Tuesday, November 24, 2015

KGO-TV's Sze is Coughing Up a Storm--On Purpose!; Gulen Quit Job Accelerated by Big Beef With Morning EP; Tuesday Late PM Wire

 Late Tuesday PM Wire...

This is a weird one, fasten your seat belts: I hear through the 900 Front grapevine ...that KGO's Kristen Sze has a penchant for coughing up a storm ---while fellow anchors try to read their copy--on PURPOSE!

Now that takes some balls.

*Leyla Gulen's departure from the Channel 7 studios was accelerated by the morning EP, Kerry Loring. Both had it out and a big powwow ensued with station management.

I'm told Loring is not very popular with the KGO rank and file and is supposedly a huge shit-disturber.

It helps that she's buddy-buddy with the GM, Bill Burton, who hired her and saved her from the real estate business.

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Hey, KGO-TV Ace Reporter, Dan Noyes, It's About Time To Quiz Gavin Newsom; The New SF Magazine Owned By The Ex-Cumulus Dickey Dicks; I Miss Sara Sidner; Sal Castaneda 400,000 Reasons To Be Thankful; No Farting In The 'Ronn Owens Broadcast Studio'; Tuesday 415 Media Mosh Pit

 I WOULD LOVE to see another Dan Noyes--Gavin Newsom interview on KGO-TV (ABC7) So much to ask, right Dan-o?

*I just received the new SF Magazine print edition (with Nancy Pelosi on the cover) Lots of gloss and pretty pictures of pretty people at pretty SF locales. More of a bathroom publication --I knew I would really hate something about this outfit when a friend informed me the good old Dickey brothers owned the conglomerate that owns the magazine. Here's the lowdown-- shit, there goes the magazine now.

*Ronnnnnnnnnn, Gavin and Chef Ryan Scott at the Balboa: barf bags on the house.

*Jason Middleton --busy guy, tech/business editor for KGO Radio and Ronn Owens designated bitch.

*You current KRONvicts are in for a surprise come the beginning of the month and it ain't a free tuna melt from Grumpy's.

*Memo to the KGO Morning News crew: No farting in the "Ronn Owens Studio" otherwise you get bitch-slapped by Chris Hernandez.

*It's about time for another baby launch by one of the few remaining KPIX anchors.

*So, check this out: KTVU secretary runs over to the newsroom to tell assignment editor about a tip from a viewer who called in to inform station of some crime story in Walnut Creek. The AE essentially tells the woman to get lost, way to hire those "team players", Fox.

*God, do I miss the incredible Sara Sidner, late of KTVU and now reporting for CNN.

*You know, it wouldn't be the worst idea ever for a weatherman or woman to just go the hell outside and see the weather as you're issuing a forecast --imagine that, actual weather, it's raining outside!

*Drew Tuma: uh, whatever.

*I agree with a reader: KGO has 5! weather anchors? Five?! I wonder if Disney is aware of this.

*The -uber-bond at KGO that consists of Tracey Watkowski, ND and veteran reporter, Wayne Freedman has cooled considerably, I'm told by one of my insiders who knows where all the bodies are buried.

Maria Medina? OK, not bad.

*Sorry, but Cristina Rendon, no comparison.

*Star 101.3 FM: all the serenity of a Fremont Burger King.

*Speaking of a gruesome twosome: the KTVU goosey-twosey:

*Kind of makes you want to fart in the Ronn Owens broadcast studio.

*Yeah, I've gone to the gutter today and you're still reading this shit so there's some symmetry here, go figure.

*Sal Castaneda is about to become one happy SOB: there's about 400,000 reasons why.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Five Years Later And Still People Are Pissed About The KPIX Ouster of Kohara and Kessler

Of all the feedback I get here, the KPIX dismissal of John Kessler (and later on, partner, Sydnie Kohara) generates the most disgust --hands down. A friend tells me constantly, "I'll never watch Channel 5 again."

Apparently, he's not alone.

Leyla Gulen Pretty Much Tells KGO-TV 'Screw You'; Upset Over New 'Morning Show' Snub; SF Magazine Love Piece on Chronicle EIC, Audrey Cooper, Leaves Out Pissed-Off Reporters; Monday Launch

Leyla Gulen
 Leyla Gulen was royally pissed off that she would not be a foundation in KGO-TV's (ABC7), up-coming new morning program --furthermore, the fact that the new show features So Cal newbies, Natasha Zouves and Reggie Aqui infuriated Gulen to the point where she informed everyone, including shocked KGO management, on her Twitter account, of her departure.

