Friday, January 30, 2015

There's A Lot of Nervous Nellies At KGO Radio Today; Update: KGO/Cumulus Hires Dreck, Uh, I Mean 'Drex'; Impending Doom At Night

 The last day of the business month at KGO/Cumulus...and it's dreaded.

*Big powwow meeting and speculation is that heads will roll. Nobody knows for sure and it could amount to nothing but already there's signs.

*One of my spies has informed me that schedules have been pulled off the wall and nothing posted.

"Schedules are always posted," said the spy.

*There's been many rumblings of "something 'major' going down--we'll see. Could be nothing but hot air--which might be welcome at 55 Hawthorne.


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Management has hired some ex-San Jose music dork named "Drex." Presumably he'll work at night from 7-10 PM which may mean trouble for the evening news block. We'll see.



  1. It was assumed the evening news block was history when Peter Finch and Lisa Campbell were shown the door. This DreX guy had great ratings in Chicago. Not sure why Clear Channel fired him with 3 years left on his contract but at least he got paid. That's why he's been out of radio for 5 years.

  2. This Drex fellow can't be all bad, look how that Basset Hound just WUVS his master.

  3. Fired from Clear Channel - Chicago at "KISS FM". 3 years ls correct.on his contract. Maybe Karel can take his place in Chi-town.

  4. So he is looking to get out of radio?

  5. He was a music DJ in Chicago. I'm not sure he's worked a talk format.