Thursday, February 25, 2021

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Could Larry King have played KGO Radio? A Quick Story ('San Francisco: Hello')

HE (KING) LOVED San Francisco. I mean, LOVED IT. He always told me (a few others too) when he came here doing the Mutual Radio show, he would take walks and marval at how beautiful the city was; mind you this was a time before the homeless issue became as bad as it is today and the streets weren't as dirty and crummy as they are now; anyway, he loved SF and he was so taken he talked that when he retired he most certainly would consider SF as his destination. He instead opted for LA (CNN, the main reason) but I know he really wanted to get a place in the 415. HIGH ON THE LIST: a local talk show on radio? You betcha. Maybe an hour or so and/or even a national show too, based here. It never materialized because for one, Larry didn't formally pitch it. Conceivably, he may have floated a trial balloon (via his agent) but I'm not sure any outlet (KGO?) bought into it. Keep in mind, Larry had plenty of money--he would not do it for just the dough, but yeah, it may have played a part. This is where EGO gets in the way. KGO would have gained and King probably would have been a tremendous BUZZ factor but nobody took the initiative. I DO KNOW THIS: Larry was open to the idea.

Greg Papa just said on KNBR: 'I'm Not So Sure Russell Wilson is Better than Derek Carr'

How Does Vicki Liviakis Do It?

VICKI LIVIAKIS: How does she do it? Great question. I've been asking for years. Like a good wine she gets BETTER WITH AGE. I KNEW her when she was a news anchor at KFRC back in the day. The great late 1970's and while she anchored news, she was the station's mass utility player too. I still wonder today, how she didn't pursue TV News immediately. She's incredibly talented, wait, TALENTED! At KRON, she seems content, ok, that's cool. With a little more gumption, I thought (still do) she had/has network pizazz. A real cool lady, a fabulous journalist and a dear friend, Madame Liviakis, you can still walk the walk and TALK THE TALK.

After KTVU, Marcia Brandwynne KPIX Centric (And She Was Great There Too) KGOP and LA Future

MARCIA BRANDWYNNE, remember her? KTVU wonder woman. KGO Golden Girl. But my favorite part of her Bay Area TV News life was when she was at PIX (anchoring with Bill Schechner in 2005) Brandwynne was one-of-a-kind. She not only looked great but was a tough-as-nails woman, the REAL DEAL. And she could do a DAMN GREAT interview. One of the BEST. She lives in LA today and does family/marriage counseling.

Patty Hearst Saga in the 70's and Circle7 was at Fore front

GIVE CREDIT WHERE CREDIT DUE: Circle7 was THEE station covering the PATTY HEARST KIDNAPPING/SAGA in the 1970's. It's been 47 years since the first day night, Hearst was kidnapped from her Berkeley apartment on Benvenue Ave--Patty was home on a Monday night with her boyfriend, Steven Weed (Feb. 4, 1974, to be exact) when the SLA knocked down her door and thus began one of the MOST enduring saga of the 70's--and KGO was in the forefront.

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Speaking of Another Talent Wasted at KPIX, I Bring You Betty Yu

BETTY YU: STAR in my book --always very cool and collected on air, a talented PRO with network-worthy performance but WASTED at PIX. They could feature her as a quasi-Investigative reporter, she has great reporter tendencies but they don't know when to use her. A baseball analogy: she's a clean-up hitter batting 7th. And like everyone else at PIX: probably trying like heck to get the hell outta town.