Thursday, January 23, 2020

415 Media Extra

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IT'S A NEW YEAR-- I have explored options to erase pledge breaks; I know you don't like them and wish they'd go away. They will. I'm trying for new revenue paths and TODAY, I'm introducing an offer I think you'll like: 415 Media Extra.

415 Media Extra is special content and inside info that will be made available for PAID subscribers. If you want more priority and exclusive material, by making a one-time, $24.99 donation to secure one year of extra content, you'll help 415 Media become a sustainable, regular feature to your e-mail inbox every day.

If you love what you read now on 415 Media, you'll love this even more. Plus, you'll help keep 415 Media in the local domain and provide the necessary money to devote to regular posts 24/7.

If you've read 415 Media lately, YES, there's more posts and there will always be more posts; 415 Media will never go under a paywall because I know how many of you come here seeking raw opinion, inside info, scoops, and an independent, unfiltered, unedited voice --I'll always oblige you as long as I have the means to. It's that simple.


SIX MONTHS: $19.99--ONE YEAR: $24.99--TWO YEARS: $29.99--LIFETIME: $99.99


GO TO THE "PAY PAL" Donate Button on Right Side of the Blog (underneath the Marina Times ad); click on the button and follow the prompters--it takes less than a minute and it's 100% safe and secure--PLUS, it's all completely 100% confidential--I will PERSONALLY call and/or email you THANKING YOU for subscribing. A donation is also welcome because I know many of you have budgetary constraints. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT TO CONTRIBUTE/SUBSCRIBE

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