Sunday, December 28, 2014


 So they say.

Talk of the town.

We'll know soon enough.
UPDATE: The 49ers and Jim Harbaugh have mutually agreed to "part ways."

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  1. What is Jed York the putz of all putzes Tweeting about tonight? The idiotic and moronic child who knows nothing about football. This horse's ass would've fired Bill Walsh back in the day. It took Walsh a while to get traction. Here we have before our very eyes a top notch coach getting kicked to the curb by a kid born with a silver spoon who probably has trouble tying his shoes due to a lack of hand eye coordination.

  2. There's no Carmen Policy anymore to level things out. It's run by children, Jeb and his buddy Pariah.

    1. Or John McVay to run interference. Eddie D fired Walsh many a time but cooler heads prevailed. Trent Baalke is not that cooler head.

    2. Eddie D might have been emotional, but I loved it when his crew ran the team.

  3. Good news for Harbaugh. He'll go to Michigan and have almost complete control of his the football program, and be treated like a god by the win-starved folks in Ann Arbor. Although he probably figured he had unfinished business in the NFL, after just missing that Superbowl crown two season ago, his energetic enthusiasm and solid reputation will give the Wolverine players the jolt they need. Harbaugh's return to his Alma Mater will probably be his third major success on the college and pro level after he jump-started football programs at Stanford and with the Niners, but we won't probably see much more success for awhile from the team from Santa Clara for at least awhile.

    Niner management better strike quickly in an effort bring in a new solid head coach, otherwise we could possibly see a repeat of the sad episode after the 2002 season when Steve Mariucci was fired after taking the team four playoff appearances in six years, and replaced by a worn out and clueless Dennis Erickson. Anyone remember those bad old times? They just might happen again!

    Good Job by Jed York and Trent Baalke. I know Harbaugh wasn't easy to work with, but he did show class by never mentioning anything about his situation to the media. That's more than can be said for the Niners' current 'braintrust,' which seems more concerned with ego and power than with winning football games.

    1. They do have winter but I do think it's the best option for him. The adults are in charge there, very much so. I enjoyed the time I spent working in southeast Michigan. The place agreed with me.

  4. Jed York is responsible for the 49ers impending descent into a decade or so of losing that will rival what the Raiders have been through.

    That's OK though. Trent and Paraag will be happy...

  5. What is "Eddie D's" legal status, in terms of any involvement with the Niners? As I recall, he signed the team over to Denise, when it all hit-the-fan, many years ago.

    Unless there are severe legal restraints against his participation, even in an advisory capacity, I would think that there must be SOMEONE ... even in the York family ... who has the brights to ask Uncle Ed for his input, and act accordingly.

  6. Anon at 7:35pm, while part of what you say is true, Bill Walsh won a Super Bowl in his third year with the team, and yes, it took a couple of years before he gained traction, but remember that Jeds' uncle, Eddie D fired Bill Walsh, before he was talked into changing his mind, and this was at time when Walsh had already won two super bowls.
    Eddie D was also a boy born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Look at the NFL owners, and most if not all, are the same, they inherited their fortunes, the Rooney's and the Mara's and the Ford's. Not saying Jed is doing the right thing here, but Jed did and does have a resource his uncle didn't have, and that is Eddie D. Jed grew up
    watching his uncle live and die with this franchise, and that is in Jeds' DNA. Jed has also come to his uncle for advice.
    No one knows how this move will pan out, and on the surface, it seems bad, but remember, before the season started there were reports that the players had already tuned Harbaugh out, and it showed this season.
    There was a recent article on Scott McCloughan,the former 49er GM in Sports Illustrated, and it explained why he was let go, and it showed that the 49ers took the high road, and did not air Scotts' problems in the media. Perhaps there is more to this than meets the eye.