Friday, January 24, 2020

Ask Rich Lieberman

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Answering all your radio/TV questions and please, name and town.

Happy Friday.

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Witchcraft; 415 Media Thursday Night Video Finale

Francis Albert Sinatra

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415 Media Extra: Dana King's Re-Entry into KPIX Anchor Chair was So Close; When Ego Gets in Way of Common Sense

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Dana King

A FEW YEARS BACK, I acted as an advocate. It wasn't done out of ego more so because I dearly missed a good anchor's presence on the local TV News domain. She wasn't one to lose sleep over but dammit, she was a hard worker and a terrific anchor: Dana King on KPIX.

At the time, I wrote it would be great if Dana came back to PIX. She would create instant ratings buzz and it would be a nice resurrection of a career I thought ended much too soon.

And she was interested too.

Dana won numerous industry awards and was recognized by viewers and colleagues alike as a talented, passionate journalist. She was not only good on the desk but in the field as well as she traveled the world reporting on AIDS research and international relations. It was both refreshing and a bona-fide treasure to watch a local icon show her prowess. A win for KPIX and viewers who loved her work.

Dana King is not only passionate about TV News journalism but artistry too. She loves sculpture She loves its tranquility and form. I sought the idea she could come back and do both. It made too much sense.

Sometimes, ego and obfuscation supersedes common sense. It was present then and now: King would be terrific back in the PIX anchor desk. Her credentials are priceless. She would have come back en fuego but Channel 5 didn't seize the moment. King too was adamant about being able to work ardently on something she loved--her sculpting. And yes, the TV News business changed and continues to change but for a person with the talent of Dana King, there's always room.

All that was needed was some creative burst and common sense from management and King herself. It would have required very little heavy lifting. In fact, it was there for the taking and asking. I know first hand but ego and simple judgement got in the way.

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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

KGO Uses Over-Week Old Ronnnn Owens Report

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Maybe better to call it the "Ronn Owens Retread." --KGO ran an old ROR without saying it was old, a typical Ronnoo yapfest with John Avalos, here's the aforementioned report to listen to which was about as news worthy as Ronn's ast manicure

Yuri Maserati --the 'La -La-La' Guy is Worthy of KTVU News Desk

Meet Yuri Maserati, the 'La La La' guy--I think he should be taken seriously for a KTVU gig, he would fit right in only one thing? Yuri has more news acumen and fortitude than everyone inside the building at Jack London Square.

Now this? This guy is a serious journalist. No doubt about it.

Holmes Weak Act at KTVU Continues and Mike Mibach Total Sham Too: An Honest Take

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THEY REEK OF ARROGANCE--and for what? He (Mike Mibach) walks around the KTVU studios and struts for no apparent reason and draws scorn and ridicule (mostly up front) from the women as a ladies man which is curious because he's allegedly married (ha!) --Again, I have ZERO reason why MM thinks his crap doesn't stink. He's an utter blip on the radar and if he thinks pictures like this are flattering than he clearly needs some counseling and therapy at Napa State Hospital...

Meanwhile, drama queen, Countess Heather Holmes is off on another distant path with new, slutty outfits and non-news journalist fashion. She again has opted for the nightclub look and therefore, isn't serious about furthering her career  outside of KTVU where her anchor duties have become a joke, but my question, when oh when was she ever taken seriously in the first place? These gruesome twosome are the epitome of asininity --what a COMPLETE DISGRACE!