Friday, November 17, 2017

Sexual Harrassment at Bay Area TV/Radio? Of Course

Image result for sexual harassment DOES SEXUAL HARRASSMENT EXIST at Bay Area TV/Radio stations? Uh, sure, is the sky blue?

I've hesitated to write about this because there's so much commotion going on nationally --I don't have to tell you the specifics just read the headlines every day now. Seems that when misconduct is taking place, sexual and otherwise, it's more the rule now then the exception and of course, it exists here too.

Because of that, I'm asking you Bay Area media professionals; women and men alike, to write to me if you wish and tell me if you've had any misconduct directed toward you and if so, what did you do, if at all, and how do you feel about it now.

Your name and affiliation will be private unless you want to go on the record. If you want complete anonymity you will be allowed that right. Want to point out this is all in response to the growing allegations that continue to make news.

To contact me at 415 Media:

Thursday, November 16, 2017

NBC 11 Newsroom Outrage at Harassment by Investigative Reporter Vicky Nguyen of Teenage Girls in San Jose Presentation High School; New Leaked Document Sent to 415 Media

Image result for Presentation High School NBC Bay AreaTHERE IS STILL OUTRAGE over the actions of NBC Bay Area Investigative Reporter, Vicky Nguyen, regarding her reaching out to teenage girls at San Jose's Presentation High School amidst alleged misconduct by two of the school's teachers. They have been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation by the school.

In the meantime I have new information from sources telling 415 Media the South bay NBC 'O and O' newsroom is in an uproar over Nguyen's attempt to get interviews via social media. "This is outrageous," a station source confided to me. "There's a way to do it and there's a way not to; she (Vicky) clearly was way out of bounds."

Insiders tell me the station management is scrambling to deal with the fallout from Nguyen's contacting minors below the age of 18 both on-line and in person without first seeking parental permission.

A leaked e-mail critical of Nguyen sent to the station from a high-up Presentation High official  was obtained by 415 Media: In it, a top-level school rep rips into Nguyen and NBC Bay Area:

Some girls are now feeling anxious to wear their school uniforms in public for fear of being approached by an NBC11 reporter.  We can’t believe NBC11 would countenance this type of behavior from a news reporter.
Image result for nbc bay area logoNguyen likes to post everything on Social Media but she hasn't posted this formal complaint against her; gees, what a coincidence. What, is she hiding something? Perhaps a great deal.


This brouhaha continues to spark outrage in the South Bay and isn't going away anytime soon; we'll keep you up to date with any breaking news.

Stick with 415 Media for the latest

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

NBC Bay Area/Nguyen In Hot Water Over San Jose Presentation High Sexual Misconduct Allegations; Nguyen Solicits Comments From Teen Girls at School on Social Media; 415 Media Wednesday Report

Related image

NBC Bay Area's "We Investigate" Unit and its lead reporter, Vicky Nguyen, have come under sharp criticism for their incredibly irresponsible reporting on a story centering on allegations of sexual misconduct (from 20 years ago) involving a teacher and student at San Jose's private, all-girls Presentation High School

The story outlined here in the SJ Mercury News  in a more obvious objective manner of reporting than Nguyen's roughshod hit piece to gain notoriety for her TV station and ratings.  It's one thing to go at it aggressively and pursue the truth; it's another to damn the proper procedures and become hellbent on an agenda. Nguyen's tactics are troublesome at best and quite disturbing at worst.

From the Merc

"The Presentation High School teachers were placed on paid administrative leave after two students and a former student came forward earlier in the week with information regarding two separate, more recent situations — at least one of which was serious enough to warrant a call to police."

The staff at Presentation took immediate action by placing the suspected teachers on leave and conducting an internal investigation of the charges -- I'm not in any way defending the school but I am also pointing out their proper manner of getting to the bottom of the truth, at least for now.

Nguyen and the Investigative Unit present an hysterical, unfair, "you're guilty" thrust at the school without FIRST, checking the facts, however inconvenient to their story's aim.

It isn't fair.

