renewal --industry word is that the popular Ashley wants to remain at KGO and that KGO wants him to stay. But so far, there's been no talks not even an initial meeting.

New GM, Tom Cibrowski, if he's a smart guy, would get on the Ashley action sooner rather than later because NY supposedly has intentions of wooing the Asher to Gotham and making him more rich and famous. Although I hear The Ash is settled down here just is looking for more dough and an early re-up.

Image result for dan ashley kgo
Dan Ashley
Get her done guys.

*When they send you to the beach on the weekend to do a dog story that's usually either a direct message or indirect indication of what they think of you.

KPIX GSA reporter, Jessica Flores, was sent to Ocean Beach to report on such canine action and it looked sort of Toledoish if you know what I mean.

Don't get me wrong, I like bright-eyed and enthusiastic Flores but she comes off sort of like a woman who reeks of Clovis and doesn't think outside the box. Maybe this is what the station wants because its reporters are bland and uninteresting and don't have a very Bay Area flavor.

Image result for jessica flores kpix
Jessica Flores
A Bay Area flavor used to consist of generally knowing the terrain and meeting people or at least trying to meet the people; I'm not like saying the mayor or police chief but that's a good start.

*OK, so you're Melissa Caen and supposedly the political reporter and chief analyst; how about a one-on-one with new mayor, London Breed? Or is that too edgy and not satisfying for the bridge and tunnel crowd not into SF politics.

The thing is, Breed can talk; has an interesting background and a life story worthy of Hollywood notice yet I've rarely seen her interviewed in depth; Carolyn Tyler had a nice six-minute schmooze with Mayor Breed but I want more meat and potatoes.

Related image
New SF mayor, London Breed
Granted I'm looking for more depth and passion in an era of soft-pedal minutiae but Breed's story has a ton of human interest in it not to mention a myriad path to success and salvation; elements that merit thought and consideration for those who have way more than ten minutes to kill and coffee in hand.

*Prediction: The Giants will have a major broadcast decision on their hands come 2019 and I'm not talking about Mike Krukow.

*The constant anchor shuffling at KTVU is one way to screw up viewer bond and trust and the Foxies seem either not to care or have little interest in changing the deodorant at Jack London Square.

KTVU (Fox2) still has good ratings in spite of all the rancor and disillusionment pervasive in the building but what happens when those ratings dip and eventually fade? The uneasiness and doom and gloom currently permeating the newsroom suddenly becomes a blip on the radar screen by comparison.

Image result for duane kuiper
Duane Kuiper
*Here's my thing with Duane Kuiper: I never really believe a professional broadcaster is professional when he has 12 pounds of peanuts in his mouth on the air. It sounds like crap and its cute factor got old many moons ago. Does Kuiper give a shit? I think in his mind he believes it's OK because the fan base would make note of it were it an issue.

I'm not in the fan base just an independent critic across the bay but dear lord, what a lousy habit.

Furthermore, Kuiper on radio when the home team is losing is loads of dead air and uninspiring broadcast technique, or lack thereof; Kuiper used to be above average now he seems to be pained when opening his mouth; maybe he's on perpetual assignment.

*On the Giants broadcast item for 2019 that I teased? Think Dave Flemming. A guy that has national intentions on the itinerary --the password is "conflict." Potentially? Think outside the box.

*It wouldn't surprise me the least if Jon Miller were to be retired too.

Image result for Jon Miller
Jon Miller

Friday, June 15, 2018

Radnich Wife to Raddy: Lose Some LBS Or Else; KRON Surge Taken Into Context; SF Market Lowest in Viewership; Griego at 'PIX: No Sparks Fly; New Ladies' Men 855 Battery Competition; My Cheryl Hurd NBC Bay Area Appreciation Because I'm a Feminist; Bastida Pay Cut Probable; Dennis Richmond Wasn't KTVU's Best; Vern Glenn Hot Take; Too Much O'Donnell; ABC NY Execs Still Trying to Woo KGO's Dan Ashley; Friday 'Basta Extravaganza

Image result for gary radnich twitter
Gary Radnich
WHEN YOUR WIFE Insists you get off your ass and shed some lbs, it's not that big a deal unless you're Gary Radnich and that's maybe why he's taken to the exercise bike before she tells him to hit the road, Jack!

*By the way, who the hell wears sunglasses indoors anymore? Wait a minute.

*OK, OK, yes I know about KRON's sudden surge in numbers but before there's a party let's cease in the outdoor patio ads and 86 the plastic surgeons pimping on Union St. on its airwaves and then maybe I'll reevaluate my opinion about KRON.


*Michelle Griego: No spark. No action. No bright lights. Dullsville. She'd be great over at KQED hosting a pledge break.

*Competition at KPIX for unofficial ladies man, now entering the building, Dennis O' Donnell, he better watch out because hell, cameras are everywhere! Trouble Den? Ask your buddy, Joe Vasquez.

*The other night at Original Joe's in North Beach, a rather loud man on TV News who should know better had one of his sloppy seconds giggling like a college prom girl --she had to be reminded he had to get back to work for the 11 and no, they were NOT talking about the gnocchi and Caesar salad, trust me.

Image result for michelle griego instagram
Michelle Griego
*I'VE DECIDED a wholesale lifestyle change is in order; why, you ask?

