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The New KGO Radio; Catered for Dumb and Dumber People; Some Thoughts

Image result for Dumb people EARLIER TODAY...I talked about the old KGO Radio and offered a brief analysis as to how invaluable a service it provided to a community and a BIG community at that--the Bay Area.

I said that KGO was more than just a radio station.  That KGO was a community asset that catered to people who loved its news-talk niche and was an oasis for people to vent and share both good and bad alike; a family gathering place if you will. Furthermore, a place where smart people congregated around other smart people (hosts). What a unique situation!

TODAY, not only is the new KGO a veritable waste; its hosts cater to utter morons; dumb people. Dumb and dumber people.

Pay attention.

The new KGO is a cesspool of waste. A radio station that was once gold has turned into a vast consortium of taped assholes offering out benign sweet nothings. A radio station that is beholden to a mothball notebook that basically tells host that the listener is a dumb ass and reacts to tepid offerings and cookie contests. Classic stupid, innocuous chatter centered on 15-minute clusters more apt for Boise than the Bay Area. STUPID and DUMB too. That's the KGO playbook and even though it doesn't work and even though it's an insult to the average listener, KGO management suits continue its drivel because they have no brains; they have no money (an excuse, really) and a corporate radio bully that doesn't know how to run a business, let alone doesn't know how to run a RADIO business.

Other than that, everything is just fine.

KGO is run by its corporate dumb master, Cumulus...the king of smarmy and its innate ability to hire managers who average about six months on the job; fuck up the entire already, FUCKED-UP operation (like the new generation KGO is) and destroy whatever semblance of good things (smart things) that are still in working condition (like a host who doesn't adhere to the stupid playbook and has the ability to talk Current Events and real, legitimate things; sometimes horrible things like the Manchester Massacre) and US Election, just for examples.

If the new generation of KGO was run by smart people, then topics, idiocies, like, say, "what's your favorite ice cream; where was the first place you got laid; shit like that, wouldn't be on the air while important, SMART things, like, say, possible criminal conduct by the current president and some of his friends was being discussed and analyzed in the country and on cable TV. Furthermore, any real and credible radio station would cease running a TAPED program from earlier in the day at nighttime, 7 PM, of some bozo host talking bozo clown minutiae with his equally bozo female enabler while little kids were being bombed to death in the UK. Just a hunch.

The new KGO: your dumb and dumber radio station.

Why the old KGO Radio Was and Is Still Such a Big Deal

Image result for Manchester massacre EVENTS; some of them pure tragedy like the massacre in Manchester --are precisely the reason why we miss the old KGO and why we (me) make such a fuss (still) over the loss of what was once an integral part of Bay Area media.

People often ask me why the "KGO thing" was/is such a big deal and I tell them that when there's such massive human toll events like the one in England; the images of little kids; the anguish of their mother and father waiting for them unaware of their fate; those lasting images we see on that forever loop on CNN; a real time horror story that wreaks havoc with our mind. We will not soon forget.

We used to "vent", like a certain talk-host would describe, about what took place in Manchester. Obviously, we could do nothing about what happened but at least we could negate some of the horror we shared when we viewed the sight of those kids running scared out of that arena. I could only imagine what I'd be going through if I had a kid in that concert hall and wondered what had happened to them.

It was incidents like this that made KGO Radio the incredible asset it was and how it was able to slightly remedy a horrible situation; mind you a tragedy half a world away but still incredibly vivid and chock full of emotion. People need an outlet; parents with small children and teenagers can at least share their thoughts and commiserate to lessen the anguish and emotion.

I remember the fall afternoon in 1978 when the Moscone/Milk murders took place and KGO was the first place I headed to on the radio; people were calling in and some of them were sobbing; it felt like the entire city of San Francisco was in shock and it was; just two weeks after the Jonestown massacre the Bay Area wasn't ready for another chilling, horrible, tragedy like that of Dan White killing Mayor Moscone and Sup. Harvey Milk. KGO provided the community an outpost where grieving folks could ease all the shock and horror or at the very least lessen the tension and anxiety. Believe me, it was much needed.
Image result for 9/11
The same thing applied to 9/11. This time it really felt bad. People were scared. People were shocked. KGO was a place where you could go to numb the pain and have an outlet to express the anguish and respond.

We took the old KGO for granted and wouldn't know years later what an incredible community asset it was and miss its old standby and legacy. We listen today (some of us) and shake our heads as to why such a great city entity could be reduced to a sliver of its original self. You had to be there in the beginning to understand it all.

