Thursday, October 20, 2016

Armstrong and Getty Phony Debate Prep on KGO Radio; Chip Franklin Verbal Masturbation; KRON Bye-Bye Within Year; Radnich' Secret $500 Contribution to Trump; Joel Murray West Portal Largess; Happy Thursday

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Armstrong and Getty
Image result for San Francisco Morning coffee THE MORNING YAHOOS on KGO Radio--otherwise known as the Branson, Missouri Radio Motel 6 --were once again trying mightily to disguise their ultra-right-wing bias --called the debate a "winner" for Don Trump --almost every right-wing member of the echo machine said the same. (I have no idea what they're watching, but that's just me, I think Hillary cleaned his clock at best, held serve at worst)

"Armstrong and Getty" think their daily fish-wrap cacklefest is worth a listen.

I'd rather eat a bean casserole baked by a blind cook at a Clovis IHop.

*Three hours of verbal masturbation on drive-time radio: Chip Franklin and his cast of giggle-women who sound like they just smoked about ten joints before airtime.

Chip thinks he's hip; sort of the white Brian Copeland (redundant) although Franklin resonates on the radio with about the same tranquility as a Gilroy Howard Johnsons.

*KRON will be history --my prediction--in some way or another within a year probably broadcasting 24/7 infomercials --something like that.

Is it any wonder the Bentley man has suddenly turned to doing commercials --he's got overhead all right --it's a good thing he's got the Cloud gig.

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Gary Radnich: Trump supporter
*Raddy dropped off $500 in cash to the Trump campaign so you now know why his second wife loves KSFO, the Cumulus-Trump SF outpost.

*I began to realize the significance and moral largess of one Joel Murray when the 415 Media amen corner alerted me to his West Portal whereabouts --he's still a mystery but the local Herb Caen auxiliary society is scheduling a mandatory status meeting next week at the Italian Joint to assess the situation, stay tuned.

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Joel Murray

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

KNBR Just Ran 14 Straight Minutes of Commercials; While Paying Slave-Labor Wages

Image result for way too many radio commercials At 10: 53 AM PT, KNBR, the all-sports SF radio station owned by Cumulus, ran 14 straight minutes of commercials --minus a one-min tease, Knibber went back to programming at 11: 07.

Followed only a few minutes later with more spots.

This, by the station that pays most of its on and off-air staff minimum wage.

Sports Bleeder.

This, by the station that made north of $25M dollars last year yet refuses to pay livable wages to its call screeners, producers and various other personnel who have to drive Uber cars as second jobs to afford their "dream jobs."

This, by a station whose 10-1 PM host brags about paying 4 grand for a brake job on his used Bentley and sends interns to get him orange sodas at the canteen. No, the interns weren't tipped.

One such intern muttered about the hallway: "I'm ready to go right now."

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Nervous Times at KRON; SF Web Team Axing Likely; Nexstar Consolidates Nashville; KRON Bare Bones Operation; 415 Media Exclu

Image result for KRON San Francisco 900 Front Street Not a good time at KRON as future of Bay Area TV News independent albatross gets murkier by the moment...

According to a 415 Media source close to the action, several ominous developments in the offing; to wit:

*In addition to everyone losing a week's worth of annual accrued vacation time, looks like the entire web team will be axed.

*Nexstar is consolidating all of its stations' web efforts in Nashville

The source is  pretty well convinced Nexstar is just waiting for the next Spectrum auction.

 "I'm told they couldn't offer up KRON this latest go-round since it might have jeopardized the MG {Media General} takeover. Corporate managers have been carefully going through every talent contract for ANY pending and long-term "windows" to either dismiss or DRASTICALLY reduce pay."

*Source: Three veterans at other soon-to-be-gone MG stations have already been told that they will not have their contracts renegotiated -- the new suits will replace them with cut-rate talent who all join the firm with ZERO accrued benefits. And the ones leaving are leaving with their last paychecks, no separation/termination fees of any sort.

*I see a situation arising sooner-rather-than-later where much of KRON (and other Nexstar local stations) just have anchors, MMJs, a couple of local sales people and not much else. I hear they want to be the first national TV group to "hub" just about everything from centralized office(s) -- MCR, national sales, assignment/planning staff and local team.

*Developing ...

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

KCBS Devotes Five Minutes on Tomato Study During Morning Drive

Image result for bad tomatoes KCBS, the all-news, 24/7 reliable radio outlet for breaking stories, traffic reports and weather, devoted five minutes --that's 5 minutes --at 9: 30 this (Tuesday) morning on a study saying it's not good if you place a tomato in the refrigerator.

It wasn't just a read-and-rip AP style story, it was a detailed, comprehensive live interview with some expert--and both anchors, Susan Leigh Taylor and Stan Bunger took part in the tomato paste, uh, piece.