Because some of the few people I believe in have turned out to be total posers and jerks; not that I'm a boy scout but I never pretended to be otherwise; I am who I am and that will never cease unless I hit the lottery and marry Cheryl Hurd and we jet off to The Hague, The Netherlands and eat some salmon and drink like sailors.

*My obsession with Countess Hurd dates back several years ago when we met and she graced her presence on the Bay Area news scene with a winning smile, terrific personality, and obvious attraction to me, then an unknown celebrity blogger and former assistant to my good friend, Gabrielle Union.

Image result for cheryl hurd nbc
Cheryl Hurd
Hurd was always intrigued about me especially the night I met her at the Van Ness Holiday Inn bar and told her, point black, "baby, I'm going to make you a STAR!" At which she told me, wait, I have to use the ladies room so it ended up there was a "meetin' in the ladies room."

*Bastida might have to take a pay cut if he wants to stay on the desk. A "paycut"!? How dare they! Yeah, ask Ken Wayne, Mark Ibanez about such atrocities.

*So Alex Savidge gets a "promotion" to anchor two of the least-watched shows on KTVU which should tell you something about 2's direction.

*Gregg Kelley has a new idea to boost morale at Fox2 in Oakland: he's agreed to stay an extra hour each day and split at 3: 30. Yavoy!

*Yeah, I know about all the Dennis Richmond stories but the biggest one that never got any traction was Dennis's offer to stay on past his retirement for a few years only KTVU wasn't interested and basically told him to take a hike which never got out but I was on it.

Image result for leslie griffith ktvu*BY THE WAY, The Very Best and Most Talented anchor, ever, at KTVU was also its most troubled: Leslie Griffith. She was smart and very good on the air but she had "Play Misty for Me" -like tendencies that made people very nervous.

Ask Mark Ibanez.

*The feminist that I am I take offense to the notion that I only write about Bay Area women anchors in a sexual motif --that is simply wrong and misunderstood because in fact, it is I that has championed women's rights and have been on the forefront for people like, say, Darya Folsom, of KRON have the right to make great journalism like this.

*Vern Glenn, I didn't know there was this big vitriol against the PIX second sports anchor; I'm a huge Vern guy but I do agree with some of Glenn's most fiercest critics that his Radnich mannerisms are unbecoming and don't play well on the air. The constant copy-shuffling; the voice inflections; the VO on the highlights that reek of Gary; it's one thing to emulate the RAD, it's quite another to just imitate him. That should be a no-no on Vern's chalkboard. Vern has a nice personality of HIS OWN and should emulate that. He's quite a good writer and generally anchors a decent sportscast. But his Gary habits are indeed annoying and it is there that I agree with the critics.

Image result for vern glenn
Vern Glenn

Keep in mind too that Dennis O'Donnell, who worked at KRON for years when Radnich and Glenn were there, has a huge influence on the Vern. But Vern is secure enough now to tell DOD that it's time "I make my own style" you, Dennis, keep to having beers at the Old Ship and quit telling me what to do.

Image result for dan ashley kgo
Dan Ashley
*ABC NEWS NY Execs; high-level guys who wear the expensive suits and eat lunch regularly at "21" continue to weigh prying KGO (and ABC-owned and operated KGO) lead anchor, Dan Ashley, away from the Bay Area and straight into Manhattan--in spite of Ashley's repeated missives that he doesn't want to leave KGO and is quite comfortable at KGO. Then again, Ashley, according to Circle7 sources, tell me his contract (still a few years to go) has yet to get ironed out and extension negotiations haven't even been discussed. My best bet is KGO doesn't want to lose another prominent anchor and something like this on its hand again.



*Rock on.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Decision Time Looming on KPIX Veteran Anchor Ken Bastida

Image result for Ken Bastida KPIX5 HAVE YOU NOTICED KPIX ANCHOR, KEN BASTIDA, Out In the Field More lately? That's either a good sign or maybe an indication that Bastida's reign as a PIX anchor might be nearing an end?

Bastida was on the streets of Downtown Oakland (with Vern Glenn) covering the Warriors victory parade; he seemed very comfortable and at ease describing the festivities and having a fun back and forth with Dennis O' Donnell and Christian Ayers.

It seemed Bastida was in his element especially as he snagged an impromptu interview with gubernatorial candidate, Gavin Newsom, riding solo on a float waving to the crowd. Bastida was in hog-heaven after the exclu, eyes wide and bright. It's amazing what a sunny day and fun can mean leaving the teleprompter. Maybe? Maybe not.

Bastida is nearing a contract extension at KPIX but at what price and will CBS brass necessarily grant him one? Bastida has firm Bay Area/SF roots. He began his primary career at KFRC Radio and moved to TV soon after for nearly three decades. He was once a local news institution and the face for the old "Channel 5" but in recent years, his star power has waned and the little magic he held has virtually evaporated --fueling rumors that Bastida might retire or that CBS would retire him.

Bastida is making in the mid $500K range; not the BIG money that used to be the norm for top-tier anchors but decent enough today in the Bay Area. The question is, given PIX's descent in the ratings will the big suits give him that kind of money again? Highly questionable.

We'll be following as always.