Monday, November 30, 2020

KRON May Be Wooing Big Star to its Station; Hot and Cold and Hot on 49ers Radio Color Guy, Tim Ryan

*49ers' color radio analyst, Tim Ryan: I've been hot and cold and now hot again. Ryan does know his football stuff, just listen to him and discover if you haven't already. My issues with Ryan is that he overdoes it, a lot. His "bro" use and over-the-top, "feels good, baby" distract from an othwerwise superb on-air work. Sometimes, Ryan, a former NFL player, seems as if he's right in the huddle. His pro football knowledge is top shelf, no denial. But when he's off the radio cuff and begins screaming, he loses me. Others too, I suspect.

NFL San Francisco 49ers Radio Analyst Defended By Players – Deadline
KRON 4 900 Front St San Francisco, CA TV Stations - MapQuest

KRON, amid a new, glossy news set, and a corporate owner in distress, is nonetheless trying to woo a BIG NAME talent to its news (and sports) team; if KRON can pull this off, I'll certainly watch more and I won't be alone...

As for who they're trying to snatch? I have spoken to the would-be invitee and was told not to say a word; supreme secrecy. Once it's a go (or not) I will tell you all before it becomes official. Or not.

*There might be no CAL basketball tonight because of virus issues (lots of sports are being cancelled) so KGO's John Rothmann might have a show after all from 6- 9PM, his normal time slot. As they say, stay tuned.

Sunday, November 29, 2020

KTVU Uncertainty at 10 PM Makes for Challenging Times at Fox2 -Oakland

A new era has begun at KTVU with this... - Julie Haener KTVU | Facebook

KTVU's BREAD AND BUTTER 10 'O'clock News still dominates the Bay Area TV News landscape but that domination has been marginalized lately; KTVU has significantly seen audience lessening --not just at 10 PM but across the board. That is not just a KTVU issues but issues at virtually all local news locales.

But KTVU's staple 10 PM news show is way down across the board--still has significant numbers and local watch but is decidedly down from previous highs.

Why is this the case?

I believe the vast uncertainty of a number of KTVU's major talent is the reason --the only reason.

Frank Somerville and Julie Haener; Bill Martin and Mark Ibanez are all virtually certain NOT to be back in2021 and that is an industry/Bay Area shocker, especially if you are a Bay Area TV News fan.

Of the core 4, only Somerville and sports anchor, Mark Ibanez, figure to be back for the immediate future --but even they face murky futures at KTVU's/Fox Jack London Studios. I'll explain:

Somerville wants to be back. His current deal expires in March--both he and Fox want to make a deal and Somerville would like another contract extension. Somerville wants a three-year re-up but his current $600K a -year contract seems a likely cut from thrifty Fox; even so, he should get another payday. So too Ibanez, who has been at KTVU since 1979, but will he take a pay cut? Ibanez makes $350K yearly--he too is up in March but there's no way he takes a significant cut (why should he?) --Ibanez has leverage (a future column) so while he wants to remain here, there's no certainty.

Haener is more than likely gone from the 2021 landscape --she's been taking multiple days off (some, due to minor health issues) and she makes too much money. In Fox speak, she's replaceable --and so is the mucho bumbling weather guy, Bull Martin.

There's much here on the docket. And it's only gonna get crazier.

Saturday, November 28, 2020

415 Media Saturday Coffee: KRON Sale Rumors; Vicki Liviakis is Still One Fine Woman; Trump KGO Wheel of Fortune Ending?

Napco National | Paper Hot Cups

IF THE WORD ON THE STREET IS CORREC T, KRON IS FOR SALE...heck, everything is for sale these days, especially vagabond TV stations like KRON and its cash-strapped owner, Nextstar, are but there are several factors that make this all appear stagnant.

For one, the selling price--I hear Nextstar wants considerable coin for KRON, somewhere south of $500 Mill; that's a lot of patio-furniture ads.  But even cheapy KRON, with a new, splashy news set and 140,000 weather boards is in a Top-1en market like the Bay Area and that attracts money. Remember, years ago, LA independent station, KTLA fetched over $500M so anything is possible.

*Yes, Vicki Liviakis is a shining star at KRON who never ages. I wish KRON had used its underrated anchor more often and build around her. I know Vick since her radio days at KFRC. She gets more beautiful as she ages and is becoming a visual treat every day.

San Francisco's Most Popular Journalist is Greek |

*Don't look now but KGO Radio (and others of talk-show ilk) is about to mull a potential problem: post-Trump shows that are devoid of Trump theatrics. We all know this is coming: a new world order that has no Trump crazy tricks and only boring, yet stable, Biden normalcy. Great for democracy but bad for ratings? You betcha. 

*Jim Gabbert wants to buy a local big shop candy store but he'll need a cage full of dough to pull it off if he's to close in on a deal and no dogs allowed.

*Cal basketball will preempt both next Monday and Thursday's John Rothmann's KGO show and that, frankly, sucks big time.

*Memo to Greg Papa: if you're still asking people about how they think of your 49ers' touchdown call, then you have a problem. Or an ego check., or both.

*Bill Martin makes Peter Giddings look like a 2020 Willard Scott.

Friday, November 27, 2020

KGO Radio's Rothmann had Coronavirus Scare; Is Big Game (Today) Starkey's Swan Song?; KRON '21 'Bay TV' Mojo?; I'm Back

Everyone's home, and that's good news for talk radio host John Rothmann – J.

