Thursday, May 24, 2018

Uh, Jennifer Seelig Has Lost The KCBS News Room; Corral and Staff At Odds Over Format Stray; Get Out The Subways Fast

Image result for Rebecca Corral KCBS
Rebecca Corral
YEAH, THERE'S QUITE SOME FIRE TAKING PLACE AT KCBS...News Director, Jennifer Seelig has Lost The Newsroom.

At the center of the storm now? veteran newswoman and midday anchor, Rebecca Corral; she can't stand Seelig and she's not the only one.

Seelig has a problem on her hands, big time, if she isn't on Corral's good guy list and she's not.

Maybe she's too busy reading lovey-dovey press releases about herself.

The normally mild-mannered Corral has the respect of the entire newsroom (except one bitter reporter who covers the North Bay and wants to desperately return to TV) but has yet to warm to Seelig's incompetent managing style.

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Jennifer Seelig
How bad is Seelig?

The other week, according to a knowledgeable source, Seelig wandered around the KCBS newsroom and was lamenting how many staffers were on vacation; at one point she asked if anyone there "has any on-air anchoring experience"? Supposedly, said the source, one person said "yes" --and Seelig laughed it off.

Way to galvanize your news personnel, no wonder you've lost the staff.

Seelig is a veteran radio player but has alienated the staff with an apparent shift away from a hard-news format to a brand of soft-pedal news and fluff pieces combined with overdone cackling by some anchors who seem to believe their giggles are beloved by listeners.

I'm not late to the party.

It's time, maybe, that Seelig cross the street and buy a few hundred dollars worth of Subways to give to staff before they laugh her butt all the way back to Manteca.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

KGO-TV Has Sendoff for Katie Marzullo; Newsroom Honors Reporter/Anchor; Trixie Breaks Down in Tears; Marzullo Might Be Headed to NBC Bay Area

Related image IT WAS FAREWELL DAY at 900 Front this afternoon; the occasion? KGO-TV's Katie Marzullo was honored in the newsroom as about 40 Circle7 staffers formally said goodbye to her amid pomp and circumstance and a comment from one moody staffer: "The cake was stale."


Quite a spectacle I'm told by a spy who witnessed the proceedings including an appearance by Her Highness, ND, Tracey Watkowski-Silva who broke down in tears and showed remarkably raw emotion.

Well, the woman does have a pulse and nervous system. Maybe there's hope.

Marzullo had asked KGO management (new GM, Tom Cibrowski) for part time status so she could be closer to her infant child but was rejected by both Cibrowski and Trix. Which at that point, she quit.

Image result for katie marzulloHot rumor: Marzullo will end up at NBC Bay Area, (KNTV) which is quickly becoming KGO-South.

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Papa is a Raiders' Broadcast Lifer; Update: Papa and Mark Davis Feud

Image result for Greg Papa Raiders I'M NOT HERE to defend nor praise Raiders/NBC Cable broadcaster, Greg Papa--he can do that himself--but information put forth by Tim Kawakami via a tweet is pure BS.

I know 100 percent.

Kawakami, sports writer for The Athletic wanted to stir up shit and he did but it was all fake. He inferred that Papa was interested in a possible 49ers role as broadcaster. Those weren't his exact words but essentially that Papa was auditioning for a gig.


Papa had a special relationship with the late Raiders' owner, Al Davis. Maybe too special but that's not the point of this post.

Davis loved Papa and his broadcast and so much so that he in essence, made it in contract form that Papa was to be the Raiders broadcaster a lifetime job. How do I know? Because I know, trust me. And that includes wherever the Raiders play, like, say, Las Vegas.

Papa isn't interested in any 49ers job; a. Ted Robinson isn't going anywhere and does a great job for the Niners. Plus, he's under contract and has the backing of the 49ers' broadcast hierarchy. It's fact.

