Thursday, January 29, 2015

KPIX 'Girls Rule, Boys Drool'; Rudderless KGO Radio; Newsroom 'Siege Mentality'; Larry Mendte Ratings Double Ronn Owens; A's/Raiders Want Out Of 'The Game' But Lack Of Available Alternative Hurts; Thursday Rundown

 'GIRL POWER' at PIX: A couple of name ladies at KPIX who appreciate their territory and want it marked have quietly established a 'guy-free' zone. Nothing official mind you because the women are cool--they're just hopeful the 'boys' respect their place. You'll know more sooner or later.

--CUMULUS had their 'holiday party' a month late on Wednesday at the Public House--the vegetable tray, I'm told, was loaded.

Who holds holiday parties in late January? Cloud company, that's who.

--KGO Radio is rudderless. The newsroom is a virtual edifice of siege mentality --yes, again, inmates running the asylum and nobody seems to know, (or frankly care), just who's in charge. Therefore you have an operation that is testing the nerves of some of the more veteran people who man the floor. It's mitigated by some management suck-ups who will do anything to keep their gigs--like the 'gruesome twosome' who didn't possess any shame in sitting in the 7-10 PM news slot once held my Lisa Campbell and Peter Finch...Good News/Bad News: Finch was liked by a majority of the staff but 'Finch Files', not so much...Campbell: A woman, Black, and fiercely independent: I smell a lawyer beckoning --by the way, as much as the voice is irritating, Campbell at least provided a presence on the air and always showed up on time. Her 'individuality' may have cost her a few friends but her '86 surprised much so, that the best rumor going around is the 'death' of the 7-10 PM News--and a talk host on the horizon: sure, Angie Coiro, would be great, but don't hold your breath.

--As an astute reader pointed out: Larry Mendte, a WABC talker out of Philly, who filled in for Ronn Owens for two weeks had considerably BETTER ratings than Ronn --bad news for Ronn and the manicure shop on Union Street.

--The Raiders and A's want OUT at Entercom's way-under-performing 95.7 FM, 'The Game'--that's not huge news--the problem is that there's virtually no radio outlets that can take on both franchises--advantage, The Game. For now.

--TWO IN A BUBBLE: Ronn and his clueless producer--he recently told an aide: "I just come here and do my show." As if to say, screw the 'others. Seriously, that's his state of mind. Meanwhile, his producer has the blinders on.

--Mike Amitori and Ronn: Fire and ice.

--Add Ronn factoid: The loyah, Len Tillem, had considerably BETTER ratings than Ronn too--which might explain why Ronno was brown-toilet-papering Randall Bloomquist.

--Debs Munroe running a newsroom: sort of the equivalent of Mel Gibson emceeing a bar-mitzvah.

--KTVU air talent pimping 'American Idol' on Twitter -- straight out of the FOX Corp. handbook. Hey, they own the place, is anyone that surprised?

--Metered-out: KGO weatherguy, Mike Nicco: Fine, you win. If that's winning, that is.

--I can do the weather: Bay Area forecast: morning fog, sunny later. See 'ya all in February. Simple enough?

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  1. Read up on Larry - colorful history there to put it one way.

    He's an school commentator.

  2. As a male, I fondly remember working at KPIX in the 90's....when Bastida, Manny Ramos and Hanke Plante dubbed their area in the newsroom "The Barrio."

    Sports, food, movies, and ragging on each other/photogs/editors (about new haircut,...our shoes...musical taste...our lunch/dinner choices, etc.) was the norm. Murph walking in @ 2:30pm only added to the fun.

    Good times!

  3. Mendte is a good guy, very talented, very smart and a workaholic. He got caught up with his co-anchor who was a train wreck and she took him down with her. That was 7 years ago. I hear he's been humbled. The fact that he keeps getting big jobs in big markets is a testament to his talent.

  4. So the Ladies want a 'Guy Free Zone' huh? Fine, so long as men can do the same thing without any 'hysterics'. Besides, I thought that's what Ladies Rooms were for, besides taking care of business, women are notorious for using the 'Powder Room" to socialize.

  5. Speaking of women from KPIX...

    Get a load of the accounts from this Ms. Wonderful, a FBN/FNN Business Reporter who claims to have interned at the station:

  6. Let me guess,Julie Glass and Ann Malkavic? They seem to be the two to most likely be BFF.