John Rothmann was not on KGO's airwaves both Tuesday and Wednesday night; there's an explanation and you read it here, first.

On Tuesday, Rothmann, as I learned through a source, was exposed positive   to the  the Covid-19 virus. Out of caution, Rothmann isolated himself and later tested negative and will be back tonight on KGO Radio.

Don't know how/where Rothmann was exposed to the virus, but will no doubt talk about it tonight (Friday) at the top of his 6 PM (until 9PM) show. 

By the way, Cal basketball preempted Rothmann's Wednesday and last (Thursday) night's broadcasts. Why? Because Cal pays KGO pretty good dough to air its moribund basketball games. There's very little listenership but getting the games on the air is priority in Berkeley and KGO/Cumulus is always placing money at the forefront. Makes sense only if you're a Rothmann fan, then be advised this is a season-long event so be advised, they'll be more preemptions --I'm a big sports fan, but Cal basketball? Seriously.

*Speaking of Cal Sports, today's Big Game at 1: 30 (on KGO and Fox for TV) could be historic and I'm not even talking about the game itself. Seems word on the street is that this could be radio pbp broadcaster, Joe Starkey's swan song. Starkey is closing in on his 80'th birthday and is supposedly seriously considering retirement. There are those critics who say that should have happened long ago.

*If KRON wanted some really upfront cred, why not re-brand itself as a 2020 "Bay TV" and go 24/7 LOCAL news. That would require basic common sense and that's not the plan. It would also require a lot of money, but guess what? Suddenly, KRON and its owner, Nextstar, is deep-pockets central. Stay 

tuned.Joe Starkey, Cal announcer, has new digs

*YES, I took off a week to collect myself; I needed some time off; I have been writing non-stop. I'm sorry to those of you that were bummed out that there was no blog for a week. Only then did I think out loud:

If  you want a 24/7 blog, then PLEASE, make a contribution (except those of you that repeatedly donate to this blog) --when there's money in the till, I will always write and make sure your Bay Area media interest is always covered. Without funds, yes, the blog suffers. Me too.

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Thursday, November 26, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving Even If It Isn't

The Dark and Divisive History of America's Thanksgiving Hymn, 'We Gather  Together' - The Atlantic

It's a sunny morning. Eat and be well. I'm around.

I'll be writing later this week and try my best to keep it real. I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 19, 2020

415 Media Thursday PM Happy Hour; Lou Dobbs is a Bloated Asshole and some Local Bullets

Writtalin 5 of the Hottest and Most Sophisticated Women in the World -  Writtalin

If KRON can possibly pull off what I hear they maybe are trying to pull off, (underline, maybe) then I'll be all eyes and ears--wipe the slate clean.

But again, it's a big if. Trust me. 

*KNBR all day in the toy dept. radio talking about Klay Thompson's injury as if the world ended. Really tragic stuff I'm sure for the millions in this state, unemployed, who can't afford a bologna sandwich and have to settle for the buck-fifty hot dog at 7-11. "Klay can't play!! OMG!" --Feel sorry for Klay until you know he will make roughly $30 million this year, that'll take the sting off and for Klay, pay for plenty of dog food for his Rocco.

*That woman at the bar up above? You can't go to bars anymore (inside at least) so she's off the market so so much for that. (The TV women can write more crap about me)

*Speaking of which, KGO weatherwoman supreme, Sandhya Patel, whom I've wrote very positive things about, really, Sandhya? They pressured you big time. She's not the only one.

*Anderson Cooper monologues on CNN re: Trump and his sycophants now: priceless.

*Lou Dobbs: even Fox blowhards are embarrassed by this bloated monster.

*Keith Olbermann, I agree with almost everything he spews but I can't watch this schmuck. 

*Tony Bruno: great sports radio/TV personality in spite of his crazy right-wing politics.

*I make jokes some of you are sick of about Ronn Owens cruise plans but the real joke is that Ronn is serious about cruising.

*Nikki Medoro needs Bret Burkhart like I need KFC.

*Mark Thompson: No matter how louder you talk and steal actualities off You Tube, your ratings still suck.

*Sooner or later, KGO will team Medoro with Chip Franklin in the morning and will reap the benefits of AM terrestrial radio magic if that's all possible. It is. But you better hurry up, Hammer.

*Wittier than ever: My buddy, Kevin, aka: "Kev Racer"

*Dana Bash: a blond Gloria Borger without two ex-husbands.

*Jeffrey Toobin: an historic career killer that you could have handled better. (So to speak)

Ronnnnnn Owens Not So Amazingly Silent on Gavin Newsom BS Napa Dinner

KGO 810 on Twitter: "Ronn Owens 40th Anniversary with KGO! Thrilled to have Gavin  Newsom on the show with Ronn @ronnowens @GavinNewsom"


It comes as NO SURPRISE here that the lame Mr. Lowenstein (Ronn Owens) has said nada about the increasingly embarrassing details over that dinner in Napa that Gavin Newson held earlier in the month.

Owens says nothing in his dumb, worthless "report" because he doesn't want to mess with his pal, Gav, whom for years he's curried favor because Ronnnn used to hang out with Guv's dad, the late CA Appeals Court justice, Bill Newsom.

Ronn has selective indignation. So long as he perceives anyone as powerful and important, he'll kiss major ass and go out to lunch with you.

Ask Willie Brown and Randall Bloomquist.