Monday, March 27, 2017

Bye Bye Bruno Cohen

Image result for Bruno Cohen KPIX WAS IT the crappy morning show with no ratings; the crappy news shows at night that draw flies or all of the above?

Bye Bye Bruno.

Enjoy Fresno retirement village.


Raiders/Vegas Deal Isn't 'Done' Yet; Folsom/Raddy Orgy Excess Dreck; Unease at NBC Bay Area; Monday Muse

Image result for SF Bay Area news and information  MONDAY MUSE

Image result for Raiders Las VegasThe big hubbub on Bay Area news platforms today will be the likely positive NFL vote allowing the Raiders to move to Vegas. It will be highlighted by the obligatory live shots from Eastbay bars where teary-eyed (probably) fans will lament the "loss of 'our Raiders." Not so fast.

Too bad the majority of reports here (and likewise, Vegas) will not do the heavy lifting --that is, lengthy fact-finding and real reporting --which will show that all the NFL/Raiders hullabaloo over "Las Vegas Raiders" will be just that: lots of fluff. The story is far from over. There's tons of open-ended questions. The Raiders don't even have a firm stadium site. There's some financing issues too. With a project this size (billions) there's a lot of plugs to fill; construction; labor costs; monies allotted; oh, and this: with about 1.9 Billion dollars of financing to consider, it's inevitable Mark Davis (managing partner/owner) will be on the hook for massive debt to pay off--enough debt to possibly derail Davis and the franchise.

Image result for Darya Folsom Gary Radnich KRONBelieve me, with a project this size and enormous entities the "done deal" is done when they break ground.

*That gushy back and forth this morning with Countess Darya Folsom and bloated Gary Radnich was about as terrible -good as they come. The segment has always been a farce; a guy laying in bed on his cell phone schmoozing with the double doughnuts woman, is about as compelling as an Emeryville 7-11; she gushed and shrilled extra mojo Monday and he sounded about as interested as a happy hour crowd at a Salt Lake City Marriott.

Image result for NBC Bay Area San Jose*I don't know how you feel but if you care the newsroom in San Jose at NBC Bay Area is littered with a lot of "major discontent" --from an ear that usually gets it right. Furthermore, according to the fly on the wall: "A lot of people hope there's no buyer's remorse after they hired Stephanie Adrouny as the ND"

Adrouny is well-liked and respected. She was a major force at KGO where her work and commitment earned her a lot of props. Nevertheless she mainly got the SJ gig because of her friendship with ex-KGO ND, Kevin Keeshan. Nothing bad about that but it's an issue now and will hover over her if the troops are pissed off and it seems they are for a variety of reasons which we will point out sometime soon.

*That commercial orgy on radio with the schmuck asking you to "flip your house" is evil. Torture. I have something I'd like to flip to that asshole.

Image result for carnac the magnificent*Carnac invades 415 Media: "I give you the answers: Vicki Liviakis, a broken water pipe, and Ozzie Osbourne... 'Name a Greek, a leak, and a freak!'"

Image result for ama daetz hotLots of noise.

Carnac: "May a KRON intern invade your grandfather's catheter."

Image result for christiane amanpour*Yeah, I know...Ama Daetz isn't Christianne Amanpour. Which is my point.

*And Ama isn't Christianne --which is my point, sorta.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Ted Koppel tells Sean Hannity 'You are Bad for America'

My only beef is, "what took so long?"

I talked about noise in an earlier post...this is Ted Koppel leveling the creator of major noise.


Sunday Noise

Image result for noise from radio SUNDAY MORING...a time to relax and enjoy. To sleep in and rest the body. Cleanse the soul. Forget about life's challenges and complex plots...peace and tranquility.

Until you put the radio on.


Noise on the Cumulus KSFO littered with syndicated carp and crap.


KNBR...with taped, local real-estate and financial shows that pollute the airwaves like the refinery factory smokestacks along 80 East.


