Friday, June 15, 2018

Radnich Wife to Raddy: Lose Some LBS Or Else; KRON Surge Taken Into Context; SF Market Lowest in Viewership; Griego at 'PIX: No Sparks Fly; New Ladies' Men 855 Battery Competition; My Cheryl Hurd NBC Bay Area Appreciation Because I'm a Feminist; Bastida Pay Cut Probable; Dennis Richmond Wasn't KTVU's Best; Vern Glenn Hot Take; Too Much O'Donnell; ABC NY Execs Still Trying to Woo KGO's Dan Ashley; Friday 'Basta Extravaganza

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Gary Radnich
WHEN YOUR WIFE Insists you get off your ass and shed some lbs, it's not that big a deal unless you're Gary Radnich and that's maybe why he's taken to the exercise bike before she tells him to hit the road, Jack!

*By the way, who the hell wears sunglasses indoors anymore? Wait a minute.

*OK, OK, yes I know about KRON's sudden surge in numbers but before there's a party let's cease in the outdoor patio ads and 86 the plastic surgeons pimping on Union St. on its airwaves and then maybe I'll reevaluate my opinion about KRON.


*Michelle Griego: No spark. No action. No bright lights. Dullsville. She'd be great over at KQED hosting a pledge break.

*Competition at KPIX for unofficial ladies man, now entering the building, Dennis O' Donnell, he better watch out because hell, cameras are everywhere! Trouble Den? Ask your buddy, Joe Vasquez.

*The other night at Original Joe's in North Beach, a rather loud man on TV News who should know better had one of his sloppy seconds giggling like a college prom girl --she had to be reminded he had to get back to work for the 11 and no, they were NOT talking about the gnocchi and Caesar salad, trust me.

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Michelle Griego
*I'VE DECIDED a wholesale lifestyle change is in order; why, you ask?

Because some of the few people I believe in have turned out to be total posers and jerks; not that I'm a boy scout but I never pretended to be otherwise; I am who I am and that will never cease unless I hit the lottery and marry Cheryl Hurd and we jet off to The Hague, The Netherlands and eat some salmon and drink like sailors.

*My obsession with Countess Hurd dates back several years ago when we met and she graced her presence on the Bay Area news scene with a winning smile, terrific personality, and obvious attraction to me, then an unknown celebrity blogger and former assistant to my good friend, Gabrielle Union.

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Cheryl Hurd
Hurd was always intrigued about me especially the night I met her at the Van Ness Holiday Inn bar and told her, point black, "baby, I'm going to make you a STAR!" At which she told me, wait, I have to use the ladies room so it ended up there was a "meetin' in the ladies room."

*Bastida might have to take a pay cut if he wants to stay on the desk. A "paycut"!? How dare they! Yeah, ask Ken Wayne, Mark Ibanez about such atrocities.

*So Alex Savidge gets a "promotion" to anchor two of the least-watched shows on KTVU which should tell you something about 2's direction.

*Gregg Kelley has a new idea to boost morale at Fox2 in Oakland: he's agreed to stay an extra hour each day and split at 3: 30. Yavoy!

*Yeah, I know about all the Dennis Richmond stories but the biggest one that never got any traction was Dennis's offer to stay on past his retirement for a few years only KTVU wasn't interested and basically told him to take a hike which never got out but I was on it.

Image result for leslie griffith ktvu*BY THE WAY, The Very Best and Most Talented anchor, ever, at KTVU was also its most troubled: Leslie Griffith. She was smart and very good on the air but she had "Play Misty for Me" -like tendencies that made people very nervous.

Ask Mark Ibanez.

*The feminist that I am I take offense to the notion that I only write about Bay Area women anchors in a sexual motif --that is simply wrong and misunderstood because in fact, it is I that has championed women's rights and have been on the forefront for people like, say, Darya Folsom, of KRON have the right to make great journalism like this.

*Vern Glenn, I didn't know there was this big vitriol against the PIX second sports anchor; I'm a huge Vern guy but I do agree with some of Glenn's most fiercest critics that his Radnich mannerisms are unbecoming and don't play well on the air. The constant copy-shuffling; the voice inflections; the VO on the highlights that reek of Gary; it's one thing to emulate the RAD, it's quite another to just imitate him. That should be a no-no on Vern's chalkboard. Vern has a nice personality of HIS OWN and should emulate that. He's quite a good writer and generally anchors a decent sportscast. But his Gary habits are indeed annoying and it is there that I agree with the critics.

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Vern Glenn

Keep in mind too that Dennis O'Donnell, who worked at KRON for years when Radnich and Glenn were there, has a huge influence on the Vern. But Vern is secure enough now to tell DOD that it's time "I make my own style" you, Dennis, keep to having beers at the Old Ship and quit telling me what to do.

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Dan Ashley
*ABC NEWS NY Execs; high-level guys who wear the expensive suits and eat lunch regularly at "21" continue to weigh prying KGO (and ABC-owned and operated KGO) lead anchor, Dan Ashley, away from the Bay Area and straight into Manhattan--in spite of Ashley's repeated missives that he doesn't want to leave KGO and is quite comfortable at KGO. Then again, Ashley, according to Circle7 sources, tell me his contract (still a few years to go) has yet to get ironed out and extension negotiations haven't even been discussed. My best bet is KGO doesn't want to lose another prominent anchor and something like this on its hand again.



*Rock on.


  1. Remember how Chronicle editor Audrey Cooper declared that Rich wasn't a journalist? How's Audrey doing as a journalist?

    Her job consists of mainly picking what stories go on the front page every day.

    Just about every newspaper in the U.S. this morning, including the New York Times and Washington Post, put the FBI Inspector General's report on page 1. Every newspaper except the Chronicle, which buried it on A6.

