Thursday, September 3, 2015

Trouble In Radio Paradise; KCBS' Top Tater, Corral Mad, Pissed Off At Everyone/Everything; Management Especially; Fears KCBS About To Become Old KGO; 415 Media Exclusive

 YOU WOULD THINK there's universal harmony at the Bay Area's #-1 rated radio station; all-news powerhouse, KCBS but you'd be thinking wrong.

KCBS has been swimming in good news recently, with a new ND, Jack Swanson, and a top-radio constant, but one of its most tenured, veteran news anchor outside of Stan Bunger, is ROYALLY pissed off. At almost everyone and everything --this according to my KCBS Insider.

Longtime newswoman, Rebecca Corral, has been major-gripping. I mean, big time. She's apparently angry at just about everyone at the station, including management, and specifically, Swanson, whom she fears is about to turn KCBS into an old KGO news style, but Corral seems to be a lone wolf. Then again, her influence at the CBS outlet is that of 27 years and many people fear her. If the name, Corral, sounds familiar, it should be. Rebecca Corral is the younger sister of Al Corral, a veteran Bay Area newsman and exec, and ex-husband of former KTVU anchor, Elaine Corral.

Seems Rebecca Corral is mightily worried about the direction and future of KCBS, although, as we said, she's apparently in the minority, but her constant bitching seems to have made for internal discomfort at 855 Battery. Said the Insider:

"Corral is the major troublemaker... Not. Colross, (Melissa)--who is sweet. Corral bitches and moans about management constantly. Evil bitch. She HATES JACK. thinks he is a fraud. Hated Ed (former ND, Ed Cavagnaro who retired in April)--too."

Corral is not some cub reporter picked up off the street. She's a major player at one of the Bay Area's most powerful radio stations therefore her bitterness should not be dismissed as some sort of trivial nuisance.

Swanson is respected throughout the industry and at KCBS even though there's a well-known feeling that he's about to inject some old-time KGO nuances into the CBS station. As I indicated in a previous column, the changes are fairly subtle but according to those in the know, will become more pronounced as the days grow.

That said, Corral's act has been met with the usual twerping--good and bad. Most staffers respect her but a good portion thinks she's also a royal pain in the ass.

"I hate to use this word, but she's a complete bitch. A trouble-maker, " offered one prominent news hound, who asked to remain anonymous.

So far, Corral's state of discontent seems to be contained but many station staffers think a showdown between Corral and Management (read: Swanson) is inevitable.

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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

KPIX Delight: Bastida Solo At 5; Roberta Gonzales Needs To 86 The 'Miss Nancy' Act; KTVU Expands 'MO2' News An Hour; Subtle Changes At KCBS; Wednesday 415 Media

 It was startling and fantastic at the same time--Imagine that.

Ken Bastida was the solo anchor and, more interestingly, the only anchor on KPIX's 5 PM newscast Tuesday. You may say, "so what." But you're missing the point.

It doesn't matter the circumstances, the newscast was a welcome relief from the usual visual oatmeal PIX puts out.

Bastida simply read the news. The only other talent working was weather anchor, Paul Deanno, who provided his usual steady weathercast-- this time, devoid of having to offer false cackles with one of the usual boneheads.

Bastida is a Bay Area native, a seasoned pro and it showed Tuesday. The newscast had a fresher look, a crisper pace and guess what? It worked. There's this annoying model that local TV News must include at least 3-4 people on the set to be successful. Baloney. Furthermore, as Bastida proved, one good newsperson can handle the chore and make the show more watchable.

Here's hoping PIX's experiment --assuming it was sort of--is a regular at 5 PM but I'm not going to hold my breath.

*I've been a regular supporter of Roberta Gonzales --the KPIX weatherwoman who does her job well, whether (no pun) in the evening or early morning. And I still am but lately I've got major issues with her.

Roberta, for the sake of us all, QUIT the annoying, irritating as-all-hell sappy talk. It's not becoming of you. It wreaks of pretentiousness --you don't need the PTA act on TV or the radio either, Roberta. They like you no matter what, but when you do the Miss Nancy persona, it' s a drag.

*You don't get inside information from a broadcast team. They're there to announce the game. Therefore, to suggest, that KNBR doesn't need to send a reporter to L.A. to cover a Giants-Dodgers pennant race series is ignorance at its best. Looks like the Giant's booster club is at it again.

*That second-tier, married anchor from a local station will be at Kokkari tonight with one of his 3 girlfriends sitting at the bar staring me down to no avail. The bartender can't wait. I don't blame him.

