Wednesday, March 22, 2017

415 Media Breaking: Eric Thomas Back to Work at KGO-TV

Image result for eric thomas kgo We're happy to report that KGO senior weekend anchor and reporter, Eric Thomas, is BACK at 900 Front. Healthy and happy too, at least for now.

Thomas has been away from the Circle7 news biz for almost a month --he took a medical leave --I had my own theory.

A source close to Thomas told me just now that the official reason was that Thomas has been battling blood pressure issues and the fluctuation wasn't good.

I'll bet that the high blood pressure issue was dictated by Thomas' battle with KGO's upper mgt desire he be more "social media active."

Image result for kgo-tv 7 imagesLike other stations these days, KGO has become ultra gung-ho on its web site promos; its Twitter and Facebook presence --to a point where that facet is more important than the worker themselves!

Oh dear lord.

In any event, we are happy that Eric Thomas is back in the saddle and working his gig for Channel 7. He'll be back anchoring on Saturday night.

415 Media Exclusive: Angela Alioto Throws Her Hat into 2019 SF Mayoral Race

Image result for angela alioto san francisco   ANGELA ALIOTO --whose last name is considered political royalty in the City by the Bay--is strongly considering a run for the 2019 Mayoral Election, 415 Media has learned.

I asked Alioto directly the other day about it and she neither confirmed it nor denied.

"I keep all my options open," she told me.

Translation: Alioto is running. Because she thinks she can win and she surely would be the front-runner amongst these contenders.

Image result for SF City Hall Room Mayor's officeAlioto ran back in 2003 but she was considered far too liberal even in a city known for its progressive history, and was far off the pace.

Her politics have become far more centrist and her list of advisers and friends are the centerpiece of San Francisco political and social establishment. Plus, she has lots of money and that never hurts.

Oh, and her father was the BEST mayor ever. Advantage: Alioto, 2019.

*415 Media Exclusive

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

San Francisco February '17 Radio Ratings

Here's the full breakdown

"So,You All Think I'm Funny? Like What, Am I a Clown? Like I'm 'Ha-Ha Funny? Like I Amuuuuuuse You?' Tuesday Five Guys Wise Guys 415 Media Short

Image result for "You think I'm Funny?" Pesci Liotta gif "SO, You think I'm funny--like I'm a clown? Like I amuuuse you? Why's that--seriously, ha-ha funny?"

*Da Lin: KPIX: look, Da man, you ought to shed the ladies man persona and get back to basics--otherwise your "I'mmmmmm Da Lin" will be broadcasting from Bakersfield in a flash.

*Vern Glenn: KPIX: Vern, you seem to agree with my, "shed the Raddy look and sound but you're still in his persona. I think you think it's funny. No, no, no it is not. Obviously I AMUUUSE you! But it's not funny, not funny at all, like what Vern? Am I being a clown?"

*Chef Ryan Scott: KGO Radio: You're a clown, Scott! Not funny at all, you don't Amuuuuuse me at all and I have no plans to amuuuuse you , mostly I just hear your crap and turn the dial fast.

*Damon Bruce: 95.7 FM 'The Game': "What, Damon, like you're some frickin' genius off the beaten path? Go to a woodhouse and get outta my way, you're a clown too --a BIG stinkin' clown, you don't AMUUUSE me in any way whatsoever, lose it schmucko!"

*Stan the Commenter: "Yo, Stanley-O: whoever gave you the frickin' idea of taking over my website? Go get a Rupert Pupkin cutout and get the hell a way for a while --I'm sick of your frickin putdowns and insults --take a sabbatical , go eat an egg salad sandwich and a get an egg cream and chill for a while!"

Monday, March 20, 2017

Ted Rowlands Leaving KTVU; Move Shocks Oakland/Fox Newsroom; Heading To Midwest For Non-TV Gig; Cutbacks Loom at Jack London Square

Image result for ted rowlands ktvu TED ROWLANDS is leaving KTVU for "personal reasons" --his last day was Friday. The move shocked many of his colleagues in the newsroom --not so much for his own leaving but what it bodes for the future at the Fox Bay Area O and O.

415 Media has learned that Rowlands is heading back to the Midwest to work for an athletic shoe company and not a TV News operation.

Fox is making waves at its Oakland division for the implementation of staff cutbacks--particularly those individuals that are high-salaried anchors, reporters and producers. High on the list are some big money reporters and anchors who have contracts coming up and might be non-renewed or simply have their salaries cut.

That distinction may have hastened Rowlands move to leave as he was only back a brief time at KTVU and whose return to Jack London Square was heralded as an uplifting decision for the staff and Rowlands himself who was leaving CNN to come back home.

The feeling amongst some senior staff is Rowland's move will trigger more people leaving and/or a series of big-money staffers being directly axed out at KTVU in the coming months.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

A Message to the Readers of 415 Media

415 Media has reached a new high in readers and followers but unfortunately not enough funds to sustain the 24/7 work and effort put forth by its creator and author; its blogger who relies on donations and subscriptions to keep the site afloat --we're living on fumes now.

There are those of you who have made donations and subscribed --countless times--to support 415 Media and I greatly appreciate your help. Unfortunately, there are not enough of you.

I've resisted the idea of putting 415 Media behind a paywall because I know many of you who come here don't have the financial wherewithal to commit to a yearly subscription.

So today, I'm asking those of you who like reading about Bay Area media; TV -Radio insight, opinion and news that you won't get anywhere else to MAKE A DONATION, NOW.

It takes quite a bit of time and energy to make 415 Media happen. I'm a one-man show.

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We're at a critical point. I need your help to keep 415 Media up and running. If you enjoy coming here --(and over 250,000 of you come here monthly) then if just a fraction of you make a contribution then 415 Media will be financially feasible and the need for pledge breaks will be significantly lessened.


Rich Lieberman@ 415 Media

Saturday, March 18, 2017

John Rothmann May or May Not Say It's Time for President Trump To Go on KGO Saturday Night

Image result for Negative Donald Trump IT'S BEEN A TUMULTUOUS WEEK FOR PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP--even by Donald Trump standards.

Coincidently, presidential historian and political guru, John Rothmann, will be on KGO Radio tonight.

Image result for john rothmann kgo
John Rothmann
An industry wag told me that Rothmann may just formally say that's it's time for Trump to go.

Or not. You might want to listen from 7-10 PM.

Sure, Rothmann used to work for Dick Nixon so he knows controversy --and Nixon was one hullava controversy but Nixon now seems like a regular FDR compared to The Trumpster.

Rothmann leans heavily to the left of the spectrum but he's also about as objective as they come and has been regularly supportive of Trump's legitimacy if not his off-the-court actions of late. And say what you want of Rothmann, he's known around the Bay Area and nationally as a respected political observer on both sides of the aisle.

So a Rothmann doctrine calling the current POTUS, unfit to serve, for example, might be cause to order some Chinese food and wine and stay put on a Saturday night and listen to his monologue.

Of course you could also listen on demand too but I'm wanting the live version, that's just me.

No matter what, the way Rothmann conducts the orchestra, it figures to be an entertaining three hours minus the obligatory traffic reports and spots.

Image result for The Trump White House