Friday, February 1, 2019

Hey You, Asshole

Image result for pointing the finger HEY YOU!

*Ronn Owens: Boy, Mr. Lowenstein, has times changed: Ten years ago you were three years into a new contract and about midway sucking off Luckoff for another extension. Mattresses, an infusion of Copie, and Cumulus karma ruined the day. Maybe "Ronn Owens Report" is God's way of giving you the middle finger.

*Ben Fong Torres: BFT, even Jan Wenner is bored to death of your Sunday column in the Pink section of the Chron. Ben, I hear IHeart is looking for a PR person. You'd be awesome.

*Hey you, Larry Beil of KGO: Your egotistical rants have made the Circle7 newsroom. Everyone pretty much hates your guts and why? You backstabbed Mike Shumann; you berated (again) a whole bunch of interns; you SUCK TWS endless times or should I say you BROWNNOSE like a total sellout. Maybe you should work for the Trump administration.

*Hey You Asshole, Kenny Wardell: you're a total hypocrite --a bad ass one at that; see what sucking off Mattress man got you? Kenny, you're a blowhard. An A-grate blowhard with all the authenticity of a French restaurant in Lodi. Go get a hold of yourself, dude!

*Mark Ibanez: Hey you, Mark, loyalty is a very huge entity; something you obviously lack. Behind the pretty boy smile and persona is a life's worth of empty promises. You lack commitment. Why do I bring that up? Because it's real. How do I know? Ask your past three ex-wives. Mark, you're in the stretch run of your career. Keep it simple now. And oh, by the way, STOP texting interns.

*Darya Folsom, one of these days, you'll look back and understand there was only one Carol Doda and she had better make-believe cantaloupes. I hear KRON staffers play a drinking game at "Grumpy's": every time you,  Darya embarrasses yourself, (and by extension, KRON) they take a shot of Bullet Bourbon --that's a lot of booze, baby!

*Liam Mayclem: AKA: foodie chap: good news? you're not a huge hack. Bad News? You're merely a hack. The Irish accent is supposed to make you seem dignified. Yeah, where, in the Tenderloin? Just po-lease, shut up, and go eat a raw duck liver.

*Tom Vacar: God I thought the late Charles Krauthammer was a stuffed windbag until I've watched you of late. Tom, you're nothing but an aging blowhard full of brown toilet paper, take a nice ride to Tahoe and read some old Playboys; loosen up.

*Hey you, Frank Somerville: it's quite alright to have an affair. It's as American as apple pie. It improves your street image. Relax, Frank. Don't be so anguished. If you were that sensitive and paranoid you wouldn't have unzipped the zippies to begin with.

*Julie Haener: I'm supposed to play nice, Julie. Hell no. You're about as sweet and innocent as a Jimmy Hoffa teamsters rally in Dearborn in the middle of winter. The public should know what I KNOW and Dennis knew full well: you're a manipulative, mean-spirited, bitch with enough back stabs to impress an Emeryville butcher. And quit with the cutesy face, JH, you're essentially a smarter Heather Holmes. But not that smart, really.

*Roberta Gonzales: hey Roby, who the hell cares anymore?

*Juliette Goodrich: was it because I dare rip your boring, obnoxious, arrogant, prick otherwise known as Brian Hackney? He and Allen Martin have enough internal gas to rival a Livermore  windmill.

*Any nighttime 95.7 FM 'The Game" talk-show host: No matter how much you all try to be interesting, funny, compelling, whatever, in actuality a farting contest involving blind midgets is more intriguing.

*Hey you, asshole, Peterson Dean guy, I wouldn't hire you if it it minus 700 below and raining down every black crow in America, you're so annoying and irritating you make me look like the male Mother Teresa.

*Hey you, KQED the minute the feds do an audit all of yous might be asking a pledge break for your bail.

*Hey you, Gary Radnich, it's not nice to send love letters to certain KRON traffic anchors in the morning --have you been, again, listening to that song, "Black is Black, I want my baby back?"

*Hey you, Damon Bruce: your shit is as stinky as mine; please, get a grip.

*You too, Krueger.

*Hey, Stan, god get a hold of yourself and do this: Google "Rupert Pupkin."

*Hey you asshole, Toonces the Driving cat? Just go fuck yourself you ancient pussy!

*Hey you, jerkoff, Bill Martin? I got your low-pressure system right here!

*John Rothmann: You're not as smart as I thought you are and another thing: tell the wife to take the chain off you. It's killing your career. Between you and Ronnnnnnnnnnnn, the old KGO stench stinks more then a Carson City whorehouse.

*Brian Copeland: Not a genuine Black, sincere, real, authentic, man, dialing for dollars now and begging for Cumulus crumbles. Angela might get enough cash to buy a few jokes that work well in Fremont.

*The Las Vegas Traitors: Just get the hell out of here right now, take your silver and black ass --Oakland needs you like I need another root canal.

Have a nice day.


  1. Senor Lieberman es en fuego

  2. Hey Rich, You Asshole. Good to see your in a good fucking mood. Now go Fuck yourself.

  3. Cumulus is kind enough to hire all of Copeland's black children, and
    then he has the audacity to go play the race card?

    Whiny shameless malcontent.

    1. Read the unfair dismissal complaint. It's funnier than Copies "comedy" act.
      The complaint contends that Copie is now the subject of ridicule from friends and family after being fired.

      FAMILY?! Aren't your family supposed to support you. Copie is a liar.

  4. Brian Copeland, why didn't you hire John Burris?
    What's wrong? A black attorney is not good enough for you?
    You are a first class phony. No one respects you.
    There is a good reason why you receive ridicule from this website.
    All deserved.

    1. 1:56 That is a great question. Copeland should have hired Burris. Someone with a history of fighting discrimination. It would also be inspirational to all black victims of racism.
      Instead he goes out and hires a white woman. He is just out for himself. Just like his "friend" Ronnnn who has immediately abandoned him after the lawsuit.

    2. Burris wouldn't take the case, he only sues entities where the taxpayer is the one who ultimately pays.

    3. Angela Alito's law firm has a long history of representing plaintiffs who allege workplace discrimination. Mr. Burris is often successful at settling race cases involving law enforcement, without going to trial.

  5. Wow Richie your on fire today! Keep up the good work. Easy on JH & HH that some sweet action there. Gary still chasing the sisters.

  6. Rich,

    You made my day.

    I agree with you on the Peterson Dean guy and you can throw in the Kars for Kids, and the f%$#ing Pillow guy commercials while your at it.

    Keep up the great work...stir the pot...I guess now a days it's smoke the pot!

  7. lets just throw in all of the 95.7 aka knbr lite talk people, they should play a four hour lecture of joe cordell's greatest divorce cases..

  8. JG is very protective of he arrogant prick.
    "Nuff said.

  9. This column is very unfair. You left out a true Bay Area gem, Pam Cook.

  10. Hackney fancies himself as a renaissance man and Juliette is his "Juliet".
    She eats up the attention.

  11. Bashing Jules; how about bashing Wiener, er Savage?

  12. When you start bashing John Rothmann I'm wondering is there any talk show host you like, does the late Gene Burns live up to your standards? Seems like you just like to bash rather than praise hosts, and TV personalities. After writing several blocks praising Rothmann not sure how much faith I have in your recent comments. Never the less I love John Rothmann, and will continue to listen whenever he is on, and if cannot listen I will play the podcast later.