Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Oakland Raiders' Great Marv Hubbard Passes; 'Old Mother Hubbard'; John Madden Comments

 Marv Hubbard defined the Raiders of the 70's. He was mean, tenacious, rugged and fierce. Funny too. A real character. He didn't have the perfect football body but just gritty and big enough to play running back.

They called him "Old Mother Hubbard." Hubbard had the definitive spike, the closest thing to the real deal when diving into the end zone.

Hubbard died on Monday just a few days short of his 69th birthday.

John Madden talks about Marv Hubbard. (From KCBS)

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Radnich Play Book: Bring Up Controversial Topic Then Run Away; Notarangelo KPIX Split Inside; Matier Explores Giants-Warriors Situation; Morning Notes


It's part of the Gary Radnich playbook: broach a subject matter on KNBR that doesn't possess your usual run of the mill standard sports-talk radio faire only Raddy just teases and moves forward.

Case in point, he sticks his nose out and defends Floyd Mayweather even though the excuse(s) don't measure up.

Raddy could have gone toe-to-toe with his co-hosts over this and callers too but he began to sound nervous and quickly ran away and went back to Warriors and Giants.

It wasn't just Monday.

Last week, shortly after the Bruce Jenner interview, he smugly told the audience: "This isn't 'sports-talk radio and we're not going to talk about this, but that Bruce Jenner deal--ok, Bruce had to do what he's doing and I'll just say, 'I don't need to know anymore. " Huh? So, Gary, then if it's not meant for sports-talk radio then why bring it up? I agree with Radnich that the whole Jenner deal was nothing more than major tabloid fare but Jenner's Olympics heroics in Montreal had a sports connection. Probably would have made for interesting caller feedback but Radnich pulled away.

Standard operating procedure. for Raddy.

*It would be perfectly normal if you were suspicious that ex-KPIX weekend Ann Notarangelo would walk away from a $175K a-year gig as weekend news anchor to work as the PR person for the Contra Costa County Welfare Dept.

Notarangelo lives in Concord and will be able to spend more time with her family but she's also taking a major pay cut. I do believe KPIX informed her that her contract wasn't going to be renewed and that she wasn't going to be in their long term plans.

*Phil Matier talks about the Giants development outside the ballpark and provides a Warriors connection. Don't tell me the Giants wouldn't care if the Warriors build their new arena nearby.

*Just a guess: Ex-KGO sports talkie, Kevin "The Rat" Radich will end up at KCBS in the afternoon, eventually.

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Monday, May 4, 2015

KNBR's Gary Radnich Defends Floyd Mayweather's Beating Up The Mother Of His Three Children In Front Of His Kids

KNBR Morning host, Gary Radnich, was talking about the Floyd Mayweather -Manny Pacquiao fight Monday Morning when the conversation turned to Mayweather's off-ring history of beating up women, including beating up the mother of his three children

Radnich couldn't help himself --he began to double down on Floyd. Said Radnich, (paraphrasing) "You know, if you grow up in an environment like his (Mayweather) you might understand his actions. I'm not saying what he did is right, but he's helped some guys. Helped some guys who were on drugs and so..."

Sports Update anchor, Kate Scott, repeated to Radnich that Mayweather beat up THE MOTHER OF HIS THREE CHILDREN right smack IN FRONT OF HIS KIDS, no excuses allowed. Radnich ignored that point of course which is SOP for Radnich who, when confronted with such facts looks the other way and can't answer back a legitimate point.

Nobody denies boxing has loads of guys who have checkered pasts and have done things along the lines of Mayweather's abuse. It's just that Mayweather's repeated history of domestic violence coincided with his bout being labeled the Fight of the Century. In addition the news and attention on Saturday night's event in Las Vegas received quite a bit of attention across the entire news and sports media domain.

Apparently, that's OK for Radnich.

Mary Liz Cortese Filled In KGO Radio Morning News And It Didn't Sound Good

 Someone named Mary Liz Cortese filled in on the KGO Radio Morning News Monday.

A Deb Munroe production.

I've resisted comment on Cortese's work because it would be too easy to say she's not that good. But in celebration of May 4th, what dedication.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Is There A Fight Tonight?

 I'm skipping the big fight Saturday night--the fight of the century they're calling it.

All I needed to know about this Floyd Mayweather guy and his history of beating up women sealed the deal.

I know this shit sounds holier-than-thou type of stuff but after reading this I'll watch a movie and order some good food.

Enjoy the show.

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Friday, May 1, 2015

Deadspin Says The New 49ers Alternate Unis Suck

49ers Unveil Black Uniforms That Have No Reason To Exist

The 49ers debuted their new alternate uniform on Thursday and the verdict from most of the masses are mixed.

Deadspin says they suck.

I'll just say that black used to be cool before everybody in the world made it a point to try to become hip and go to black simply for the sake of going to black.

In the NFL, there's only one black uniform that really, really looks cool.

That said, I'm in the minority. I think the alternate jersey looks cool. Maybe I'm not that old school after all.


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Baltimore News To Charge Police Officers May Alter Bay Area/Oakland May Day Coverage

 The decision in Baltimore by the state prosecutor to charge 6 Baltimore cops with murder and other charges temporarily eases the tension of possible May Day violence across the nation.

In the Bay Area, several media outlets have taken spots outside MacArthur BART in anticipation of May Day protests and disruptions throughout the city and across the bay in San Francisco.

Friday's announcement in Baltimore may have altered coverage. We'll soon find out throughout the day.

Keep it here.

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