Friday, August 7, 2020

'Be Safe' --Fake Sincerity by Sports Radio Talk Hosts

Quote by George Burns: “Sincerity - if you can fake that, you've ...THIS IS GETTING TO BE A REAL DRAG:

The sports-talk radio hosts who constantly tell the guest, "Be Safe."

It's total bullshit.

As if, what? Don't be safe?

First off, it's complete FAKE SINCERITY. That's all. I hear it a lot on KNBR and "The Game" by hosts. What a total BS deal.

They ought just say, "thanks for coming on the show and take care."

That's it.

Of course they would rather seem cool and do the PC thing and it sounds fake and insincere.

What else is new?

Be safe? Really, I got your be safe right here.

KRON Getting a New Set Doesn't Peter Out The Other Bullshit Afflicting KRON; KNBR Ralph Barbieri More Bull; Crowe's Nest; Lund is Still Pathetic; So Too Tolbert; Friday Rant

IT CAN GET A NEW SET, wonderful, I'm sure the natives are just damn joyful, HA!, Ha, ha, yeah right like the joy of anal warts! The truth and not the bullshit spewing at KRON with a workforce royally pissed off and only showing up to work because they need to feed their family.

KRON4 News - San Francisco on the App Store

The TRUTH is this: KRON is still as Fucked up as ever with a shitty news product and a contempt for its rank and file. People that still man the ship and try to keep it afloat before it dives further into the abyss. KRON is rudderless and a new set of furniture will DO NOTHING to amp up morale. It's like having a bunch of fillings and your dentist pays no attention to the other cavities in your mouth. KRON was/is still a Titanic of the SF Bay Area.

It doesn't act--it reacts. It has ZERO leadership. It will be an eternal LOSER until its idiots free its soul from the MORON little man and HIS ENABLER are shown the door. Like yesterday. That won't happen and the natives know that. They know that they have to work in a SUCK environment until their SCREAMING lunatic is set off the chain and sent back on a one-way ticket to Toledo, where he can scream and be relevant there. SHE TOO.  The Supreme YENTA!

*Here's the deal about NBC Layoffs here and nationally: they make ZERO SENSE which dictates why NBC continues to chop, chop, chop. An industry guy told ne that even the threats of human layoffs was just as good as the actual layoffs themselves--I said, "really? WTF?"!! In corporate geek, yeah, they love their staffers to have complete fear of their impending doom even if they don't actually don't get the kaboom. How wonderful that must resonate with their employees, what abunch of ASSHOLES at 30 Rock.Bay Area's Rock N' Roll Radio Station KFOG Signing Off – CBS San ...

*KNBR/Cumulus has the CHUTZPAH to run maudlin, Ralph Barbieri promos for a day, honoring, (yeah, sure) their fallen hero --and then? Kaboom! NOT ONE MORE MENTION! Here they are, making money off website "tributes" and then calling off the "tribute" as if they had enough and now, it's back to that wonderful, "Giants Replay." What a fucking crock of shit and how PATHETIC a station and company honor a man who they FIRED and made him, (Barbieri) leave the building under armed guards dressed in black. Yeah, that's not on the promo loop! Nor is the former asshole, Bill Bungerroth, who was made to de-credit everything there was about Barbieri's profile. Yeah, again, you didn't hear that at the Cumulus SF Cluster.

*Add Barbieri-related Bullshit: The Giants' tandem of both Brian Sabean, their GM, and Larry Baer, their owner/front man, HATED Ralph! HATED HIM! The fact these bozos were allowed to SPEW OUT UTTER BULLSHIT and proclaim FALSE PRAISE about Ralph on the day he died is a TOTAL FARCE! How pathetic, how abysmal and YOU GUYS should know the TRUTH! They treat you like a bunch of idiots and they think your stupid. You should know that the next time to listen to anal-breath, Paulie Mac, the FAKE GUY with the FAKE Jersey accent whose life was created so he can play fake sound bites and impress the morally bankrupt PD, Mr. Jerry Crpwe and his fake persona.


