Monday, February 29, 2016

Idiotic and Mentallly Challenged KTVU 'MO2' Spends Ten Minutes on the fact It's February 29; Whoa Nelli

 "Mornings on 2" --KTVU/Fox 2's program for people with serious mental disorders--took another turn for the worse on Monday. Yahoo anchors, Dave Clark and house diva Gasia Mikaelian performed their usual camera mugging-- standard operating procedure for the gruesome twosome.

Then they did one better. Gabby Gasia and her partner-in-crime, OJ Simpson buddy, Dave Clark devoted a ten-minute bit to the fact it's FEB. 29!

Yeah, you see, a leap year, whoa boy, that's rare. I mean, it only happens once every four years! Just a phenomena folks, what? Does KTVU think you guys are a bunch of idiots? Why yes, they do.

Devote 10 minutes to Feb. 29 day; Talk like pirates; speak to a ventriloquist --No wonder Paulson wants to get the hell out of town, FOX2 has officially entered into Napa State hospital.

Call the doctors--MORON ALERT!


  1. KTVU should have devoted 10 minutes to Gasia's rack!

  2. Dave & Assia should devote time to the mystery of who's breaking wind in the newsroom & running out laughing.

  3. Why do television newscasts now have to put these "candid" whimsical photos on their social-media pages, the ones that show the anchors clowning and mugging and shooting "selfies" all over the set? The idea is that they're just a bunch of fun-loving crazy friends who just happen to meet up each day to bring you your news -- it doesn't work.

    1. Tell the consultants and the executives who lick their behinds.

      As I always say, Those who can't do, teach. And those who can't do or teach, become consultants.

  4. They have a whole extra that they had to find news for.
    Only union members get extra pay for leap day.

    Lucky Ducks!

  5. When Tory left I thought Gasia was going to be OK but I've come to the point I have to turn off the sound and read the captioner with her outlandish and repeated chirping it gets on my nerves like Paulson's babbling.

    Another issue I have with KTVU is their spinning of stories to highlight their take on social issues (biased presentation of recent stories) overall I'd just stop watching if Pam Cook left KTVU. On days when Pam is off which is frequently I just turn off KTVU news.

    Sadly I see a lot of biased reporting which might cater to the urban core interests but is an insult to the wider bay area. This is especially true with The Chonicle (or what is left of it) and the Examiner in addition to KTVU.

    This is even more apparent as a news junkie when you compare the reporting with several different news venues.

    I think the best reporting on line is at for San Francisco News faster, more detail, free and apparently picked up and recycled by other news media later on.

  6. And to think 9 & a half years ago KTVU let go of esteemed Mornings on 2 Anchor Mark Curtis while replacing him with O.J.'s buddy Dave "Doofus" Clark, who with his facial mannerisms, bulging eyes & really constant, awkward, annoying habit of repeating "Oh Yeah" whenever Gasia says something is beyond repulsive!

  7. How does covering the Simpson trial make Clark "OJ's buddy"?

    1. Until recently Dave Clark prominently displayed a picture of him & his Double Murderer Buddy on his work desk.

  8. I just do not watch Mornings on 2 anymore except the weekend edition (and only just briefly for the weather). The last time I checked the noon news, I noticed that Mike Mibach was there was well. Tory never had a problem carrying the noon slot on her own with the weather person.

  9. I don't see Dave's eyes bulging. He does seem to open Hus lids to widen his eyes to make emphasis; he must do this now, in place of his former sing-songy, condescending tone.

    If indeed, his eye are bulging, it may be that he has a thyroid or other health condition causing it.

    He has an enunciation issue (*See; HAIRicaine instead of hurricane).

    Okay. His "Yeah." while other anchors are talking, is super annoying; they need to mute Hus mic.

    As for Gasia. She's turning into another Darya deciple; laughing loudly, and yelling excitedly over ridiculous crap. She's beautiful, and probably a really sweet person, but FAUX is making her unbearable!

    At this point, I'd rather hear 'Siri' robotically report the...well, what they're passing off as news.

    I like Pam Cook, and Alex Savidge, and Sal and Steve.

    Really, SNL's Weekend Update is more professional than "real" Bay Area TV news.

  10. I totally agree with Nick. The mugging for social media is god awful. In the age of tweets, texts and emojis (thank you Millennials), this is what corporate higher-ups have been told to do. God forbid any of your on-air "talent" appear socially irrelevant. I imagine some of the older talent has been dragged into it whereas the newbies love it (Zouves, Aqui, Palombo, etc...). They all have pretty big egos, so why not. Still can't get over how KTVU FUX News has been reduced to being one of the worst local stations.

    "Network" was on TCM again the other night and as always I ended up watching it (for the hundredth time). The film is now 40 years old. Chayefsky and Lumet got it right. The only thing they didn't foresee was the advent of personal computers, data, social media, etc. and how quickly real journalism would succumb to those forces. Some people are as mad as hell and are not going to take it anymore. Hence we have.....Donald Trump.