Monday, June 12, 2017

Turmoil In The Morning at KRON; Averi Harper Resigns; Allegation of Workplace Harassment By Producer; 415 Media Exclusive

Image result for averi harper kron 4Averi Harper, a morning reporter at KRON is planning on submitting a formal resignation...seems Harper has been the alleged target of workplace harassment and bullying by a prominent station producer, 415 Media has learned exclusively through a local broadcast source.

We won't mention the name of the producer as we have made an attempt to reach out to him for comment on this allegation.

Harper had a meeting with management about her problems and looks like her boss has sided with the producer and has begun "building a case" against the popular Harper who is both well-liked and respected by those in the newsroom.

One senior staffer: "I really like Averi; she is a good reporter and will find something ...I feel bad for her. This producer is disliked by many. There was even a petition circulated to get him fired."

#415 Media Exclusive

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  1. Wonder if another station/media source will pick this up? Then again, it could be a case of "those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones."

  2. And more journalistic accumen at KPIX:

  3. Wow, a bully news director stands by a bully producer? Way to get the back of your fellow A-hole, Pero.

  4. 2:53 said it all. No wonder the rest of Bay viewers and listeners have to continue to put up with the Bentley as well. Pero playing putz again.

  5. ..and Radnich using his pull and empathy for African Americans has stepped in to help Avery.
    No? Hasn't done a thing? Yep,that's Radnich.