Tuesday, April 25, 2017

KCBS Purge Nears as Entercom Takes Over; Bearman/KGO Bore; Greg Papa Boor; Reggie Aqui Asininity at Circle 7; Tuesday Nuggets

Image result for Media beat EXPECT some major voices on KCBS to be goners by the end of the month as the Entercom takeover nears; already a prominent traffic anchor is looking around in case the axe falls soon. That person is not alone.

*Imagine the unthinkable The US and North Korea go to war setting off a turbulent time in the country and mass unease...and simultaneously, Chip Franklin opens his show on KGO asking men and women: "What's the best pick-up line?"

*KGO is really irrelevant these days but just out of habit some people listen, myself included. We're jaded, of course, because we all miss the golden days when a really special radio station was the go-to place when major news broke out...say, for example, 9-11; we'd immediately tune to 810 AM to commiserate, vent, rage, scream, opine, whatever...now we're resigned to insipidity at its best with mind-numbing fools masquerading as talk-show hosts who wouldn't know how to run a real newsy show if their life depended on it.

The 12-Noon guy, Ethan Bearman, is the worst with all the news acumen of a hyena. Bearman is following the KGO/Cumulus handbook: "get the demos; get the millennials; stay on "people" topics"!--sure, just as the world burns.

*The Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame (BASHOF) for some reason called off Mark Ibanez as its MC and replaced him with Gary Radnich: groans in the audience last night at the dinner. Gees, I wonder why.

*Radnich is a super-class phony with ultra paranoia up his sleeve. His salary was slashed by more than 60% at KRON and he's probably now just circling the bases searching for another outlet to help him pay for his mass overhead.

*Behind the friendly face and spirited look...a guy that is getting more boorish by the day: Greg Papa. He was kicked in the ass by Comcast and lost his Giants Post-Game gig; he still does the Warriors but that might be reviewed by seasons end.

Papa has an arrogance and jerk meter that rivals his bosses; he's also supremely disliked by the majority people in the newsroom at Comcast headquarters on 3rd street.

*Reggie Aqui at ABC7: the epitome of asininity. A jerk with the Disney look who was hired by the jerk who hired his own wife and pissed off the majority of the newsroom.

*I haven't watched the extra half-hour of news on KTVU but since you asked: just extra summations from the 10 and a way to stick it to PIX and KGO. Plus, Fox loves extra money and KTVU is its cash cow in the Bay Area.

*For the 100th time, I still don't get the fascination with Heather Holmes; a complete lightweight and overrated teleprompter reader. Oh, you mean that too? Yeah, sure, straight out of Fresno where she'd be lucky to do traffic reports. Gimme a break!

*Another overrated PC gem: KCBS' Holly Quan. Lightweight galore. I wonder why they hired her. Oh, but of course.

*CBS big suit, Doug Harvill: you know, Doug, that bullshit memo about Swanson? You fooled everyone but me.

*KCBS has more KGO people than KGO did. Hell, why don't you just move the studios to the backroom of Grumpy's.

*Jon Bristow wants to anchor at KCBS from 5-9 AM...and also Noon to 3...and also 3-7 PM...and from 7-10 PM...and all night and all weekend morning, noon, and night.

Some people work to live...Bristow lives to work.

*Not that you cared, but Dave Padilla took a buyout offer from KCBS ... so "RISE and SHINE!" is retiring now. God bless us all.

*The asshole radio sports guy who had the chutzpah to write some bullshit on the KCBS' guy's Facebook page he replaced was hired by a guy who never met him; never knew him; never even listened to him. (Psst, Thanks Jack!)

*Torture: my back pain and "The Happy Hour."

*BREAKING NEWS! You too can become a KPIX anchor ...just move to Hawaii.

*Ben Fong Torres: About time for another Bay Area Radio HOF story.

*THIS JUST IN: Roberta Gonzales doing her 47,00th Miss Mary Ann act to Stan Bunger on Tuesday morning. ..Excuse me dear, just give us the damn weather and save the Anaheim act for TV. Holy Shit!

*Duane Kuiper, Dave Flemming, Jon Miller, Mike Krukow...all are on assignment tonight so be sure to catch Baldy McFuckface on his first Giants' telecast!

