Monday, September 15, 2014

Is There Something I'm Missing About KTVU's Heather Holmes?

 Of all the mail I get about local TV media anchors, KTVU's Heather Holmes gets a lot of attention.

I mean, a lot.

Frankly, I've never understood the whole Heather phenomena --I think she's OK on air but nothing really special actually to me and I don't mean this as a knock, but she comes across as sort of impersonal --just my opinion.

She's a capable newsreader but I don't see anything standing out although I guess she must look like something even though it hasn't registered my way.

Obviously, you all disagree.

And please, don't be snotty.

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Ask Rich Lieberman

 Busy weekend --crazy things, sports things, 49ers, (ouch), Raiders, (ugly, ugly, again); Levi's Stadium, local issues, social issues, media too.

There's a lot on the plate. I'll be here until the afternoon doing my best to answer your questions.

Fire away.

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Al Michaels Fun Facts

* Al Michaels broadcast SF Giants games on KSFO in the 1970's.

*Al Michaels is close friends with Art Spander and Eddie DeBartolo.

*Al Michaels and Al Davis were bitter enemies. The Raiders hierarchy practically tried to blackball Michaels and Michaels himself lampooned the Raiders.

*Al Michaels uttered the most famous sports-on-TV words, "Do you believe in miracles?" on ABC during the 1980 Olympics US men's hockey victory over the Russians.

*Al Michaels is not Bob Costas.

*Bob Costas tries to be like Al Michaels a lot.

*Al Michaels had a BIG mansion in Hillsborough.

*Al Michaels makes $10M a year and is the #1-announcer on the #1-rated TV program in the country--Sunday "Football Night in America."

*Al Michaels wears $5000 Gucci suits.

*Al Michaels breaks a lot of bread with John Madden on Madden's bus.

*Al Michaels is happily married but likes to glance at beautiful women.

*Al Michaels can tell a good joke.

*Al Michaels preferred wine: 1990 Kendall Jackson cab.

*Al Michaels post-game 49ers-Bears destination: Boulevard, 9: 30. Party of Two.

*Al Michaels, Dan Dierdorf and me did an interview with Larry King on his radio show back in 1985 direct from the Clift hotel after a 49ers MNF game.

*Al Michaels is a nice man, thank you and have a nice day.

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Saturday, September 13, 2014

New York's Mike Francesa On WFAN King Of The Hill; Radnich On KNBR Not Even Close; Saturday Column

 Mike Francesa is a sports-talk radio host for WFAN in New York.

He's funny, smart, highly informed, knows his sports and is, occasionally, a pain in the ass too, which automatically makes him a legend in NY, which he is.

And the highest paid, at that. And while he sometimes slips off the curve and is needled for it, the fact remains Francesa still, for the most part, delivers knockout punches and gets plenty of attention.

I bring this up because every now and then some alien from another planet says the morning Radnich program on KNBR "is the best sports-talk show in the country." Not even close. No comparison. Granted, Radnich's enterprise is vastly different than Francesa and the Bay Area, obviously, is a far cry from New York City--still, Francesa, if you're a sports fan, is meat and potatoes while Radnich is more scrambled eggs.

For starters, Francesa doesn't need to pull the Don Rickles act every day like Radnich does--irritating as all get go and flush with repetitious bullshit; how many times can you stomach this: You have to have kids to be something; For the 99th time; Got the Bentley out to get the brakes checked, and on and on...Do we see a pattern here? Same old shit. Does Gary think you're a moron? No, but he insults and dumbs down his audience like they're a pack of Fremont idiots. Of course, the bulk of KNBR's beer and boobs demo is men, I get it, but the constant Raddy cackling with the two side-by-side Neanderthals is mostly empty.

On the other hand, Francesa is brick and mortar. Interviews galore, the best guests and engaging commentary and opinion spiced up with his own kvetching and yes, while he kvetches, he's still funnier than hell, all the while engaging also and best yet, doesn't lecture you on the importance of having kids and being responsible in life. Sometimes when I'm listening to Radnich it's as if Dr. Phil hijacked the program. Funny, I thought it was a sports program.

Give me conversational girth, mix it up a notch, don't do the same thing over and over, most of all, cut all the Shecky Green shit--every now and then, sure, it's funny, real funny in fact, but not when you know it's coming and becomes all too predictable and Raddy's act has become a stale rye bread with loads of baloney and velveeta.
I'm a steak guy. And Francesa is a
42-ounce Porterhouse with plenty of broccoli and hollandaise sauce. Solo too. It's an acquired taste but if you like simple, basic, yeah--again, --meat and potato-style sports-talk radio then Francesa's daily presentation is the very best.

Radnich has his advocates --including me at times when he does an interview, say with a controversial guest with a controversial topic, he shines, and for that is to be complimented. When he goes off the trail and meanders into the having kids bullshit, he loses me.

Yes, Francesa is king. In my opinion.

