Friday, June 22, 2018

Please Help 415 Media Breathe a Little Easier

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In order to maintain a blog that you've come to appreciate; the stories you look forward to; the raw and honest takes you will NOT get anywhere else, I need money to keep 415 Media fluid.

I'll be blunt:

I need your donations. Some of you have already donated, many of you, multiple times and while I appreciate all your support, it's not enough.

415 Media is an independent 24/7 blog that is NOT beholden to advertisers and allows me, its author, its creator, its producer, the financial means to put out fresh content DAILY. If you come here and like what you read and see, for the most part, I NEED YOUR HELP. I need DONATIONS, any amount is helpful. Just a tiny fraction of the literally thousands of you that come here daily make a donation, would guarantee 415 Media long term stability and END pledge breaks. I know you hate them but I need them to live and breathe.

Your $upport keeps 415 Media up and running; allows me to pay my bills and breathe a little. I know it's a difficult time for you but it's also a difficult time for me too.

PLEASE HELP ME. By doing so you will help SUPPORT the Bay Area #1-read and ONLY 24/7 Media blog. If you donate, I will personally call and/or e-mail you thanking you for your donation.

Without your help, 415 Media is kaput. It's as simple as that.

TO DONATE: simply click on the Pay Pal icon on the right side of the blog and follow directions. It's simple and easy. ALL donations are 100% confidential and you do not have to have a Pay Pal account to contribute.

Thanks for your past and future help.

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