Friday, June 14, 2019

Martin and Upper Mgt Meet at KTVU Today To Discuss Biz Maybe Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

Image result for Bill Martin KTVUBill Martin is having a morning meeting today (Friday) with members of KTVU's upper suits and while I have no clue what they'll be meeting about, this matter is probably first on the agenda. Keep in mind it's a day off for martin and the other A-Teamers at Channel 2 so a Friday meeting is unusual.

Martin's status has been a topic of major conversation at KTVU and for now, it is just conversation because odds are, Martin isn't going anywhere unless, say he calls the HR boss a very bad word and don't think he would do that because he's not that stupid, A., B. he has a contract, and C. if he were to split or take a hike recommended by FOX people, I'm sure he wouldn't want to compromise a significant severance, at least significant by today's standards.

The irony here is that KTVU is the one that has drawn ire from the worker bees in the newsroom deciding to throw on non-weather people when Martin is away; it's always been the norm for either a Mark Tamayo or Rosemary Orozco to fill in when Billy was out. At one time, Billy was adamant that when he was off, it was mandatory that a weather person broadcast. Fox has said the hell with that, (for now) and today's meeting will presumably address that. It's very much possible that the matter will be discussed at the powwow or they could very well be meeting about Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Anything's possible these days at the Fox hound.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Exclusive: KTVU To Allow Schlum/Cub Reporter Broadcast Weather So Bill Martin Can Have His Days Off

Related image DOES Bill Martin have one foot out the door at KTVU? Or does he just not give a damn?

A station source tells me, starting next week, the Fox Bay Area outlet-- for the first time in its history, will have a non-meteorologist, cub reporter fill in for weather so Martin can have his days off.

The source joked, "can't wait to see the promo."

'Watch the KTVU Weather Team...or anyone else we can throw on the Green Screen or hell, just look at your phone!"

Inside the offices at KTVU, veteran staffers are SHOCKED that the suits have resorted to this practice. Martin himself has supposedly lost his status as chief power as head of the Weather "Authority", which presumably was to have one of the other forecasters broadcast when he was off.

"Bill used to care," said the source. "Guess that party's over."


Wednesday, June 12, 2019

KCBS Weather Orgy; Bunger Goofy Weather Chatter; Jim Taylor Mellowness at Night; Somerville and Ibanez KTVU Factoids; Wednesday Wash

Image result for san francisco media 1976 WEDNESDAY WASH

Heat wave? What heat wave? Was there a heatwave? I haven't heard or seen one dang notice of a heatwave, other than...

*KCBS spending over 5 minutes --twice during the top of the hour and some shlunk interviewing other shlunks at the GG Bridge: "yeah, looks like fog's coming." Yeah, that sorta happens here. Eventually the fog rolls in but thanks, KCBS, for the tips. How informative.

*Stan Bunger's increasingly aggressive weather chatter. Bunger gets real hyper when there's a big heat wave or cold front, almost to a point where other things take a back seat, like real news, for instance!

*In LA, they get a lot of hot days. LOTS. But you don't see their TV/Radio folks go off the deep end like you see the morons here do. What a debacle.

*TWO Big, YUGE Trump supporters at KTVU: Julie Haener and Heather Holmes. Figures.

*Brian Murphy reminds me of the Ann Richards line about George Bush Sr: "Born on third base and thought he hit a triple."

 I had it FIRST about Jessica Castro.  Way before FTV Live.

*Speaking of KCBS, a great treasure to hear Jim Taylor anchor the evening news last (Tuesday) night. Taylor, the Bay Area native, has come back to SF from a long stint at CBS News in New Yawk, another story I got, FIRST.

Taylor has a great repertoire and comfort delivery. He's as good as ever. It's a catchy style that sounds folksy and sincere as opposed to someone who is clearly in love with their voice and has no news acumen whatsoever.

Taylor, I hope, will get a permanent gig, hopefully the 7-11 PM shift but he'd be great in any slot, day or night.

*Thoughts and prayers go out to sports anchor, Bruce MacGowan.

*I don't have to like someone personally to like them on the air: Frank Somerville. Frank and I met as students at the broadcast SF State in the 1980's. He was/is a nice guy. But Frank has to understand when you get a high-profile gig you're subject to public scrutiny, including divorce and other personal issue, yeah Frank, damn the Internet.