*Yeah, conjure up the idea of having a brew with Jeremiah Crowe, the esteemed leader of KNBR who tried to screw the guy that basically was the glue of the old KNBR: Lee Hammer. There's no love lost there. Crowe is your basic common Cumulus ASSHOLE, a guy so cheap, he saves the Subway Sandwich paper so he can scribble notes on why his night pupil, Mark Willard, so thoroughly SUCKS . Yeah, that a great $300K investment. You could have bought 12 Brian Murphys and Paulie Macs for hat money.

*Crowe has the personality of a week-old kumquat. How do I know? Because there's a certain TV Sports Guy on KNBR that does fill-in and told me so. Apparently, Crowe's secret orgasm is to play golf with Murph (Brian) and Tom Tolbert and tell them how terrific they are. Every week! That's a guy I want to go to war with, great way to rally the troops behind the glass.

*Speaking of which, dear Mr. Tolbert: I thought you hated it when one of your "fellas" consistently kisses your ass each afternoon. Or was Mr. Krueger's account to a fella, wrong? Inquiring minds want to know.

*Tolbert is interested in the news but had to leave the building because his 3000th case of Pliny beer arrived at the house in Alameda. "What ISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Shaking?" More free beer.

*John Lund --the 53 year-old potty-mouth co-host of a once-respected sports program --Lund brags about how many places he's worked at and how many PD's he's been able to fool. Good omen as he will soon find out on his next gig in Provo, Utah. The award is mighty, Lund, and it plays no favorites even after a decent July book.

Thursday, August 6, 2020

415 Media Exclu: KRON Getting New Set

KRON-TV - Wikipedia

MY KRON SPY at the morning grill:

The albatross independent at 900 Front will be getting a NEW SET and new graphics and music too, a complete overhaul --goodbye to that awful 80's K-TEL music and on that front alone, hallelujah

No word on its debut, the set that is, but I'm guessing just in time for Fall Sweeps. September

Ask Rich Lieberman

RICH LIEBERMAN 415 MEDIA: Ask Rich Lieberman

Name and city gets to the front of the line.

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Source to 415 Media: More Bay Area NBC Cuts will be 'Particularly Painful'

NBC Sports Layoffs Continue, Hit Digital And Regional Properties Hard


The cuts at the NBC outlets here: 'the NBC O and O in San Jose and the sports cable station, NBC Sports Bay Area' will be particularly painful because NY wants to hit its big market affiliates harder because that's where most of its highest-paid earners live."

I'VE been monitoring potential action at the 3rd street NBC Sports, Bay Area --only Kelli Johnson is the name person that has been told she's no longer on the payroll.

There's rampant talk that 2 BIG names are about to get the heave-ho, one of which, if true, will shock you --all of you.

In San Jose, I know at least 3 camera people and a couple EPs and producers have been 86ed and there's chatter a number of reporters are about to get their days ruined.


Tom Tolbet Has Jumped The Shark

Tom Tolbert returns to KNBR 680 from medical leave | KNBR-AF

I can't listen anymore it's become too tedious and predictable. Maybe I'm too critical. Maybe I'm a little preachy, whatever, I have a hard time figuring out what the hell he's saying anymore and I'm losing patience.

Tom Tolbert seems a one-trick pony: beer talk, beer talk, gambling, gambling, and worse yet, long arduous time on his golf game --golf game? Oy!

If Tolbert gets a buck every time he mentions beer he'd have Jeff Bezos money.

'Big' Meeting at KRON Wednesday --(Nextstar) Schmooze; NBC Bay Area More Cuts KRON4 News - San Francisco: Appstore for Android

TODAY, (Wednesday) a "mandatory" meeting at KRON's 900 Front studios ad office: supposedly "high-level" staff and everyone who works at the station: and I do mean EVERYBODY. Gut says it's a Nexstar (corporate owner) confab to tell everyone what's going on--which is never anything good. More like a bunch of assholes saying who's the boss and who isn't. Anyway, whatever it is and it doesn't sound good, I'll do my best to bring it your way.

MORE LOCAL NBC LAYOFFS: At least 3 photographers and 2 News producers have been shown the door at NBC Bay Area down in San Jose.

I'm hearing a BIG name(s) is looming too. Any day/moment now.NBC BAY AREA HOSTS "RACE IN AMERICA: THE CONVERSATION ...