Friday, March 27, 2015

Note To My Readers

I've been a wreck this past week--that's why I took a break and I wanted you all to know why--I'm not going to get too specific because I don't want nor seek sympathy but I also want to set the record straight so there's no mystery.

My mom --my rock, really, has been dealing with heart issues and had to be admitted to the hospital Tuesday night. Mom is 92 but looks 72 and is tougher than nails--we just picked her up from Summit Medical Center and she's, thank god, at home doing very well and isn't having any difficulty breathing and her heart beat is almost back to normal thanks to some great doctors. She's going to have to have another procedure soon but the cardiologist said it'll make her heart better.

Real quickly, thanks to all the nurses, doctors and staff at Summit for taking care of mom.

And thanks to so many of you, my readers,  who sent messages and called to ask what was going on; was I OK, are you all right, etc.

Today is certainly a good Friday in my book.

I'll be back in action soon as will 415 Media. Again, thanks to all of you.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Radio Ad Overload Annoyance Beginning To Make Mainstream Media; Bay Area Consumers Complain

 A month ago I wrote about the seemingly endless ads on AM radio driving away more listeners.

In Sunday's Chronicle Pink section, three letters from readers are devoted to this subject so it's just now beginning to make mainstream media.

Terrestrial radio is free and commercial spots pay for free programming but the obscene amount of time devoted to spots borders on complete disregard to you, the listeners.

When stations are running ads virtually half of the hour (not counting updates and traffic) there's a problem. Most people are simply tuning away and out, if not out altogether and advertisers know that--too bad programmers apparently haven't received the memo.

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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Could An Old-Style KGO Talk-Radio Exist In Today's Bay Area Radio Audience? Absolutely; To Heck With PPM

Could a talk-radio station in the Bay Area exist today devoid of the dreaded PPM system? Conventional wisdom says no. Advertisers love the young demo--the highly coveted A25-54 that is god, so goes the theory. But the Bay Area is different, a whole lot different.

KGO, in its present platform, is a disaster--a ratings dinosaur with mostly uninteresting and uninspired hosts and whose template has been largely rejected by an audience thirsty for vibrant, intelligent, thoughtful radio--a format that couldn't exist in today's environment, or could it?

I say yes, it could. It would require a heavy-duty infusion of monied people with a deep appreciation of the old KGO that needed simple tweaking and not the shoot-the-dog execution that has hastened its demise. There are individuals in the area--some of them not necessarily in the broadcast business that have the financial wherewithal to acquire a frequency, maybe even buy an established station rumored for sale. Other options also exist.

I'm of course presuming there's interest in such a complex endeavor that would be prohibitively expensive and unprofitable at the start. A break-even model would be worthy of a celebration of mass proportions. Then again, we have the people who could pull it off even if some others couldn't in the past.

The Bay Area radio audience comes from a different breed. It's an audience that is interested, invigorated and enthusiastic of its community heritage. I've always said that the old KGO was more than just a mere radio station; more than an local listening post--KGO was truly an original that captivated the market and became legendary lore. Now it's largely a shadow of its past glory brought about mainly due to corporate indifference and broadcast malpractice --and PPM is a good part of its demise.

PPM has no regard for intelligent people metering, if you can call it that. It's particularly sad that the conventional advertisers buy off the current model but that doesn't mean a viable alternative could exist and eventually thrive. Maybe this isn't such a dream and longshot. Maybe something or someone or a group exists out there that has the drive to pull off something great, something, well, invigorating --stay tuned.

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Friday, March 20, 2015

A Few Quick Friday AM Talking Points; KRON/Pero; KGO Dreck Show; Ted Turner Had a Salad At Boulevard

 *Law of unintended consequences: The KRON Kato quagmire might be the ultimate undoing of ND, Aaron Pero. If the majority of the staff inside the newsroom had their way, Pero would be gone--destined for Sacramento or Des Moines.

The only reason he's still there is because there's no one to replace him. And what about funky cold Medina, the GM?

Says a KRONvict: "she's in way over her head--has no idea how to run a TV station." Which again explains why Pero is still at the station.

But Pero's continued rule-by-intimidation and make some reporters literally cry coming out of his office is not a way to run a program.

*To repeat: It's bad enough when a bad radio show is so bad that people run away but there's still a pulse. The evening insane asylum at KGO is so bad no one talks about and no one calls. Unless there's fake calls and a producer is brought in to aid the disaster. Where'd they get this guy? Off the streets of Chicago.

*The hot rumor mentioned here before: KSFO is for sale.

*Ted Turner was spotted at Market and Montgomery yesterday with a considerably younger brunette --probably had time to go over to Boulevard and munch a salad which he did early dinner.

*KRON: The cameras are toooooooo close. How stupid can you all be? Never mind.

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Thursday, March 19, 2015