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Friday, September 12, 2014

49ers Rule The Bay Area; Domestic Violence Talk Trumps Sports On KNBR; Ted Robinson and Larry Baer; KRON ND Pero Screaming And Yelling, (Again); Radnich Says Another Stupid Thing; Tolbert Wants 500 Grand; More Haener, Less Gasia; Daffy Duck Gets KCBS Traffic Gig; Friday Notes First Take


*All the talk about domestic violence in the NFL trumped the normal sports-talk minutiae --moreover, it virtually wiped the Giants, A's and Warriors off the sports domain --indirectly, KNBR, its second biggest client, the Giants, were virtually ignored on the radio for the entire week.

The conversation centered around Ray Rice, domestic violence, the 49ers and Ray McDonald.

It only reinforces what's been known a long time but rarely discussed: in spite of off-field issues and the Giants winning a couple World Series, the 49ERS are the #-1 team in the Bay Area. It's not even close.

The Giants are a solid second and while they hold all the clout at 55 Hawthorne, it's the 49ers who have virtually all the cachet in town even if the Giants seem to get the bulk of favoritism including priority on 680 AM time slots versus albatross 1050 AM. Enter KGO-AM into the frame.

*Not particularly losing sleep over Ted Robinson's suspension: Giants Prez: Larry Baer. Relationship history: Fire and Ice.

*At KRON: the yelling and screaming news director, Aaron Pero, is doing a lot of yelling and screaming, AGAIN, from one of my KRONvicts who points out this behavior is nothing new coming from Pero who's angry at the world, KRON workers in particular except a certain female buddy in the morning who conveniently has been left alone from the ranting and raving, what a coincidence.

*Raj Mathai and Jessica Aguirre --Dan Ashley and Ama Daeta: a 1 and 1A battle between KGO-TV and KNTV, slight advantage to Ashley and Daetz but Mathai and Aguirre are coming down the stretch fast and furious.

*Hard worker in the morning: Laura Garcia-Cannon at KNTV--get her that contract renewed.

*Julie Haener and Gasia Mikaelian: chick wars at KTVU. Personally, I don't see why Gasia is such a big deal at 2 Jack London Square--what, the blond anchor quotient not operational? Haener can come off as impersonal and robotic but she's a solid co-anchor with Frank Somerville and they both have a bit more chemistry.

*KTVU graphics update: "Wei-Still- Suk."

*KPIX: the geniuses in upper suit department, taking advantage of NFL Thursday Night Football, decided to simulcast the horrid "Night Beat" on both PIX and KBCW. Great. The show still sucks.

*Veronica De La Cruz: from the penthouse to the outhouse. And the hair has little to do with it.

*Someone who looks like something but mysteriously isn't: Katie Marzullo.

*Tom Tolbert is quite happy at KNBR where he rules the afternoon in spite of the 467,000 commercials per hour that Knibber runs, just be advised when Tolbert's contract is up, he's apparently looking for a $500Ka-year payday which would make him the highest-paid yapper at the Bleeder. You can buy a lot of pop tarts with that dough.

*Speaking of yelling and screaming: Sarah and Vinnie at CBS' FM outpost. He, (Vinnie), still can't fathom she's the #1 yenta and he might as well be the line cook at the Emeryville Denny's.

*Yeah, I hear: Daffy Duck is doing traffic reports at KCBS. Traffic: KCBS' version of radio porn.

*A KGO Radio 30-something staffer on Kevin Metheney, (Pig Virus)--"He's actually kind of a nice guy." Yeah, until a year down the road when he's gone and screwing up another radio station in another town. Pig Vomit is what's known as a radio retread which is a Cumulus virtue when it comes to the Opps MGR at KGO---WNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNBC or not.

*PIX managers and middle managers alike: you didn't lay any of them off? Editors get no respect.

*Vern Glenn: Enough of the histrionics Vern, just give us the damn sports and cut the little guy doofus shtick, it's unbecoming and quite annoying, please.

*Alan Martin: For god's sake take a deep breath and laugh a little--you're beginning to enter into the Milt Kahn territory.

*Classy Radnich the other day on Knibber: "You know, my first wife--'we were married for 23 years and she never worked." He continued: "And the 23 years since our divorce she's still not working." Proving once again Gary Radnich is pretty much an asshole.

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Michael Cardoza: 'Charges Will Be Filed Against 49ers Player, Ray McDonald';

 Michael Cardoza is a noted criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor. You've probably seen him on TV as he's done a lot of legal analysis for CNN, Fox, and KTVU, here locally.

Cardoza didn't just walk in off the street--he's been practicing law for over 40 years and knows his stuff.

I asked him about Ray McDonald, the 49ers lineman, who was arrested recently but has yet to be charged.

Cardoza told me directly that McDonald would be charged even though there's a perception from some, rightly or wrongly, that the Santa Clara County DA's office is thought to be lenient.

"The real question, will he be charged because there is enough evidence or because of the national spotlight on domestic violence despite lack of evidence", says Cardoza.

So, I asked him further, Will the Ray Rice case have an impact on the DA's decision? "Absolutely, it will--expect to see him, (McDonald), in a criminal court."

Cardoza's prediction is significant only because there's been a noticeable lack of news regarding McDonald's legal status. The DA, I assume, when it gets the case, will interview witnesses and, presumably, talk to police and examine the evidence.

We'll know soon enough.
Updated/Edited: 5: 29 AM 9-13-14

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9-11-2001--In Remembrance

{Whitney Houston}

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