Tuesday, January 31, 2017

In The Trump News Domain Rothmann Needs More Hours And KGO Has An Audience


And this too.

Notice a trend?

Whether you're anxious and worried and fearful of what's about to happen next is nothing out of the ordinary.

Whether you voted for President Trump or not fair to say he's dominating the headlines. Every day. Every moment. Every second. And he's infiltrated all parts of the domain, be it news, culture, even the sports world. I can hardly wait for what portends at the Oscars this year.

Which only makes my point: The Trump headlines; the world-wide anxiety; the case of the unknown and what happens next seems to be a second-by-second phenomenon.

I bring this up because as a news event, Trump and his actions has world-wide implications and has become water-cooler fodder en fuego. For radio talk-show hosts, a nightly bonanza; just the other evening I heard on KGO the "I" word (impeachment) mentioned.

If KGO Radio were smart, they'd have John Rothmann on from 7- Midnight. Every night. I'm not kidding and neither is Rothmann because I heard him say out loud on the air. And why not? The lines are loaded when Rothmann, the great political analyst, takes to the airwaves and the callers tend to be smart and lucid. The host has built quite an audience and these Trumpian times are historic.

Get him on the air.


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  1. You can have all the callers in the world...but you can't sell time on KGO without forcing buyers to take all those crappy cum-u-less stations.

    Rothman can go sell his show just like Chip has too.

    Nobody is buying KGO.

    1. Chip Franklin = crap fest with chirping birdie sidekicks.

      John Rothman (sans the shrill and childish Pat Thurston) = Intelligent commentary and conversation.

  2. I have to stand up and clap. I love how you cherry pick articles that suit your way of thinking.

    The Constitution entirely supported Yates’ removal. Article II imposes on the president the duty to “take care that the laws [are] faithfully executed.” Because he cannot perform this solemn responsibility alone, the Constitution grants him the power to appoint officers—with Senate confirmation—who can carry out his orders. But as Chief Justice Roberts recently observed, “to keep these officers accountable,” the president has a critical trump card: “removing them from office.” Perhaps no chief executive in American history is better prepared for this role than the longtime host of The Apprentice. Because Yates, who served as a principal officer, impeded the president’s duty of faithful execution, her removal was entirely justified.

    I can link you articles that relay the facts if you like, Dick?

    1. The point isn't whether the constitution justifies the decision - President Trump was justified to do as Yates was to make her political statement, knowing she would probably be fired. But as John Dean, former special counsel to Richard Nixon stated, it was unprecedented and to use the word, "betrayal," in his public statement, was unprecedented. Usually, this kind of decision is made more quietly, and the President's firing of Yates didn't happen in a vacuum, as he has censored National park employees, the rest of the state department, didn't confer with any senate and had his staff prepare the statement without notification to other cabinet, congressional, or staff that might be affected. Talk about self-selection.

    2. FYI, 4:04, AG Yates submitted her letter of resignation...contemporaneously with speaking truth to illegitimate power. She wasn't under some false illusion that should couldn't or wouldn't be fired.

    3. 8:42, what she did was unprecedented as well.

      Bottom line, the Democrats are playing politics and spinning everything they can to shed a positive light on themselves.

    4. There is a fine line between supporting your personal/political beliefs and shooting yourself in the foot. She has 27 years of seniority as a Federal employee working for the Justice Department.

      When I retired from the Government (1995) the rule was 30 years of service and age 55 to qualify for a normal retirement.

      Unless things have changed she just lost a very good retirement, plus all the benefits she would be entitled to, one being a very good health care system.

      Unless she is qualified for some extra special early retirement offer, her odds of employment with the Feds again are not there...Sally shot herself in the foot!

      I went through a base closure here in the Bay area. We were offered an early retirement if we had 25 years of service, regardless of our age. I don't think they are going to shut down the Justice department.

  3. Rothmann brings me back to KGO. When John is on, it reminds me of the old days. At this point KGO should be giving Rothmann a huge contract.

  4. They should put Barbara Simpson back on the air too.

  5. I am beginning to think that Rich and Stan are one and the same. Same hysteria over all things Trump.

  6. RE: Rich = Stan

    Yes, I've thought the same thing for some time now.

    1. I have a blog and Tweet. I'm pretty sure Rich isn't in Hayward or spends time doing property repair.
      Cleaning out a dirty drain is no fun...

  7. One main reason why I do not turn to the news channel until 15 minutes later to avoid listening to the protest.

    Shouldn't protest not be allowed inside the airport? Funny it did happen inside, not outside blocking traffic like many other protest we seen on the news such as freeway, street protest.

  8. I don't dislike Joh Rothman, but he sometimes promotes the liberal cool aid a little too thickly. Prior to the election he was guaranteeing callers that Trump had no way to beat Hillary and that she was going to definitely be the next president. Apparently, Rothman is as good as the rest of the so called 'experts', or he was drinking his own Kool-Aid.

    1. Except, that's not what he said. In any event, you probably think you are patriot, right? Any American who thinks it's cool for a candidate to collude with a hostile government to bugger his opponent in an American election is no patriot. See mirror

  9. Radnich not only had Aubrey Huff on..Raddy spent the whole time telling him "Only support for you is coming in". You know that's a lie.
    Just getting Huff on took collusion that he wouldn't be grilled by hosts or callers.
    Radnich somehow never seems to have on anybody who's critical from the left. That little wiener even has the nerve to say he's "Not taking sides" LOL..yeah he just sits and smiles as pro Trump voices go on 50,000 watts.
    I hope one day a Muslim woman kicks Gary Radnich right in the ass..lol.

  10. John Rothmann is a pro. I have heard all too many "talk show" hosts beg for calls, any calls and they get none or a few lame callers. John evokes intelligent calls, or at least interesting. I will admit I am old school KGO since the 60's as a boy and like the hour format and the 'new way' of segment by segment is OK at times, but not when it's all over the spectrum. Ira Blue and Jim Eason were the very best, and Ronnnn could get some great guests, that took calls. The comment sections of some newspapers are the source for the real facts at times when a press release style article comes out. The Marin IJ is probably the best -with very few crazy commenters- with the very best active known players. Even the lousy comment sections full of nuts can get you more insight. I relate that to being able to actually call and ask those questions or point out some flaw right to the guest, be it Willie Brown or The Gavin.
    The lack of callers asking real questions makes my radio listening less and less, which is why Rothmann is so good.
    He has no lack of smart callers even though his audience may be small, but when people 'get it' I think John could bring in the dough when channel chasers settle in on him. Somehow he is now 'different' than the rest which can be salable. Sometimes his emphasis bugs me, but he knows his stuff. Like a Charlie Rose.
    Steve Mosher