Friday, August 22, 2014

BBC Welcome Respite From The Frivolous CNN

 Watching the coverage of the events in Ferguson I began to get CNN fatigue; between the antics of Don Lemon and uber-annoying, Jake Tapper, I switched to BBC which has had impressive coverage. Frivolous

I'd always, before, pooh-poohed the idea of watching BBC but they are straightforward, reliable and provide generally responsible news without the unnecessary drama associated with the American cable outlets.

I also like BBC coverage of more international news because, frankly, both the cable and commercial networks here, (hello, ABC News), offer little if any foreign news coverage outside of cursory ten-second visuals. I know I'm in the minority but I like watching international news--it's not sexy but it's important enough especially when you look what's taken place just in the last week with Middle East developments, the on-going events in Ukraine and the ghastly murder of American journalist, James Foley.

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

David Letterman Remembers Robin Williams--Simplicity and Class All in One

Excuse me for a break away from the 415 Media minutiae --far be it for me to post innocuous YouTube videos but I found this simple conversation involving David Letterman and Paul Schaffer talking about Robin Williams both touching and highly entertaining.

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Super Defense Lawyer, Michael Cardoza, Guests on My KSCO-KOMY Radio Show Today From 2-3 PM; The Topic: Mike Brown/Ferguson

 TODAY, from 2-3 PM, I interview noted defense attorney and former prosecutor, Michael Cardoza. You can click on the radio icon at the top of the upper-right icon on the blog or listen here live. A podcast will be up later for On-Demand listening.

We will talk about the Michael Brown issue and Ferguson where a Grand Jury has been summoned.

Cardoza has been a legal commentator for CNN, MsNBC, Larry King and gives great, no-nonsense analysis.

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Aloofness at KTVU; Rosenheim's Salary at PIX; Surly Ama Daetz; KNBR Not Ready For Prime Time Players; Bastida and VLDC; Thursday Notes


While no one will say anything publically, (duh!), a longtime KTVU staffer says the newsroom is completely out of the loop with a lameduck GM and News Director. "We're all in the dark and it's a guessing game."

Staff awaits the direction of the station once Fox takes over in October but clearly, the mood in JLS is tepid at best.

The Boy Wonder, Lee Rosenthal put his Eastbay house up for sale in June and now it's closed. Most likely, as I've said here, Rosenthal is headed to Boston with GM, Tom Raponi, who has already landed the GM gig with Fox25 in Boston.

*The Game, (95.7 FM All-Sports) has a morning show whose star jock, Aubrey Huff, has taken a lot of time off recently, (Mostly vacation), probably to count his Giant's money and update the resume because the program is clearly in trouble and so is Huff's radio career.

*A TV trade based in Florida questioned my report that KPIX's ND, Dan Rosenheim was making somewhere in the 'hood of $350K...a former PIX reporter told me Rosenheim was at about $330K six years ago. I'll take his word for it.

*Ama Daetz, new KGO-TV weeknight co-anchor: more than charming ON the air, a little surly OFF the air.

*Sussman: Drudge Report headlines, repeats stories, bash Obama, play stupid Joe Biden 7-11 actuality, repeat more stories, bash Obama, fake banter with traffic chick whose voice sounds like a gravel machine at the Hayward dump, end of show.

*Spencer Hughes/KSFO hate monger: Was I too harsh? No, kind of tame actually.

*That new KRON VP and GM: looks can be deceiving.

*It's pretty evident that when Gary Radnich, even in his sunset years, takes vacation, his KNBR show suffers from a case of the Not Ready For Primetime Players.

*Ken Bastida and Veronica De La Cruz: Not exactly chummy. The body language alone speaks volumes. More ominous for PIX: Bastida likes everyone!

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Ask Rich Lieberman 415 Media Wednesday


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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ferguson, MO, The Middle East --Long, Hot August

{Billy Joel}

"We didn't Start The Fire"

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Exposing the Schmuck on Ferguson/Mike Brown On My Radio Show Today From 2-4 PM PT

 I WILL ADDRESS the subject matter of the last post today on my radio show from 2-4PM PT. (They'll be a podcast up later if you can't listen live).

And I'll be honest and sincere and up front as opposed to the contrived and forced one.

Click on the upper right to listen LIVE and participate, if you desire.
The phone # is 831-477-1340.

I promise you full account and then some--and oh yes, I'll call out the racist phony.

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