Friday, January 30, 2015

KGO Radio Friday PM Bullet Points; 'Drex' 7-10; Karel Is Furious, (Again); Coiro Sunday Only 11-1 PM


*"Drex Show" replaces 7-10 PM News--(said a broadcast observer: "Even in death, 'Kevin Metheny still making moves!")--Peripatetic newsman, John Lobertini, is being moved to nights to work the show.

*According to my spies: "This was a 'Metheny--Rene Bakos--Randall Bloomquist idea."

Of course Bloomquist is gone now--so too Bakos and Metheny died in early October. The transition from KGO's idea of "all-news" to a talk/news hybrid is the blueprint that is now being implemented.

There's no way but up for KGO although there's plenty still time to make this new alteration run amok --and they most likely will.

"Drex?" --I'll have a whole lot more to say--for now, this has a 90-day expiration point written all over it. Stay tuned.

*KAREL Said to be "seething." --The entertainer is throwing temper tantrums for not being considered for the 7-10 PM gig--yeah, like even the Neanderthals at KGO know Karel is hopeless. Maybe he should get off the red carpet and redecorate ---Bye Bye, Chuck.

*Angie Coiro has now left Saturday for a Sunday only show from 11 AM-1 PM...KGO's business editor, Jason Middleton,  will do a finance show on Saturdays--I can hardly wait.

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  1. Karel, you are one Sorry-Ass Fuck, you know that?

  2. I never listen to radio on week nights so I couldn't care less who is on. This is a shame about Angie though. The powers to be at KGO are total mental midgets.

  3. Karel has had his head up his ass for so many years, he wouldn't know daylite if he saw it. He has an extremely over-inflated opinion of himself, and of how the listening audience perceives him. As for "Drex" - soooo typical of this incompetent management "team" (both dead and alive) that they would import a complete unknown of questionable value for a prime evening talk spot - and ignore some of the great talent still hanging out (through no fault of their own) at KGOne. Sheesh. What next??

  4. Karel has to be sleeping with the boss! The crackhead KTVU finds to interview, after the big whatever happens more at 10pm news story has more talent than Karel. I know he does not have anything on management because management has been turned over two to three times in the last 10 minutes. Could be he has something on the non car driving mattress man. Hell perhaps Atlanta thinks he is a Typo on their Spreed Sheet.

  5. So these idiots fired talk show giants like Gene Burns and Ray Taliafero to bring in hacks named "Chip" and "Drex"?
    What next? Will they pipe in the Watsonville hack Charles Freedman from KSCO to do a show? It wouldn't surprise me. No reason to listen to KGO at all. I enjoy Pat Thurston but I haven't listened in several weeks. What a joke of a station.

  6. I just looked up his facebook page. He spells San Francisco "San Fransisco" two times.

  7. I really thought they put Mendte on for a couple of weeks to try him out and get the audience used to him before bringing him onboard...but that would have made way too much sense.

    1. While I didn't agree with his political positions, Larry Mendte showed competence as a talk host. He had the ability to express his thoughts coherently, make cogent arguments and draw the audience in. But competence is the one quality that the Cumulus brass won't tolerate for any length of time. Maybe because competence eventually costs money. Incompetence comes cheap.

    2. Interesting, I too also did not agree with Larry Mendte on most issues, but enjoyed listening to him. He did not come off angry or condescending like so many talk hosts with strong opinions. Instead he let callers talked and when they had weak arguments he exposed them with a series of questions and not yelling or insults. I would listen to him, but I have the feeling you are right. He seems like he would money they don't want to pay.

  8. A "lifestyle" format on an AM station doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. Almost no one in that demo would ever listen to AM radio. Why don't they just cater to the older demographic that they can certainly get and try to sell that?