Friday, April 19, 2019

Greg Papa Shines on Warriors' Pre and Post Game NBC Sports BA Show; St. Jean and Azubuike Perfect Compliments; 49ers '19 Radio Campaign Nearing; Good Friday Open

Image result for Greg Papa Warriors NBC Sports Bay Area
From left to right: Greg Papa, Garry St. Jean and Kelenna Azubuike
I'M MARVELING at the Warriors Pre and Post-Game Shows on NBC Sports Bay Are and most specifically, Greg Papa, Garry St. Jean and Kelenna Azubuike.

I normally don't gravitate to studio shows on the sporting domain but since I'm watching Warriors' Playoffs contests, I've tried to make it a point to observe the commentators on the Dubs cable outlet.

Papa, who seems to be working on almost all Bay Area sports teams is especially good and does a nice job pacing the show and setting up St. Jean to provide quality analysis and offer specialized takes from former NBA/Warriors player, the surprisingly edgy and effective, Azubuike, who isn't afraid to dish it out and play softy when it comes to criticism; a lot of pro athletes are reluctant to rip their fellow players which seems ridiculous given that's their job on TV.

Papa is the perfect studio host because he knows NBA basketball and its nuances and did Warriors radio/TV broadcasts for years in the early dark days when the Warriors were horrible and now when they reign supreme.

Papa's NBC Sports BA studio time consists of up-to-the-minute pregame notes and info and analysis after the game. It was especially effective last (Thursday) night when he noted the Warriors' seemed to be hellbent on being aggressive early on to counter-attack Monday night's Game 2 disaster. Indeed, the Warriors came out in force in LA and copied Papa's prediction.

*This is an exciting time for Papa as he nears his first season broadcasting the 49ers as lead PBP guy on KNBR (replacing Ted Robinson) Papa also does a daily radio show on 95.7 FM 'The Game' so his time schedule is short and minimal --which, when you have five kids, makes life a complex maze of highways under construction.

Papa has begun his 49ers' position attending various workouts in Santa Clara at the 49ers' practice facility all the while maintaining his Warriors TV schedule and doing the radio show. It's a tough gig but Papa has the tenacity and wherewithal to accomplish each gig as effortlessly as possible.


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Thursday, April 18, 2019

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Martin Applies Power Play Over Newcomer Kyla Grogan; KTVU Weather Guru Paranoid Over Her Popularity And Presence; 415 Media Exclusive

Image result for Grogan KTVU
Kyla Grogan
 KTVU WEATHER DRAMA; Bill Martin Power Play; Aces out Kyla Grogan; 415 Media Exclusive Presence

A full-fledged Power Play is taking place on the KTVU Weather domain and it's not a very pretty picture.

Veteran Bill Martin has been reading the tea leaves; his weather acumen has been devalued and he's become more sensitive and a little paranoid to the max--to what degree you ask?

Try this on for size.

I'VE LEARNED Martin is uber-weary of newcomer Kyla Grogan to the point of him (Martin) making sure Grogan's growing stature at KTVU become limited.

It was Bill Martin himself that brought Grogan (last stint: Weather Channel) in to freelance because he was tired of working extra shifts when anyone from weather took a day off.  One month turned into many but the capable and leggy Grogan was a little too popular on social media and with Martin's co-anchors and producers for comfort, so he made sure her stint was not longer.

He's much happier with the much less leggy (5ft tall personality-devoid, Mark Tamayo, filling in for him.  It's also why he keeps Rosemary Orozco on mornings as far away from his shows as possible.

Image result for Bill Martin KTVU
Bill Martin

Expect to see Tamayo and Orozco working mornings and night in the same day when one of them takes a day off.

But not King Bill.

An industry source tells me he's taking bets on Grogan showing up at KGO as their desire to knock KTVU off the top continues.

An aside: I asked a station source at Channel 2 if Martin has that kind of power.

His response:

"As long as they stay #1, yes, he does."


High Drama at PIX; Cook Pregnant Might Mean AM Move; Deanno Hybrid Pretty Much Dead; Bastida Buyout?; O' Donnell Pay Cut

Image result for Elizabeth Cook KPIX
KPIX News on the front you read exclusively here at 415 Media...

*Liz Cook is expecting her second child and might be moved to morning when she takes leave; how that effects Michelle Griego, if at all, remains to be seen.

Griego's relationship with Kenny Choi is so bad she doesn't talk to him and he doesn't talk to her; in fact, I'm told Choi doesn't look at her other than when he has to, on the set and that's it. Why the bad blood? Griego has a habit of throwing everyone under the bus and Choi is the latest.

While I'm hardly a fan of Choi, nobody deserves the BS tactics put forth by Countess Griego. It stinks to high heaven and Choi isn't having any of it.

*The experiment of using weatherguy Paul Deanno as a hybrid (occasional news) is all but dead. Deanno was up for doing news but wanted more money and KPIX didn't budge. Neither did Deanno. It could still happen but that would require CBS to step up. It won't.

*Rumors continue to percolate that veteran news anchor Ken Bastida is either going to hang it up this fall and/or take a very generous buyout from CBS and retire. Bastida no longer carries the cachet of Bay Area bred and his newscasts have become largely forgettable.

