Sunday, March 13, 2016

Just What The Hell is Going On at KGO-TV? Sunday Probe

 What the hell is going on at KGO-TV? Better yet, who exactly is running the ship? Oh, big man Bill Burton definitely calls the shots and has the final say on hiring and firings --but isn't seen a lot in the newsroom.

Negative nabob ND, Tracey Watkowski runs the newsroom but Trixie is detested by virtually all the rank and file.

Even her allies like veteran reporter, Wayne Freedman, have suddenly lost their faith in her leadership, whatever that is.

I get constant e-mail and communication from sources inside 900 Front that speak of a heavy-handed brew of favoritism by Watkowski --an us against them style that has reached a fever pitch and caused quite a bit of mayhem in the newsroom. Nobody has any faith. The veteran staff operates under undue stress having to work with the idiotic sophomore morning show; a gruesome twosome that regularly mocks the core people behind the scene.

Trixie herself has quite a lot on her plate now with staff routinely frustrated with the direction of the station; or rather, the lack of a direction. And let it be know there is quite a bit of frustration at KGO.
Burton seems fixated on social media skills as a hiring highlight yet it was an act of social media performance by one of the station's senior reporters that resulted in him losing half his pay and medical benefits. He's probably looking for a lawyer.

Burton has to call a meeting. Immediately. If he doesn't rein in Watkowski, the people at Disney might do it for him.


  1. Blame Watkowski for the poo stains on the ceiling!!!

  2. Why do these idiots allow themselves to be treated like this? There are so many well paying jobs outside of broadcasting that anyone who bitches about how they are treated should get their head checked.

    Why would you allow yourself or family to be part of this abuse in broadcasting unless you are just a self centered egomanic......

    I rest...

    1. "unless you are just a self centered egomanic......"

      Ah! Nailed it.

  3. IMHO KGO's decline started with the departure of Carolyn Johnson, an extremely skilled reporter and anchor. Other changes includes the "voluntary" change of assignment for Cheryl Jennings, the demotion of Katie Marzzulo, and the change of morning anchors. It is evident that baby boomers and GenX viewers do not matter to the GM and ND in the newsroom. I recognize that reporters and anchors are replaceable so change is enviable; however, what KGO has done is tell one group of viewers is that they don't give a rat's ass about real news. The cross over between Dinsey and ABC News with the latest Star Wars movies was disgusting.
    It seems like ABC7 is hell-bent on becoming the next FOX2.

  4. Burton has "some" people skills. Trixie does not. He can't dump her without a green light from Dinsey/Burbank. It sucks working here. I feel like Leo on the Titanic.

    1. Not "King of the World!" Leo, but boat-sinking Leo.
      Look at all the talent that has left. Some to NBC11 and some just out of the biz. There are a lot of good people there and I feel sorry for them. They deserve better. Trixie can go eat a shit sandwich from Togos for all I care. And Bill can keep pretending he's a big deal at

  5. I'm not doing some stinking meeting!
    I rule the world!!!!!!!!

  6. Its going down hill that is bad