Tuesday, May 23, 2017

415 Media Back Wednesday

Equipment malfunction and destruction.

Severe headache and multiple cases of neurosis.

A friend came to the rescue. I still have one.

See you Wednesday...if all goes well.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Keep an Eye Out

Image result for weird people KEEP AN EYE OUT

*On just how extra boring KGO's oatmeal-breath, evening bore, Chip Franklin, can sound.

Franklin was subbing for the Branson boobs, aka: Armstrong and Getty, Friday morning. The nauseating meter was off the chart for good old-fashioned mumble-man Chipster.

Image result for Black Southwest Airline Stewardess in commercial that sings*For that beautiful, sexy Southwest Airlines stewardess that has hijacked Comcast ads during Giants' games. I mean, yeah, she's hot, but I'm not sure I want to see her transformative singing every two minutes. On the other hand, she beats looking at the Giants every now and then.

Image result for dennis prager*On that far right radio host, Dennis Prager, (9-Noon, 860 AM 'The Answer') who in spite of politics I mostly disagree with, nonetheless makes for interesting radio. Yeah, he's entertaining and informative--very listenable as opposed to "Mr. Softee" to the left of the dial.

*Keep an eye out for Ronnnn's simpleton act which gets more simple by the day. There was a time when Owens was halfway decent and worth ten minutes. Now he sounds like some mumbling grunt from Dayton. Quick, make some coffee.

Image result for the happy hour csn*Keep an eye out on just how boorish Greg Papa acts on NBC Bay Area's insufferable, "The Happy Hour." It's bad enough that the show lacks chemistry and direction; worse, count the number of times Papa TALKS OVER the female host, Kelli Johnson, and makes her look foolish. Of course, Papa looks worse. Upside: less Ray Ratto.

Image result for nia malika henderson*On CNN political analyst, Nia Malika Henderson, who could talk about cryonics for twenty minutes and I'd still WATCH.

Image result for rebecca berg*So, too, Rebecca Berg.

Image result for chip franklin kgo*Sure, I can't stand Franklin but give a listen to him and you'll understand my angst. The guy doesn't talk so much as mutters every minute. God, how terrible, how amateur --wait a minute, it's KGO, nobody cares.

Image result for kpix sports anchors O'Donnell and Glenn*Keep an eye out on KPIX's sports team where word on the street is that they might be 86ed --imagine, newscast without sports. They're doing it in Denver-- it's not so radical.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Hey, Here's a Picture of a Woman on Market Street With a Cutout of Sal Castaneda

Image result for sal castaneda wedding

Some woman with a cutout on Market Street of Sal Castaneda.


KPIX's Dogged Political Reporter Melissa Caen Got The Gig Because She's Just Plain Fantastic

Image result for melissa caen kpix I'M SURE IT WAS GUILE AND MOXIE that landed Melissa Caen the chief political reporter position at KPIX. I'm sure it all had to do with her incredible knowledge of the local and national political landscape --I'm sure her married last name, "Caen", had nothing to do with her hiring.

I'M SURE Ms. Caen has an island full of political sources she relies on to get all the great scoops she's reported. There are no scoops but if their were, Caen would have them all.

Where some observers might refer to Caen as a "lightweight", I vehemently disagree. I view Melissa as a Heavyweight; the Floyd Mayweather Jr. of Political Journalism.

I'M SURE Melissa Caen is a hardened analyst and great peruser of Politico, Wall Street Journal, National Review, 415 Media and other great institutional political publications and web sites. She looks like the proverbial wonk. As a matter of fact when I think POLITICS, I automatically think of Melissa Caen --who wouldn't? When one looks in the dictionary for political guru they might as well be staring at a picture of KPIX's maverick political star, Melissa Caen.

I'm sure Caen is always digging, digging, digging for the latest political item because that's her life and I want a part of it. She's quick, she's an ace, she's dogged: she's political reporter extraordinaire, Melissa Caen.

Hold me back.

KGO Radio Confirms It Is Truly The Shits In Trump/Comey Washington News; Cumulus Thinks Bay Area Audience Is Stupid; Thursday Opener

Image result for kgo radio offices san francisco IF THE PAST FEW WEEKS didn't formally reveal how a once-mighty radio station has become so much awash in out-of-touch reality and irrelevance --just take the case of KGO ...the news-talk juggernaut that continues to spin out of control and leave behind sprinkles of realism.

KGO managers --the latest--seem destined to further erode 810 AM credibility ...we know their ratings continue to flail away; not that they were going anywhere up long term only now the scene at KGO provides just how the mighty have fallen.

Image result for Trump ComeyTHE BIGGEST, latest setback has to do with KGO's awful performance in light of all the Trump/Comey news and subsequent decision by the Justice Dept. to bring a Special Council into the investigations(s).

Normally, like some time ago even in the latest KGO iterations, the station would have news of such event; discussion and analysis by its various talk hosts; a chance for listeners to call in and both respond and offer their own reaction.

Not so much anymore.

KGO has been ill-prepared to handle all the Washington news; asleep at the wheel at best and downright inept and rank amateur at worst leaving a radio station in dismay and providing ample displays of incompetence across the board --which has led to many personnel questioning the policy and direction of its management and embarrassment throughout its rank and file. Even by poor Cumulus standards, KGO has sounded and looked like some nimble college station trying its best to be grownup.

