Thursday, October 18, 2018

Mystery Thursday: Former KGO/KNTV Anchor Terilyn Joe Seen Coming Out of KPIX Building on Battery (But No Eggs Thrown)

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Terrilyn Joe 
WHY WAS FORMER CIRCLE 7 and KNTV anchor, Terilyn Joe, seen earlier this week coming out of the KPIX building on Battery?

I don't know yet --it could all be just speculation about her professional future. She does have a friend in the sales dept. Maybe they were just going to lunch.

Here's her current gig.

If you have a postcard fetish of her, you're in luck.

For now, the good news? She didn't throw any eggs at anyone while visiting PIX.

Four Bay Area Women Anchors I'd Like To Critique: Wang; Daetz; Haener and Moore

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Janelle Wang
I WISH I COULD LIKE Janelle Wang. I'm sure over a glass of wine and cheese crackers, we'd be just a hoot. I can't relate to Wang's demeanor as a news anchor on NBC Bay Area (KNTV) She comes across as cold and benign --a virtual ghost with no passion, no personality, no spirit. She needs a few things; maybe trim the hair a bit; a little less lipstick and more smiling. For starters. Then we'll reexamine later on.

Image result for Ama Daetz
Ama Daetz
*Ama Daetz is wonderful to observe. Unfortunately, sheer beauty isn't enough for the KGO-TV anchor. I've been hot and cold with Madame Daetz. She is a decent news reader but passionless --there's no energy there and Ama comes off like a stiff cinnamon twist. She should have better news acumen too because I'm not seeing it anymore.

*Julie Haener used to be a model KTVU anchor; I always marveled at her ability to work well and not come across as the dumb blond down the street you see shopping at the local Macys. Lately, Haener wants to become a femme fatale. The provocateur who is hellbent on enforcement at any cost. A real rabble rouser. Tone it down, Countess Haener. There is nothing more displeasing than a brutish news reader. And please, less make-up, Julie. You ever heard of natural beauty? Maybe too, like Wang, cut the hair. Try a few curls and be more human. You're beginning to look like a Mary Kay cosmetics rep.

Image result for Julie Haener
Julie Haener
*Pam Moore is beginning to suffer the effect of too many years at KRON. She can still read the teleprompter but has lost her personality and vigor. She seems out of touch, stern, sort of baseless. There's not a lot of passion; in fact, visually a great deal of anger and resentment. Madame Moore, be relaxed and have fun. It beats working, that TV gig of yours.
Image result for pam moore kron 4
Pam Moore

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Lame Duck Raiders Bad Business for Entercom; 'The Game' (95.7 FM Sports); Gruden Doesn't Do Weekly Show with Damon Bruce Who Is Pretty Pissed Off; With A's Leaving, The Game Has Little Game; Wednesday Sports 415 Media Schmooze

Image result for Jon Gruden 95.7 The Game SPORTS RADIO is quite lucrative to the station because sports in general is huge; big business jock radio dominates the media landscape even if you're not inclined to follow sports; that said, the revenue streams that are generated make gargantuan globs of money for local and national outlets.

The Giants are healthy money makers for KNBR and Cumulus even if the team stinks; they drive the car and butter the bread; so to, the 49ers. Relationships are vital to the cog that brings in the big dough; the GM; the star players and non-star players do frequent interviews on their respective flagship station. KNBR relies on its weekly chat with Kyle Shanahan, 49ers coach; John Lynch; its GM also does the talk circuit. Teams around the league and their home stations have similar relationships. It's called business and it benefits both.

Except for the Raiders and Entercom and its stations; KCBS (all news and carrier of Raiders' football games on Sunday) and 95.7 FM (The Game)

Jon Gruden, that coach racking up the big money (at $10M a year for 10 years) doesn't do a Monday call-in show with PM drive host, Damon Bruce even though he's contractually obligated; by extension, so too the Raiders. It's to the point now that Bruce routinely rips Gruden and the Raiders about this situation --I don't know if that's good business to air your dirty laundry but I applaud Bruce for being honest because the Raiders, even in good times, are absolutely the WORST sports franchise in the world to conduct business with; Entercom and its minions are experiencing this for the first time and are both embarrassed and royally ticked off.

Beyond the obvious discomfort is the fact that the Raiders horrific act on and off the field is bad business for their broadcast partner; try to sell Raiders' football now when the team is one foot out the door in Oakland and headed to Las Vegas probably next year (playing in a college stadium when the new one will be ready, maybe, in 2020).