*Dennis O'Donnell makes a lot of money anchoring sports; how much? Too much for CBS' taste. Either DOD takes a major pay cut or he can split. Reality bites for the sports guy unofficially tagged by staff as "The PIX Ladies Man."

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Exclusive: KPIX Anchor Cook Pregnant; Griego and Choi No Longer Speaking;

Related image
Elizabeth Cook:  KPIX anchor is pregnant
 SOMTHING IN THE WATER? KPIX anchor, Elizabeth Cook is pregnant --my 855 Battery spy also informs he more about the turmoil in the morning too: I have it on first hand that things are so bad in the AM that Michelle Griego and anchor, Kenny Choi no longer are talking!

Source to 415 Media:

"They hardly even look at each other!"

Simmering feud does not make for cohesive relationship. It's always been a toxic state at Battery and Broadway in the morning but now?

Oh my God.
Image result for Kenny Choi Michelle Griego KPIX
Kenny Choi (l) and Michelle Griego: both don't talk to each other amid morning turmoil at KPIX

Savage Mystery on KSFO; KTVU's Somerville-Ibanez War Still Brewing; Griego/KPIX Diva Act In Full Throttle Mode; Ayers Struts Her Stuff Too; 'Sarah and Vinnie' Crack It Up at $1.5M Each on Alice' ; Wednesday 415 Media Shuffle

Image result for 415 media
Michael Savage
I DON'T KNOW THE EXAXT REASONING ...but I do know this. Cumulus/Westwood One is putting pressure on Michael Savage --cutting his hours and making his podcast difficult to reach unless you're a tech geek with extreme knowledge of the dark side. I'LL BE WATCHING

*I REPORTED HERE that KTVU anchors Frank Somerville (news) and Mark Ibanez (sports) were not speaking to each other and it's getting worse.

Image result for Mark Ibanez Frank Somerville KTVUIbanez has privately ripped hard into Somerville and so too Somerville ripping Ibanez privately to staff at KTVU. While Somerville is in the beginning of a potentially nasty divorce (and other issues) Ibanez is seething that Frank tried to involve him an a past, internal texting scandal that was the talk of KTVU. The specifics: Somerville's relationship with a intern that caused extreme hardship and made for awkward relationships with friends and working associates; the relationship was deemed platonic by Somerville to sources but don't tell that to Ibanez who was positioned to know. In any event, the two DO NOT TALK and an already tense situation has turned downright hostile.

Image result for michelle griego
Michelle Griego
*If KPIX morning anchor/diva, Michelle Griego survives the year, I'll be astonished. Griego continues to wreak havoc on KPIX staffers and on-air folks at CBS-SF studios at 855 Battery with a series of power-plays, warnings, over-the-top histrionics and wild, crazy demands. She's in total whack mode! If the numbers on KPIX' AM show were decent (and they're not) you might excuse Griego's insufferable behavior. Instead, she prances about the studio and back offices like the diva out of control. Bad timing!

Image result for Christian Ayers KPIX
Christin Ayers
*Another PIX diva out of control: former engaging and cool Oakland reporter/anchor has become a very soulless, mean, arrogant correspondent, namely Christn Ayers. She hardly talks to anyone and has put up a standoffish front to those who dare confront her. Why? She's apparently become wary to people who have risen the ranks at KPIX while she continues to cover fires in Emeryville. Ayers wants the spotlight; clearly, this about-face isn't doing her favors but she seems hellbent on maintaining her Ice Princess persona.

*IN THEIR BEST FRAME, "Sarah and Vinnie" are the best morning duo on SF Bay Area Radio. The ALICE (97.3) --the two lovebirds have a biting, sarcastic, sticky, bodacious time of it all and that's NOT EVEN IN THE STUDIO PART!


Sarah is edgy and frank, wild really, while Vinnie likes to play bad boy, bad cop. There's a symmetry here and one which you can't stop.

Oh and furthermore, the FM kingpins make a whopping $1.5 MILLION each.
Image result for sarah and vinnie uzette
Sarah (r) and Vinnie

Monday, April 15, 2019

KGO's Ashley Draws Network Interest; Will Disney SF Get Extension Done? Most Likely; Giants Broadcasters 'On Assignment BS Begins

Image result for dan ashley kgo twitter Dan Ashley traveled back east last week on some business and personal issues --as Sweeps nears, it's important to report word on the street: Some significant cable and network outlets are supremely interested in landing the lead KGO-TV anchor.

Ashley's contract is up in a little over a year and while he's most likely destined to sign an extension, there's also the chance he could take an offer already on the table --one rumor making the rounds: ABC News would love to land Ashley and is strong in a pursuit.

Even at that, Ashley, who lives in Walnut Creek and has been at 900 Front for almost thirty years, has told friends and associates that his preference is to remain at KGO.

It would probably be wise for Circle7 to get a deal done as soon as possible.

*Giants' play-by-play broadcaster, Jon Miller, took four three days off the just-completed home series against the Colorado Rockies. His broadcast partners could have simply stated "Jon Miller is taking the day(s) off." BUT NOOOO!

The "On-Assignment" crappola has officially launched for 2019.