*"On assignment": Oy vey.

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Monday, April 24, 2017

415 Media Monday Pot Luck Lunch; I'm Back, Back, Back, Oh The Misery; Monday Nuggets

Image result for Media Beat column
Sitting and standing and walking I should have never taken for granted especially when I feel a darting pain in and around my back...

Thanks for all the remedies and advice. More than I can handle. This back hell is all new for me. I should have known that things were starting to go too well for a change.

Funny, Friday started out well; I felt a whole let better considering all of last week was pleading with the medical gods to get me some major meds to alleviate the pain, which I should state again is HELL...maybe worse than "The Shower Hour" and "The Happy Hour" because they eventually come to an end while my misery now seems to be eternally eternal. Why me? I don't need this now.

I think I know the cause --wait a minute, I'm almost a hundred percent certain it was an unforced error brought on by my humanity to a family member. So hey, God? Gimme a break. Get me brownie points for assisting a loved one who aided and abetted my present condition. I'll have your back too someday if you need it.

The thing about backs, you do yourself no favor by laying in bed. So I've slugged along mostly out of boredom and fear. I don't know any better. I do know that simple sitting is a bitch. Somehow the pain plays with you; it's as if the body wants to place you in a comfort zone only when out of nowhere....OUCH, OH FUCK!...So yes, writing this drivel is painful which caused me to miss a week for the first time in ten years; much as I missed you lovers and haters and much as some of you missed the local media beat, I literally couldn't sit still. I ached like hell. I felt like a Cumulus intern on her first day at the local sweatshop --otherwise known as the KNBR/KGO/KSFO/KFOG sales dept. "Hi, I'm Maggie, Mr. VW manager, would you buy some time on the radio? We have a good deal and we really LOVE commercials and I'll make you a great deal!"

*Madison Bumgarner: probably more to the story but you'll never know since the local toy department doesn't know anything about investigative reporting. You would think the Chronicle scribbler who covers the Giants' beat would have made some calls other than relying solely on the Giants brass. Of course that would require work which is a commodity here.

*John Rothmann has pretty much been given the weekend slot on KGO Radio only they won't announce it officially because that would be like entering the Kremlin grounds in a small airplane. Wait a minute!

*600MG Ibuprofen; muscle relaxers; Tylenol; 325MG aspirin --hell, the only thing I'm not on is crack...by the way, I remember when crack was a part of your anatomy.

*Rush Limbaugh: I knew we had something in common only I don't have a maid to pick up my dope.

*As I write this now I'm miserable so to the Copelands, the Wahls, the Darya crowd, you gots your happiness --enjoy it while it lasts.

*Speaking of misery, the KPIX "Morning Show." Yeah, a new traffic chick that has about as much electricity as a backgammon game in Waco.

*Dear Christin Ayers: love you as a reporter. Anchoring? Meh.

*Erin Moran: damn.

*I wish PIX would come clean with some of their "live" shots that aren't live at all but recorded a few minutes earlier. Sure, it's picky but ethics are important. If it ain't LIVE then just leave the live graphic out. By the way, PIX isn't alone. KGO and KRON do it too; KRON has an excuse because, well, it's KRON. KGO, no excuses.

*A week of bliss: Gary Radnich gone from the sports desk. Or more to the point: Brittney Shipp had a week off from el San Jose schmucko.

*Real pain too: the latest iteration of the Kars for Kids TV commercial --the one that looked like a Partridge Family sound check circa 1971.

*Yeah, you're right: Fallon Smith is a joke. But what else is new.

*Dave Feldman: maybe Harbaugh paid off Comcast after all.

*Radnich had a great Opening Day: The Giants, KNBR, dinner...and a rented Jag thru the Tenderloin.

*Eve Batey: speaking of baseball, designated yenta.

*TIME OUT while I pop a Tylenol popsicle.

*KCBS has been permanently stained by a freeway-sized pack of terrible traffic voices. Most notably the overnight DJ who sounds like he's about to spin a Santana tune while mentioning a big rig flipped over on 280.

*Wait a minute: he was a DJ.

*Burnt toast: KFOG: I mean, who actually listens to that carp anymore.

