Sunday, February 28, 2016

Oscars? Not Really


So, here's the deal. Before recent history I would make it a point to watch the Oscars; not because I'm a regular film goer; I'm not. On average, I'll go to the movies to see some off-beat films but even those are infrequent because, frankly, the quality of movies has declined and the whole, see-it-on-the big screen has become a hassle. Too much heavy lifting.

Plus, I was never much into award shows. First, in the case of Hollywood, there's hardly any real movie stars that exist today. Maybe Jack Nicholson but even Jack doesn't do the Oscars anymore and Meryl Streep is in the twilight of her career.

The diversity issue and hullabaloo over that will have a central them on Sunday night and that's why my viewing with be confined to Chris Rock's opening monologue. I will watch that, because, like everyone else, I expect Rock to really trash the Oscars.

After Rock, it's switcheroo --and I have a feeling I won't be the only one.


  1. Hmph...I'm surprised Karel didn't turn in his recyclables this year to get the money to rent a tux & leave his stank on the red carpet.

  2. Isn't this really just entertainment and publicity at it worst? This is like the employees at Apple getting together and voting on which gadget was the best this year! This has no meaning to the real world.

  3. I skipped it too. The only movies I liked were made long ago - the current movies are more like a bad video game than a movie.

    I love it how the techies are taking sides against the government. I'm old school if a federal judge tells you to do something and you diss them I'd expect US Marshals to show up and take you to court to answer the judge.

    It is surreal Zuck wants to be a privacy advocate since he made his money data mining. I'm all for privacy but not in this instance the phone was local government property and many people were killed so I would help them rather than make a marketing ploy out of it. But my help would be on a case by case basis to protect the privacy of all others.

    Demonstrating in front of an Apple store is strange to me. But so is the demise of good reporting and raise of managed news like on SF Gate which is apparently only to give greater rights to people who would hurt most of us. If all of this continues we are all at risk...

  4. Rock was worth watching throughout the evening. Te other real highlight was Morricone winning for his score on 'The Hateful Eight'. Otherwise, they skipped the obvious 'Leo's move or Damon's movie' issue, and went for some movie nobody ever heard of that was basically 'All the Vatican's Men', as intrepid ink-stained reporters made the shocking discovery, unheard of outside of Hollywood, the priests abuse kids. Only been going on for decades, folks. Very groundbreaking...for 1984.

  5. #OscarsSoWhite ? More like #BETAwardsSoBlack . Wll Smith and Spike Lee must have wanted "Participation Awards." Haven't watched it in years, and if they are going to "diversify" the voting panel, I'll never watch it, again. Hollywood has become a big propagamda machine.

    1. Trump '16, eh?

    2. @6:11
      "#OscarsSoWhite ? More like #BETAwardsSoBlack."

      Gawd, aren't you wingnuts capable of thinking for yourselves? You're all parroting the same BET fallacy despite the fact that there have been white nominees and winners.

  6. Best joke of the night

    Rock scorched Smith by saying, 'Will Smith is complaining because he didn't get nominated for Concussion.

    'If he wants it all about merit, can we complain about the $20 million he got for Wild Wild West,' said Rock.

    He then slammed Smith's wife.

    'Jada Pinkett Smith boycotting the Oscars is like me boycotting Rhianna's panties.

    'You can't boycott something no one invited you to'.

  7. Why do the public and the media go bonkers over these award shows and the fashions that are worn ?

  8. I hate to agree, but last night's show was really lacking in star power. When JJ Abrams hands out Best Director and a buffet of TV actors are presenting - it's not a good look.
    It's not that there aren't movie stars anymore - it's just that they apparently took last night off.

  9. Ah, but the ads were better than the Super Bowl ads...

  10. I haven't watched the Oscars for many years now. Instead I prefer to watch the shows recorded on my DVR or a really good movie. This year I watched Gandhi which I recorded on TMC.
    I did watch Chris Rock's opening monologue and it seemed that he took no prisoners and took aim at all sides.

    The Oscars are a bloated, self congratulatory ego trip. I really wish they would cut it down to two hours and just present the key categories that everyone is the most interested in: Best picture, director, actor and actress, supporting actor/actress, documentary full length, foreign film and maybe a couple other categories I haven't thought of. I think they should also have a separate comedy category as I can't remember the last time a comedy won. Although most comedies these days are what I would call slob humor. Still perhaps they would be better made if there were a separate category for them.

    I can really do without writer, documentary short, original script, etc. And should there really be a costume or song category? These are from bygone eras where original costuming as opposed to buying it off the rack and original songs actually meant something. Thanks for letting me vent.