Furthermore, Nguyen's unprofessional conduct soliciting comments from teenage girls at the school without their parents consent is both outrageous and unbecoming. Think of the consequences had a male reporter attempted to talk to teenage girls in person or reached out to them on social media seeking "off-the-record" conversations like Nguyen had done. The action would be considered predatory, they would lose their job and be shamed forever.

Dreary Gloom at KTVU; GM Kelley and HR Boss Nohr Rule by Initimidation and Fear; Privacy Concerns from Staff; 50 Cameras In and Around KTVU Building

AT THE JACK LONDON SQUARE Studios of KTVU, exists a wall between management and labor; not just the "little people" behind the scenes but even "star" on-air talent most of whom dread going to work at arguably the Bay Area's most successful TV News station.

THOSE who run the show at KTVU do so with a staff under siege and paranoia permeating the massive building, studios, and various offices

Image result for Gregg Kelly ktvu

Gregg Kelley is GM and is quite the mysterious soul; why? Because Kelley has built up a reservoir of mistrust and fear from the rank and file. He is quite the mysterious boss too because he's notorious about habitually leaving the office everyday at 3 PM. And when Kelley is in the office, the windows are always shut.

Kelley, from my spy at 2, delegates a lot of power to HR boss, Chris Nohr; she's been at KTVU since 1989 and apparently, inflicts fear among staff, whether intentionally or not.

My KTVU Spy:

"She monitors EVERY employee coming and going; reports any issue to Kelley --supposedly, even the most arcane situation...and when she's not doing that, she sits back and looks at the 50 (FIFTY!) security cameras FOX installed when they took over, it's crazy."

I've heard about a few cameras in and around TV and radio stations, quite SOP,  but 50? That's a lot of insecurity.

Speaking of which...not only are the cameras prevalent but possess secret audio devices too. Privacy at KTVU? Uh, maybe in theory but not in practice. In fact, a KTVU staffer was called into the office and reprimanded for some mild insubordination; (supposedly slamming a door innocuously); when that person questioned the act, they were played the audio proof) so, clearly, that paranoia is alive and kicking inside the newsroom.

Kelley and company have also presided over the #1 mystery at KTVU: since their governing, two full floors of sets torn and ripped apart lay vacant. Maybe Fox has something in mind but they've been laying untouched for months now and the boss has done zip, nada.

Moreover, Kelley's ego maintains that he and ONLY he occupy the only name-on-parking-spot outside the offices and that anyone dare using it get quite the punishment. (Maybe have to watch Gasia Mikaelian put her hair spray on every week for a month?)

KTVU remains a very vibrant station with ratings, although in diminished numbers and viewers, #1 and still the king of Bay Area TV News (in most time slots) but there's a reason why many of their anchors and reporters look as if they weren't invited to the party: there's a very big time dread taking place at KTVU and it isn't going away anytime soon.

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Monday, November 13, 2017

Ann Killion Asks a Racist Question to Ayesha Curry about Steph's Cornrows

So, really, Ann Killion, the yenta sportswriter for the Chronicle, is it really cool for you to ask this bullshit question to Ayesha Curry about husband's Steph's cornrows?

KTVU Big Timer Has Issues with Gasia (Sort of); Somerville Does Sunday Night; Michael Bauer Destroys Nobu Palo Alto; KGO-TV's Lim Elicits Strong Emotion; Monday Starter

Image result for rich lieberman images A PROMINENT KTVU On-Air talent is so fed up with morning embarrassment, Gasia Mikaelian, they're considering going on the record here and calling her out. The person, for now, doesn't want to rock the boat publically...

"because that would make matters only worse and draw more attention to her." I don't want to make her a 'martyr," said the individual.

In the last few months the GAAS has been told to tone it down and try to be a little more "adult" on air which is tantamount to trying to prevent a mouse from devouring a chunk of Velveeta.

How embarrassing.

Related image*If you found it unusual that Frank Somerville was anchoring last (Sunday) night on KTVU's "10 o'clock News", it was no big deal. Sommerville missed three nights last week to take care of some personal business and decided to assist Heather Holmes.