FOR STARTERS...KGO reacted to the initial Trump Firing of Comey (which started off the upheaval and has hit its highpoint, for now, with the appointment of a special council) And how has KGO covered this? By looking foolish; by relying on talk hosts some of whom who literally said on air they'd have to pause and "wait for an expert" --I'm sure listeners, the few of them, were just thrilled. And that's the problem; (of which there's plenty) just how pathetic KGO sounds.

KGO simply doesn't have any faith in its listeners interest in such Washington matters; even if the stories are BIG and sensational and even if they are headlines and TOP of the mast at the networks and cable domain; even if the story involves TRUMP--a sitting president and the topic is what everyone is talking about at the office.

KGO insists on making its puny talk hosts instead offer up human-interest stories and daily, trivial mush that might work well in Des Moines and Fresno; wait a minute, both Fresno and Des Moines are talking Trump/Comey, not so much KGO where off-topic minutiae rule the day and night.

Oh sure, Ronn Owens has tried his best to manage a conversation about the news but Owens' repertoire has become aging and trying at best. Ronnnnn used to give a meaty, concise, and fairly thorough examination over such events but now Owens has to rely on guests at the start and doesn't say much at all after the guests leave. In fact, Owens doesn't offer anything new or fresh, simply a re-hashing of what has already been revealed. In other words, there's no fresh take, no authentic rendering --it's like day old Chinese food. Yuck.

Ronn's day-old morsels are not as bad as his other amateur hosts who simply don't know how to carry on a news-talky segment without benefit of useless audio snippets and unworthy, ridiculous takes...one host was so inept he decided to go away from the discussion and talk about ice cream. I'm not kidding.

Related imageKGO has a first-rate political expert in John Rothamann but seems only ready to use him at the last minute as if to say, "well, let's not embarrass our self further; we better get Rothmann here'" If it weren't so seriously out-of-touch, it would be comical.

Rothmann is a heavyweight and has astute, pointed and ready opinions on such matters but KGO seems to think he's (Rothmann) too smart for the audience. That's right, KGO thinks you're dumb otherwise they'd have Rothmann on nonstop and cease ice-cream talk and the banality called Ethan BEAR-man.

BEAR-man has been promoted, I guess, if you call repeating radio dog-doo in the nightly 7-10 PM slot as a promotion. I would call it DESPERATION --and symptomatic of an operation that has absolutely NO IDEA how to run a radio station. Sounds like a Cumulus station. It is.

Image result for Stupid Cumulus radio people

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Big Shot


Sinking Millennium Tower Houses Big CBS Exec; KCBS In Ruins Over Tattered New Voices; Ryan Scott and Ronnnnnnnn Do Another Superficial Lunch; KGO Radio Behind the Scenes Mystery; Mike Anthony Know Nothing; Owens Still Really Detests Michael Savage Because Michael Has Ratings and Ronnnnnn Has 'Copie'; Wednesday Scrambled Eggs

Image result for San Francisco KCBS building THAT SINKING SHIP known as the Millennium Tower is still sinking ...in addition to star sports and social higher-up people who have a pad there, there's also the BIG SHOT CBS guy that has a suite on the 44th floor who brings his lady friends over after a night out; I'm not sure his wife knows.

*Because you had to be a big shot, didn't you? Assist to Billy Joel.

*KCBS scrambled eggs: A longtime spy tell me the place is besieged with paranoia. And lots of sniping too. "A prominent sports guy (probably Steve Bitker) is going nuts over the new traffic and sports anchors...He says they're "uncoachable" and that they're not worth the time and effort."

Furthermore, the evening sports guy that got the job without even interviewing and has a nasty habit of doing lousy impressions in the press box has been going around town telling everyone how "great I am and how 'this job' should have been mine years ago."

*Maybe he should punished and forced to watch "The Happy Hour."

*Ronnnnnnnnn and his buddy, the insufferable Chef Ryan Scott, were lunching the other day at Perry's --why were they celebrating? I dunno, did Scott finally get a non-PSA ad on his stupid radio show that is home to the magnificent 7?

*Ronnnnnn Owens en fuego: mattresses and brunettes that aren't his wife in the KGO studio.

*Tracey Watkowski will always be employed at ABC7 as long as a bigwig ABC exec, Rebecca Campbell is working. Campbell is in charge of the O and O's and affiliate queen at Disney and supposedly loves Trixie.
Image result for Ronn Owens Brian Copeland
Ronnnnnnn Owens looking fresh and mattressey

*Something is going on at KGO Radio, I can't seem to get anyone behind the scenes to talk but I feel the pain...not the pain KGO is feeling everyday when the hosts don't talk about the TRUMP/COMEY/RUSSIAN deal because KGO hosts are largely ignorant doofuses manipulated by sCUMULUS yes men in Atlanta.

*The joke that is no joke: every time a Cumulus suit visits SF, Ronnnnnnnnnnn asks for a picture with the guy. And here I thought I was insecure.

*Mike Anthony: hope you're renting.

*Justin Wittmayer: White and bulkey, mid 40's: a Cumulus hire mold.

*Yeah, so Ronnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn DESPISES Ethan BEARMAN but still has a hard-on for Brian "I hired all my daughters and sons", Copeland. Screw the "R and B Joke Hour", more the "R and B nepotism hour."

*Speaking of Copeland: when the Comey/NY Times item hit, the not a genuine Black Man was talking about listeners favorite ice cream.

Image result for Sexy woman radio talk host*Owens to a KGO staffer during bathroom break: "Michael Savage is an asshole!" Poor Mr. Softie --NO ratings and ETERNAL jealousy.


That hot, sexy, Black woman visiting KPIX the other day had quite the interview with one of the suits...believe me, they were not talking about the venison at Kokkari.