Monday, June 12, 2017

Basically, KTVU News at 11 PM is Kicking Ass And The Competition is Left Wondering; Game 5 Prediction For the Hell of It

Image result for KTVU News 11 PMIN SPITE OF SOME INTERNAL STRIFE ...KTVU IS KICKING ASS AT 11 PM; here's some proof too.

I haven't watched a lot of 11 PM News but if I do, I've circled KTVU --a well-done, off-beat, pick-up-the-pace thirty minutes of the day's events.

It's an unconventional look from the very opening when Frank Somerville and Julie Haener do an open ...standing up.

Sure, it's a little gimmicky but guess what? It works.

Now if only Fox would do something with morale and cease "The Firm"-like activities, everyone would be up front and celebrating. Just a thought, I know I'm a little crazy.

*Oh, just for the hell of it.

*Warriors: 122
Cavs: 113


  1. I remember the time Frank and Sal had a go-kart race, when Frank ran Sal off the road into a ditch, called him an asshole, and took off.

  2. They need to do a 8 pm weekend show. I cant take JR Stone belching and smashing a beer can to his forehead as he reads the news.
    But,nobody else at the time. Torture.

  3. NOW, Maybe, just maybe, KRON will have more promo's featuring Steve Aveson!!

  4. It's great having an alternative to the other station so-called newscasts!

  5. Nice to see the big bad FOX raking it in with all the closet conservatives.
    Everybody know when the commercial breaks...the grab-ass games continue.

    The spirit of Mr Ailes is so proud!

  6. Hey!! Warriors won by 9!!!

  7. Good call on the score, you got the margin of victory perfect.

  8. Viewers always remember KTVU news and their perfect 10:00 team. The weekend news, they need permanent anchors for sure. Last night, Frank did morning and came back to do the evening news.

  9. Warriors by 9. Good call Rich!

  10. You mean there is journalism involved in talking about bouncey ball?

  11. You mean The 11 O'clock Bullshit? They say they're giving you "more news." Then they just rerack the 10. Literally. Even the leads are the same.

  12. I'm so happy for "Ken and Barbie"

  13. The reason the KTVU News at 11:00 works is that if you tune in late to the 10:00 news (say around 10:40), you can catch the weather, the sports and then at the top of the hour find out the top story...without having to change channels. Pretty shrewd move...and effective.

  14. the real reason2 is taking
    down the other clowns, is
    their lack of self promoting
    bull shit, and their weather
    report, the other assholes
    have made santa rosa the capitol of the bay area, and
    all of northern california
    has become the north bay, some
    one should do some house
    cleaning in these stations,
    management wise, or quit
    playing with themselves,

    feel free to post this any and

  15. KRON is the only news I can listen to without going haywire. Everything else is so slanted. Their's is just less so. Aveson is national news ready. Slow, deliberate delivery, yet not sleep inducing.