Friday, July 3, 2015

Big Girls Don't Cry



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KGO Radio Runs 21+ Minutes Straight Of PSA's In 9 AM Hour

Since just before 9:30 this morning till now (9:51) KGO has had three spot clusters...with no commercials...only PSA's.

{H/T: P.C.}

The Infamous Walnut Creek Fountain; News Crew Safety; Pre-Holiday Short


Destination for Demographic Heaven: White couples in their 30's; the occasional American-born Asian; African-American and people with 850 credit scores.

*When it's hot Live Shot nirvana for TV/Radio reporters to ask various schlums: "Bet you wanted to beat the heat!" (Brilliant conclusion)

*When it's hot at night, get shots of little kids eating ice cream. Always more quaint than the other standby: the shots of the other little kids playing at the community pool.

*The fountain borders Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus which is ground zero for MOS interviews.

Moving on...

*The reason why the news crews from KTVU and KNTV didn't make a big deal about their scary misadventure? Probably didn't want to take emphasis off the real crime that took place the night before: the really cruel murder of Kate Steinli and we applaud them for that even while sharing concern about their safety and well-being.

*Speaking of News Crew safety it's this simple: there really is no solution. Security is costly and too cumbersome. Plus, even with security, the bad guy bandits haven't stopped from attacking various reporters and photographers. And yes, the mayhem doesn't only happen in Oakland.

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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Amid KGO Radio Down-In-The-Dumps Tude, Cumulus Plans 'Secret Meeting'; Dickey Brothers SF Summit

Sometime in the next few weeks; probably the middle of July in a downtown hotel near the Embarcadero, two senior executives from Cumulus will meet and go over, in detail, a model they see as a "last-ditch" business plan to keep KGO Radio afloat and relevant. Or at least, what in their mind, is relevant. If the two execs have it their way, theoretically, the idea is to clear the air, maintain some degree of civility at the besieged AM 810 outpost, and finally, allow current staff people to breath a little and not have to worry about what lies ahead in the immediate future and down the road. Perhaps Cumulus, YOU should look in the mirror.

The two execs, believed to be both John and Lew Dickey, who effectively run the company, have made it clear that they're both unhappy with KGO's performance and that the constant uncertainty that the station has been operating under, will have to cease immediately.

John Dickey himself was in the Bay Area recently meeting with KGO management --staff too, saying in no vague terms that "if you can't make this go in the next few months, we're done!" Maybe he was referring to Cumulus stock, whatever the case, and however dubious and ridiculous it may have come across, it was direct and left no vagaries.

The upcoming meeting later in July, (which I was tipped to) will involve both Dickey brothers taking inventory on KGO and its weak performance. The latest ratings have KGO in a most precipitous ratings free fall; a mother of all dire-straits that shows no signs of improvement; a situation that has the station's staff on emotional egg shells --and all of this at a time when KGO is in the middle of union negotiations with Cumulus.

"We haven't had a decent raise in years, " said a longtime news reporter. "And they (management) offered up a package that was frankly, embarrassing and unbecoming." From Cumulus? Gees, and here I thought they were just like Levi Strauss!

The next month or two could be, as Arte Johnson says, veeeery interesting.

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Breaking: Veteran KCBS City Hall Reporter, Barbara Taylor Resigns; UPDATE

 Longtime KCBS City Hall Reporter and Bureau Chief, Barbara Taylor has resigned, according to my 415 Media Spy.

The move is the second major departure since new ND, Jack Swanson took over last month.

Taylor has been at KCBS since the late 1970's and built up an impressive tenure covering City Hall.

Don't know the full details yet but will pass them along if the situation merits.

No replacement has been named as of yet.

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KCBS' closure of its City Hall bureau two weeks ago might have hastened Taylor's resignation. There's also been a healthy dose of rumors of some major cost-cutting about to commence at CBS' radio and TV stations.

Bay Area TV News Crews Robbed And Beaten In Embarcadero Murder Scene; KTVU; KNTV; KGO Hit; KTVU News Van Rollover In Sunol

 Two very unsettling incidents affected Bay Area TV News Crews this (Thursday) morning...

In SF at Pier 14 near the  Bay Bridge:
Armed robber approached crews covering last night’s murder.
KTVU robbed of camera. Some of it on TV.
Reporter Kara Liu  and photographer Keith Crook were attacked. All are OK.
Also the robber pistol whipped KNTV cameraman Alan
Waples and stole a camera.
He was bleeding on the head and was treated by ambulance techs.
Reporter Kris Sanchez is ok.

KGO Reporter Amy Hollyfield and photographer Stephan Stifter  were OK  but shaken up  by incident.
KRON crew OK too.
Gunman and driver got away.
An ammo clip was left behind on the sidewalk. 

*In another incident a KTVU news van rolled on its side out in the Sunol wilderness. The van was en route to cover a grass fire.
Cal fire says no one was hurt in the accident.


Wednesday, July 1, 2015