Image result for moscone milk assassinationAnd if you were there and were a part of it; as a talk-show host; as a listener; you understand to this day why we still miss the old KGO and why we are left wondering to this day just how it all happened.

Related image

Image result for old kgo radio
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{"cb":21,"cl":21,"clt":"n","cr":12,"id":"fXznpKpM93XG4M:","isu":"","itg":0,"ity":"jpg","oh":720,"ou":"","ow":960,"pt":"The Day the News Died: The End of an Era for KGO Radio | I drink ...","rid":"vLh9zD96jwlwBM","rmt":0,"rt":0,"ru":"","s":"Over the years, KGO radio faltered, and eventually failed. Ratings dropped to precariously low levels. News people walked around the fear of format changes ...","sc":1,"st":"I drink. I dance. I report. -","th":194,"tu":"\u003dtbn:ANd9GcRiByRs-rgFiBxXiIqMWH9GwwrvT6zP5IySkg7IIoLgUCKQ9BEv","tw":259}
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{"cl":3,"clt":"n","cr":9,"id":"uEnIDfTm0XVU1M:","isu":"","itg":0,"ity":"jpg","oh":2555,"ou":"","ow":4126,"pt":"End of an era: KGO Radio lays off news staff - by j_rodriguez ...","rid":"BWiX0U0kFTDLrM","rmt":0,"rt":0,"ru":"","s":"San Francisco Yellow Pages","st":"The San Francisco Examiner","th":177,"tu":"\u003dtbn:ANd9GcTP4POUTxQDrZFOe_7zp3-YS-x2rQZCZthyzoSUqYaPVLIKMFAU2A","tw":285}
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{"cb":21,"cl":6,"clt":"n","cr":15,"id":"ae3zMG6dU-mmqM:","isu":"","itg":0,"ity":"jpg","oh":307,"ou":"","ow":250,"pt":"KGO Radio\u0027s Chip Franklin: Unplugged","rid":"sPlOasXpk3mpAM","rmt":0,"rt":0,"ru":"","s":"","sc":1,"st":"Lamorinda Weekly","th":245,"tu":"\u003dtbn:ANd9GcQtKEYXqY0FmxTLr8nDwb4pL3X9uuzP69raS0wxxzkR0tabvCNb","tw":200}
711 × 360 -
{"cl":3,"clt":"n","cr":21,"id":"-uf_ppKCy_5dPM:","isu":"","itg":0,"ity":"png","oh":360,"ou":"","ow":711,"pt":"Media Confidential: SF Radio: KGO 810 Unveils Next Generation Line-Up","rid":"kA4Dk05vM-7vHM","rmt":0,"rt":0,"ru":"","s":"The Armstrong \u0026 Getty Show, hosted by red-hot morning talk radio duo Jack Armstrong and Joe Getty, will take KGO 810 Mornings, debuting on Tuesday, April 5, ...","sc":1,"st":"Media Confidential - blogger","th":160,"tu":"\u003dtbn:ANd9GcT92YzlgX1mP2IoTyCGpDCcPjODAL0tzXC14CxNVrhmT6vDNBiINA","tw":316}
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{"cb":21,"cl":6,"clt":"n","cr":12,"id":"9_6mF7Au1Lw0eM:","isu":"","itg":1,"ity":"jpg","oh":450,"ou":"","ow":600,"pt":"KGO Radio Host Ronn Owens Leaves Station For KSFO, Dozens ...","rid":"Tcs4IdryWmP0eM","rmt":0,"rt":0,"ru":"","s":"KGO Radio Host Ronn Owens Leaves Station For KSFO, Dozens Reportedly Laid Off","st":"Patch","th":194,"tu":"\u003dtbn:ANd9GcQUZiFu4GzOpNKvCxfm9_lMKOuAInTqkY03kNBUgr3FWMevmLIC","tw":259}
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{"cb":12,"cl":21,"clt":"n","cr":21,"id":"Ny1w7AYqUXURnM:","isu":"","itg":0,"ity":"png","oh":368,"ou":"","ow":654,"pt":"Ryan Scott | KGO-AM","rid":"N2oATKsnQjjfOM","rmt":0,"rt":0,"ru":"","s":"scott","sc":1,"th":168,"tu":"\u003dtbn:ANd9GcSkRF2gvzquH1j_dn2EMswK2twOTkOMaQ_7Dccj7OrJpGBHurK40g","tw":299}
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{"cb":9,"cl":21,"clt":"n","cr":15,"ct":6,"id":"JVTdRJ0lN21TWM:","isu":"","itg":0,"ity":"jpg","oh":683,"ou":"","ow":1024,"pt":"KGO General Manager Deidra Lieberman | KGO Radio | Flickr","rid":"0dq2Kt5zsj4KvM","rmt":0,"rt":0,"ru":"","s":"... KGO General Manager Deidra Lieberman | by KGO Radio","sc":1,"st":"Flickr","th":183,"tu":"\u003dtbn:ANd9GcSTyDXjK-sRj6o0l9iSnjlEpI0mDBpAMNIhACVHMax3XejBxPdnyA","tw":275}

