Sunday, June 24, 2018

I Tried

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*First question: 415 Media: Madame, can you or the president comment on the situation at KTVU; I've heard there's more employee morale issues since Fox has taken over.

Sanders: We don't comment on hearsay and rumor; the president, as you know, loves Fox News, so I'll let that be.

415 Media: But Sarah, I wasn't talking about 'Fox News National, just the local KTVU , a fox o and o.

Sanders: I'm not going to comment on an ongoing investigation.

415 Media: But Sarah, I'm not talking about an ongoing; (next question)

415 Media: Sarah, many people don't care for the continued destruction of Bay Area radio by the Cumulus media company; does the president think there should be more FCC oversight?

Sanders: We don't comment on matters deemed potentially bound for litigation.

415 Media: But Sarah, that's not what I asked; I asked about Cumulus' takeover of radio stations that earned legacy status and are now floundering not only in San Francisco but in NY, Chicago, and Dallas just to name a few.

Sanders: The president will not comment on matters pending any possible investigation.

415 Media: But! Never mind.

415 Media: Sarah, is the president concerned about the proliferation of so many new reporters at KPIX and their overall lack of knowledge of the Bay Area?

Sanders: We don't comment on matters that are hearsay or innuendo. Next question.

415 Media: Sarah, what about the new rumors of TV anchors in San Francisco that are cheating on their wives?

Sanders: The president, as you know, is a steadfast support of women's rights and cares about the sanctity of marriage but we will not comment on any matters we consider hearsay or rumor.

415 Media: Sarah, this is embarrassing, but 415 Media has been 86ed from various Bay Area bars and restaurants --any advice?

Sanders: You know, just go fuck yourself!

Saturday, June 23, 2018

More Hollyfield. Less Anthony. Recipe for Success at KGO-TV; Leslie Griffith Didn't Take Dennis Richmond's BS. A Short Story; Why Does Giants' Broadcaster Duane Kuiper Refuse to wear a Suit? I'm Just Asking; Saturday 415 Media Coffee

Image result for Amy Hollyfield KGO
Amy Hollyfield

Image result for Laura Anthony KGO
Laura Anthony
I'M NOT ONE TO BE PC HERE; I like Amy Hollyfield quite a bit on KGO-TV; I just wish I saw a lot more of her because she's a fine GSA Reporter and usually makes even the most boring stories quite interesting and provocative; speaking of boring, there's fellow Circle7 reporter, Laura Anthony, who is the polar opposite of Hollyfield; dull and dreary. My goodness watching Anthony stain the screen happens every time I see her. Anthony doesn't have any magic and her voice and look is vanilla, I know that sounds harsh but I'm giving you the truth. It's like watching paint dry. Does Anthony ever smile? No, not since the birth of Jimmy Carter, I don't care if she was covering the county fair. She looks eternally gloomy like someone fed her melba toast and tofu for lunch with a cold glass of water. Anthony needs something; a good jolt. Maybe a trip to the ocean.

Hollyfield, on the other hand, seems rather frenzied by comparison.

She oozes confidence and happiness. This may sound strange but if she were covering a murder, as bad as that would be, I could smile because at least there's some passion in the story and Amy looks like she would be having a good time. That's no knock on Hollyfield, my point is she is one happy camper.

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Nurse Ratchet as portrayed by Louise Fletcher
Anthony is instant downer. A veritable Nurse Ratchet. What a turnoff. Am I being tough? Maybe but it's the truth.

*OK, so now that I've ruined your breakfast, tell me why I must suffer that schmuck on the Petersen Dean roofing ads? Terminal indigestion would be more favorable then watching this solar panel schmendrick. Pass the Maalox.

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Dennis Richmond and Leslie Griffith
*Sure, Leslie Griffith was slightly disturbing and troubled but she was damn good on the air. She was smart as a whip and sort of acted like she was talking directly to you as opposed to merely reading copy off the teleprompter. Yeah, she had a brain and didn't take any shit which probably cost her a job at KTVU but I really like her. A throwback to an era when some anchors actually knew what the hell they were talking about; Griffith projected power and supreme confidence. Too bad the boys at 2 couldn't handle her.

Like, say, Dennis Richmond, who didn't like Leslie because she dare speak her mind. I'm not talking on the air, mind you, I'm talking about off the air persona. Griffith often battled with Dennis because Dennis thought he was king. It could be two battling egos but it was more than that. Leslie often felt (with good reason) that Richmond was a power jerk and liked to intimidate. She wasn't the only one; she was the only one who refused to put up with Richmond's BS. Something you'll never read in the local press except here.

