Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Mibach Ascension Gets Him 'Membership' Into Powerful Secret KTVU 'Gold-Card' Club

 The ascension of KTVU anchor Mike Mibach is astounding --to the point that the new 4 PM News co-anchor has elevated himself to a mostly confidential but very, very, POWERFUL elite station status update: membership in KTVU's Gold-Card Club.

The club is very secret--only a handful of the station's elite on-air broadcasters even know about its existence ..and those few who do know are eternally mum about its subject matters. Let's just say Mibach has, after 10 years, received the keys to the Jack London Square kingdom --we'll talk about it more specifically in a future post.

95.7 FM Barrett Roast Or Warriors-Rockets Game 5?

 OK, so tonight have this and that other certain NBA basketball game over in Oakland --who dreamed this up?

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

It's Official: Mike Mibach To Co-Anchor New KTVU Weekday 4 PM News; Station Plans New Platform And Experiments On NewsCast

 I told you the other day that Mike Mibach would co-anchor KTVU Channel 2's new newscast at 4 PM with Keba Arnold and it's now official.

Mibach will leave Weekend "Mornings on Two" and begin his new broadcast duties next Monday. June 22.

Traditionally, 4 PM on TV News schedules is commonly referred to as the "Death Valley" of time slots but my Insiders at KTVU tell me that the Fox O and O is going to experiment with many new ideas; perhaps many more longer packages; more live interviews and "unusual" projects that viewers wouldn't normally see on the more traditional 5, 6, and 10/11 PM news.

Moreover, local TV news is still infinitely profitable no matter the time of day and KTVU adding a 4 PM news program (which will compete against KGO-TV) isn't all that surprising. Additionally, the idea of longer interviews, more live shots, and more emphasis to local stories is a welcome addition to the Bay Area TV market.

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Ten Lunchtime Items; KPIX Make-Up Dept To Veronica De La Cruz: 'Tone It Down'; KGO-TV #1 At 11; O'Donnell Smug; Could Flores Replace Mibach On KTVU MO2?

 *KPIX Make-Up Dept. to Veronica De La Cruz: "Tone it down."

She has.

*I inadvertently gave PIX high marks for doing well in the May sweeps but I misread the data--they really sucked air at 11 PM and Night Beat is on life machine at 10 PM on its CW station.

*Once again, PIX has NO identity. The revolving anchor thing ain't working either. Sounds to me like a leader is needed. (Hello, Mr. Cohen?)

*KGO-TV #1 at 11 PM. No inter-office memos needed to ask reporters  to "move around the camera during live shots."

*Christina Loren is not the only on-air person who occasionally looked for job postings on the Internet.

*A good bet: Brian Flores replacing Mike Mibach on KTVU Weekend MO2 --just a hunch.

*More PIX opining: Although Anne Makovec loves the quietness of weekend anchoring she'd be great during the week. It takes a bold move to do something radical like that but unfortunately D.R. doesn't have that pedigree.

*Hey Dennis O'Donnell: Could you be a little more smug? Holy teleprompter!

*Oxymoron to the max: They're going to roast the ex-PD, Jason Barrett (soon to be departing 95.7 FM) at Cobb's Wednesday night. Gees, I can't wait. How many tickets did the promotions dept. give away? (Alert the interns and their families).

*Gil Gross: human sleep inducer.

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Entercom's All-Sports 95. 7 FM 'The Game' Has A New PD That Replaces The Old Schmuck

Image result for 95. 7 The GameThe All-Sports (occasionally) FM station, The Game (95.7) has a new Program Director

Here's the Press Release before the house shills move forward (Notice the following hyperbole)

Dear Entercom Team and Valued Partners:
"After an exhaustive international search, we are thrilled to announce that Don Kollins will be joining Entercom / San Francisco as Program Director of 95.7 The Game, effective Friday, June 12th. Don comes to us from Rogers Communications’ Sportsnet 590 The Fan (CJCL) in Toronto where he served as Program Director since 2008."

An "exhaustive" search? For what: to replace this schlemiel? Maybe the new guy's first missive would be to can the shitty morning show.

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KRON 'Back Story' Doesn't Mute The Stench At 900 Front; KGO-TV Fired Producer But Matthew Keys Middle-Finger To Chron Reporters More Compelling; KTVU 4pm Anchor Furor; Sarah Throws Vinnie Under The Bus At CBS/Alice; Tuesday Meatballs

 KRON couldn't get any worse, could it? It could.

It could move from the inconvenient state of reality and enhance its own propaganda, like this, for instance.

And yes, everyone in the biz has an opinion or two. Fortunately no one is falling for the fantasy.

The "Back Story" charade has drawn considerable scorn and belittlement from both current and past KRONvicts. One prominent station staffer: "Just when you think we couldn't get any lower, we get lower. --'I feel like I'm at kindergarten class."

So, yes, predictably, the inanity and foolishness of Back Story is still resonating in the Battery corridor --hell, KRON's own dim-witted GM couldn't even put out a correct press release. To wit:

There is something naturally compelling about a newsroom and what it takes to gather news every day. We’re a unique station willing to take chances when it comes to developing local programming and we think people will be fascinated by this untold, unscripted series.” says KRON 4 VP/General Manger (sic) Ashley Gold Messina

Does KRON have a game plan for the future? Does anyone even care anymore? Can you continue the current drivel with a bunch of nincompoops running the circus? No, no and no. It doesn't help matters too when you have Generalissimo Pero still screaming and yelling. You can scream and yell at a bunch of 20-something "producers" but the rank and file you can't screw with. It's a mother of all Rubik's Cube at 900 Front. The new digs and equipment was but a temporary distraction --now, from the heart of the storm, the mood is back to its normal Dire Straits. We're not surprised.

*That KGO-TV fired some idiotic producer over his stupid and naive tweets was a major yawner --(he's an idiot) --the real funny sidebar is this add from Matthew Keys:

(Editor’s note: If you are reading this via a link from the San Francisco Chronicle’s website, the author of this post would like to express his disdain for reporter Evan Sernoffsky and his editor Terry Robertson, both of whom felt it important to include incorrect and irrelevant information about this author in their aggregated report on the following topic. As such, the author of this post would like to kindly offer the suggestion that Mr. Sernoffsky and Mr. Robertson go fuck themselves.)

Uh, enough said.

*At KTVU the new 4PM Newscast begins next week with some pissed-off people in the house who might have been passed over for the mediocre Mike Mibach. And there's plenty to choose from.

*The mentally-challenged morons known as Sarah and Vinnie have a problem: She (Sarah) has thrown her partner, moron#2, under the bus. No big deal. But how so? She quietly complains that he's not that good performing his duties. Maybe he needs to be less stiff.

* KQED's Michael Krasny can be a real mean person. Ask a certain former KGO Radio weekend talk-show host.

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