*Ben Fong Torres: The art of press release features.

*If only Rolling Stone were relevant anymore.

*Melissa Caen: softer than a Utah whorehouse.

*Foodie Chap: trade-outs and Irish cream, what a party!

*Ronnnnn Owens: Copeland's Steadman.

*K-101: someone is stealing toilet paper from the bathroom so it's not that uninteresting a radio station.

*Larry Krueger and Damon Bruce: two parts, intermixed. (Inside baseball)

*Unlucky SOB: the schlub selling Raiders games on 95.7 FM (The Game) Yeah, live and "local", sure thing.

*"Giants' Replay" --yeah, that a thrill. Wake me up.

*Pop quiz time: What was the original name of "Wham?" Answer: "Bam, thank you mam."

*Just a rumor: sell KGO Radio; gets Cumulus some needed on-hand cash to cover massive debt. Just a rumor but who knows.

*KRON Spectrum thought from me: It's the market, stupid!

*Remember, about thirty years ago pre-Internet, KTLA sold for about $500 million.

*"Gary and Larry" : 20 minutes of content; 40 minutes of commercials.

*Greg Papa makes about $250G from the Raiders alone, so of course he'll go to Vegas when they go--plus he's the paid shill for Mark Davis.

*Don't invite Ted Robinson to Larry Baer's dinner at Momo's.

*Turned on KCBS and thought I was listening to the old KGO News Dept.

*Jason Middleton: The business of certain San Jose morning anchors.

*"People Behaving Badly": that KGO-TV sales guy and a female bartender at Perbacco.

*Contributing to the 415 Media guy (by clicking on the Pay Pal icon on the right) helps pay for his health insurance and back drugs. You may now return to the United Airlines love canal.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Notice To My Readers

I've been dealing with a bad back; a really bad back. The pain is excruciating as those of you who have had back issues can attest, I don't --I think I know the reason why my back gave out but I'm not a hundred percent certain. Either way, it hurts.

Today I'm feeling better. Hopefully that's a good sign.  I'm updating you because I know for most of you my absence has affected your life and well-being and you miss reading 415 Media. And I miss writing too.

I hope to be back Monday, maybe sooner if the planets align.

Either way, thanks for being patient and understanding.  And a special thanks to those of you that wrote me asking me if I were OK.

See you soon.

Rich Lieberman @415 Media.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Shrieking KGO-TV Anchor Kate Larsen Woke Me Sunday Morning

Image result for kate larsen abc IMAGINE BEING AWOKEN BY A SHRIEKING BLOND TONSIL...Sunday morning was going to be tough anyway as Saturday night was dreadful. I'll spare you the gruesome details but suffice to say challenges lie ahead.

Can't you just wait!

So I'm waking up, coffee-less, I turn on the local news --KGO's --mind you I might as well be sleepwalking because I'm not there yet. Some might say even when I'm there I'm still not there yet but that's another story altogether.

So now I'm listening to a very distinct, SHRIEKING blond anchorwoman on Circle7 --she looks very LAish and not surprising, Kate Larsen is an El-Lay worker (KNBC) who IS TALKING, SHOUTING really on TV --she looks and sounds as if she wants some kind of acceptance because it appears Ms. Larsen doesn't have the local landscape down just yet. She looks nice mind you because she's blond and plentiful but her squeaky, shrieky, voice from hell is driving me nuts, practically ga-ga nutso because her voice is so disgusting I'm wondering how she gets away with such a gnarly sound, it's so Disneyish. Wait a minute!

Why am I still watching? I have no clue --it's not the blond thing, Kate is a pretty woman, fine but her forced delivery is both disgusting and yet, enhanced and somewhat watchable. It's a confusing phenomena and I can't quite figure it out. I also can't figure out how I've missed this woman--where did she pop out of? Hold the jokes, you know what I mean, did Larsen just wander onto 900 Front? I should have got a memo or something --a note --because Larsen is both annoying and amusing enough to garner 415 Media attention. There's a lot there to comprehend so do so at your own pace as I will get back to bed and cover my ears with a non-MyPillow pillow and dream about Marie Osmond.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

I Need Your Help; Just a Thousand of You --Saturday 415 Media Pledge Break

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