Tuesday, October 6, 2015

BREAKING: Thomas And Zse Gonno From The KGO-TV Morning News; It's Official: Rasmussen And Pritchett OUT At KTVU; Wild Day By The TV News 415 Media Bay

pritchett rasmusen ktvu BEEN A WILD DAY at KTVU and KGO-TV.

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As I reported here first, both veteran reporters Eric Rasmussen and Ken Pritchett are gone from KTVU. It was all about the money --don't believe any other reasons--to their credit, both Rasmussen and Pritchett took the high road. But both turned down some rather repulsive offers from FOX.

Meanwhile, my source at KGO tells me both Eric Thomas and Kristen Sze have been kicked off the Morning Show. Might be noted there's some anchor shuffling taking place at 900 Front and both seem destined for other time slots.

Don't know all the details here but it appears that one big issue involving the duo's 86 might be the fact that both hate each other and in the end, that may have accelerated their departure. No word on replacements yet but think heavily this dynamic duo.

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San Francisco Market Yenta Central; The Biggest Gossip-Mongers; TV/Radio Tonsils That Just Won't Keep Their Mouth Shut; Exposed

 SF--Market Yenta Central.

They are everywhere. Gossip mongers. In Yiddish --a certified yenta. We have plenty here, especially TV and Radio. They are habitual rabble-rousers --always chit-chatting, schmoozing, or in today's world, texting and facebooking, what else.

Time to call them out. By the way, not all of these yentas are women.

*Sherry Brown--KGO Radio: the ultimate yenta. Spreads more shit than an elephant in heat. Her "uh" on every newscast is comical. Likes to stir up manufactured shit and then complains when she's called out. Smells to high heaven. Maybe something's in the water at, uh, KGO.

*Kim Wonderly: KCBS: Real tangible yenta supreme. Office talker chick. Thinks she's the newsroom guardian but all she really is is the traffic broad. When trying to "defend" the honor of Becca Corral all she really accomplished was to confirm her status as A-grade YENTA! Stick to fender-benders on 101, Kimmy.

*Mike Sugerman: KCBS --the preeminent male yenta. What a putz. Facebook journalist needs social media to get interviews in Santa Clara. Tells inter-office stories based on third-hand sources. The cigar-chomping schmuck with the fake voice intonation ("I'm Mike Sugerman--About The Bay") wreaks of verbal feces, like a swarm of bees over a dead deer carcass --Mikey has never been one to turn off the gossip manure. It's fine and OK but please, find a new audience. Hurry, hurry!

*Roberta Gonzales: KPIX. Robby, you once had me as an ally because I root for a woman who is constantly hoodwinked by the arrogant News Director, the asshole who drinks cheap beer with the sports guy. Seriously, Robby, I knew about your charitable work and PTA meetings but you threw me a curve at your constant backroom talk--mostly about me. Why? I didn't go out to look for a fight. Your constant chit-chat, gossip-monger with (you know who) has reached crisis proportions. And I'm not going to even mention the fact that your current breathless giggles every darn morning with Bunger on radio have become appointment audio--all for the wrong reason. Button it up, Robby.

*Jan Wahl: KCBS. I don't have to say a word here. The biggest yenta of them all. Just listen to Hat Woman for a minute and you'll have the story.

*Doug Sovern: KCBS. Hey, schmucko, nobody disputes you're a damn good political reporter but quit telling everyone that you're the "only" reporter in the newsroom that's worthy of praise. That won't sit well with staff, especially your buddy, Becca Corral.

*Jennifer Jones-Lee: KGO Radio. "Ha, Ha, giggle, giggle, giggle, ha-ha, giggle, giggle" --KGO Morning Yenta Queen especially gossip-monga with Ronnnnnnn Owens and her radio beard, tech guy, Jason Middleton. Jones-Lee the perennial champ when it comes to chatty do-do.

*Veronica De La Cruz: KPIX. Let's see, throw down your smart phone and quit touching your hair. Then concentrate and realize that if you spent as much time on talking about real news and the like, as opposed to sending multi-texts to your girlfriends you'd be the respected anchor they thought they got from NY. Wrongo!

*Gasia Mikaelian: KTVU: Oh. My. God. Queen Fox2 ditz in the morning now. How's the coffee taste been lately? Quit ripping Mibach and tell him straight to his face you think he's a moron. Or worse, yet, make him take a look at the "Talk Like a Pirate" video.

