Friday, February 5, 2016

Truly Super


Maurice White

Super Bowl 50 Ways to Leave your Media Lover (Well, At Least 10)


1. Stick a mike-flag up her ass while she's sleeping.

2. Tell her you're not in love with her anymore and you've been stupping Jan Wahl.

3. If you're a woman, at climax, scream out "oh, Phil Simms, Phil Simms!"

4. Tell him you'd like to "have a nice, quiet, romantic, dinner in Super Bowl City."

5. Pretend you're a KNBR intern and promise non-stop Paulie Mac sing-alongs on Radio Row.

6. Decorate the living room like KPIX's new news set overlooking the Embarcadero; dress up like Allan Martin.

7. When he's rubbing your feet and you're day-dreaming about George Clooney, tell him you really dig Coldplay.

8. Fake 50 orgasms.

9. After live shot from Marina Green, tell her "your parents must be proud; you're married to a Charlotte weatherman!"

10. After deep, hot sex, lock him up in the bathroom and make him listen to Gil Gross' monologue.

I'm sure you guys have a few of your own.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

BREAKING: 415 Media: 'Civil War' at KTVU; As Sweeps Begin and Super Bowl Nears, Internal Major Issues at 2 Jack London Square; Fox Killers


*The "haves" and the "have nothings"

*Major disconnect between "star" anchors and photographers --key newsroom personnel also less than pleased with "anchor divas!"

*Frank Somerville gets heat from rank and file over station's over-the-top FOX shenanigans --he says NOTHING. "I just work here" --only power brokers at 2 insist Somerville has most influence over management and doesn't raise hell--even while telling everyone on the outside he's "sick" about station direction.

*All signs point to hellish February sweeps ; industry observers says "one bad book and HEADS WILL ROLL!"


Wednesday, February 3, 2016


We've resisted the temptation to carry on about KPIX's Super Bowl orgasm; after all, it would be un-American to rip into the obscene amount of coverage PIX has devoted to absolutely ZERO, NOTHING. Sure, there's the host-station (PIX is owned by CBS and CBS is covering the game) status and PIX has just about shoved their SF Super Bowl City badge down the collective throat of Bay Area viewers, some of whom don't give a shit about Super Bowl, Super Bowl City, Super Bowl news sets and Roberta Gonzales in particular.

We get the LOCAL ANGLE. We get Jennifer and Joe Montana. We get the 50th Game. We get all the stupidity and EXCESS. It's in the culture. It's why CBS is paying Joe Montana a million bucks for all this. Seriously, it's part of the program.

BUT WE STILL laugh at the OBSCENE EXCESS. Reporters tripping over one another to "report" the latest non-news and gimmicks; it's unbecoming at best in a city that should know better but long ago lost its soul.

The traffic around the Embarcadero is now ridiculous. Half of San Francisco is virtually impossible to navigate and even BART participation is a nightmare with most of the trains FULL and miserable to stand inside and take the train.

You want news? Wait till after the game.

Inanity at KTVU/Fox2; Station Leads with Super Bowl Fluff on Noon News; Buries CHP Officer Stabbing for Lame Non-Story; News Dick Head of the Day


How about king of the local fucked-up award for supreme idiocy and stOOPID? KTVU gets the award, a clear winner out of the clubhouse.
The big story on Tuesday here; a tragic, disturbing, crazy story involved the CHP officer who was stabbed at the SF end of the Bay Bridge. Yet, FOXified KTVU led its Noon Newscast with a fluffy story (aren't they all?) about Super Bowl activities! I'm not making this up.
Maybe KTVU wants to show off its splashy news set on the Embarcadero in all the Super Bowl City hubbub --OK, fine, but what dodo made the call to LEAD the noon newscast on Tuesday with a story that was clearly the MAJOR story of the morning? Whoever made that call should BE FIRED immediately.

From a 415 Media source at 2 Jack London Square that was at the scene of the gobbled mess:

"The Big J Journalists are disgusted with Fox management over leading with Superbowl fluff stories at noon today (Tuesday) and then to follow with CHP officer stabbed in SF;  Fox is not a good source for news." (Duh!)
Indeed it's all strictly entertainment at 2 with producers and writers ashamed of the brand and product and the viewers should be alarmed if they aren't already.
But at KTVU/(Fox2), producers are afraid of management and when they do as they're told and the heat from higher level of management questions the call?  Shit rolls down hill.
From the source: Inanity rules the day.
"The viewers rang the phones off the hook (Tuesday) at noon,
basically saying WTF is up with Fox 2?! Bye, bye they're tuning into KRON 4. Look at the ratings!

For crying out loud, the Superbowl is on the other channel. Have you seen Julie Haener and Frank in those promos? Game face on with black out under the eyes?
Puppets for a football game that is not even on KTVU FOX 2. Journalists should not be made to be some kind of dysfunctional personality."
Not the case at silly Fox2.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

KTVU and Photographers Avert Strike; Fox Troubles In the Offing; 'Death Sentence'; Staff Reduction Coming

 KTVU photographers and management met in an emergency meeting Sunday to avoid a strike during Super Bowl week. A compromise between the union and FOX was reached but it left a stink at the Oakland O and O.

Straight from the horse's mouth:

"Senior photographers voting overwhelming NO on strike and yes on a 3 year deal with Fox. Basically, the older mature staff told the young bucks to slow their roll who wanted to stick it to The Coyote News and create chaos. The flipside to this, the young blood feel slighted by contract terms. Why? It is a death sentence to their future with speculation of a reduction to already large staff. Greedy senior photographers turning their backs on fellow younger brothers with baited money given by Fox that gives the company leverage on jurisdictions, rights to hire non union employees, and the ability to make reporters/on air talent a one man band. Give credit to the ''hot-shots'', for their fire to want to rise up. Stay tuned, as some expressed they may release a few gremlins in the operation to slow or disrupt the already eroding product."

Monday, February 1, 2016

Joe Montana is Getting Paid for KPIX/CBS Super Bowl TV Work

Jennifer and Joe Montana have been on KPIX (CBS5) providing some Super Bowl content and looking like, well, Joe and Jennifer. Home-grown talent, MVP yesteryear is expensive though and 49ers Joe is no exception.

I've heard through my PIX/CBS eye that 415 Joe is getting a cool MILLION bucks for his work for the week.

That's enough money for lunch at Zuni with Les Moonves.

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