Gulen wasn't considered "big-time" enough by the suits --true, she did a lot of station promo appearances and was enough of a presence to be considered for something more "prominent" down the line, according to my Circle7 spy, but apparently it wasn't good enough for the springy Gulen.

My best guess is that she's headed back down to LA or perhaps somewhere far from 900 Front.

*Making matters worse is the still anger/resentment about both Zouves/Aqui's lack of credentials --something, as we've noted before, has a lot of KGO staffers royally ticked off.

My advice to both: go get a healthy dose of top-tier deli and buy lunch for the staff. Can't hurt.

*That glossy, love struck feature on the Chronicle's EIC, Audrey Cooper, in SF Magazine has veteran staffers at 5th and Mission screaming and yelling bloody murder-- "A total farce!", says one. "What a joke", says another. The long piece, headlined (hold the barf bag) "One Helluva Hard Job", was long in admiration for the newspaper diva and short on criticism. Curiously, the lengthy love piece didn't talk about many by-line people who can't stand the woman and are outraged over her arrogant and mercurial managing style. By the way, the Chronicle is still losing many millions of dollars --not to mention many columnists and star reporters who are not that much in love with the catty missy who thinks she's a god.

Audrey Cooper, EIC of the SF Chronicle

Friday, November 20, 2015

The Joint is Jumpin' --TGIF 415 Media Video Finale


Thanks to all of your continued support of 415 MEDIA.

Have a great weekend.

Hey, Mike McVay on Talent

More unique wisdom from the Cumulus EVP.

Hey KGO-TV, Pay Ama Daetz Before She Turns Into Another Cecilia Vega; Sussman And Green on KSFO Morning Show Deliver Compelling Radio; Michael Savage is Acquired Taste; TGIF 415 Media Notes

Cecilia Vega

  CONSIDERING the events of this past week, don't take things so personally...myself included, go outside and get a good dose of oxygen and enjoy life --it's a good thing, I hear.

*How downright evil of the 415 Media correspondent to state, unequivocally, of the "hotness" of Ms. Ama Daetz.  Call the authorities. What a crime.

*Maybe it'll appease the cranky crowd that indeed, Daetz, is absolutely network-worthy --note to KGO-TV: pay her.

*Case in point: Cecilia Vega.

*If you would have told me that I would listen to the KSFO Morning Show with any degree of enjoyment, I would have laughed at you. On Friday, I heard a show with real, genuine conversation from immigrant callers talking about real-life experiences. It was pretty good radio, devoid of animal noises and fart sounders. Compliments to Brian Sussman and co-pilot, Katie Green.

FRIDAY THOUGHTS AND NOTES: Hey you, Bristow? The KGO guy. Just because you're pompous and like to brag about your great pipes doesn't negate the fact you're a decent broadcaster. In other words, be happy you get even acknowledged here. The alternative is worse and probably would land you in Tulsa. Ask Jason Middleton ...If terrestrial radio took a U-turn and actually just slowed down and offered just plain conversation; reinventing itself, there'd probably be a healthy market. You could actually sell it. Imagine that!...Julie Haener: scotch and WATER!...Sussman still says stupid political things --so before we start partying, hold on. But we're civilized agitators --there's a market for that too...Michael Savage is an acquired taste. Take your blinders off and give a listen. Entertaining radio and it's free for God's sake...Allie Rasmus of KTVU is worth a look too...Before, she would never smile. Now, she can't stop smiling: Claudine Wong...The asshole at KRON that hacks Twitter accounts: you're on notice, digital boy...That loudmouth jerk at KQED -TV who mixes it up with the dumb blond at Boulevard should understand that the bartenders are not amused. At least if you were to tip above 10% they'd put up with you...A bad day for cats: Jon Carroll retired from the Chronicle, where they report about dead people still alive...Ronnnnnn sounds very awful and monotone --you won't read that in Ben Fong-Torres column...The hell with Gitmo: you want real torture? Mike McVay and you locked up in the bathroom at Arby's...Overrated to the tenth degree: Gasia Mikaelian. I still don't get it...I didn't know Jim Gabbert was the 49ers QB...If PIX's Christin Ayers wants the CNN gig, she can have it...

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Christin Ayers/CBS photo