Friday, July 29, 2016

The 'Detached' Ronn Owens

 TAKE A LOOK at that picture on the left; it's Ronn Owens promo from 1994 --the old KGO, which is now reduced to a mostly empty chamber in the Cumulus SF Building on Broadway and Battery.

There's a class society at KGO/2016 these days...those who talk to Ronn (virtually nobody) and those who don't (virtually everybody, except a few managers)

Owens comes in to do his show and then he leaves --fast and furious.

"Doesn't say a word anymore. He's not surly or angry, just seems sort of overwhelmed," says a veteran staffer.

Owens has, in recent days, tried to reach out and make amends to certain today (Friday) he did a phone interview with Chip Franklin (which bordered on awfulness) who spent a week at the DNC in Philly. It was 10 minutes of radio mush but the larger point was the fact that Owens and Franklin were even talking.

Owens and Franklin had become a KGO fire and ice duo and at one point both avoided each other like the plague. The heart of the feud had to do mostly with Owen's irritation having to wait for Franklin to do his in-studio tease; not that long ago, Owens told Franklin to shove it and there was no tease nor did the two talk. Management got involved and worked out an appeasement and now both appear to be more chummy, at least on the air.

As his show continues to disappear off the radio beaten path, Owens has become a lot more reclusive and not involved with KGO's public PR appearance shows. He was supposed to emcee a community show in Marin last month but told the hightops that he wasn't available.

"He's a lot more detached, " says another station Insider. "He acts and sounds as if this might be his last 'rodeo."

Owens is signed through the end of 2016.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

KCBS' Doug Sovern Crappo from Philly Much About Nothing; Has Janelle Wang of NBC Bay Area Had Some Work Done?; KRON: More Alecia Reed, Less JR Stone; The Weather Authority Has Kidnapped KTVU News; Giants-Reds KNBR Broadcast Misses Homerun By Bruce; Dave Flemming Pissed; KGO PD Mike Anthony Hates John Rothmann Because Rothmann is Too Smart; Mystery Blond at KPIX; Thursday Rundown

Doug Sovern
 Doug Sovern, an otherwise decent political reporter for KCBS has been "reporting" from Philly at the DNC; frankly, it's been a waste as Sovern's contribution has been a total zero; the bulk of his reports consisted of inane chit-chats with the California delegation. Just brilliant. Sovern's vanilla display was the same banana at the RNC Cleveland gathering too. Which goes to show that political reporters take junkets too.

Janelle Wang
*Is it just me or has NBC Bay Area's weeknight anchor, Janelle Wang's facial appearance been altered? Janelle is an attractive and spirited news reader; frankly, I don't get the reason why the face needed some rearranging --looked fine to me, no she looks a tad frightening.

*Speaking of NBC Bay Area, that idiotic and massively annoying blue box in the lower part of the screen is more a distraction than it is an attraction.

I get the NBC stations have been ordered to begin promoting the Olympics/Rio coverage (Gees, what great news has been coming out about that event!) but this stupid box makes it an irritant to watch KNTV's news product.

Blame it on Rio.

Alecia Reed
*Alecia Reed of KRON is a pretty damn good reporter; too bad she's not featured more --right?

KRON has this nasty habit of wasting their best talent while trying mightily to feature more time of their amateur people, like, say, the astoundingly overrated J.R. Stone, who looks more like a Nordstorm women's shoes salesman than anchor and reporter.

Reid is refined, cogent, and gives appealing delivery. She doesn't have to play to the camera either which the manipulative and dorky Stone does on a nightly basis.

*In my Mike Anthony post on Wednesday I neglected to mention the KGO Radio PD does not like John Rothmann; oh, he likes him personally but doesn't care for Rothmann's on-air persona --basically because Rothmann is TOO SMART for Anthony's taste.

Anthony would be far more comfortable with millennial hosts talking about oatmeal cookie recipes.
Que Chip Franklin. 
J.R. Stone

*Why doesn't KTVU just rebrand the "10 o'clock News" as the "new 10 o'clock Weather News" occasionally interrupted by a few news reports. The absurdity of WeatherAuthority placement at 10 is a joke even by Fox Standards, whatever that is today.

*Rosemary Orozco has become infatuated with a red dress. Wears it almost every day; at least not on the days she's wearing the blue dress. Ms. Orozco apparently has copped an attitude around the KTVU studios which probably means she too is sending resumes to LA stations.

