Wednesday, August 23, 2017

KPIX Unhinged

Image result for gary radnich twitter LAST NIGHT, you saw a man become unhinged.

At 855 Battery --KPIX is now unhinged too. How so? To the point of a news operation that is out of control and has no direction. Anchors seemingly that don't know their place, not that they had a place to begin with.

New reporters. Lousy reporters who look and sound like they don't even know the city they're in--most likely because they came from small market stations and SF is bigtime to them only they're rank amateurs.

KPIX has the backing of its owner, CBS, but in name only. CBS News would be embarrassed to be associated with the daily news offerings put forth by PIX' --a daily mish mash with incompetent anchors (mostly) and incoherent reporters --one guy, a techie, is supposed to be "hip" because he wears a baseball cap. How revolutionary. At the end of the 11 PM news, Ken Bastida makes some stupid joke that's supposed to be funny. It isn't funny, more dumb and corny. The forced laughter from the others in the studio is actually unintentionally funny. I don't get why he does it night after night --maybe he's in denial.

The station that brought us Dave McElhatton is now a local embarrassment. By contrast, even KRON has more direction that KPIX. That's a major ouch.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

KTVU's God-Awful, Forced, 'Ad-Libbing' Really, Truly is Horrible To Watch

Image result for Ad libbing by KTVU News anchors I'VE OFTEN SAID THIS and it bears repeating --the garish "ad-libbing" --more like unnecessary chatter that the anchors at KTVU are forced to utter, between themselves and a reporter doing a live shot, is AWFUL.

First off, the questions are inane and dumb for the most part and really do more damage than good and screw up the story. I suppose KTVU management is looking for some sort of technique only the technique here is awkward -looking and only muddies up what the viewer can see as obviously disingenuous. Even the most veteran KTVU staffer agrees--"it sucks; it is dreadful."

I agree.

Look, it's one thing to ask legitimate questions; a crime scene: Anchor to Reporter: "Do the police have a description of the suspect(s)?", for example. Absolutely warranted and called for but asking "duh" questions and looking at the teleprompter with a blank stare destroys whatever credibility KTVU anchors have in the first place. Heather Holmes is the worst offender. Julie Haener, sorry to say, is bad too but Alyana Gomez takes first prize. She's dreadful.

Making matters worse are the reporters in the field some of whom are incapable of answering questions--ad-libbing--on screen. They look ridiculous for the most part and KTVU's newscast in turn goes to hell right off the top. Rita Williams is shaking her head. Dennis Richmond would probably scream off mike.

Hey guys? Do yourselves and the viewers a favor: Can the BS ad-libs. They seriously suck. And guess what? I know a lot of KTVU anchors and they would say the same, off the record, but I know they hate it just as much as I do, trust me.

Ask Rich Lieberman

Image result for ask rich lieberman ALL YOUR BAY AREA TV/RADIO Questions answered ...415 MEDIA is open for business; name and town please.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Shepard Smith Thinks Highly of the Eclipse

Well stated.

KTVU Anchor Freaks Out Over Alleged Ghosts

Image result for KTVU Fox2 Oakland THE "Ghost" Office at KTVU...

A prominent source tells me one of the station's "biggest" names --a female anchor that parties like a rock star...told colleagues --her closest friends ...that she experienced "ghosts" in this office --"several" in fact and routinely freaks out when anywhere near the office--upstairs at KTVU's offices and studios in Jack London Square.

Image result for GhostbustersI'd name a name but I don't want to embarrass her...if she's that disturbed, maybe it's time to call!

Roberta Gonzales Just Said on KCBS '...30 Percent of the Moon is Missing'

Image result for roberta gonzales cbs On her 9:50 AM report, Roby was doing a live report from Oakley when she sort of screwed up...again. I believe she meant the sun was 30 percent missing but what the hell, why be picky...KCBS? Your credibility is sinking faster than a speeding bullet.

Screw the Eclipse But If I Could Obscure Some Bay Area Media; 'Hey It's Dark, Honey!' Oh Boy!; Monday Sea of Light

Image result for eclipse 2017

Definitionan obscuring of the light from one celestial body by the passage of another between it and the observer or between it and its source of illumination.

Some Bay Area media folks and companies I'd like to be obscured:

*Stan Bunger/KCBS: your ridiculous "reports" from Oregon are about as inspiring as the night menu at Napa State Hospital. Yeah, Stan, and KCBS, we really need 4000 updates on something most of us could really give a shit about. "Hey, folks, it's pretty dark here!" Uh, thanks Stan for the tremendous insight.

*Brian Copeland/KGO: Dopie Copie, KGO's abysmal crap-off: Not a Genuine Man, whatever color. Copie good news: no one else in the family has a job at the radio station --BIG NEWS! Byron Allen about to do his 57,675th race show, what a bargain!

*Brian Hackney/KPIX: Is anyone more boring on the TV News domain than this oafish, ego-driven buffoon with all the intrigue of a Colma McDonalds? Hack man acts as if his shit doesn't stink and every word he utters is of divine rightness--he and Copeland have all the substance of a Turlock whorehouse.

*Holly Quan/KCBS: A complete and utter LIGHTWEIGHT! Every time I hear this woman I think, this is the best you can do? Gees, I wonder how this nothing got the gig to begin with? Oh, yeah, I know.

*Jon Bristow/KCBS: the rumors are true: this obnoxious tonsil placed a cot in the KCBS lunchroom so he could be on EVERY damn newscast! Bristow: "pipes without a conscience." Makes Bunger seem like Edward R. Murrow.

*Dave Feldman/NBC Sports Bay Area: this pathetic excuse of a sports host is the most BORING, mundane piece of flax seed ever concocted. Did Comcast recruit him from the San Diego 7-11's? Feldman thinks he's just a regular riot; yeah, Feldy, you're about as funny as a Daly City mortuary.

*Mike Anthony: Opps MGR: KGO/KNBR/KSFO: Mike had a dream: "I'm going to FUCK UP every radio station in the Bay Area and make my talk hosts sound like a bunch of idiotic morons!" Hey Mike, the world is ending and you have your boy, Ethan-Bear!Man discussing the history of colconoscopies! Great innovative programming.

*Chip Franklin/KGO: a nauseating, disgusting, uber-absurd jerkoff; human mush; all the serenity of a Shell Station off 880 in the middle of the night and every trucker doing a #2. Franklin is an ongoing embarrassment --and his latest Kissy-Kissy with Copeland is just GROSS! Yeah, you're a "comedian" like I'm a midwife.

*Everyone who works at 95.7 FM 'The Game' You all SUCK. Your radio station sucks, can't even get past a 1.0. Can't hear your terminally SHITTY signal. Your shows have TERRIBLE HOSTS and all the ingenuity of a Gilroy strip mall. New PD? Yeah, that's good for three months.

*Ken Bastida/KPIX: Oh dear lord, what a waste. Bland. Stay in Oregon, Kenny --what would you do without a teleprompter? 

*The entire "Morning Show" at KGO-TV: The absolute WORST, most INCOHERENT, AMATEUR posers in the history of Bay Area TV News. A vat full of BORES and Incompetent LOSERS who would be laughed off in Lubbock. The ring leader: Reggie Aqui, a wasted, inane fool with all the serenity of a Dunkin' Doughnut in the Outer Castro: wait a minute!

*The Eclipse: Screw it! I'm sick of it and I don't care to see it. If I wanted to see Darkness in Daylight I'd go to a porno theatre on Markey street and watch the doors open a thousand times for the Noon show.