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Duane Kuiper
*Another thing that really irritates me is Duane Kuiper's lack of fashion technique. While the other guys regularly wear suits (except Dave Flemming) Kuiper has to put on the windbreaker --why is this a constant? Kuiper should respect the broadcast and wear professional-looking clothes and not dress like he just left the ski slopes at Tahoe. Is that too much to ask for? I think not. Yeah, I'm a little critical, sue me.

When you're broadcasting a major league baseball game you should always wear a suit and tie. Remember, you're not just some shlunk with a microphone you're representing the Giants and professional baseball; you should look like you belong.

I like Kuiper for the most part unless he sounds like he's bored and eating peanuts on the air but he can at least wear a suit and tie and try to win me over. Not an especially difficult chore and I welcome a transformation.

Like today, perhaps? I'm not holding my breath.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Inside 55 Cameras

KTVU Newsroom

Please Help 415 Media Breathe a Little Easier

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In order to maintain a blog that you've come to appreciate; the stories you look forward to; the raw and honest takes you will NOT get anywhere else, I need money to keep 415 Media fluid.

I'll be blunt:

I need your donations. Some of you have already donated, many of you, multiple times and while I appreciate all your support, it's not enough.

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PLEASE HELP ME. By doing so you will help SUPPORT the Bay Area #1-read and ONLY 24/7 Media blog. If you donate, I will personally call and/or e-mail you thanking you for your donation.

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This Old Town; Not Vern Glenn's Agent; Paul Deanno Mystery Solved; Erica Kato Muni PR Rep; Jack Kulp of 98.1 'The Breeze' Extends; KNBR Finally Gets Good Phone Lines for 'Kruk and Kuip'; You're Welcome; Kelli Johnson Thinks (Still) Greg Papa is an Ass; 'Happy Hour' Still Crappy; Ray Ratto is Dreck; An Idea for KQED; The Leslie Griffith-Mark Ibanez Incident Years Ago at KTVU; Dion Lim Still Annoying; Happy TGIF

Related imageTHIS OLD TOWN...No, I'm NOT Vern Glenn's agent and I have no plan in place for The Vern's future employer but I do like to give you a little inside material every now and then I mean, that's one reason you come here, right?

*Someone asked about the mysterious MIA status of KPIX Weatherman, Paul Deanno; appears there is no mystery; Deanno has been promoting a book.

*Again, the usual suspects invading our ears and eyes about "it's gonna be a HOT weekend!" which is great because, you know, we've never had a heat wave in the Bay Area.

Image result for erica kato
Erica Kato 
*For those of you guys out in Union City wondering where her highness, former KRON weather goddess, Erica Kato has gone, it's the Muni PR dept. You're very welcome, have a fender bender on me.

*I'M late to the party on this so shame on me but happy, really happy that GOOD GUY, Jack Kulp was recently extended at 98.1 FM 'The Breeze' --Kulp, an orginal Bay Area radio veteran and a reason to listen to FM here.

*Gees, what a coincidence, I lament the fact that KNBR's two big Giants' boosters, Kruk and Kuip have such crappy phone lines and all of a sudden, both sound splendid --seems an ISDN line was finally installed, how amazing!

Image result for the happy hour nbc sports bay area
'The Happy Hour' --Ray Ratto (l) Kelli Johnson and Greg Papa
*The Happy Hour on NBC Sports here is still not so happy because Kelli Johnson really still detests Greg Papa and who could blame her; Papa still talks over her; Papa's boorishness is quite transparent on the air and furthermore, Johnson, who at one point I thought was a lightweight dud, actually says some things worthy and enlightening on an otherwise lousy show. If Papa continues his asshole act I'm told the suits at NBC are ready to read him the riot act.

*Meanwhile, pompous curmudgeon, Ray Ratto and his 'I'm God, you're not' act still pollutes the air and somehow, someway, a guy in a suit thinks Ratto has a following. Like who? Rodents?

Ratto is labeled the "Senior Insider" at NBC; really? What has Ratto ever scooped? His latest bowl of mashed potatoes, maybe, but I'm still waiting for the "Senior Insider" to actually scoop something original.

Image result for rosemary orozco ktvu twitter
Rosemary Orozco
*Rosemary Orozco had a rough day at the office; she actually had to read a weather report on KTVU.

