Saturday, February 28, 2015

Last Day Of The Month Items; KPIX Sweeps; NightBeat Disaster; KRON Too Close Camera Shots; Blogger 'Authority'

*It's not so much disturbing that KPIX had a bad February book--it happens to the best. The problem with PIX is that they have so many issues to deal with on ALL their platforms. The bad chemistry in the afternoon: Cook vs. Martin and Deannu. The viewers know there's bad blood (thanks to this site) and it's pretty evident someone has to go. Who? That's a decision for management --maybe it's not Dan Rosenheim's call here; maybe it's time Bruno Cohen, the mysteriously hidden GM who seems to be content living in his office. After all, Cohen was brought in because the last guy didn't lead either.

*NightBeat, shall I say it again? IS.A.DISASTER. It has no pulse. It has no being. It is an insult to the viewing public. There's no there, there. 22 minutes of virtual dead air and OMG, weather guys with their ties off!--how damn revolutionary --that'll bring the millennial crowd in! Please people, give it a rest. The show SUCKS! And Ms. De La Cruz? I had so many hopes for you but you seem more interested in the hair than the headlines. And GAME ONNNNN? Are you serious? A one-legged hooker in Fargo wouldn't watch that crap. You want a legit news show? Do something radical, PIX: One anchor, 22 minutes of content and to hell with your stupid gimmicks --that would be serious TRENDING!


*Memo to KRON: The Uber-CLOSE-UP shot of Pam Moore looks terrible. Moore is a nice-looking TV anchor but when the camera is too close and you can see Moore's facial veins (thanks, InsideCableNews) it makes her look terrible--back off and go to the traditional shot.

*Excuse me, have to go--time for my taped financial shows on the mighty 810 AM.

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Friday, February 27, 2015

Bad KPIX Sweeps Prompts Changes

*Terrible February ratings on all programs and platforms --Executive Producer changes; significant morale issues.

*Dan Rosenheim/ND sent an email to all staff.  He's moving the 11 o'clock EP to the morning show and the morning EP to the dayside shift. He said temporarily-- for now-- there may be more changes.

*NightBeat in turmoil.


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The Three-Ring Circus at KGO Radio News; Deb Munroe ND 'Way In Over Her Head'; Friday Starter

 "Everyone wants to get the hell out of here!" That's the latest word from a KGO Radio source who describes the scene and chaos of the current state of being even as the station moves into its new studios near the Embarcadero.

Nothing like serenity and peace--that would be news in and of itself but that's not the case at 810 AM where a work-the-day routine is anything but.

The news department and most of its staff do their best to go about their business in spite of the three-ring-circus atmosphere created by management in its systematic destruction of a once-mighty station. Even loyalists have a hard time working in the muck but somehow move on despite all odds.

"We have no choice. We come to work and do our job. The people who have it the best work outside the city and don't have to put up with all the bullshit that goes on inside there--it's just ridiculous," offered the source.

Part of the problem is Deb Munroe, the 'Managing Editor" of the news department (I call her Debs)--Munroe is a control freak and outside of a few of her amen corner, nobody respects her and it seems to indicate that she has no idea what the hell she's doing and is in way over her head. Moreover, Munroe's lack of direction has led to some reporters and news staffers creating walls of favorites and favoritisms --there's the people in her corner and those who are not. That's no way to run a newsroom in a perfect setting let alone the circus at KGO.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Michael Savage Brings Us His Version Of Show Biz Vanity: A Day In The Life Of A Progressive Hollywood Producer (Audio)

 THOSE OF YOU who have disdain for Michael Savage, the popular syndicated talker (heard here on KSFO --Monday/Friday Noon-3 PM) will probably not like this hysterically-funny 3-minute vignette. If so, you have no sense of humor and probably put sprouts on your sandwich and actually eat tofu.

Those of you that are fairly objective and like to laugh out load every so often will think this is brilliant--It is. Just LISTEN to it and appreciate it. Give it a try, c'mon I know you too well.

And you know what? I don't even necessarily agree with the premise but knowing people in the movie business and how they play it out, Savage's hysterical repertoire with the perfect tiny-bubble music in the background pretty much nails it.


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An Open Letter To Audrey Cooper, The New EIC Of The SF Chronicle

 Dear Audrey Cooper:

You're the new Editor-in-Chief of the SF Chronicle and you've been all over the place talking about a missive to make the Chron, its website, SFGate and all other platforms more entertaining, more compelling, more profitable. Makes sense, but there's more serious issues here.

I have a plan that should be at the top of your to-do list.

FIX!, immediately, the Gate. I mean, seriously, it is a royal pain in the tuchas to navigate.

And that's the easy part.

Look, I love getting Bay Area news, Ms. Cooper but I can't access the new site. It's like pulling hairs. I've had an easier time getting through Russian crossword puzzles with 12-letter words with no vowels. A Rubik's cube is easier to navigate --why the heck is SF Gate so damn horrid? In the old days, you clicked on links and you were able to read the story--now that chore is tantamount to climbing Mt. Tam with flip flops. Every time I try to go there, my computer freezes. It's relentless. I gave up. I can't subject myself to the torture and that really sucks because, Ms. Cooper, I really like the Chronicle. Hell, I even buy the print edition! That's loyalty.

So, please, give me and others the news and information we seek. Right now, you have an immense clusterphuck on your plate and you need to take care of business. Like now. Yesterday. I'm not alone. A lot of your partners are just as frustrated as I am. Now please, go do your thing.

Thanks in advance.

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Rich Lieberman
415 Media

Karel And the KGO Radio Blah, Blah, Blahs; The Day After

 Forget Karel.

Like the company, he's irrelevant --completely  insignificant when you consider the future. Besides, he's been down this road before. I'm surprised it took this long for him to get the axe and truth be told, he was about to be fired by a previous manager who disappeared, like they all do eventually.

It becomes only a matter of time that you get shown the door when you brag about filing for bankruptcy (which he did and tried to be cutesy about it)--weird.

You also don't endear yourself to the bosses when you utter f-bombs and smoke pot on the air --I'm not a prude but it's terrestrial radio. Karel obviously didn't get the memo. Too busy medicating probably.

Pat Thurston will now broadcast in Karel's Saturday slot from 7-10 PM --Sunday from 4-7 PM. Oh, KGO? Might be a good time to remove this--it's still up.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

415 Media Breaking: Karel Fired From KGO Radio; UPDATE: Memo From Mahanay; UPDATE 2: Karel Statement

 And just like that --he gone!

Karel was just let go by KGO Radio and is no longer working at the SF talk station effective immediately.

Several theories as to why. But I just got the news from my Hawthorne source.

*We'll update later as news trickles in.

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UPDATE: The memo that went out to staff earlier today (Wednesday) from Jim Mahanay, KGO manager--

"Good afternoon, We've made some changes in our weekend programming.   Effective this weekend John Batchelor will air from 10pm-5am Saturday. Kim Kommando will now air 7-10pm on Sunday. Karel is no longer part of our weekend programming.   We will be sending a new weekend schedule to everyone shortly." 

Thanks all, Jim--
Jim Mahanay

UPDATE 2:  5: 26 PM PT

Statement from Karel:

"KGO Radio has made the decision to sell their weekends to pay-for-play shows and fully syndicated shows in order to generate revenues. They are beginning this transition to paid programming by getting rid of me. Effective immediately, I will not be on KGO."