Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Hey Buddy Boy! More Lies about Ray T Courtesy Ronnnnnn Owens; KCBS Traffic Chick Hates Brown; Susan Leigh Taylor Lousy Interviewer; Steph Curry Gets Local Media Pass on Moon Thoughts; Heather Holmes Wardrobe Advice; Lisa Argen: They're Real; But Is Kyla Grogan; Raj Mathai More NBC NY Rumors; A's to KSFO? Somerville Contract Portends Well for KGO's Ashley; Wednesday Wash

Related image HEY BUDDY BOY!

*Hey Ronnnnnn Owens, good many people still want to know why I pick on you and the latest lie that you took Ray Taliaferro to lunch the day after the KGO massacre in 2011 is another reason why. It's another LIE! Hell, you made the cooks in the back of North Beach restaurant make a sandwich for you after Gene Burns funeral and didn't leave a tip. That's both true and so later-day Ronn Owens.

*Hey, KCBS evening weather yenta, Sherry Brown: Sheryl Raines can't stand you and has told everyone under the moon in the newsroom. Can't say that I disagree,

Image result for steph curry moon meme*Hey, can someone explain to me how Warriors' superstar Steph Curry wasn't roasted by the local press over his "we didn't land on the moon" opine? Never mind.

*Hey, Susan Leigh Taylor, let Bunger do the entire interviews because, frankly, you really suck at interviewing.

*Hey, Stan Bunger, your weather pontificating now borders on the extreme. If we wanted your embellishments we'd have told you so. Enough of the "well, we could see some sun pop-ups and a brief thunder shower here and there." Stan, please, STOP IT! You're inching in on Bill Martin territory.

Image result for heather holmes ktvu instagram*Hey, Heather Holmes, one of your key generals in the KTVU newsroom insists "she works her ass off." OK, fair enough. Just this advice: you can look sexy by dressing professionally, you know, the corporate CEO look? A business dress and blouse, say. Which by the way, makes you far more credible and serious. Again, Heather, think Cecilia Vega and Diane Sawyer and enough with the Marina chick wardrobe.

*Hey soldiers, Lisa Argen of KGO-TV weather fame, swears they're real in case you were wondering.

*What am I not getting about Kyla Grogan? Please help me.

*Hey, Mark Ibanez: so about those texts? Humn.

*Those Bay Area news celebrities and talk hosts that are doing those highly ubiquitous and irritating ads about living in Lathrop --have they actually been in or seen Lathrop? Hell no.

Image result for lisa argen kgo*Raj Mathai insists he has no interest in New York but if NBC throws more zeros Raj's way then anything is on the table. Raj loves San Jose and family but I bet if the moolah is that good he and the wife and kids could easily adapt to Rockefeller Center (which isn't so bad by the way)

*I mean, seriously now, Kyla Grogan?

*Teetering on obscurity: Ken Bastida.

*The first thing you should know is that Jack Swanson tried to get rid of Armstrong and Getty; this was before he found out Cumulus had no money for him which only reinforces KGO Radio is pretty much in the wasteland, now, the future, forever.

Image result for raj mathai*Just a hunch: New radio home for the Oakland A's might be KSFO. A baseball broadcast during spring and summer won't effect the talk format and yes, even though KSFO is right-wing central remember KTRB was not exactly middle of the road either.

*When Frank Somerville gets his new deal at Channel 2 just wait what the new Dan Ashley contract becomes. Lots of Mickey Mousies.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Is Frances Wang Headed To KPIX? Tuesday Night Hot Rumor

Image may contain: 1 person

Frances Wang  to KPIX?

I certainly hope so.
Her "new chapter" has a ring to it.

KPIX -CBS Doesn't Appear to Want to Pay Dennis O'Donnell The Freight; Enter Vern Glenn?

Image result for gary radnich twitter
Vern Glenn (l) Ken Bastida, and Veronica De La Cruz

In spite of his past GaryIsms, there's word on the street that PIX sports second banana, Vern Glenn, might be in the captain's seat next year.

And yes, it's all about the money.

Veteran Dennis O'Donnell is said to be a goner --might be a gonner because he makes too much money and isn't that big a draw anymore. At least that's the thinking--doesn't mean it's going to happen but this much is known: CBS doesn't want to pay $300K a year to its sports maven in San Francisco. O'Donnell holds down the fort at the gulch at 855 Battery but maybe not for long.

Enter Vern Glenn. Cheaper. Just as much, if not more, popularity.

Maybe, maybe not. Time will tell.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Showdown at KTVU: Somerville Contract Up; Will He Sign New Deal Amid KPIX Rumors; Monday Open

Image result for frank somerville FRANK SOMERVILLE is the topic of conversation around the Bay Area TV News scene: why? Somerville's contract is up. No big deal he will automatically be renewed would be the logical thinking so what's all the commotion?

The word on the street is that, yes, Fox/KTVU will re-up the veteran Monday-Friday anchor --but at virtually no raise and perhaps even a cut. Somerville's annual salary is among the highest in the Bay Area at roughly $630K a year. It's a lot of money for an anchor even one as popular as Somerville but KTVU is awash in cash and still has record ratings particularly at nighttime where Frank leads the way at 6 and 10 PM. He's been at Channel 2 for over two decades.

