Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Best July '15 TV News Bloopers

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Anger And Resentment At KGO-TV Over Aqui/Zouves 'Hottest' Hires; Staff Pissed Off At GM Burton; Potential Rift With ND Watkowski Over Moves

 There is a great degree of concern and anger inside the KGO-TV (ABC7) newsroom regarding the recent hires of Natasha Zouves, and now, from Portland, Reggie Aqui.

KGO's President and GM, Bill Burton, I've told you here, appears to be on a missive to bring forward younger anchors who are extremely adept in social media functions --how much so? To the point, according to a KGO informant, that "the 'social media element is almost more important than their actual job.'"

Really now? I asked the source to embellish: "Burton seems to have got a directive (from Disney, which owns KGO) to hire more "LA-type" of talent--that 'KTLA type of look and style." Double really? "He thinks social media and those (young) anchors that embrace it are important for Channel 7."

I don't know for sure whether Burton is working on orders from Disney but I do know that whomever is pushing this new emphasis it most certainly does not involve News Director, Tracey Watkowski, who had little if any say in the Zouves and Aqui transactions. That extra caveat might be a potential problem for Burton who might be usurping Watkowski's power. Watkowski isn't the most popular manager in the building but Burton's actions have many staffers angry, disappointed, and disillusioned.

Reggie Aqui

Zouves, who will start her weekend anchoring here Sept. 8, was named "San Diego's 'hottest TV News 'girl in 2014." And Aqui, a Portland anchor and former CNN news reader, has the distinction of being one of "People Magazine's 'hottest TV anchors." This is not earth-shattering news that a GM in a big market would want to bring a couple of perceived lightweight anchors to the city but it's not a typical Burton move and is interpreted by staff as an affront to the relative peace and tranquility at 900 Front.

Natasha Zouves
"Look, the people here (at KGO) are pissed off," said the station source, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he's not allowed to discuss station personnel issues.

Burton's moves come at a time when KGO is at or near the top of the SF TV ratings --Circle7 dominates the numbers at 11 PM and is neck and neck #1 in the early evening news. Furthermore, KGO is tops during the weekend ratings which can only add further mystery to the Zouves/Aqui hires. If it ain't broke don't fix it, right?

One thing is certain: Disney is known for being cheap. I'm told KGO practically had to beg to hire for the position Zouves ultimately accepted. Several suitors turned it down because of the lack of money. I don't know what Aqui, who will anchor and report in the field, gets but I'd bet it's much more than Zouves.

Meanwhile, in Portland at least, Aqui's exit has a lot of people bummed. Not so much in San Francisco.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

KGO-TV Hires Another 'Hot' TV Journalist; Reggie Aqui--One Of People Magazine's 'Hottest Anchors' Soon To Join ABC7; 415 Media Exclu

  KGO-TV seems to be, indeed, on a streak of hiring very good-looking (depending upon your opinion) HOT anchor people, male and female.

My ABC7 spy has informed me that the latest HOT hire is Reggie Aqui--late of Portland's KGW-TV--he'll soon be joining the ranks at 900 Front.

Aqui was named one of People Magazine's "Hottest Anchors" There's a trend here.

San Diego TV anchor Natasha Zouves, a Southland "hottest SD anchor girl" will be broadcasting for KGO come Sept. 8.

Seems like Bill Burton, the big suit at KGO is on a path to make the station more "LAish" as we noted, and, really, really, really "social media"- friendly, which he's intimated to station staff is more important than their actual job. Humn...

This should fire up the rank and file. And do wonders for Bay Area viewers who just love this type of inertia. (Wink).

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Appointment Radio Noon Today On KSFO: Savage And Donald Trump One -On-One; Free Admission And Entertaining Radio To Boot

Today (Wednesday) after Noon (Pacific Time) Michael Savage will interview Donald Trump on KSFO. It will be one of the most entertaining half-hours or so of local radio (syndicated too) and a blast to listen to, even if, like some of you, the notion of a Trump dialogue is hazardous to your well-being.

Look, let's get something straight. I have issues with Donald Trump and some of his politics but frankly I love it when he speaks. He's straight-forward and to the point. He's clear as all get go and while I don't agree with some of his what he says, he's too damn compelling and interesting not to listen.

The above video with Savage was from June soon after Trump announced and involves a free-spirited dialogue with Savage --as a media blogger, this is too entertaining, too funny and too invigorating to push aside, even in the ultra-liberal SF Bay Area. If the conversation with Trump and Savage doesn't move you--good or bad--then you've been listening to Ronn Owens too much and that'll surely put you to sleep.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Stuck In The Middle With You --Stay Cool


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Michael Savage Goes Off On The American Killer Of Cecil The Lion; Takes Segment To Villify Animal Murder; KSFO/Syndicated Talker Offers Compelling Account

 Cecil the lion--one of the most famous big cats in Zimbabwe's national parks--was murdered by an American hunter. The details are gruesome enough and we normally wouldn't pour over this as a media story only its been reported all over the globe, even in Bay Area circles.

We bring up Cecil because our local angle involves America's second-most-listened to, syndicated-radio talk host, Michael Savage.

It was Savage, who on his show (heard here on KSFO) Monday, devoted a segment on the incredibly brutal assault on Cecil; to a point where it was gut-wrenching and emotionally painful to listen but listenable nonetheless and necessary --I'm glad someone here spoke out.

Image via michaelsavage.comSavage, you may not know, is an extreme animal lover. I say extreme because he treats his 11 year-old poodle, Teddy, as a member of the family. Teddy sits in on most shows and Savage feeds his canine hero with gourmet chicken --to hell with kibbles and bits. Savage loves dogs and often links stories about them on his website.

So it is no surprise that Savage, the often flamboyant host would take the time and highlight the ghoulish fate of Cecil.

It was not unexpected and made for some compelling radio. Bravo Michael Savage.

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Today Is A Spare The Air Day


*Amy G: Truly one of the most worst, worst and getting worser

*Jan Wahl: The yenta needs a one-way ticket to Sacramento.

*Christine Craft: The female Pat Buchanan. (Did I hear you say you don't like Ben Netanyahu?)

*Stan Bunger: Bunger began having an inflated view of himself about five years ago. If KCBS was suddenly Stan-less, I wouldn't care. I don't think I'm alone.

*John Madden: Hey coach, you really have no sense of humor. I thought the Frank Caliendo rumor was just that. You really went out of your way to blackball him? That's kind of cold.

*Jana Katsuyama: Hey, Jana: Somerville, twice, asked you Monday night if the suspect lived in the Santa Cruz center where the little girl lived. You didn't answer until he asked you, again. Embarrassing.

*Vern Glenn: Oh, I see you doubled down. Bad tactic.

*Michael Krasny: Your esoteric simpletons make for a case of bad, boring, hemorrhoid radio even by boring KQED standards. Try getting someone on who doesn't talk British and think they're God and I'll listen.

*Leah Garchick: You'll never be the female Herb Caen--never. At this rate you're lucky if you become a girlie Stanton Deleplane.

*Susan Leigh Taylor: About time for one of your irritating drives in from Pacifica and "my windshield was pocked with drizzlies" ---zzzzzzzz.

*Every weather report today on TV/Radio: Yeah, it's gonna be hot unless your on the coast. Brilliant.

*Allen Martin: Allen, lighten up, seriously, the broads are getting nervous.

*Brian Flores: Where did KTVU get this guy? God, Fox.

*Mike Mibach: Good-looking guy with all the substance of wet scrambled eggs.

*Me: Even I can't stand myself every now and then--time to get a few cold ones and nail a hot broad.

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