    I'm not kidding. Get a copy of the Chronicle's print edition out of the trash at Starbucks.

    She's an embarrassment. Whether you agree or disagree with the IG's report isn't the point. The point is that the report is big news. Any "journalist" would know that.

    You've got to wonder how long Hearst keeps Audrey. How long can the Chronicle continue as the national laughingstock of the news business?

  2. Nice workout outfit, Raddy!

    1. When Radnich is in the North Bay, he always stops at where I work, the Black Bear Diner in Rohnert Park. He demands a table set aside from other customers, staff to keep people away from him, etc.. He and his crew order damn near everything on the menu and he brags about "KRON's paying this bill." He stops up the toilet and his post-dinner extrudance makes babies cry. I try to go on break whenever he shows up.

    2. Oy, ve, that's a disturbing story. *scared face*

      How do you tell the difference between the food before and after the "extrudance?" I kid, I kid!

  3. > Michelle Griego: No spark. No action. No bright lights.
    > Dullsville. She'd be great over at KQED hosting a pledge
    > break.

    Oh God, you got that right. You also say she's a diva. I don't get why, because she's duller than day-old dishwater. Were I running the show there, she'd be among the very first I'd tell to hit the road, Jack. (Kenny-Boy Choi would be right behind her.)

    1. Michelle is not the problem.. just ask her

  4. Loved Leslie Griffith's work and on-air personality, and miss seeing her on TV.

    1. I agree. Leslie Griffith was probably one of the most outstanding anchors KTVU has ever had ... or we will ever see in Bay Area broadcasting. You really have to question someone's sincerity when they label a thoroughly intelligent, accomplished and polished woman "crazy," "stalker," "mad," etc. It's so weak and predictable as as an attempt at character assassination you have to ask yourself why anyone would do it ... likely because they got shut down and just couldn't deal with the rejection. It's so obvious.

    2. "You really have to question someone's sincerity when they label a thoroughly intelligent, accomplished and polished woman "crazy,"..."mad," etc."

      Is Carol Putman a pseudonym for Tarilyn Joe?

    3. I loved Leslie at first. The last couple of years she was anchoring I got tired of her sighs and moans after all the sad stories.

  5. I would be very surprised if Dan Ashley went to ABC News. First, to do what? They already have anchors galore, not to mention the bench players who jockey for that next opening. Second, there's not a good history of anchors at the ABC O&Os being successful. Countless times in the past when the network brought in talent from the local stations, they were gone within six months. Third, the network rank and file is extremely protective of their turf and poison the waters for the O&O people coming in. It hasn't worked in the past and won't work in the future. Happens at the anchor level, to some degree at the reporter level and full on at the producer levels. And, why would Ashley want to give up a comfortable gig like the one he has at KGO-TV for the network life of 13 week contracts and no stability in a home life?

    1. Roger Grimsby, predecessor to Van Amburg and crew, left KGO for NYC and he lasted for many years there. Still, I doubt Ashley wants to leave the Bay Area, even though he would likely do well anywhere he went.

    2. Roger went to WABC-TV News as one of their primary anchors for the NYC-market local news, and yes, he lasted for over a decade. But that's different from working for the network. I vaguely recall Roger anchoring the national net's weekend newscasts every so often, but that was not his steady gig, any more than when he anchored ABC Radio network newscasts. The main gig was the same as it had been out here, only for the much larger tri-state metropolitan area.

  6. Richie: I wish you could tell some stories about the Griffith/Ibanez relationship (I know you can't). Very wild.

    1. Coming soon.
      I can write about anything.

    2. She was and is so damn beautiful.

    3. The thought of *anyone* desiring IbaƱez is enough to make me shutter.

      On the other hand, there was Radnich and Anna Chavez, wasn't there? That's even more disgusting.

    4. Radnich and Anna Chavez?!? No shit...Anna must have been having a REALLY bad year to slum it that bad...

  7. Raddy was the one who use to pick on the field reporters for wearing sunglasses. And they were outdoors. Not on a bike in a button up shirt.

  8. GOOD BYE !!-G. R.

  9. hey rich , check john shea with that photo of curry and his father...steph is thinkimn''' man I'm glad I'm not as ugly as THAT muthaffu--a!''. I brt you the entire warriors team mwould laugh at that. dell might agree''hey, I aint no pretty boy, i'll tell ya that!''.

  10. Radnich's wife is a gold-digger. She has no room to make demands. She has her Land Rover and the 18K rock on her finger.

  11. I'm a Cheryl Hurd fan too. Ever since that odd interim arrangement between channels 11 and 20 before the NBC changeover.

    She won me over when during one newscast on 20, she sat on the corner of the news desk with legs crossed and copy in hand as she discussed a story with a co-worker. Cool as a cucumber, that Cheryl.

  12. that giants loss makes it seem like theyre losing too many games,like it's constant. it's the Mad Bum drama season. he is this seasons Giants Opera Star.

  13. Hey Rich - those diminishing viewing numbers....

    I mean, hasn't SF / Seattle always been a less TV centric market than a place like Pittsburgh, Philly, or Baltimore? Go back 20, 30 years those tend to be the powerhouse markets.

    I'll bet in 1985 SF was in the bottom of the top 25 for TV viewing.

  14. *FACEPALM*

    On PIX's 6PM newscast, Glenn actually said that former football coach Johnny Majors is the brother of actor Lee Majors. Mr. Involvement's act can be entertaining, but he is a fraud when it comes to sports reporting.

  15. KRON surge? Please explain. That simply cannot be.

  16. Elaine Corral left KTVU "mysteriously," then Leslie Griffith under some sort of a cloud... Wonder what's in the water fountain in Jack Klugman Square!?