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{"clt":"n","id":"ct6ZQ_DUgRmbUM:","isu":"","itg":0,"ity":"png","oh":248,"ou":"","ow":606,"pt":"Media Confidential: SF Radio: KGO 810 Unveils Next Generation Line-Up","rid":"kA4Dk05vM-7vHM","rmt":0,"rt":0,"ru":"","s":"DreX has hosted popular KGO 810 nighttime talk show, The DreX Radio Show, since his debut on the station last January. DreX\u0027s entertaining and engaging ...","sc":1,"st":"Media Confidential - blogger","th":143,"tu":"\u003dtbn:ANd9GcQdqPVl_JipmD5GlTc5j1lHXlPY3um6XgQ_JX2ACP-Ye7gkCgmQQg","tw":351}
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{"cb":18,"cl":21,"clt":"n","cr":21,"id":"x9LeMnYLvvrQEM:","isu":"","itg":0,"ity":"jpg","oh":1366,"ou":"","ow":2048,"pt":"Ronn Owens: brain surgery, fall, blood clot and now the flu - San ...","rid":"N8QaKw_9qc-K3M","rmt":0,"rt":0,"ru":"","s":"Ronn Owens: brain surgery, fall, blood clot and now the flu - San Francisco Chronicle","sc":1,"st":"San Francisco Chronicle","th":183,"tu":"\u003dtbn:ANd9GcQn_mwQhnliLEsJ2jAoAN00hRte6BmsGgIzlu8O19nov5UFqsoX","tw":275}

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Fox Would Love KTVU Vet Reporter Tom Vacar to Take a Hike But That Ain't Happening Anytime Soon

Image result for sal castaneda KTVU --would love very much for veteran Consumer Reporter, Tom Vacar to retire and enjoy life away from Channel 2. I've told you as much here.

See, even though Vacar is very much on his game and adds much needed local appeal and moxie to KTVU's brand, he's very highly paid (about $300K a year) and considered way too old by Fox standards. Fox would and could very easily pull the plug on Vacar only they fear the wrath of T.V.

Vacar is a LOYAH; a well-connected one at that and Fox suits fear a massive wrongful termination suit would likely soon develop if Vacar was given the heav-ho.

No can do.

So, for those of you Tom Vacar fans who enjoy watching the tenured, if a bit crusty, Tomster, be happy you read this here at 415 Media.

Back from the Electronic Abyss; 415 Media Wednesday Wash; 'Happy' KTVU Not So Happy; New GM at KPIX Safe Hire; KGO Radio Bearman Talking/Taping Nothing While Manchester Massacre Hits Full Force; Wayne Walker Tidbits

Image result for san francisco deli people eating BACK FROM THE ELECTRONIC ABYSS

Don't spill water on the crappy little computer ...words I've never taken to heart until now.

Must have been some mojo from a "Murph and Mac" truck driver

*That new KPIX GM from Sacratomato was a safe hire. The CBS honchos apparently believe that some white guy who doesn't even know how half the anchors will do well at 855 Battery. Wait a minute...hell, I don't even know half the teleprompter readers either.

*New joke at PIX: we don't have a face of the station but we sure as hell know how to hire obscure anchors from Hawaii.

*BREAKING!: During the evening of the Manchester massacre, KGO's taped shit fondue known as "Ethan BEAR!-Man" was playing broadcast footsie with the blond bimbo whose name I don't care to know or mention...It was embarrassing but for Cumulus, just another night at the artificial frat party. I'm just thinking out loud if we, god forbid, have a natural disaster and/or 9/11 terrorist attack, will the gruesome twosome be pontificating about where they first got laid...don't laugh, it's in the cards.

