Monday, July 28, 2014

Flash: Assistant ND at KGO-TV Adrouny Splits Down The Way To San Jose at NBC Bay Area

Stephanie Adrouny KGO-TV Assistant News Director, Stephanie Adrouny, is headed down south to NBC Bay Area, (KNTV), in San Jose to take over the same position. She will succeed Matt Goldberg, who left for KNBC in LA.

The news was confirmed to the Channel 7/KGO newsroom by ND, Tracey Watkowski late Monday night in an e-mail.

This will be a coming home for Adrouny who spent time at KNTV in 2002.

In the early analysis, don't read too much into this transaction although like everything else there could be a valid reason Adrouny is splitting: the coming Disney axe at KGO. She very well may have been on that list.

We'll explore.

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Terry McSweeney, Marty Gonzalez And Peggy Bunker: Bay Area TV Anchor Weekend Warriors

TK Terry McSweeney has settled into a nice gig down in San Jose at NBC Bay Area anchoring the weekend news at 5, 6 and 11 p.m. and reports during the week.

 Marty Gonzalez, a two-decade weekend anchor/reporter for KRON: steady, reliable, all-business delivery and quality news delivery, network material. Like Heenan, we take him for granted.

McSweeney is solid, commands the screen and is one fine ad-libber. He also seems to have established some good chemistry with newcomer, Peggy Bunker.


Saturday, July 26, 2014

About Right For Today

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Saturday News and Notes; KPIX And Its CW Newscast Youthful Endeavor; Israel-Gaza on KSCO Radio 'Saturday Special'

 Some of you take the position of congratulating KPIX for trying something new with regard to their 10 PM "Night Beat" newscast on the CW channel, (KBCW).

Well, that's a reasonable position but just what is it that's new or bold or different?

We're to be enthralled that KPIX is marginalizing a newscast to attract a younger demo? That's supposed to be innovative? Please.

Think about it.

A thirty-minute newscast littered with silly-sallies --complete with Twitter and Facebook trends and other absurdities. How about 30 minutes of a simple, straight-forward, splashy, non-artificial program with sharper and quicker stories. No false bravado, no two-minute drills, just an attempt at a nifty newscast--how great that would be.

But no, in an attempt to cater to the lowest common denominator; the youthful Neanderthals most of whom are not even watching TV, let alone a local TV newscast, PIX has spent wads of cash on going after an impossible audience. For this, we're supposed to congratulate them?

Concentrate on bettering the product. Write better. Do some split-screen interviews. They don't have to be PBS-coated nor complex. Even the general public is bored with that and most of them also are not local TV news viewers. PIX has, in effect, trivialized its own product, its news service to the general SF public: Hey you, smart-phone kids, watch us!! Listen, we have something for you! As if to say their other shows are for the boring old masses. I'm generalizing but you get my drift.

Classy, PIX.

*From 10 AM to Noon, today, Saturday, on KSCO, we'll talk about the Gaza--Israeli conflict. Should be a doozy. Hope you tune in live but if you can't, it'll be repeated tonight at 10 PM and later, on a podcast.

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Michael Savage: 'Why Do Liberal Jews Hate Israel?'

 MICHAEL SAVAGE didn't mince words: He asked on his syndicated radio show: "Why do liberal Jews hate Israel?"

Fair question.

This as the Israeli-Gaza crisis deepens.

I have my own opinions.

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415 Media Air-It-Out Friday--Your Chance To Vent, Yell and Scream

 Go ahead and yell, scream, vent --let loose, my brothers and sisters, let loose!


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