Making matters more interesting is possible interest from other stations should Somerville want to jump ship if he doesn't get a contract that's suitable for his standing. A source close to the situation tells me one outlet that might pounce on Somerville: KPIX, CBS-owned and operated has lots of money and KPIX needs a face of the station. At the very least, a PIX offer would provide much leverage to Somerville who, I believe, would prefer to stay at KTVU and finish out his career in Oakland.

I would bet he get's a deal done --a new contract somewhere in the $700K a year frame is likely. Then again, these days nothing shocks me.

I will be on this and report back to you when there's news, or not.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Stuck In The Middle With You - Stealers Wheel--415 Media Sunday Video Finale


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Mandy and Me; 415 Media Short Story

Related image THERE SHE WAS; FOREVER POSITIVE and enthusiastic ….so why the hell meet me? I PONDERED that very question myself. I had little or no magic; I was far from handsome and had no resemblance to George Clooney or Ken Bastida. My time frame was limited too because I just as soon have a couple of martinis and call it a night and request a second date. She was as old-school as I am and she preferred mature men, not the fanboys who hang out in the marina and order PBR at the Balboa. Clearly, Mandy was from another planet, another venue. What the hell was she doing with me and why was I so suspicious. I needed another drink to embellish and observe. She was content to keep her Kendall Jackson half full.

WE MET on a chance in that dark bar in the financial district. She was a media buyer for a large ad agency in the city and wrote me out of the blue because she told me she liked neurotic, unproven, sophisticated, slightly broke, talkative, impatient, morose, problematic, insecure, well-spoken, svelte media bloggers. Mandy complained that the common assumption that "I only like young, good-looking, wealthy assholes" was just that: an assumption.

Mandy wanted to be emphatic.  "You write well for a blogger and I have respect for what you do; I mean, yes, you lose me when you write the shit about women and their boobs and insinuate who you'd like to fuck, but overall, you're funny and entertaining."

She caught me off guard with that last statement because I was worried about meeting her. What were her motives? Why me? Did she have an agenda? Was she a potential stalker? All of this was going through my mind. To offset the fear I ordered another vodka and asked Bruno, the bartender, for more cheese fish. Mandy was still consuming her first glass of Cabernet. She suddenly veered off to the bathroom clutching her cell phone as if she was watching a new edition of House of Cards. I felt awkward as usual but stayed at the bar to find out what was going on. Classic theatre. Patrons seemed close to their own encounters so Mandy and I enjoyed relative privacy and respect. Bruno was quick to protect our territory telling a bunch of jerks from downtown to move away from our conversation and rendezvous. What a professional. NY guy with all the right kind of gusto.

Meanwhile, Mandy emerged from the meetin' in the ladies room. She smelled fresh and pungent, like a newly -scented towel from the Fisherman's Wharf Holiday Inn. She was no fool. She knew full well that I was intrigued and turned on by her persona and disposition even though I had no clue what the hell she was seeking. So I asked her point blank, "Uh, you know I'm a little weary of all this commotion and would like to ask you what is your mission?" "I don't have a 'mission Rich, I just wanted to have a drink with you; there's no ulterior motive. I thought you might be interesting and provocative and that the limitations you have, that I may be able to help you." That's a lot on my plate to decipher. I gazed forward and tried to pivot to the obvious: "But you don't want to sleep with me, right?" She laughed. But it was the right kind of laugh. Not the "oh, fuck you, dream on, man" kind of chick laugh. There was more to it. It was that symbolic, Helen Hunt, I care about you laugh, at least that's what I figured. I asked her to embellish.

"Look, I had another fight with my boyfriend last night and we're probably going to split up. He's very controlling and very possessive. I like my freedom. I love the city but NY is the center of the universe and eventually I want to live there and work there." She wasn't done.

"I'm not looking to sleep with you, Richard, not yet at least but you turn me on with your style." "What style?", I asked. "You remind me of a friend of my girlfriend, Rebecca, in Boca (Florida) you're kind of funny and so is he." OK, but what does that have to do with me asking if you'll ever sleep with me before 2020. She laughed again. I didn't know what to do. Frankly, I was teetering on leaving but dammit, she had me with those daring eyes and luscious lips. I was in heaven. The only thing missing was a narration by Jan Wahl.

Mandy insisted that we have another date. I was attracted to her and believed that she had no motives. It was reinforced by the fact she told me she had no Scientology membership and that she wasn't some crazed wacko from Craigslist; she just wanted to meet and form a new friendship. I was caught in translation and still befuddled on "why me?" Mind you I have the fullest confidence in myself and although now I'm in the biggest crisis of my life; that I'm thoroughly fucked up at times and can hardly function; even in all that I still possess enough charm and originality that some (women especially) find alluring, I clung to the position that she was going through something and I was her lucky bait. Maybe.

We're meeting again soon. She told me she and the boyfriend are basically breaking up and she was not cheating on him and that I was just her chosen glass of wine, metaphorically speaking, and that if I wanted a new friend, she was game. Translation: "I want your guidance and chivalry but I don't want to sleep with you." Mandy, I'm too old for this shit, there's got to be an end game, I didn't tell it that way exactly but she kind of knew.

She was very nice; a bit skittish and fast, but very nice. I trusted her even though there seemed to be an indirect misdirect. She wanted to have dinner for some reason and she insisted on paying. (Good move) So we're going to have dinner and talk out loud. I'm a little skeptical but what the hell do I have to lose? Exactly.

Carry on. So will I. And so will Mandy.

Saturday, December 8, 2018

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