Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The 'Smart and Cool' KTVU 'MO2'; Steve Paulson/Sal Castaneda Comedic Buzz; Gasia Tones It Down; Mibach Too; KGO's Patel Excels On The Weather Front; New KTVU Investigative Reporter From San Diego; Ray Woodson's Cool Talk on KNBR; Wednesday Shop Talk

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Steve Paulson
 STEVE PAULSON is cool. Real too. Non-self-aggrandizing, humble and genuine, what an amazing combo and very much the essence of Paulson --it's no wonder he's a key part of KTVU's "Mornings on 2" mojo.

I've been watching MO2 a lot lately --don't ask me why-- and I've seen more straightforward news presentation and less histrionics and I like it whether it's intentional or not.

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Sal Castaneda, Gasia Mikaelian and Mike Mibach
Stop the presses but when Gasia Mikaelian settles down and just reads the news in a more leaner-meaner manner, she presents herself more effectively and doesn't need to act like some chirpy cheerleader. Who was it that said, "brevity is the soul of wit?" Gasia has adapted the playbook and it's a welcome sight.

Mike Mibach has also dropped the "look at me, I'm a news personality!" and has now a commanding look on the set. Mibach has enough personality that he needn't go overboard on Foxified style--it's more interesting to watch and the viewers are a lot more enthralled.

Sal Castaneda not only continues his steady reporting at the traffic desk, his give and take with Paulson remains one of MO2's most popular and engaging aspects of the program. There's a sincere and comedic connection between the two and it registers high and mighty on the screen. No fakeness, no visual gimmicks needed.

Candice Nguyen
Candice Nguyen
Smart and cool has become the new edict on "Mornings on 2" and it's a refreshing look. And about time.

*Speaking of Fox2, a new Investigative Reporter from San Diego joins the team in Jack London Square, Candice Nguyen.

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Ray Woodson
*Sandhya Patel isn't the biggest weather star on Bay Area TV News but she's one of the most energetic and stylish. KGO Patel reminds me of a NY-style, East coast chic TV professional that gets in and out, does her stuff, and exits the screen gracefully. Too bad others of her ilk couldn't do the same.

*I've always enjoyed "SportsPhone's Ray Woodson" --one of KNBR's most underrated sports talk-radio hosts. Woodson doesn't have to shout; doesn't say outrageous things for the sake of creating false radio; he relies on the simple habit of broadcasting smart, funny, edgy conversation. Woodson has the perfect temperament of such execution and he performs it to the max on a nightly basis. What a concept!
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Sandhya Patel
*If you read your copy well and perform the most basic of functions then the audience doesn't need for you to breakdance, make funny faces, shout sweet nothings out of the blue. Just do your job and let it all flow. You'll be amazed by the results.

*Uh. no, I'm not Stan.

But as I've said, a little bit of Stan every now and then cracks me up--it's an acquired taste.

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  1. Agree about Ray Woodson--he is a nice person who knows what he is talking about and presents it in a low-key manner.

    1. He's the best sports talk guy in the Bay Area.

  2. All of the FOX2 up-talk was corporate-ordered; Gasia was doing fine pre-FOX, and I suspect Fox news wants to keep an especially low profile following the ascension to power of Lord Julius of Orange...

  3. KTVU News has finally nailed it!! Kudos to them, I salute you!!

  4. What happened with Janine De la Vega? Was her departure her idea or was she fire

  5. Woodson isn't the drivetime personality for KNBR, but he has to put up with all the nuts that want to talk about sports at night. He's deferential to callers, but knows when to pull the plug or give a good sarcastic remark when they get a little over the top.

  6. I commented about Gasia bouncing off the walls on her first day back from vacation and you didn't post it. Since then she has calmed down a whole lot. I normally don't watch after 7am but dropping in occasionally after 7am and it is much more watchable. I won't watch the Fox correspondents though and turn the channel.

  7. As long as Dave Clark remains on the show, it remains very hard to watch.

  8. Ray Woodson is BORING. As boring as listening to paint dry.

  9. Gasia looked so smokin' hot today in her tight dress. I could not believe how great she looked up top. In the words of our prez...."you--ge"

  10. Ray Woodson is the only host on KNBR that is competent, informed and respectful of the listeners.

    Sandyha Patel is excellent and you are spot-on with your assessment of her work.

  11. I can't believe you like Sal and Steve so much.
    Steve is one of those dudes that probably makes the two guns with his fingers and makes that "click click" sound while looking in the mirror.
    Sal as far as I can see is just a giant floating head. His traffic reports are 51 percent uhhhhhhh and ummmm sounds.
    But yeah, Dave Clark sucks.