Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Kokkari Gets KRON Misery Staff; GM Rose Jittery; ABC7 Yenta Alert; CNN/MsNBC Key in on Dion Lim; Wednesday Happy Hour


THE KRON misery took center stage the other night at Kokkari. The bar was packed and the old regulars were on full display: Vicki Liviakas, Ken Wayne, Cathy Heenan to name a few.

KRON is back to being its old KRON.

On the HOTSEAT now: M, Jim Rose.

*On land full, literally and figuratively: KGO/900 Frontl senior staff,, ALL of em.

The building a better Bay Area mousies know how to RUIN peoples mental capital.

*Larry Beil, the guy almost all interns DESPISE: with authority!

' *MOST POWERFUL GM in town: PIX's Scott Warren, CBS flavor with Black Rock fog, SF style.,p> *The yentas at ABC7 who had a cigarette in the parking garage should know there's security cameras everywhere. It's not KTVU but its damn close. They were not exchanging cookie recipes.

*Speaking of yentas: lurking near KQED Radio: Jan Wahl. Sje never gives up.,p>

*Male yenta: Lee Housekeeper.

' *TWO PROMINENT media groups; CNN and MsNBC, that might go after, (again) KGO/ABC7 stalwart: Dion Lim. Dion might, uh, say, SHOW ME THE MONEY!

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

KTVU at 10 PM With Mike Mibach: Slip, Slidin' Away

KTVU's internal numbers continue to SLIP, slidin' away...

Like, go way--down and downer..

And Mike Mibach continues to be a TOTAL DISASTER. Women, men and all age demos, he's just plain NOT a winner.

And The Firm is stuck becuase they gave Mibach keys to the kingdom.

The "10 o'Clock News", one of KTVU's vaunted franchises is a MESS and Mibach isn't helping matters.

Tuesday Noon Out-of-Place: PIX's Ryan Yamamoto, (Again) and KTVU's Gasia Mikaelian

KPIX brass knows they made a mistake in the hire of Ryan Yamamoto, which is why they stuck him at Noon--that said, he's a total disaster even at 12 PM.

He looks lost and out of place with a deep sense of NO ENERGY and NO PRESENCE. Nothing has changed in a couple of years, PIX knows it.

*MORE NOON quagmire: KTVU's ridiculous-looking, sounding, Gasia Mikaelian, anchoring Tuesday with the opening story of a nasty truck crash on 580 in Oakland. The Gaas could have been more appropriate emceeing the start of a disco dance night out, talk about out of place.

Then again, it's KTVU, what else is new? I rest my case.

Monday, September 18, 2023

Monday Mundane; Raj Mathai and Janelle Wang Love Connection Gets More Fluid; KTVU Just Another Lousy TV Station; Haener/Ibanez Secret Summit Not So Secret; Circ le7 Doldrums; Key People Left; Nobody Said Anything; KPIX Tries, Tries; CBS Heavily Invested; Larry Beil Had High Hopes

REAL LIFE love connection? Raj Mathai and Janelle Wang in San Jose at NBC Bay Area, I'm certain it has to be double mojo.

*They don't even pretend it's like old times at KTVU, the mood is DOWN and SOUR. every day, every moment. Just another LOUSY TV news station that was once Bay Area royalty. Too bad nobody gives a damn there, especially Julie Haener, who should know better.

*While I was in an Oakland shul celebrating the beginning of the Jewish New Year on Saturday, less than a few miles away, in a dark back part of a cafe in Jack Londom Square, both Haener and Mark Ibanez huddled and talked about a lot of things, it seemed both sad and poignant. Whatever it was, it was SECRET, oh, but my spies were on it.

*The MOOD at KGO-TV, even before the Disney/Nexstar rumors, was pretty sad and PUTRID, toxic to a point of serious and extreme. Circle7 staff saw some of its best personnel leave and/or retire. Producers, news writers, directors, the whole shebang. Dan Ashley knew, so did Kristen Sze and others, but said nothing. They could have but, well, that's all you need to know about ABC7 these days.

*ABC7 news boss, Tracey Watkowski-Silva and Disney: birds of a feather...

*MORE ABC7: mystery woman who all of a sudden, says nothing, does nothing, to the surprise of many at 900 FRONT: Ama Daetz. Bizarre and a little curious too. Ama maybe waiting in the wings to make a move once Ashley makes his move or when he's told to go home.

*Yes, KPIX (CBS News/Bay Area) continues to shuffle the deck and try, try, try. It's innovative, it's an attempt to try new stuff, it's creative, but so far, the numbers haven't moved a lot. CBS will stay the course, they have to, they have way too much moolah invested here, trust me.

*One person on the rise at PIX: Devin Fehely.

*ON THE OUTSIDE, LOOKING in, but FAILING miserably: Larry Beil, he had high hopes. Mp> Disney didn't.,p>

*, Larry time to all Steph down in San Jose.

Sunday, September 17, 2023

Anxious Times at ABC7

NERVOUS NELLIES at KGO, (ABC7)--a Nexstar transaction looming.

Circle7 sage tells me: "we know Disney is a pain to work for, but Nexstar? Oh my goodness."

You got that right. Suffice to say, 900 Front is a siege of uneasiness.

Watch out, buddy boy!

Friday, September 15, 2023

Nexstar/ABC Transaction Far From a Done Deal; Respect, Yes, Admiration for Black Women TV Anchors/Reporters --KPIX's Gooden Included

DON"T ASSUME the hot news about Nexstar buying outABC/Disney. It's still somewhat of a longshot.

And even with a weak, powerless FCC, the formality of such a deal faces enormous obstacles.

So, your KRON/KGO future is clouded with lots of fog.

*If Nexstar suceeds in its deal, almost assuredly, Dan Ashley is GONE from Bay Area TV news airwaves.

Can't even begin to explore the complexties of a KGO/KRON circa 2024, so I won't go there yet.

*MY AFFIRMATION for Black women, especially Black women TV News anchors is yes, transparent. I have a deep--seated respect for the sisters who have it a hard way, in an industry, like America, where the challenges and struggle is monumental.

Therefore, yes, call me a little biased and impartial, skewed, but at least I admit it.

*That all sid, Lezla Gooden is a FORCE to study and observe, what's not to like?

She's confident, engaging, compelling and is damn good.

Black white, it doesn't matter.

Thursday, September 14, 2023

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