Friday, January 25, 2013

KGO-TV's McSweeney shifts to KNTV; Friday Moves

Terry McSweeney

KGO-TV, (ABC7 BayArea) reporter, Terry McSweeney, has left the station and is now tonsiling down in San Jose at KNTV, (NBC Bay Area). He'll co-anchor weekends with Diane Dwyer and report.

Unless, of course, according to a source, KGO decided to drop him and KNTV was the only station willing to pick up the three-decade-plus, veteran reporter. 

One of McSweeney first reports on his new station didn't go so swimmingly.  After a story, he ended it with, "Live from (blah, blah, blah) Terry McSweeny ABC7 New...." then he stopped and put a finger to his mouth as if to say "Oh shit..."


Not to worry, Terry, the world forgives you.

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  1. Can't say I am very surprised. Although Terry has a lot of experience, he was very hard to listen too at times. He always came across as over emphasizing the story and his words.

  2. I worked w/Terry for a bit back in the 80's (I'm a Photog). Let me tell you....he is such a PLEASURE to work with out in the field. He's VERY smart, VERY witty (he can turn a sentence or phrase)...always got me my trax and scripts in plenty of time...and pretty much just rolled with the flow out there (meaning: NO drama, no whining...we would just do our jobs--and do it well). And as a fellow Sports fan, we'd pass the driving time talking about sports. GREAT guy to work with. I'm happy for him...a pretty cool homecoming to KNTV (albeit a very DIFFERENT KNTV compared to the Doug/Maggi days).

  3. I was wondering if you were going to talk about the move since there wasn't much info on it... Saw him on that story with the mishap, and then didn't see him again... Thought maybe KNTV wasn't happy about that and fired him, just after hiring him. haha.

  4. After watching him interview the Giants before the start of the most recent parade, it was clear that he is quick on his feet, knows the Giants players and enjoys his job, even asking players family members for their impressions. Most reporters don't bother. As for as being 'very hard to listen to(o)'; just tell those voices is your head to settle down...

  5. Piers Morgan will have Tony Robbins on tonight (1/26) to discuss the Connecticut school shooting. Finally, we have 2 qualified, super normal people getting to the bottom of the issue(s).

  6. Stanley Roberts btw,was the guy on KQED's "Check Please" who complained that in Petaluma "People stared at me as a black man in a restaurant". How funny. Stanley complaining about being watched or invasion of his privacy..OR being looked down upon. Hypocrite.

  7. How about Jose Hughes filling in for Morton Langden on KGO AM tonight? I guess Jose's other gig did not pan out as expected...the genius opened the 11 o'clock hour talking about the vending machine at KGO before going on a pro gun way Jose!!