*Darya Folsom: KRON. "Uh, uh, Aaron, I'm the white Wendy Williams!--Just get rid of Radnich and give me more time!" --KRON's one-third of yenta trifecta: Between her, digital boy, and the new weather chick? Oy Vey!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Everbody Wants To Rule The World; Monday 415 Media Video Finale


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CBS Radio Planning Major Cuts; KCBS Local Station; Rumors Swirl That Radio Might Be Sold

 CBS Radio --according to my local eye ear is planning major layoffs and SF is on the list of the latest slash and dash.

Hello, KCBS.

How many people isn't known but the cuts will be across the board and include all stations in the division.

Even senior reporters, editors, anchors and producers will not be immune to pink slips.

Which will only further fuel the rumors that CBS is once again thinking about selling its radio stations to pay for its mounting debt in other departments.

Oh, Les Moonves doesn't really care for radio but he does like steak and lobster.

We'll be watching.


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Roberta Gonzales And Stan Bunger Have a Gross Giggle/Giggle/Giggle Fest On KCBS

 8: 52 AM PST on KCBS:
Professional weatherwoman, Roberta Gonzales-- frequent giggle/giggle girl and anchor, Stan Bunger --"Stan (giggle, giggle, ever heard of Lost Hills? 'they're listening to us in Lost Hills--they'll building some solar panels--(giggle, giggle.")




Pass me the barf bag.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Zouves 'Dorm Room' At KGO-TV

 Natasha Zouves wants to be taken seriously--she's told her associates at KGO-TV (ABC7) but her rep has taken a severe hit both on and off camera.

Here's a compelling comment from a senior KGO staffer:

other reporters' desks have file folders, books, maybe even an old fashioned
Rolodex, staffers have nicknamed her desk "the dorm room" because it has little
pink baskets, knick knacks, fake plants and not one but two large mirrors. I
think it speaks more to her being in her early 20's than anything else. But it's
not helping her appear as a serious news journalist. Maybe she'll read this and
get a clue that being cutesy won't help win allies."

Krukow And Retirement; Mike Sugerman's Annoying Voice; Fox Screws With KTVU Staff; Greg Papa $500G Coin; Jon Miller's 'Uh' Count; Sunday 415 Media Deli

 The KRUKOW post about me not being shocked if the Giant's broadcaster were to hang it up after this season was based on Krukow himself telling a friend that he'd already considered it. Kruk's medical condition is not conducive to heavy travel loads and the such. So yes, I wouldn't be shocked. Then again, if he comes back for another five years, that wouldn't shock me either. Maybe Kruk works limited games, only west-coast games and home games, for example. We're not talking life and death here anyway so carry on, boys and girls.

*Dear Dave Padilla of KCBS: Your insipid "Rise and Shine" verbal motto before the top-of-hour news would be great...in Lodi. Button up.

*Add KCBS: Mike Sugerman's "About the Bay" isn't so annoying --Mike, it's your uber-irritating voice inflection that destroys the bit. Maybe do it straight, Mike? I'll buy you an Arturo Fuente if you cooperate.

*Add to the existing list of annoying phrases uttered by broadcasters: "Are you kidding me?" Just please shut the hell up and can it.

*Michael Krasny and Leah Garchik: Yawns R Us.

*That Ben Fong-Torres puff piece about KFOG in today's Pinkie might as well have been handed out by the KFOG Press Release Dept. BFT --Rolling Stone and Jan Wenner are pissed.

*Does Natasha Zouves have the fake voice of all fake voices? Dear, look up "sincerity" in the dictionary.

*It's not just the reporters that FOX is screwing with over at KTVU (and other Fox O and O's) it's the camera people; one man over in Oakland in particular has lost 30% of his benefits. Bastards you FOX sob's.

*Hey, Bay Area TV News Directors? If you screw with me I'll screw with you --pretty simple and boy, you ain't seen nothing yet.

*Add Greg Papa to the list of some of the highest-paid media Bay celebrities: with the Raiders, Comcast and FM show, about $500 grand.

*CSNBA: your Feldy-Fahreed commercials are not funny and quit ripping off ESPN.

*So, I hear Daffy Duck, uh, excuse me, Dan Dibley on the radio again which can only mean, what? you producers couldn't get Lowell Cohn?

*KGO Radio: Cumulus SF Clearing House.

*Sorry, my friend, but Joe Starkey, broadcaster of CAL Football, time to hang it up.

*Count the number of "uhs" in Jon Miller's broadcasts: if Miller were paid by every "uh", he'd have Trump money.