Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Ask Rich Lieberman Just About Anything

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Time to sip some extra coffee, (or maybe something with more bite) and fire away all your media questions whether it be Coronavirus pandemic coverage or? Wait a minute, that's the only subject matter that's being talked about.

Please, name and city/town. You know the drill.

Monday, March 30, 2020

Dave Brubeck - Take Five --415 Media Video Finale

Required listening to all 415 Media fans and enemies alike.

'Take 5'--Dave Brubeck

Circle7 Snags Stephanie Sierra from Colorado Investigative Team

Stephanie Sierra Wins First Place Hearst Award for Broadcast ...COUP for KGO (ABC7) getting ace reporter, Stephanie Sierra for its top-notch I team Investigative Reporting crew; Sierra comes to the Bay Area from Colorado.

The Old, Old, KGO Radio You Loved (and Still Do)

RICH LIEBERMAN 415 MEDIA: The Old KGO Radio, Circa 1995

It was old and golden, those names, those characters. They were family, as Mickey Luckoff used to say before he became angry and arrogant.

KGO Radio. Names and places. From 277 Golden Gate to the Embarcadero, 900 Front, 55 Hawthorne and Broadway and Battery now.

I'll say this about Luckoff: he didn't take Ronn Owen's bullshit; in the end, Lowenstein -Owens beat him in arbitration, but still, Mickey could care less about Ronnnn's inflated, maniacal ego.

PROPS to Jim Eason too for telling it like it is/was regarding Ronn. It says a lot about Jim. It's especially poignant this day and age.

Monday PM Schmooze; KRON Paranoia; Pero Still Yelling and Screaming But Who Cares; CBS Sports Radio Begins Layoffs; KNBR Next?

Flu season. Coronavirus. How managers can handle sickness and ...

IF YOU THINK YOU'RE PARANOID about you-know-what, take the case of KRON where the newsroom is  basically empty and they're having to offer incentives for the slave-wages reporters to go out in the field and report--only a bundle of cash will motivate the soldiers.

*The arrogant ass in the ND office , Aaron Pero, still constantly SCREAMS and YELLS at his staff --I was reminded his reign of internal terror means nothing now because there's hardly anyone left to yell at; KRON is still putting the news out but their KTEL version will be expanded even further becaue of the virus. Literally, they need able bodies. If you deliver pizzas and need more cash, call KRON.

*Yeah, KTVU and KPIX are dark and empty (save for the assignment editors) but the BS shit continues...seems two, high-profile anchors tried some lovey-dovey on another naïve intern --maybe love in the Coronavirus era is taboo, but not to these nitwits.

*Dennis O'Donnell is doing the PIX sports from his home way out --I can see everything but the Budweiser cans. All you need is a Dan Rosenheim visit.

*CBS Sports Radio, based in NYC, has begun laying off certain weekend hosts due to the virus and its effect on ads. Mind you, this is CBS sports radio, owned by deep-pockets, Entercom (which owns several radio stations including 95.7 FM "The Game" here) --so if CBS is laying off people, you can only imagine what KNBR (Cumulus) has in store. I don't revel in potential worker misery, I'm just giving you the facts which is why ou come here.

* I'LL BE LIVE-BLOGGING later tonight so if you have any questions, feel free to chime in and fire away.

'Triple Thunder' at KTVU Despise Each Other; Don't Let the Picture Fool You; 415 Media Extra

Cristina Rendon on Twitter: "We've just begun on The Four on 2. I ...
Left to right: Orozco, Rendon and Holmes: Triple Thunder at KTV U

THE TRUTH IS, THEY HATE ONE ANOTHER. Of course they won't say it in public much less say it to one another but they despise each other. Truly, they do.

At KTVU, "Triple Thunder": Rosemary Orozco, Cristina Rendon and Heather Holmes, as they are referred to at the Oakland Fox O and O, are stridently competitive these days. Air time is not a given, its earned. To say they'd do anything to have prime time would be accurate. And what exactly means, "do anything?" Oh, dear lord.

They're Stealing Toilet Paper at Bay Area Media Outlets

People in Japan stealing toilet paper from public toilets after ...

At various local media outlets. I'd have thought this was a joke. I'm wrong. You could say that the people who work at these places (especially KRON and KGO-TV) are stealing toilet paper because it's hard to find/buy TP at Costco. It is. But consider the thefts and consider what the lower-level staff (and high too, to various degree) are having a tough time now, like the rest of us.

A crapper caper? Bigger.