Normally sacred KCBS with live and local news repeating for the umpteenth time a political rally in the city; another repeat "story" about the GG Bridge being the most popular landmark in the county; endless traffic reports (no traffic) and REPEATED!, repeated, weather updates that are merely REPEAT! weather "updates" from 10 minutes earlier ...screw TSL and its ludicrous time sets. For what? Morons.


Noise like KGO Radio with a, you guessed it, TAPED, syndicated tech show with some woman who has a chain-smoke voice and idiotic giggle named Kim who talks about gadgets. It's all tripe and leftovers like a bowl of rotten eggs and week-old spam.


FM is no better with church programs and community shows that make watching paint dry look interesting.

NOISE pollution.

I need some coffee.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Beautiful Woman Anchors ...Oh The Crime!

Image result for ama daetz hot WHY oh why is it a crime to say a woman is "gorgeous", "beautiful", a "classy" look? Specifically, why so if said woman was a TV News anchor?

I've never understood this.

Would it be bad if women complimented anchor men based on their looks? No way.

I'm sorry but last I checked, TV is a visual medium...v.i.s.u.a.l. I'm not saying intellect and moxie be axed, but looks do count, sorry if I offend you and apparently, many of you I do offend.

What about beauty, smart and graceful? Or am I just trying to camouflage what I really think. I think I'm rather clear. And to say I look at a particular anchorwoman without really checking her out, including her physical appearance would be truthful and thoroughly human and honest.

I rave about Ama Daetz. I think she's a beautiful-looking, striking actually, anchorwoman. Again, why is there an issue with her looks? Am I to be castigated for making such a statement? Hardly.

Some women check out male anchors too and they're not looking for intellectual prowess. Maybe that's not the PC thing to do but it's the truth. Men aren't the only purveyors. Whatever.

I'm going to be called a misogynist again and that's the farthest from the truth.

Friday, March 24, 2017

415 Media Exclu: Roqui Theus Leaving KPIX 'Morning Show'; Changes in April

Image result for KPIX Morning Show  I'VE TOLD YOU about troubles involving the KPIX Morning Show--a program beset with low ratings, uninspired talent and questionable direction. Not to mention a traffic anchor who is clearly beautiful to watch but can't cut it when she broadcasts.

Changes are coming to the CBS-SF morning program and from a source close to the action, it appears one change is imminent: Roqui Theus is all but gone.

Image result for Roqui Theus
Roqui Theus
Theus wasn't on the show both Thursday and this (Friday) morning in what may be a signal to her status. My source says she's leaving the program in April. It appears everyone else is safe, for now.

Michelle Griego is close to signing a new deal (if she hasn't already) as I predicted but not at the deal she was longing for.

Theus was seen as a bright, new, energetic personality with loads of potential but she was incapable of reporting without mispronouncing street and highway names, constantly flubbing her lines, and never living up to performing as basic a function as providing traffic updates for Bay Area viewers.

No word on who will replace her but PIX is searching around the globe.

Let's be clear too. Theus is not the only reason for the Morning Show troubles. Combine a lack of chemistry amongst the players; outsized egos; questionable direction and overall incompetence --other than that, it's a winner.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Reporter Exodus at KTVU Because of Bottom Line Fox

Image result for janine de la vega
Janine De La Vega
Image result for ted rowlands ktvu
Ted Rowlands
   First it was Ted Rowlands...wait, I forgot: Janine De La Vega too, who vanished from KTVU and is now at ABC7 (KGO-TV) ..Rowlands is headed to Chicago to apparently work in PR for a shoe company. Ouch!

Notice a trend? KTVU reporters are leaving the Oakland station in abundance. Some are the most tenured and talented too.


Because Fox-owned KTVU doesn't regard reporters as very important to the news platform, that's why. Therefore, most good reporters will leave and seek work elsewhere if they can get more money, or at least enough to make a living and garner respect. It's not just reporters but anchors too (see Rowlands) Fox simply won't pay other than those already under contract or those who will take the lean pickings because they love the Bay Area lifestyle and will work on the cheap. It works both way though: some can't afford the prices here and leave out of necessity.

Image result for Eric Rasmussen Ken Pritchett KTVU
Eric Rasmussen (l) and Ken Pritchett