*KTVU has announced its expanding its "MO2" News another hour (from 9-10) which is good news if you like more news but bad news if you're sick of Mike Mibach.

*In case you haven't noticed, there's some subtle changes taking place on the air at KCBS and expect more to come, not so subtle and very much away from the usual KCBS model.

*Hey, KRON web man? You're snitch-status has become legendary lore around the offices. Most of the people are on to you. My advice: keep washing Raddy's Bentley and stick to your little seat, pinhead.

*Today on the Gil Gross Show, Gil talks to a man in North Carolina who says he can prove most men are really coyotes.

*KTVU's Debra Villalon: Looks like one of the Golden Girls.

*Underrated: A's TV announcer Glenn Kuiper.

*BREAKING NEWS! Jan Wahl just ate an entire Sacramento Sleeptrain cafeteria.

*I'm announcing today my new movie in the works: "Straight Outta Concord."

*At this point, to pile on Keba Arnold is counterproductive. I think the point is clear: Keba is more potato than meat, sorry Frank Somerville.

*Len Tillem: put away the ego and listen to some of your greatest media advisers, (like me) There's a lot of people who would love to listen to you, Loyah, settle down and have a meeting.

*About a month ago, a third-tier reporter (TV) basically tried to bed me down in exchange for wanton, unprotected sex.  Oh, and a feature too--I'm not kidding and I can prove it and I will soon. Her name will be changed to protect the innocent.

*By the way, ladies: I'm expensive. But I'm worth it.

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

95.7 'The Game' Sends Dickinson To Cover Giants-Dodgers Series; KNBR No Where To Be Seen

 GIVE CREDIT where credit is due.

95.7 FM --"The Game" sent a reporter, John Dickinson, down to LA to cover the Giants--Dodgers series. That's good. Shows some serious ass commitment to covering sports, particularly when it's a pivotal moment in a PENNANT RACE, hello KNBR? Where are you, flagship station?

In the old days when KNBR was a legitimate sports radio station, either a Bruce Macgowan or John Schrader would travel with the team and report vital information to the various talk shows. Sure, it cost money and it was expensive. But real radio stations that purport to be a sports leader would commit to such a model, right?


KNBR is run by Cumulus now, which likes to take inventory on paper clips and toilet paper. There's a certain symmetry there.

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KTVU's Haener Recovering From Emergency Surgery

\ Julie Haener has been hospitalized almost a week and underwent emergency surgery for an issue involving blockage of her small intestine.

The KTVU veteran anchor wrote on her Facebook page that she's feeling much better and expects to make a full recovery.

No time frame as to when she'll be back on the air.

We at 415 Media wish her all the best.

Welcome To The Rich Lieberman 415 Media Cafe: Tuesday Bites


*Christine Craft: bouillabaisse.

*John Lobertini: tuna fish on rye.

*Bill Martin: grilled-cheese sandwich with mayo. Then a little more mayo, then a little more.

*Raj Mathai: salmon salad.

*Brian Copeland: Chili dog.

*Frank Somerville: fried tofu with kale and okra on the side.

*Chip Franklin: meatloaf and mashed potatoes.

*Jennifer Jones-Lee: hot, buttered popcorn, diet pepsi.

*Jon Bristow: cheeseburger, rare. Sweet potato fries, vanilla shake.

*Gary Radnich: Turkey on dark rye. Orange soda.

*Larry Krueger: 12-inch all-meat and extra cheese pizza. Gallon of Blue Gatorade.

*Aaron Pero: toast.

*Michael Krasny: beef tongue on rye, mustard only. Seltzer.

*Damon Bruce: See Michael Krasny.

*John Lund: 2 pieces of California roll and a Rock Star.

*Greg Papa: bowl of rigatoni --glass of house cab.

*Jon Miller: swordfish with a cup of clam chowder. Martini.

*Mike Krukow: Filet of Sole Dore, crab salad and a BEEER, that-a-babe!

*Dave Flemming: Fish and Chips. Strawberry shake.

*Duane Kuiper: Captains Plate, 2 MGDs.

*Tim Roye: Roast Beef sandwich on French roll. 2 Coronas.

*Julie Haener: Waldorf salad. Evian Bottle of Water.

*Mark Ibanez: Crab sandwich. Guinness.

*Allen Martin: Beef liver. Glass of milk.

*Cheryl Jennings: Melba toast, cocoanut water.

*Juliette Goodrich: Swordfish, dinner salad, oil and vinegar --glass of Chardonnay.