*It may have been one of his worst dining out experiences but it made for one of his VERY BEST restaurant reviews.

Michael Bauer, the Chronicle veteran food and wine critic absolutely eviscerated Nobu down in Palo Alto.

Even if you're not into reading restaurant reviews, I'll guarantee you'll love this priceless prose.

In my high-flying days when I visited these over-priced, small -proportion dens filled with a bunch of over-inflated, egotistical assholes, I'd just run with the program and figured the atmosphere made up for the lack of good food and common sense.

Image result for michael bauer sf chronicleBauer, who gets paid to eat lousy food (and good food too) puts the kibosh on this Silicon Valley outpost that apparently isn't anything like its NYC original but what else is new.

*It wasn't the most feedback I'd ever received on a new anchor debut but it was real close and the comments and e-mail keep on coming in.

Dion Lim seems to have struck a nerve --mostly negative--and while she's not that bad, she definitely has a bunch of KGO viewers annoyed at her gushy delivery --Lim debuted no so long ago during the weekend was filled in during the week.

It's not so much her anchoring; it's her quirky facial expressions; her nasal voice; her fake emotions that are driving some people nuts.

Dion, as I said recently, try to relax and be yourself. Please. You'll do wonders if you just try to be genuine, assuming you're being a little Hollywoodish. You seem nice and cool and will only be better at your gig if you 86 the fake stuff.

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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Doug Murphy Revisited; KPIX Reporter Tough SOB and Hard-Nosed; KGO-TV Sunday AM Newscast with Tyler and Argen Smooth Sailin'; KGO Radio Apologists; Chron Front-Page Story on Sexual Misconduct in Restaurant Biz Curious Writer Choice; Sunday 415 Media Coffee Brunch

Related image SUNDAY 415 MEDIA BRUNCH

Doug Murphy was a hard-nosed, funny, interesting, tremendous TV News journalist --one of the best street side reporters who lost his life in 2005 in a house fire in Lafayette.

Image result for Doug Murphy KPIXI posted a story about his demise three years ago.

As I watch KPIX today, the throng of new reporters --different faces on a daily basis--I just wonder how Murphy would have reacted.

Wait a minute, Doug would have no part of it. He had issues sure; but he had principles too.

*The reason I love watching KGO's (ABC7) Morning News on Sunday: the leisurely pace and no-nonsense approach by veteran newswoman and anchor, Carolyn Tyler, and weather reports courtesy, Wonder Woman, Lisa Argen.

It's a simple, straight-forward, crisp, newscast with quick stories, sincere limited banter and intelligent people; what a concept these days. Perfect Sunday recipe.

*When BIG stories break, most radio stations break format; even if they no longer offer news and/or talk. It happened during the Loma Prieta quake; so too the 9/11 terrorist attacks; (I can remember even the FM music stations here were all dialed in to NY and Washington) So don't tell me KGO Radio "isn't a news station anymore."

Related imageYes, it's a joke. It's run by a bunch of incompetent, know-nothing idiots who want their hosts to concentrate on superficial bullshit as opposed to legitimate news stories (and haven't we had a lot of news in the past year?)

Related imageSo when the North Bay/Napa Fires broke out on a Sunday night and turned into a week-long inferno and its consequences, KGO; even juvenile KGO, had an OBLIGATION to report the goings-on; it would have required careful thought and managing --something foreign at the alleged "next-generation" 810 AM albatross that is going nowhere fast.

I feel for some of the good people who work there and are handicapped by the incompetent dickheads who couldn't manage an ice show in Alaska.

*I find this sort of bizarre; maybe I'm nitpicking, but you be the judge:

The Chronicle runs a front-page story on sexual misconduct in the restaurant industry --and the food writer (Justin Phillips) pens the story.

There's nothing wrong with that but did it have to be, necessarily, the food writer? Could it have been written by a non-food writer? Of course, and again, I repeat, no issues with Phillips, just curious about the Chron's policy of assigning a story to the food guy when someone else could have done the job. What? Non-food journalists aren't qualified? Like I said, bizarre.

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