Image result for Entercom KCBS 95.7 FM The Game Radio, San Francisco
Damon Bruce
Gruden doesn't do any shows. The worst part is the Raiders organization doesn't care and almost flaunts its giddiness --some things will never change.


"The Game:" has a lame duck Raiders and a soon-departed Oakland A's who will leave its flagship come 2019. As Susan Slusser of the Chronicle reported the A's will be on a more franchise-friendly station --maybe KFRC if they can buy the current religious station; or snatch up some AM or FM outlet that will actually talk about the team. 95.7 FM hosts rarely talk A's baseball even when the team shined like it did this year.

Yes, frankly in good times, the A's don't generate the same traction as do the Giants but given the fact that KNBR is so embedded with the Giants that's never been surprising.

To its credit, KNBR builds its entire talk structure around the team. The A's haven't been able to garner that treatment with The Game. It's unpleasant if you're an Athletics fan but it's fact.

Then again, with the Raiders about to become extinct on their Entercom client and the A's on a different station for 2019, that leaves the Warriors as the only sports team (and a golden one) left.

Good sports-talk radio is mostly host-oriented but having teams on the domain not only brings in more money and revenue streams, but prestige too. That counts both ways. Just ask KNBR and Cumulus during the Giants' run of championships in 2010, '12, and '14.
Image result for Oakland Raiders Entercom The Game

Bay Area 415 Media Jerks; Castaneda; Somerville; Ibanez; Haener; Owens; Papa; Radnich; Lund; And More

Image result for A jerk BAY AREA MEDIA JERKS

*Sal Castaneda --KTVU: Used to be a charming, funny, engaging man with a Bay Area pedigree no less; would light up your morning and provide laughter and sanity to the traffic commute nightmare.

Now is an egotistical, sullen, absorbed narcissist whose image and inflated ego has turned cheery Sal into a big time jerk.

*Frank Somerville: KTVU: the bright-eyed SF State alum who makes it known about his "conscience" on Facebook is anything but off the air; a vile, unfunny, insensitive, schmuck with all the sincerity of a Lodi truck stop.

*Mark Ibanez: KTVU: After Ibanez signed his three-year contract extension in March, the once-jovial sportscaster with supreme up in his professional life has become a certified lout. Mean, angry, also another narcissist who gave a symbolic middle finger to the little people. KTVU's worm too.

*Greg Papa: NBC Sports, Bay Area: The once-respected Bay Area broadcaster with Raiders' and Warriors' connection; he's now DETESTED by staffers both at the cable outlet and FM sports station. First off, Papa is a MEAN SOB. "The jerk of all jerks," says an industry source at NBC who works near his office. Papa is mired in a nasty divorce with a former Raiderette; basically screwed the equally smarmy but now sympathetic, Dave Feldman out of a job (as 49ers pre and post-game host) and is a BULLY around both his play stations. Papa also routinely TALKS over Kelli Johnson in the worst cable show in America, "The Happy Hour"--yeah, if you like warm beer on your cereal. The obnoxious Papa has been called out and the results are not very pretty.

*Allen Martin: KPIX: Grim, sullen, angry and perpetually pissed-off guy; one of many jerks at KPIX who thinks the world revolves around him. Martin should get out more and smell the coffee; maybe take a long walk on a short pier and examine life.

*Julie Haener: KTVU: the fake smile and inside dopey Haener has been exposed as an angry, petty, gossipmonger who stirs up more crap than the incubator at the Oakland Zoo. Her frequent, off-air, schmoozes with Bill Martin is one of many stirs at KTVU.

*Ronn Owens: KGO Radio: still a jerk; always will be a jerk; jerkkkkk to no end. He's probably going back for a sunset gig at KGO so the ego can get one last massage and provide the needed cash infusion to finance his frequent dates with the brunette who isn't his wife. Ronnnnn has a mean streak: just ask the waiters at North Beach Restaurant.

*Gary Radnich: KNBR: Can this overbearing egotistical jerk please be at the end of his once-storied career? No, unfortunately. He's become a caricature of himself. Isn't very smart. Out of touch and now talks about his sneakers more than he talks about sports. Great. The Bentley stories used to possess mild charm now is boring as hell. He famously told the Bay Area he spawns because when he's about to go kaput, he wants people around him. Now that's real classy from the king of the Tenderloin.

*Armstrong & Getty/KGO Radio: Double jerks en fuego. The mutts who want you to believe they're just a bunch of middle-of-the-road political yappers are in actuality, a couple of GOP operatives who kiss Trumpian ass on a daily basis. The Tea Party duo with all the moderation of a Simi Valley Starbucks. Their so-called openness during the Kavanaugh debate was so laughable they should have hit the hyena-cackle cart.

