Saturday, August 30, 2014

Kate Kelly Was Regarded As The 'Princess Grace' of SF TV Woman Anchors; KPIX Staple

 Every now and then I see Kate Kelly pop up on the KPIX airwaves. I wish she was on a whole lot more but Kelly apparently enjoys her private family life more than TV News. Makes good sense.

What I most appreciated about Kelly: smart as a whip, graceful on the screen, beautiful, and one darn good TV Newswoman --cool, calm and collected.

That beauty earned Kate Kelly a description: the Princess Grace of the SF TV Woman anchors.

It's Official: Spencer Hughes OUT at KSFO

 It's now official: What we reported here first, Spencer Hughes has been fired from KSFO.

Hearing a lot of reasons why but as I indicated in the post, Hughes has come and gone at a lot of radio stations over the years so this news isn't really shocking.

This is only the beginning of what appears to be the beginning of a new era at 55 Hawthorne. Let the purge begin.

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SF Chronicle Introduces a New, Sharper-Looking SF Gate Website

 The Chronicle rolled out a new, cleaner, sharper SFGate-- its web portal, and it looks pretty good from this observer.

The new look, which debuted early Saturday morning has new graphics, a bolder type face and a considerably better-looking, more modernized layout with a lot more color too.

SF Gate was due for an overhaul and it appears, early on, the Hearst people, (who own the Chronicle), got it right.

The Gate is among the top-10 most-visited newspaper web sites in the country--the real question, and this is the 64 million dollar question among most on-line and off-line newspapers--can SF Gate eventually turn a profit?

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Friday, August 29, 2014

Looks Like Spencer Hughes May Have Been Fired From KSFO

Spencer Hughes is or is not gonno from KSFO, although I'm getting all sorts of texts insisting the 9-Noon talker has been offed.

This news, if confirmed, wouldn't be entirely shocking since Hughes has a history of bouncing around from station to station. And Cumulus is a company that likes to engage and raise hell over the slightest misbehavior committed by its employees, enter Hughes, maybe.

We don't know the specifics but we could imagine.

We're crossing the wagons right now. We've also heard some rumors about other impending moves at 55 Hawthorne --must have been quite a meeting with Metheny on Friday Morning.

Like I said, we're on it.

Was a lot of closed doors at the San Francisco Cluster.


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KGO/Cumulus Grooming Chip Franklin as Ronn Owen's Replacement; Friday First Take

 When Ronn Owens retires from KGO or Cumulus decides to retire him on their own, expect to hear talk-radio veteran, Chip Franklin, as Owen's replacement.

According to several broadcast sources, Franklin is being groomed to become the 9-Noon permanent host.

Franklin has been doing a lot of fill-in lately on KGO and generally sounds pretty good. Of course, compared to many of KGO's current roster of talkies, that's not too difficult, but Franklin, after a lackluster start, appears to have settled in and has found a common groove.

Franklin's recent past includes talk duty in San Diego where he worked at KOGO before getting axed by Clear Channel last year after six and a half years. 

He's also worked in movies and general entertainment. He sounds relaxed on the air. When he first started I hesitated to remain listening but he paced nicely and offered thoughtful and entertaining takes on news and topics of the day. It wasn't contrived nor forced and it sounded fairly honest and reasonable. Franklin wasn't stop-the-presses material but he at least sounded fairly provocative and catchy --again, a far cry from some of the amateur-hour regulars on the weekend.

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Exclusive: Bloomberg Radio Acquires Mystery SF Radio Station; Ex-KGO Newsman Greg Jarrett Coming Back To Bay Area

Greg Jarrett coming back to SF Radio

I've been receiving lots of tips on Bloomberg Radio possibly coming to SF Bay Area Radio armed with a lot of homegrown talent.

Today, now, I contacted ex-KGO Radio news anchor, Greg Jarrett, (not the Fox News guy), and he confirmed to me he's coming back to San Francisco and will be on a, as of yet, unknown,  Bloomberg station. (KSFO? KFRC? FM?)

"I love San Francisco and miss the Bay Area--I'll be back on 'within six weeks on drivetime,'" said Jarrett via phone.

Jarrett worked for current KGO Opps Mgr, Kevin Metheny and is a close ally. Both worked together in Chicago. Jarrett did PM drive for years on the old KGO.

I asked Jarrett if he knew what Bay Area radio station Bloomberg was acquiring --he would not comment but we'll know soon.

This is very interesting to say the least.


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