Kawakami writes and post, sometimes, interesting copy. I can dislike the guy I do, and still read him but he's notorious for BLOCKING people on social media he disagrees with; I've been accused of the same, but I try to be fair. Kawakami is anything but plus he's inconsistent.

I wanted you to get the facts.

UPDATED; Papa and Mark Davis have an ongoing feud probably fueling the rumors of Papa's "interest" in the 49ers --which again, isn't relevant.

During Al Davis' late stages in life (he died in 2011) as indicated, Papa became real close to Davis, so much so that Davis gave Greg a lifetime position in the Raiders organization. So close were they, there was rumors that Papa was not only considered merely for broadcast duties, but on the field as well, indicating Davis' trust and respect for Papa's knowledge of football. It hasn't materialized that way and I doubt Papa would involve himself with the new Jon Gruden regime but so went the story.

This is a true story: Mark Davis, Al' son and the current managing partner, is not a Papa fan. And Papa, like anyone who's someone in the football and PR world, can't stand Mark Davis.

Davis is a novice owner; a bumbling, idiotic misfit who got to his position because his dad left his portion of ownership to his son. The fact his son knows nothing about football and comes across as goofy and aloof is no accident; and quietly, Papa told friends as much. In addition, Papa, on his radio show and elsewhere made critical statements on the Raiders' leadership. They were fairly benign but Davis was displeased and got into Papa's face on several occasions.

Papa talks about the 49ers on his radio show --a lot lately--some people who should know better interpret that as his (Papa) wanting to curry favor with the 49ers in case his Raiders' gig peters out; that won't happen unless Papa changes his mind and wants no part of Las Vegas but he's already indicated his intention to still broadcast Raiders' games (It's only an hour flight from the Bay Area so Papa can still do his other duties)

Papa's got an ironclad agreement that Davis bequeathed to him; how firm is it? He's still working there, right? And here's a biggie: Papa and Jon Gruden, the new coach and de facto boss of the Silver and Black, is a Papa fan and they're both close friends dating back to Gruden's first rodeo with the Raiders years back. Gruden has already told Mark to back off Papa. In a diplomatic manner but there's an unbreakable bond there and it ain't disappearing anytime soon.

The only person who can ace out Papa from the Raiders is Papa himself; he'd have to change his mind though and I don't see that happening for now. The money he gets from the Raiders is pretty darn good (high six-figures) and Papa does need the money now, trust me.

And know you know...the rest of the story.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The Greg Papa to Niners "Story" Is Total BS Just Like Tim Kawakami; Tuesday PM Teaser

Image result for Tim Kawakami Greg Papa
Tim Kawakami
OK, so this is TOTAL BULL.

Trust me, AIN'T GONNA Happen.

First off, before I tell how much of a BS "story" this is, some full disclosures:

I DETEST Tim Kawakami. He's so full of himself he makes me look practically titanic.

Greg Papa, I respect as a broadcaster; a pretty good one at that but whose become a boor lately, most likely due to a costly divorce in progress and a battle with a severe case of vertigo.

That said, the "Touuuuuchdown Raiders" play-by-play is a lifelong Raider. He's not going to the 49ers. Period. End.of.story.

Oh, and Papa hates Kawakami about as much as I do.

We'll delve into this and give you the Mark Davis angle too. Because you wouldn't believe it but Mark Davis is not a Greg Papa guy but there's a whole lot behind that.

Image result for Greg Papa
Greg Papa
Details on Wednesday.

A Short Story

Small wonder that is short, sweet and simple.


KTVU's Ardent Troll

Related image  TROLLS --it's an unfortunate byproduct of the Internet and Social Media; KTVU knows it all too well or does it?

One should hope so.

Because KTVU has itself a mother of all trolls working in the newsroom--maybe in the sales office.

The little dweeb, says a hardened broadcast exec, has made some rather crude and rude remarks and is being monitored; he/she should be careful now that Uncle Richie has been one of his prized recipients, el schmuck has been advised thus that the men in blue suits have been notified and you're on the clock.