Wednesday, April 5, 2017

415 Media Exclu: KTVU Camera Guy Rolls Over $20K of Camera Gear; Indifference 'Tude From Management

Image result for KTVU news cKTVU OUT $20K! Passive attitude from ND and GM

If you're having a bad day consider the goings-on at KTVU where they prepare for an extended newscast (10 PM -11: 30 -on April 17 ) but have some major issues at hand...

To wit:
I've heard a lot about photographers and reporters getting robbed of gear. This week it wasn't a robbery that cost KTVU big, but one of their own. After a live shot the other day a camera guy (Jake Unger) forgot to load up a portable live unit and rolled his truck over it. One of those units costs over $20K!

Image result for ktvu news vanOn top of that... no one has dealt with it because there is no leadership in the newsroom. Assistant ND (and acting ND), Amber Eikel is in way over her head. If you thought there was no direction before it's a hundred times worse now.  GM Gregg Kelley is forcing an 11 PM News on an already burned out staff. They are not adding one additional body to it!, so the 10 PM producer will now do an hour and half of news a night! That should really burn him out. But don't ask Kelley to care about that. He doesn't give a damn!
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  1. F*CKS2 should have insurance for the equipment. They won't miss it. They can use their iPhones. No one will know the difference. It'll be like watching their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram feeds.

  2. Phil Robertson in UkiahApril 5, 2017 at 2:43 PM

    I just spoke with Van Amburg about this...he promptly broke wind and drank some scotch.

  3. Super Dave OsborneApril 5, 2017 at 5:51 PM

    I did that once but it was Fuji's fault.

  4. KTVU needs to dump the old-school, overdressed suit-and-tie "Mornings on 2" format. Boring. Lighter "Good Day" style format would be much better. Hire Bethany Crouch from Sacramento.