Monday, February 8, 2016

Monday Recovery; The Day After; CBS Coverage; NBC Choice; South Bay Domestic Violence TV Power Couple Update; ABC News Interested in KTVU's Paulson


I assume all of you made it out alive, well, and kicking. The city is still in recovery mode; take a look at the long faces at the Embarcadero Bart station. Too many beers of course and not enough chicken wings, which I always thought were overrated to begin win; I stuck to supreme nachos with enough Velveeta to impress Herb Caen.

*CBS did a pretty good job with the game, broadcast and all, but I'm an NBC guy. The peacock network always seems to bring forth a more crisper show with better camera angles, better cameras period and on the field plus, I like Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth. Jim Nantz is OK and decent but his occasional "this is bigger than life" moments reap a certain phoniness --he's probably a Republican. Phil Simms is just OK too and he talks way too much. So does Collinsworth but he's smart enough and I'm interested. Simms is Joe Theismann without the smarminess.

*Pete Rozell, the late, former NFL commissioner, used to joke (correctly) that God was an NFL fan because "it never rains on Super Bowl Sunday." Well, Rozell was right. Yeah, it rained in Miami a few years back but that's it.

It's been raining like hell here for the past month and suddenly, February feels like Palm Springs, to hell with El Nino. CBS and NFL execs, while taking a break from cocktails and hookers, had to be elated --so too, the city of Santa Clara.

*Contrary to popular opinion not everyone was thrilled with SB50. Boulevard restaurant on the Embarcadero was a virtual ghost town for most of the week but I'm never going to feel sorry for Nancy Oakes and her overrated, over-priced pork chops. Pass the shot of 1800.

*ABC News is really interested in KTVU weather guy, Steve Paulson, to the point where an offer will soon be on the table. Then again, Paulson, a Bay Area guy, seems comfortable in Oakland and better yet, doesn't talk like a pirate.

*The latest on the South Bay TV couple --he's being charged with a Domestic Violence hit (in court, Feb. 22) and she's wanting to nail him to the poor farm. His bank and checking accounts were raided. In the meantime, she was so determined to keep her power and position at the station to the point where she was having an affair with a married man who worked as the Interactive Media mgr and is now, too, a prominent radio guy for a SF radio station.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Friday, February 5, 2016

Truly Super


Maurice White

Super Bowl 50 Ways to Leave your Media Lover (Well, At Least 10)


1. Stick a mike-flag up her ass while she's sleeping.

2. Tell her you're not in love with her anymore and you've been stupping Jan Wahl.

3. If you're a woman, at climax, scream out "oh, Phil Simms, Phil Simms!"

4. Tell him you'd like to "have a nice, quiet, romantic, dinner in Super Bowl City."

5. Pretend you're a KNBR intern and promise non-stop Paulie Mac sing-alongs on Radio Row.

6. Decorate the living room like KPIX's new news set overlooking the Embarcadero; dress up like Allan Martin.

7. When he's rubbing your feet and you're day-dreaming about George Clooney, tell him you really dig Coldplay.

8. Fake 50 orgasms.

9. After live shot from Marina Green, tell her "your parents must be proud; you're married to a Charlotte weatherman!"

10. After deep, hot sex, lock him up in the bathroom and make him listen to Gil Gross' monologue.

I'm sure you guys have a few of your own.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

BREAKING: 415 Media: 'Civil War' at KTVU; As Sweeps Begin and Super Bowl Nears, Internal Major Issues at 2 Jack London Square; Fox Killers


*The "haves" and the "have nothings"

*Major disconnect between "star" anchors and photographers --key newsroom personnel also less than pleased with "anchor divas!"

*Frank Somerville gets heat from rank and file over station's over-the-top FOX shenanigans --he says NOTHING. "I just work here" --only power brokers at 2 insist Somerville has most influence over management and doesn't raise hell--even while telling everyone on the outside he's "sick" about station direction.

*All signs point to hellish February sweeps ; industry observers says "one bad book and HEADS WILL ROLL!"


Wednesday, February 3, 2016


We've resisted the temptation to carry on about KPIX's Super Bowl orgasm; after all, it would be un-American to rip into the obscene amount of coverage PIX has devoted to absolutely ZERO, NOTHING. Sure, there's the host-station (PIX is owned by CBS and CBS is covering the game) status and PIX has just about shoved their SF Super Bowl City badge down the collective throat of Bay Area viewers, some of whom don't give a shit about Super Bowl, Super Bowl City, Super Bowl news sets and Roberta Gonzales in particular.

We get the LOCAL ANGLE. We get Jennifer and Joe Montana. We get the 50th Game. We get all the stupidity and EXCESS. It's in the culture. It's why CBS is paying Joe Montana a million bucks for all this. Seriously, it's part of the program.

BUT WE STILL laugh at the OBSCENE EXCESS. Reporters tripping over one another to "report" the latest non-news and gimmicks; it's unbecoming at best in a city that should know better but long ago lost its soul.

The traffic around the Embarcadero is now ridiculous. Half of San Francisco is virtually impossible to navigate and even BART participation is a nightmare with most of the trains FULL and miserable to stand inside and take the train.

You want news? Wait till after the game.