Friday, January 30, 2015

The Race: Cheeseburger and Fries Versus Goings-On at KGO Radio/Cumulus--Burger Wins

One of the things I've learned about doing this project is to maintain priorities; to make sure the truly important matters be tended to and not be wholly consumed on the machinations of some fully-excrement pencil dicks in Atlanta about to further eradicate the leftover crumbs of once-mighty 810 AM.

I've been monitoring my IPhone for various texts from the audio spy as to what's the next move from the Cumulus garage boys but I've encountered a problem...I was just extended an invitation from Sheila, my future ex-wife about meeting for lunch and devouring a greasy cheeseburger at the local counter. And when I eat, I don't blog--I mean I can't blog because I hate typing and relaying--you can't justify the incredible awe of real edible grilled dead cow and lovely heart-inspired cheddar cheese. What I'm saying is that certain things are only divine if cared for exclusively and THIS is one of those times. The burger and fries win--if and when the body count is altered at the small little radio station you'll have to wait, or maybe, potentially, check my Twitter account to read about further mass human degradation at the local radio slaughterhouse headquartered at 55 Hawthorne.



  1. PULLLEEEEZEE .... fire Karel. Talk about "Dorks".

  2. Rudy's Can't Fail in Oakland hands down best burger. Niman Ranch, cooked to order, real cheese, bacon & avocado optional, terrific bun. Great diner food all the way around but the burgers c'est magnifique. I like that I can get salad instead of fries. They also have sweet potato fries. And shakes made with ice cream. Love this place. Good service, oh, yeah.

    1. +1 on Rudys. I think you can still call it Emeryville if you go to the one kittycorner from Pixar. Pulled Pork sandwiches or the Big Bleu Burger. Have to be comfortable around hipsters though. The place reeks of them.

    2. I'm an old who goes for the food. But Rudy's in Oakland has a pretty diverse crowd, families, seniors, business types, young people, ethnic rainbow. Very Oakland.

      BTW, French toast is off the hook and rivals Fat Lady.

  3. Cheeseburger in today....
    & KGO radio comes out tomorrow.....
    You're gonna need LOTS of 2 ply to clean up that KGO spatter.....