Image result for Ethan Bearman Show KGOOH...and then there's the afternoon dumb and dumber show known as Chip Franklin and his inane enabler, Nicki Medoro (who sounds as if she just got bounced from a San Leandro Ross outlet) Franklin, aka: oatmeal mouth, spews out more bull crap than a cattle farm in Fresno. Yeah, Chip is a great comedian; knows everybody. Funny guy, Chip, tells jokes that even Yakoff Smirnoff wouldn't use. Chip and Copeland: dynamic duo, next stop: Lodi.

*Yeah, Wayne Walker: great guy. Colorful, professional, and free-spirited too. Wayne could do things on teleprompter soon after a night out I couldn't do sober and that's saying a lot. The biggest and BEST thing about Walker was that he wouldn't spew bullshit to you and talk behind your back like the clown man on the radio who moonlights as an alleged TV Sports guy...Wayne was a straight shooter. Didn't know him well but well enough. Rest in peace.

*Melissa Caen "is the type of woman millennials will pay attention to," says some guy familiar with the KPIX business model. Really? So, millennials are dumb-ass buttheads just as ignorant and banal as I though they were. Dude!

Image result for Beth Spotswood Melissa Caen
*Yeah, Caen is very thought-provoking and a political genius. She can get into the mind of Ed Lee like no one. Awesome, I smell a Caen-Beth Spotswood dynamic duo en fuego-radio any day now! Chicks from the Marina are having a mass orgasmic experience --oh Nellie!

*KTVU: most successful station in the Bay Area; mega Sweeps success; #1 virtually all slots; huge in the morning...yet, almost everyone in the building hates to come to work. Awful morale. FOX cheapskates. Yeah, "The Firm" is a bummer.

*To the person at KGO-TV who sends me indirect texts about how great Trixie is, please, save it. Or better yet, send it to the lawyers; Trixie knows a few.

*And by the way, to the new blondie from LA who still! shrieks louder than a crow in heat, for god's sake, learn how to pronounce Van Ness Ave's not "VANE-Ness", you blithering idiot!

*You know, I thought even Giants fans were hipper and smarter to settle for that annual BS from the broadcasters, "such and such is 'ON ASSIGNMENT." Oh, please, spare the BS and just say someone is taking the night off. Truth: what a concept.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

415 Media Back Wednesday

Equipment malfunction and destruction.

Severe headache and multiple cases of neurosis.

A friend came to the rescue. I still have one.

See you Wednesday...if all goes well.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Keep an Eye Out

Image result for weird people KEEP AN EYE OUT

*On just how extra boring KGO's oatmeal-breath, evening bore, Chip Franklin, can sound.

Franklin was subbing for the Branson boobs, aka: Armstrong and Getty, Friday morning. The nauseating meter was off the chart for good old-fashioned mumble-man Chipster.

Image result for Black Southwest Airline Stewardess in commercial that sings*For that beautiful, sexy Southwest Airlines stewardess that has hijacked Comcast ads during Giants' games. I mean, yeah, she's hot, but I'm not sure I want to see her transformative singing every two minutes. On the other hand, she beats looking at the Giants every now and then.

Image result for dennis prager*On that far right radio host, Dennis Prager, (9-Noon, 860 AM 'The Answer') who in spite of politics I mostly disagree with, nonetheless makes for interesting radio. Yeah, he's entertaining and informative--very listenable as opposed to "Mr. Softee" to the left of the dial.

*Keep an eye out for Ronnnn's simpleton act which gets more simple by the day. There was a time when Owens was halfway decent and worth ten minutes. Now he sounds like some mumbling grunt from Dayton. Quick, make some coffee.

Image result for the happy hour csn*Keep an eye out on just how boorish Greg Papa acts on NBC Bay Area's insufferable, "The Happy Hour." It's bad enough that the show lacks chemistry and direction; worse, count the number of times Papa TALKS OVER the female host, Kelli Johnson, and makes her look foolish. Of course, Papa looks worse. Upside: less Ray Ratto.

Image result for nia malika henderson*On CNN political analyst, Nia Malika Henderson, who could talk about cryonics for twenty minutes and I'd still WATCH.

Image result for rebecca berg*So, too, Rebecca Berg.

Image result for chip franklin kgo*Sure, I can't stand Franklin but give a listen to him and you'll understand my angst. The guy doesn't talk so much as mutters every minute. God, how terrible, how amateur --wait a minute, it's KGO, nobody cares.

Image result for kpix sports anchors O'Donnell and Glenn*Keep an eye out on KPIX's sports team where word on the street is that they might be 86ed --imagine, newscast without sports. They're doing it in Denver-- it's not so radical.