Friday, September 19, 2014

The Empty Roger Goodell Press Conference; NBC Bay Area's Raj Mathai Joins Me on KSCO For Reaction

 Many of you watched the Roger Goodell presser and were overwhelmingly underwhelmed like myself.

Whether or not you're a sports fan the NFL has become ingrained in most of our life, pro football, in spite of all the unsavory incidents that's taken place, still is popular.

On Friday, the commissioner took questions from the media and swung and miss. My opinion --and I'm certainly not alone.

This afternoon, on my KSCO Radio program, we will tackle all this, (and other issues of the day). Joining me at 4: 20 PM, from NBC Bay Area, lead-anchor, Raj Mathai, who got to know Goodell when he, (Mathai), worked for the San Diego Chargers.

*To listen, simply click on the link above and then click on live link on the website--those who can't listen live, a podcast will be available later in the day.

Dana King Happy With Life; Former KPIX Anchor Is Serious About Her Political Run In Oakland; Friday First Take

 Dana King was on my mind recently; can't believe it's been nearly two years since the talented and beautiful King left KPIX, retired, and chose to begin a life of art and politics. Politics?

King is running for city council in Oakland, where she lives near Lake Merritt.

I asked King on my KSCO Radio Show on Tuesday why politics. I mean the volatility and all. She's supposed to be retired, right.

"Well, I want to help out my community. I think I can make a difference,"says King who was working late into the evening manning phone banks at her campaign office. This is serious business for Dana, not some publicity stunt.

As I noted the other day, King sounded at peace and relieved to be out of the local TV news business.

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Are You Mad As Hell And Not Going To Take It Anymore? Blast-Away Thursday on 415 Media

 You Can't Take It Anymore? Terrific, here's your chance to tell the Bay Area media society what you're thinking. Be original, be clean and let it all out.

It's good to vent.

They're listening to you.

Fire away.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Yes, It's Sort Of Crummy That 'Da Loyah', Len Tillem Has Apparently 86ed Radio

 Anybody out there still misty-eyed about the radio disappearance of The Loyah--you're preaching to the choir.

Len Tillem has all but abandoned broadcasting. Which is a shame because like many observers I think Da Loyah is always entertaining and funny.

I'm surprised, and have told DA LOYAH himself, Tillem, that given the right direction, he'd be the perfect practitioner a la syndication let alone local broadcast.

But Tillem recently told me he's through doing radio. How much so? Enough to haul out all the broadcasting equipment in his Sonoma-area office.

Oh hell.

Tillem is grouchy. Impatient too. Sure, he can be a pain in the ass--which is his greatest asset --on the air and off. Too bad the loyah has closed the door. Then again, never say never.


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Jason Robards/Ben Bradlee Classic 'Send It To The SF Chronicle'

{All The President's Men}

Herb Caen and everybody else in the world, save for the Chronicle execs, thought this line was funny.

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Yeah, Melanie Morgan And Brian Sussman Shouldn't Be Invited To Dinner Together

 This is apparently a hot-button item of late so I'll say it again even though it's sort of old news but yeah, Melanie Morgan and Brian Sussman are fire and ice.

And listening to Sussman, which I do from time to time to see if he goes off the deep end, I wonder how Morgan lasted as long with him as she did.

A long time ago I liked Brian personally before he began to wander off into the mad scientist circuit. Now it's just painful and sort of weird and I'm not even delving into politics because politics is so damn tiresome these days.

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Wednesday Media Items: Cleveland Radio Retread on KSFO; KNBR Commercial Overload Loses a Listener; Dana King Was Exhausted at KPIX; KTVU Staff In The Lurk; Quit Screaming Larry Krueger; Smile Peggy Bunker; 415 Media Wednesday

  Cleveland retread radio talk-show host named Bob Frantz on KSFO, congrats Metheney, you have tons of ingenuity, although nobody listens to 560 AM anyway, and KGO for that matter.

*Women at KRON: show up to work en masse with cigar in hand and blow smoke at Pero. If he screams at you, e-mail me, I have an idea.

*Gene is a truck driver who lives in San Bruno. Diehard 49ers/Giants fan. Listens to KNBR. Uh, wait...Gene is fed up with Knibber's 34 minutes of commercials in an hour during the Radnich/Krueger and has abandoned the Bleeder.

"The commercials suck--I know they have to pay the bills but they're being greedy --I'm through," says Gene.

I'm sure Gene is not alone.

*Dana King was on my radio show on Tuesday and basically said she was "exhausted" and ready to move on from PIX. She's now running in Oakland for a city council seat. When politics are more sedate then local TV news then you know what the state of TV news is like.

*Dear Vern Glenn: When you act real and genuine, (and he has, lately), then you look and sound sincere, genuine and don't need the Radnich approach which is not cool.

*KTVU: Yeah, I'm aware all of you are wanting to know who's minding the store--be patient, shit hits the fan in two weeks when the Fox people invade and the Boston GM has coffee talk. Senior reporters, beware. He's probably going to make a few up-front moves that's bound to piss off the rank and file.

*Peggy Bunker looks a little tired at NBC Bay Area and shouldn't. People down the 101 think you can be a real star so smile a bit, Peg.

*David Louie: bullet-proof.

*Houston ComcastSportsNet is laying off about 74 people--the rumors have already begun at the SF shop.

*Larry Krueger: quit screaming. Be yourself. The slop next to you has called it in you don't have to follow lead.

*Mike Mibach: Did you finally get that raise you were seeking? I'd wait for the Foxies before you request the extra 20 grand.

*Dan Rosenheim: If they throw in "complete editorial control", then take the KTVU offer. PIX is headed in the wrong direction --GAME ON!

*Tracey Watkowski: Is Freedman still upset? Tell him I'll buy lunch for you, me and him at Grumpy's and we'll party like it's 1999.

*Aaron Pero and her: people behaving badly.

*Greg Papa: overrated on radio; underrated on the studio shows.

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