Normally, the swell man that I am, I wouldn't deride a solid news operation like KCBS conducting such frivolity in the morning but this diddy took the cake.

Crazy as it is, we have an election in just two weeks; an ongoing war in Iraq and civil war in Syria; drought is killing California even after a wet weekend; two serious auto accidents overnight; real stories.

Yet, KCBS spent five minutes talking, giggling, to some woman expert about the hazards of placing tomatoes in the refrigerator --call the sandwich police.

Image result for KCBS Radio SF Stan Bunger Susan Leigh Taylor
Stan Bunger and Susan Leigh Taylor of KCBS
I've go to go now and get drunk.

Monday, October 17, 2016

The Crumbling Bay Area TV News Status; You All Pretty Much Stink

Image result for Crumbling San Francisco images 415 MEDIA ALL DOWNHILL

I've never seen a market full of duds as blatant as THIS ONE.

The TV News scene is chaos. Good people, good reporters and anchors, good talent are either being phased out or leaving en masse.

The people running the show are about as incompetent as ever. There is NO direction, no movement, no leadership.

The market is run by a bunch of wimpy nincompoops with all the serenity and knowledge of a Vallejo Jack in the Box. The ding-dongs are running the asylum --Bay Area media is crumbling into a gigantic, unfixable mess. Grab that!

Image result for KTVU Fox 2You all deserve better.

You deserve a hallmark station like KTVU to behave like the legendary outlet it once was and is now been taken over by the FoxHouse idiots--known in the industry, derisively, as The Firm, because it has transformed its staff into a bunch of neurotic and insecure miscreants who are afraid of their job status, afraid of the future, and won't even talk privately to their most trusted confidants. At KTVU, fear and loathing has become the daily mantra with a bozo, once-respected, newswoman, in charge of the circus. What a disgrace!

Image result for kpix san francisco*KPIX: A bloated, garbage-filled fortress littered with enough human waste to fill the SF Zoo. Misguided, out-of-date, out-of-place anchors with no gusto; relentlessly boring and asleep at the wheel. PIX, as I have pointed out numerous times, has NO face-of-the-station. They're run like a Sacramento Sleep Train. Third-rate reporters, ludicrous, inept anchors guided by a News Director who still thinks he's hip because he used to be a reporter for the SF Chronicle. Like newspapers, KPIX is barren and CBS-SF is a rotting carcass. 

Image result for ABC 7 KGO-TVImage result for KRON 4*KRON: A certifiable mess. An independent albatross with a bunch of lowlife sycophants in charge. But just what are they in charge of? The News Director is a yelling, screaming, human male weapon of mass destruction. If he were respected then at least his ranting could be semi-tolerated but KRON is a veritable wasteland with an unknown future. Its bugs are still aplenty; its cadavers supplemented by a nutty, goofy, ridiculous morning yenta with all the gravitas of a Lodi Arby's. The most compelling thing at KRON is the growing impatience of their doofus TV Sports anchor who continues to make as ASS of himself. At least he stopped parking his used Bentley in the handicapped zone.

*KGO-TV: The least of the insane media outlets in spite of another inglorious female News Director with all the people skills of s diseased yak. How she is able to keep her gig is the subject of many stories at 900 Front. Circle7 has decent, competent, anchors and fairly solid reporters and producers. Too bad management, (read: TW-S) just fragmented one of its sole stars by 86ing his veteran, well-liked producer. Way to boost morale. Maybe time to hire another weather anchor.

Image result for nbc bay area logo*KNTV (NBC Bay Area) They still don't know whether to be a San Jose station or San Francisco metro. It shows. Like PIX, they too do not have a face-of-station. I thought it would be Raj Mathai but looks as if Raj is more interested in his golf game than reading the teleprompter. Jessica Aguirre? Seriously? And Janelle Wang? Quit making more babies and concentrate on gathering the News Director's e-mails, it couldn't hurt. Another thing, guys, who hired the morning traffic guy? He's about as interesting as a Cupertino Subway sandwich shop. Please, KNTV, find a pulse! Get a grip. You're losing all the energy and are about as relative as a Trump rally in Berkeley.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Big 'Secret Meeting' at KRON Next Week by Senior Nexstar Execs; Let the Rumors Begin

Image result for KRON Nextstar Nexstar senior execs have planned a "secret meeting" at KRON next week to discuss?....well, there's a SF Bay-size amount of rumors making the rounds locally about what they'll be discussing and perhaps moving on.

415 Media has learned the execs will be bringing financial disclosures at the big powwow indicating this day-long affair will not be devoted to crab-dip recipes.

We'll of course be monitoring and get you all the meat and potatoes --if there is any and we think there is. As they say, stay tuned.

*415Media Exclu