*Ditto Mark Ibanez who I met at a coffee shop in Oakland in 1981. Like Frank, Mark is a good guy who has also succumbed to Internet sensations. I'm not a boy scout; never was. I have issues in my life too but I never left a friend mourning and grieving in a bar.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Bonnie-Jill Laflin The Glue That Sticks on KNBR Morning Show

Image result for Bonnie Jill Laughlin
Dynamite Radio Sports journalist, Bonnie Jill Laflin
Bonnie-Jill Laflin is an integral part of the KNBR Morning Show and also one of the most gifted sports-radio journalists; just the other morning she asked Brian Murphy if he put his shoes on with a sock and sock and a shoe and a show or a sock and a shoe and a sock and a shoe.

Riveting stuff.

I was advised by my friend, Bumpy Bumkin that Bonnie was hired by KNBR not so much for her looks but so she could add much-needed audio fritatti to the show's benefit. It is a massive undertaking but well worth the effort.

Laflin is quite the sports voice and it shows. Her breakdowns on 49ers' OTAs and the Warriors' progression in the NBA Finals are must-listen radio. The NFL? She's a regular Mel Kuiper only more bubbly and educated.

But the BIG reason I like BJL is her networking with Powlie Mac --they form the glue that makes the Knibber AM extravaganza such a vital presence in the community.

That said, even if its radio and we can't see her, I'm sure BJL has MAJOR -LEAGUE STUFF. Trust me on this one.

Related image
Bonnie Jill taking break in KNBR offices

Circle 7 Rendezvous Quite The Talk at KGO Back In The Day --Beil and Aguirre: Let's Get It On

Related image
Larry Beil
Image result for Larry Beil Jessica Aguirre
Jessica Aguirre

WHEN SHE, (Jessica Aguirre) was at KGO --it was more than a rumor; it was el facto; they both quite admired one another and he (Larry Beil) made it a point to take extra-long dinner dates --only when they were both together, they weren't discussing dinner and most of the time, they were nowhere near a restaurant, trust me.

The wine was flowing no matter the destination; everything else? Use your imagination.

I'm here to report the facts. Sometimes, it isn't pretty.

'Cruise With Rich Lieberman 415 Media'


Hi, this is Richhhhhh Lieberman of 415 Media and I'm proud to announce a beautiful summer cruise up San Pablo Bay and a chance for you to join me on this fabulous adventure! Only $29.99 --includes all diet cokes and a luscious lunch at the McDonalds in Richmond and complimentary party gifts on the boat as we dine al fresco --join me, as we sail up the bay through lovely port of call, Crockett. Then, after a brief cocktail break at Smitty's, we'll gather on the ship and set sail for beautiful Port Costa and Selby; cost again is, can you believe this? $29.99 includes all taxes and fees plus several tuna sandwiches and ginger ale with Rich as we end our adventure in Rodeo. We'll watch the sunset in wonderment; play dominos under the Benicia Bridge. Frolic with me and members of the cast from "The adventures of Love Canal." AGAIN, DON'T MISS OUT, this is a once-in-a-lifetime event as you cruise with Richhhhhh up San Pablo Bay and back, --to register, call: 999-999-9999 and get ready for fun and adventure.

Bastida and Glenn: They Used To Be Human

Image result for KPIX TV anchors
Vern Glenn (l) and Ken Bastida

I KNOW A LOT OF MEDIA PEOPLE IN THIS BAY AREA; Big Deal, right, and that's not the point anyway so let's go at it.

I'VE known Vern Glenn and Ken Bastida for years; Bastida all the way back to his KFRC days and Glenn when he worked at KRON on weekends until he landed at KPIX.

Both are good people. But they've changed. Vern, for some reason, still tries his darnedest to be Gary Radnich. He still does the pregnant pauses; shuffles his papers while doing his broadcast; he's not human anymore.

Bastida used to be a quality newsman --not anymore. He doesn't have a personality too which sucks because in order to be successful on TV News, it would be great to develop a style, an identity; at PIX, they obviously prefer non-human, bland, news readers. It's not that Bastida is terrible on the air; he isn't. He just lacks any real focus and makes for a boring guy. A boring guy on the air and off. Damn shame too because when Ken was human, he was a funny SOB.

I don't know what's got into Vern and the Gary shtick. And the thing is, Vern does have his own personality, so it's bewildering that he was kidnapped by the fate police and told to act like Raddy. I don't get it but then again, I don't get a lot of things.

What a country.