Rosy, it's all good, just keep up the great work and you'll be in LA any day now --oh, avoid any lunch dates with Mark Ibanez.

Yeah, there's a weather opening in El_lay as Goddess Jackie Johnson had a baby then decided, adios.

*KQED, you want relevance? How about a LOCAL weekly LIVE talk-show, like, say on a Thursday or Friday night? I'm not going to be greedy and say a Monday thru Friday show just one night a week because surely you have a million dollars to through around or is that still for the 50 managers employed and all those coffee mugs.

*Evidently, you asked, Mark Ibanez and Leslie Griffith had a beef that resulted in her ripping him on the air and then subsequently taking off her heel in the KTVU parking lot and hitting him.

It was career suicide and not very professional but very good for late night pops at various Bay Area newsrooms and saloons.

*Papa and Ibanez have a lot in common besides sports: massive overhead.

Image result for mark ibanez leslie griffith ktvu
*THIS JUST IN: Tim Kawakami was confronted by the Internet police: "Block her?!! I didn't even touch her!"

*I used to date a woman like Griffith; she lived in Marin and was seduced by my neurosis. She thought it was sexy and real and why I tell all my buddies that some women are different and are not always about looks and houses.

Of course I fell in love and tried to hide it especially when it became apparent that the woman had a mental issue and scared the shit out of me; ah, the pleasure of relationships.

*Deep down inside I know Dion Lim of KGO is trying but the more I watch here (or less) she's quite irritating in the field and on the desk and therefore I don't care about her voice now, she's just so unnecessary.
Image result for dion lim kgo
Dion Lim


Thursday, June 21, 2018

Suddenly, Vern Glenn Might Have Many Options; KPIX Anchor Bolt to KRON? Don't Rule Out KGO Weekend Gig

Image result for Vern Glenn
Vern Glenn/CBS photo
THE RADNICH DEPARTURE from KRON come September could advance a domino effect; I said this morning that sources close to Vern Glenn told me that Glenn would absolutely be interested in taking Radnich's Monday-Friday gig. Assuming KRON and its intention to go heavy on sports is still in the equation and that they'd be ready to offer market rate for Glenn who currently makes somewhere south of $150-$250K a year at KPIX.

The hiring of Glenn would make total sense for KRON because he has Bay Area roots and commands respect and likeability from most all the region's sports teams. He's also well-liked by his peers. Sure, his Garyisms need to be buttoned up but that's something that I'm sure Glenn could handle.

An important fact: I'm told by a number of sources that Glenn is not that happy at KPIX; he's tired of being the second fiddle to Dennis O'Donnell and that he's ready to make the next jump to weekdays.

Another thing, and this is not out of the realm of possibility: Glenn might be interested in the Mike Shumann vacancy at KGO; yes, that's also a weekend job but KGO's relationship with the Warriors could be a major selling point and KGO might be willing to pay a little more for acquiring a name talent like Glenn to their roster, especially given the nature of Shumann's exit.

Everything is all speculation now of course but there's a lot of possibilities here. I do know that movement is on the horizon and that Glenn is at the forefront.

Vern Glenn to KRON? Not Out Of the Question; Thursday Open; UPDATE: Source: Glenn 'Very Interested'

Image result for vern glennSO THE QUESTION IS...would Vern Glenn, currently the #-2 sports anchor at KPIX, consider an offer from KRON to be its #1 weeknight sports reader? The first thing you're inclined to think, and it would make total sense is, why would Glenn leave an established gig at CBS-owned 'PIX to go to albatross KRON, albeit the main guy for probably the same money (Glenn makes in the neighborhood of $200K)

Glenn has history at KRON so if he's interested there may be some movement. And then there's this: KRON supposedly has a green light from its owner (Nextstar) and money to emphasize sports. Which could mean Glenn hosting NFL shows on Sunday night and being involved in the forefront of KRON's commitment to sports programming plus more airtime during the week as befits a #1 anchor.

Gary Radnich, who's leaving in September, still likes Glenn and would no doubt put in a plug for him for the #1 vacancy --again, assuming Glenn would be interested in moving on from PIX. That's a big assumption but not out of the question.

We'll make some calls.

11: AM PT: Two sources close to Glenn said the current KPIX weekend and #2 sports anchor is "very interested" in the KRON main anchor gig if he were to be offered the job. Of course, there's issues to work out like money and years but this is significant.