Friday, November 27, 2015

One For My Baby --415 Media TGIF Video Finale

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SF Radio Radio Ratings November '15; The 'Game' All-Sports FM 95.7 Finally Breaks Significant Ground; KCBS Holds Serve

95.7 FM, The Game finally had a top-arrow book, a real good one and in addition to posting a 2.0 plus in the Overalls --is beginning to take a bite ( a little) into some of KNBR's territory--KNBR itself saw a dramatic drop from a 5.1 to a 4.1 but as remind you, these ratings are not the ones that advertisers look at, they're the so-called "beauty contest" numbers.

Here's the full rundown.

Black Friday Is Here Can You Feel The Excitement?

 You're going to see a lot of this today. It's the same old drill year after year. You could run the same live footage too and nobody, really, could see any big difference, only the crowds have become larger and more obnoxious, thanks to the assist from local TV/Radio who don't have a creative bone in their body to bring viewers anything different.

Black Friday. Ho hum. The crowd shots have become tiresome. The live shots are predictable too with the usual mass humanity of idiots lined up behind some 500 TV they can buy for 200--it's cliché-central. The reporters are just as moronic as the civilians. The visuals are so, so, back ass --boring too, really. I mean, how many shots of the local shopping mall is enough. We get it. And many of us are tired of seeing all this consumer mayhem. Enjoy the annual barrage and good luck and god forbid any real news breaks.

Meanwhile, back to the live shots of the usual suspects trampling over one another. This is just damn riveting --can't get enough.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. Be safe and happy. Enjoy family and friends.

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John Rothmann Comes Back to KGO Radio; Warriors' PBP Broadcaster Roye Winner Too; KCBS Style Change in Effect; Wednesday First Takes

John Rothmann returned to the KGO Radio airwaves Tuesday night
 A familiar voice, booming and as strong as ever, returned to the Bay Area airwaves Tuesday night--John Rothmann was in the KGO Radio broadcast booth in the 7-10 PM time slot subbing for Pat Thurston, who was under the weather.

It was a vintage KGO night and Rothmann brought back memories of the old KGO in its heyday.

Rothmann interviewed Pulitzer Prize-winning author, Jon Meachem. on his new book on George H.W. Bush. It was riveting radio once again. A host in command of the topic; a subject matter perfect for political junkies; for a change, thoughtful, passionate, educated callers who added significant girth to the discussion.

Rothmann was superb and the three hours flowed by with precision timing and pace. News-talk topics were discussed and old callers flooded the lines. Too bad a mass infusion of commercial spots and traffic/news updates upset the timing but Rothmann managed to keep things moving. It was welcome listening.

I give credit to KGO boss, Lee Hammer, for having the good sense to call in Rothmann and let him guide the ship. It's especially vital for KGO --in this upcoming election year, that Rothmann be involved in the station's up-coming reinvention into a hybrid mix of talk and news. Rothmann's political acumen and interview technique is second to none. There should be a permanent time slot allotted for the Bay Area native who proves that educated, concise and informative radio is still bankable.

*The Warriors are thrilling the sports world on the court--16 straight wins to begin the season will thrill even non-sports, non-NBA fans, but the Dubs are fortunate to have superb play-by-play radio broadcaster, Tim Roye, make it interesting for all parties.

Roye's style of precise wording describing the action brings back memories of the late Bill King, who broadcast Warriors' games on radio for over three decades.
*If you've been listening to KCBS of late you can tell the decision by new boss, Jack Swanson, to inject a whole lot more of conversation between anchors and splashier stories is in full mode. Just Wednesday morning, morning anchors Stan Bunger and Susan Leigh Taylor held a virtual gabfest --about the area's cold weather. It wasn't too uninteresting (for now); as a matter of fact, it was fresh and fluid. Maybe the new style change won't be that shocking. We'll see...and hear too.

Tim Roye, PBP Broadcaster for the GS Warriors

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

KGO-TV's Sze is Coughing Up a Storm--On Purpose!; Gulen Quit Job Accelerated by Big Beef With Morning EP; Tuesday Late PM Wire

 Late Tuesday PM Wire...

This is a weird one, fasten your seat belts: I hear through the 900 Front grapevine ...that KGO's Kristen Sze has a penchant for coughing up a storm ---while fellow anchors try to read their copy--on PURPOSE!

Now that takes some balls.

*Leyla Gulen's departure from the Channel 7 studios was accelerated by the morning EP, Kerry Loring. Both had it out and a big powwow ensued with station management.

I'm told Loring is not very popular with the KGO rank and file and is supposedly a huge shit-disturber.

It helps that she's buddy-buddy with the GM, Bill Burton, who hired her and saved her from the real estate business.

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Hey, KGO-TV Ace Reporter, Dan Noyes, It's About Time To Quiz Gavin Newsom; The New SF Magazine Owned By The Ex-Cumulus Dickey Dicks; I Miss Sara Sidner; Sal Castaneda 400,000 Reasons To Be Thankful; No Farting In The 'Ronn Owens Broadcast Studio'; Tuesday 415 Media Mosh Pit

 I WOULD LOVE to see another Dan Noyes--Gavin Newsom interview on KGO-TV (ABC7) So much to ask, right Dan-o?

*I just received the new SF Magazine print edition (with Nancy Pelosi on the cover) Lots of gloss and pretty pictures of pretty people at pretty SF locales. More of a bathroom publication --I knew I would really hate something about this outfit when a friend informed me the good old Dickey brothers owned the conglomerate that owns the magazine. Here's the lowdown-- shit, there goes the magazine now.

*Ronnnnnnnnnn, Gavin and Chef Ryan Scott at the Balboa: barf bags on the house.

*Jason Middleton --busy guy, tech/business editor for KGO Radio and Ronn Owens designated bitch.

*You current KRONvicts are in for a surprise come the beginning of the month and it ain't a free tuna melt from Grumpy's.

*Memo to the KGO Morning News crew: No farting in the "Ronn Owens Studio" otherwise you get bitch-slapped by Chris Hernandez.

*It's about time for another baby launch by one of the few remaining KPIX anchors.

*So, check this out: KTVU secretary runs over to the newsroom to tell assignment editor about a tip from a viewer who called in to inform station of some crime story in Walnut Creek. The AE essentially tells the woman to get lost, way to hire those "team players", Fox.

*God, do I miss the incredible Sara Sidner, late of KTVU and now reporting for CNN.

*You know, it wouldn't be the worst idea ever for a weatherman or woman to just go the hell outside and see the weather as you're issuing a forecast --imagine that, actual weather, it's raining outside!

*Drew Tuma: uh, whatever.

*I agree with a reader: KGO has 5! weather anchors? Five?! I wonder if Disney is aware of this.

*The -uber-bond at KGO that consists of Tracey Watkowski, ND and veteran reporter, Wayne Freedman has cooled considerably, I'm told by one of my insiders who knows where all the bodies are buried.

Maria Medina? OK, not bad.

*Sorry, but Cristina Rendon, no comparison.

*Star 101.3 FM: all the serenity of a Fremont Burger King.

*Speaking of a gruesome twosome: the KTVU goosey-twosey:

*Kind of makes you want to fart in the Ronn Owens broadcast studio.

*Yeah, I've gone to the gutter today and you're still reading this shit so there's some symmetry here, go figure.

*Sal Castaneda is about to become one happy SOB: there's about 400,000 reasons why.