*Roberta Gonzales: Swiss chard omelet --glass of skim milk. 1 Stella Dora cookie.

*Dave Clark: Porterhouse steak. Well done. Glass of OJ.

*Sal Castaneda: Slab of baby-back ribs, six pack of Corona.

*Dan Ashley: Two double doubles and some fries. 1 Bud Lite.

*Brian Sussman: 2 Quarter Pounders with cheese, 2 Fish Filet, Vanilla Shake and a shot of Jameson.

*Sherry Green: 4 fish tacos and a can of Bud.

*Brian Murphy: 1 whole Ameci Pizza, cheese only. Bottle of Guinness, dude!

*Paulie Mac: 2 pieces of KFC with a Soundboard, dude!

*Patrick Connor: Chicken Fried Steak, lasagna, and a pint of Stella.

*Marty Lurie: Ruben sandwich, coleslaw and a diet coke.

*Darya Folsom: 2 Pancakes with extra syrup. 1 lump of butter.

*Veronica De La Cruz: doesn't eat.

*Dennis O'Donnell: MUG Root Beer.

*Vernon Glenn: Gary's leftovers.

*Dan Rosenheim: Vern's leftovers.

*Bruno Cohen: Veal cutlets and a vat full of cider.

*Tracey Watkowski: Whatever Wayne Freedman wants.

*Lew Dickey: Hush Puppies.

*Michael Savage: Linguine and garlic. Glass of Merlot.

*Teddy: small doggy bowl of grilled chicken.

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Monday, August 31, 2015

KTVU's Holmes Wants To Be Treated (And Paid) Like a Star; Wants Monday Through Friday Presence; Passed Over Diva Thinks Big Time

 Heather Holmes wants to be treated LIKE A STAR!

KTVU (Fox2) may have opened up a hornet's nest by passing by certain air talent (like, uh, Holmes) instead opting for out-of-towners for new platforms and thinking old standbys will do for the weekday "Mornings on 2." Time will tell if they're right.

Meanwhile...Holmes has put her foot down (through a proxy) to management:

1. Pay me or I may trade me. (Figure it out)
2. Holmes wants "immediate" weekday presence --somewhere.
3. Through Insiders, Holmes feels as if she has leverage --although some in the newsroom think she might be overplaying her hand. In fact, I would say, What hand?
4. Holmes wants significantly more money. (Good luck with that)
5. KTVU, though Fox2 management will dismiss this, is talking about playing hardball.

Stay tuned.

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Monday Media Minutiae

They don't need Ashley Madison to set up sensual nooners and discreet late evening romantic encounters. A fairly decent amount of Bay Area media mavens--male and female--plan their sexual rodeos on a nighty basis at some strategic media gulch restaurants--namely, Kokkari, to begin with just one.

*Dear Bay Area TV women: You can lampoon LA TV News women all you like. They're generally a lot more business savvy than YOU all are. One ex-Bay Area hottie now working in the Ell-Lay market: "This is the big leagues--San Francisco is Mayberry."

*KTVU's Heather Holmes has told her circle of friends that she wants "major presence" at the station or she's gone. Translation: Holmes wants a more weekday presence --anchoring one of the early evening newscasts and doing fill-in at 10. Only problem is that KTVU seems set in its line-up and would not be able to cater to Holmes' wishes. Expect some in-house Fox guidance to Holmes in the form of a goody bag, probably a little more money. They like her.

*KRON's weekend mystery: Veteran anchor beauty, Vicki Liviakis has been absent from the 11 PM newscast the past few weeks. Nobody wants to talk about it. Except me. I'm on it.

*Dear Jennifer Jones-Lee: When a serious news story is being read, your HORRIFIC giggle is not only out of place, it sounds pathetic and ridiculous.

*Another uber-annoying giggle: KCBS' sub-contractor traffic reporter, Kiffany Wittstrom.

*KNBR: "Thee White-Guy Leader." All-white radio station with 1 token gay woman and Black guy. Otherwise, it's all San Leandro.

*KGO-TV has a weekend night "issue" that will require something more heavy-duty than the News Director. Enter Disney.

*Dave Clark of KTVU no longer has that picture of himself and OJ Simpson on his desk. Good thinking, Dave.

*Da Lin and Erika Kato? You gotta be kidding me!

*Sal Castaneda could become the third highest-paid personality at KTVU when his contract is up if those in the know tell me the right stuff.

*On the radar: Peggy Bunker, NBC Bay Area (KNTV)

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