*John Lund: KNBR: a juvenile, redundant, pedantic asshole with fake giggles, repetitious monologues, dick joke insinuations, and more insincerity then a Market Street hooker. A disgusting, vile, inane, mentally-impaired pack of feces better suited for Siberia dive bars.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

415 Media Inside: Rank and File Looking to Bolt KTVU

Image result for KTVU Fox 2 Oakland THEIR GM having bolted the station (he said "retired" which is total BS) because he was being undressed by staff who not only felt besieged by his careless managing; leaving the office early every day; and total overall incompetence, KTVU senior staffers are looking to bolt the station and find work elsewhere--in droves.

Gregg Kelley, perhaps sensing that the rank and file were fed up and looking to go elsewhere, was one of the major reasons why he quit. And quit before important November Sweeps. There's more: Fox stations O and O suits were beginning to gauge Kelley and current, veteran HR manager, Chris Nohr. KTVU continues to have careless problems from graphics to director malfeasance. Its behind-the-scenes personnel are a mess.

Other stations in and out of the Bay Area market have seen resumes invade the back offices. The mellow mood inside has disappeared and even interns are nervous and want out.

Stay tuned for this ongoing story.

#415 MEDIA Inside

Monday, October 15, 2018

Foodie Chap Mayclem Wants To Be Called 'Count'; Radnich Pay Cut Coming; Cumulus Leverage; Dirty Lunch Room at KRON; Heather Holmes Still Dressing like Cat Diva; KTVU Mess; Ibanez and Somerville Tidbits; Monday Media Mash; Bruce and Krueger Salary Battle; Lund and Tolbert: Beer and Penis Show on KNBR

Related image I'M NOT SURPRISED: the obnoxious, ego-driven, Foodie Chap (Liam Mayclem) wants to be addressed by his peers as "Count" --I'm not kidding.

Here's the skinny.

He met behind closed doors at CBS' offices on Battery with top brass indicating that he wanted official recognition as a Count "because I bring extraordinary depth to the station and a healthy batch of new viewers."

Yeah, when I heard about this I wanted to toss an arugula salad in his face.

Count Mayclem has about as much warmth as Bill O'Reilly after an all-night bender at the Gold Club.

Image result for Gary Radnich KNBRG
Gary Radnich
*Cumulus Media has told Gary Radnich of KNBR that his contract (about $400,000 per year) will include a "significant" pay cut when it expires next year. How significant? Enough so that when Raddy (who doesn't have an agent) might be forced to hire one because he (Raddy) really has no leverage and Cumulus knows that. Maybe be time to sell the Bentley for a Toyota.

*Meanwhile, apparently quite a ruckus the other (Saturday) night at KRON: someone high up showed up (out of the blue) to watch the 10 PM News on Saturday and discovered the break room where the frat boys and girls eat to be a giant mess.

Beginning Monday: a camera inside to chronicle who's the messy ones with the week-old lasagna and party dip that was all over the floor and nobody bothered to clean it up. I hope the bathrooms are OK.

Image result for heather holmes ktvu
Heather Holmes
*YOU TELL ME: Is Heather Holmes of KTVU a news anchor or an all-night provocateur at the Balboa? Heather has a right to wear Nordstrom Rack fashion wear (60% off) and look like the femme fatale she wants to emulate but my god, how can I look at her and not laugh when she talks about a fire on Market Street. Or are her outfits now so predictable as to not be embarrassing. Hell, no wonder her wedding ring is missing.

*KTVU add: no GM; HR boss being mocked in newsroom; staff pissed off at FOX because interns are being taken advantage of; the new set delayed which has a lot of people on edge because November Sweeps are closing in. And nobody can take vacation. What a swell time in Jack London Square.

Image result for mark ibanez
Mark Ibanez
*It's all hunky dory for sports anchor veteran, Mark Ibanez, who continues to draw plumb assignments and natty suit trades --Ibanez gets to the station an hour before airtime and reads his copy (written by a longtime producer) and splits immediately back to home in Napa. No time for extra curricular acts of kindness like hanging out with a buddy he's known for 40 years who recently suffered a depressing crisis. Mark does, however, have much time for workouts at the local gym.

*The reason why Radnich always talks about his kids is because he's making up the time he spent with the woman he married only he was already married to another woman.

Radnich spawns because, as he said on the air a year ago, I want kids around me when I'm nearing sunset.

Real classy.

Image result for frank somerville
Frank Somerville 
*Good news on the Frank Sommerville front: refrained from dating his current girlfriend which I hope makes the wife happy because she apparently knows what's going on, no fool is she.

