Sunday, February 28, 2016

415 Media Expansion Plans

 YOU ARE READING 415 MEDIA IN RECORD NUMBERS--DOCUMENTED RECORD NUMBERS ...Now, in the coming months, you'll be rewarded with the onset of 'Rich Lieberman 415 Media TV' ...or something like that, we haven't formalized the name but we continue to plan for something awesome and unique down the road.

It'll be raw, live, and original and it'll tackle things you will NEVER see or explored on traditional media.

The HOTTEST INSIDE material; the behind-the-scenes info; all the major celebrities not just here but everywhere else--we GO NATIONAL too.

I will keep you informed of the launch.

As they say, stay tuned.


  1. 415 Media TV!! Yes!!! Now, we can have ASS everywhere!!

  2. Although, I am not religious, I do read your blogs religiously. Does this make me a sinner ?

  3. The anticipation is killing ASS

  4. Congratulations to Rich and anyone else involved with the "415!" Best website to come down the pike in many years. I salute you all!! Stand up and take a bow, you all deserve it!

    I do have one problem with your site! Whenever I do a Goggle (voice) search, when I say, "Rich Liberman," my computer, which doesn't like me thinks I am saying, "Rich Librarian," and my screen is filled with websites selling books, maps telling me were all the bookstores are, libraries wanting me to join up and the list goes on! Would you mind changing your last name?

  5. Rich let's see a picture of you without the hat. Who has more real hair you or Radnich?

  6. Abe Vigoda still lives! Oh, pardon me, Lieberman's hat reminded of the (really) late Fish. Shall Rich match Abe's wit? Seriously, glad to see that the Bay public is most interested in what goes on behind the scenes at the local TV and radio stations as the conglomerates have no respect whatsoever for the listeners or viewers or bloggers.

  7. Rich, I have searched far and wide on
    the WWW and beyond and this
    site and name are available.
    And of course the TSZ is for: The Slime Zone.
    Perfect, eh?
    The S part could stand for a lot of words.
    Let's have a contest.
    The winner gets to take Ron Owens to your
    favorite restaurant.
    You pay, of course.

    1. It's Ronn (not)> Ron
      You must be a newbie.

  8. Rich, congrats on whatever expansion you've got planned! Long and well deserved. Delete and bury that hat pix, though.