Dave Flemming
*During Wednesday's Giants-Reds radio broadcast, the homerun in the 7th inning by the Red's Jay Bruce was MISSED on the KNBR Broadcast. Why? Because KNBR got BIT IN THE ASS by placing too many commercial spots and a clearly pissed-off Dave Flemming was left having to talk about a homer that never made KNBR's air. How embarrassing.

*Flemming, by the way, is the Giant's hand-picked successor to the main radio PBP gig when Jon Miller finally retires and goes off to teach his new college prep class" How to do endless 'Vin Scully impressions and how to say, "uh", 20,000 times during a baseball broadcast."

*How ironic that some Chronicle Sports writers who have complained in the past about budget-trimming are the same columnists who appear regularly on KNBR, the station that is rigorously fighting the idea of paying its small people livable wages.

Go figure.

*The fact that it was this blog, my 415 Media that reported, exclusively about a KRON MMJ getting assaulted in Berkeley and that no other news outlet reported it is a rather sad and telling indication of just how pathetic and jealous Bay Area Media has become.

Maybe it's better they too stick with meatball recipes and wonder bread material.

Mystery blond at KPIX talking to reporters
*I got your Pokémon right here.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

KGO Radio's Insipid PD; Mike Anthony; Keeping 'The Next Generation' Dumb and Dumber; Wednesday Late Happy Hour

 This is Mike Anthony, the Program Director of KGO Radio (and KSFO); Anthony is responsible for show content for the current roster of talk hosts (except Ronn Owens) where the daily menu is chock full of sweet nothings; banal personal interest stories; useless trivia; TMZ minutiae --in other words, non-serious, actual "news-talk" that Anthony thinks the Bay Area audience, women especially, can't or won't listen to.

Anthony is already on the hot seat according to a broadcast source because the ratings at KGO remain putrid; the recent spike in numbers had nothing to do with content and was dictated by a few Warriors games KGO carried.

Because of recent serious news; the Orlando tragedy; Dallas and Baton Rouge police ambushes and the Nice, France terror truck attack, some senior staffers had a come-to-Jesus moment with management and screamed bloody murder about talking about mush.

Anthony, Opps MGR, Lee Hammer, too, supposedly relented and a minor format tweak ensued; talk hosts were allowed to switch subject matter and discuss the breaking news. Gees, how thoughtful of the suits to do what was so obvious from the beginning or would it sound and look insane if, say, a "Drex" was pontificating about the Kardashians while Dallas and the country were grieving over five cops being ambushed by a lunatic gunman (and police brutality too against mostly unarmed black men in Minnesota and Louisiana)

Anthony is in full control of the mantra and is supposedly good for the year before the Cumulus rats circle the building and chew off their latest victim and hire another genius who knows nothing about programming a Bay Area radio station.

'Ladies and Gentlemen, Mambo Number 5' ; 415 Media Wednesday Video Finale


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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

415 Media Breaking: KRON MMJ Jackie Sissel Assaulted in Berkeley

Jackie Sissel, a KRON MMJ (multi media journalist) was a victim of a snatch and grab theft this (Tuesday) morning on the Hwy. 80 exit at Ashby Ave. in Berkeley, 415 Media is learning.

From multiple sources, Sissel resisted the attack trying to get the camera away from the suspect. This is the second time he has had an incident.

Bottom line: When will KRON learn?

MMJ's and no security guard? A police report was filed. From my understanding Sissel was not seriously injured.

The New KGO-TV News Set is Late To The Game But Supposedly Will Knock Your Socks Off; Update

 KGO-TV (ABC7) is still presenting all its newscasts in makeshift abodes in and around its newsroom--Circle7 is set to debut an historic, state-of-art news set; something so incredibly elaborate that it's taking extra time to debut. 

The new set is still a secret, even among veteran KGO staffers, but supposedly will have a plethora of High-Def monitors, background computerized animation and a "SF-themed" wonder moniker I'm told will "knock your socks off." It is, after all, an ABC O and O--owned by Disney.

The new set was supposed to be ready in late July; I'm betting next Monday will be showtime.

Just a hunch.

UPDATE: I was optimistic about next Monday--in fact, the new set debut will not occur next week. A broadcast source at KGO:

 "It's at least a month out. I don't think there are problems just a lot more moving parts than they may have expected."