I really thought Frank was sincere and upfront but like Ibanez, lacks a certain mental element: honesty.

*Hey, Damon Bruce: Larry Krueger is prancing around town telling everyone but the mayor he makes more than you. Much more.

OK, just to make it right:

Krueger: $200K
Bruce: $325K

*The joke around town: KNBR, 3-7 PM : "The Beer and Penis Show" --sports? What's that?

The thing with Tom Tolbert which afflicts almost all radio talk-show hosts (sports and news) when you start loving yourself too much and think the world revolves around you, you lose your edge. Too  much beer. As for John Lund? His voice and demeanor is enough to swallow a bottle of aspirin.

Image result for tolbert and lund
Tom Tolbert and John Lund

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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Sunday 415 Media Brunch; The Chronicle New Writers; Nothing To Read; Swanson's KGO/KSFO Reboot Hampered by Budget; Cumulus Lean; My Two Cents on New Additions; Craft; Tillem; Morgan; Thurston and Rothmann In the Mix

Image result for SF Chronicle building
The Chronicle Building at Fifth and Mission
SF CHRONICLE: 2018. New and newer bylines --lots and lots of rookie reporters. The print edition on Tuesday is embarrassingly small. The spate of new columnists; which the paper has always been noted for; for better or worse (Remember, the Columnical?) is chock full of mostly benign writers who don't excite the senses, save for the Sporting Green's Scott Ostler.

Image result for coffee cupDoes anyone admit to actually reading Leah Garchik? The female Herb Caen she isn't unless you like Marin society women and countless references to the Getty family. Real riveting. Beyond that, what else is there? Matier&Ross every now and then and Kathleen Pender in business. Willie Brown is hit and miss. Nobody stands out. I read SFGate to get local news but the website is more apropos for real estate pictures and Bay City news rewrites. It's a popular site and its Internet traffic is the most prolific in the Bay Area but it too doesn't muster up a whole lot of enthusiasm. One last thing: Michael Bauer, the Chron's veteran food critic, retired out of the blue. I liked reading his reviews; in fact, it was the first thing I read on Sunday after Mick LaSalle but he's gone. Whatever. Time to smell the coffee.

Image result for Jack Swanson Melanie Morgan KGO
Jack Swanson
*Jack Swanson, (suddenly mum to me after I had the audacity to predict he would become the new KGO Radio PD --along with KSFO) is in a semi catch 22 situation. He can try to bring back a few of the old KGO hosts and hostesses and might be ripped for too much retreads and nostalgia. He can also go heavy on new voices and get bashed for not carrying out what a lot of loyal listeners (still) want and say as much.

On that front, for my two cents I offer this: reluctantly, OK, an hour of Ronn Owens in the morning is palpable. Owens isn't the same robust guy and his schtick is pretty much worn out but he's much better then Ethan Bearman, who should be packing and stay permanently in LA.

Early morning drive, the two buffoon, tea-party guys, Armstrong&Getty belong on KSFO and Brian Sussman should be gone Jessie. Swanson might be tepid to the idea of hiring his wife, Melanie Morgan (another mum individual lately) but Mel is good radio and with a Cross-Fire-like other (liberal) voice that can co-host, would make for an entertaining duo. Lord knows there's a lot out there to talk about these days.

Image result for Jack Swanson Melanie Morgan KGO
Melanie Morgan
*As much as I detested Barbara Simpson's politics, I liked listening to her (conservative) radio show. She could be slotted for a couple hours at night (dump the financial guy, BORING!); I'm not a Brian Copeland fan because he's a one-trick pony and predictable --and his comedic "headlines with the headliners" might be entertaining if more than three people knew who these obscure comics are.

Len Tillem, 'Da Loyah' at noon is a keeper. John Rothmann and Pat Thurston from 7-10 PM at night makes too much sense. Forget about the fantasy of Bernie Ward. Two things: ain't gonna happen because too much a public relations nightmare. It's harsh but it's true. Secondly, I don't think Ward wants to get back into radio anyway for a variety of reasons. He's laying low these days.

I'm not, personally, a fan of Christine Craft; she is, however, a damn good talk-show host and definitely knows how to move the needle. If Swanson has a few hours to offer, Craft, late night, would be a good listen.

Image result for Armstrong and Getty
Armstrong and Getty: KSFO would be tolerable
ALL of THIS is predicated on budget. I don't know how much money Cumulus has allotted Swanson but it's safe to say it's not a lot and could hamper his effort to make KGO/2018 a thrifty brand of news and talk.

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