Friday, June 22, 2018

Inside 55 Cameras

KTVU Newsroom


  1. Hey Rich, this isn't such a big deal. If you've ever worked in retail or a warehouse, there are cameras all over the place. A 7-Eleven owner told me once that he has a camera trained on the cash registers to make sure his employees aren't stealing. Cops even wear cameras now. At first, the cop unions fought the cameras thinking it was an invasion of their privacy or something. Now they're glad they have them because it reduces frivolous complaints from the public. You know, when somebody gets arrested they're angry and they make up a story about how they were mistreated by the cop. Once a department gets those body-worn cameras, those complaints disappear. There's nothing illegal about Fox/KTVU installing these cameras as long as they notify their employees with a note on the bulletin board or something like that. I would think these cameras work to the advantage of female employees who don't want to be sexually harassed.

    As Paul Harvey used to say, "Now you have the rest of the story. Good day."

    1. And cameras are on public busses too. Some even have one called a Drive-Cam to make sure the coach operator don't drive the bus like he was in a Nascar race.

  2. Somehow we are supposed to believe that the staff at KTVU are so above reproach that security cameras are just plain insulting.

    Just show them who's the real boss and go on strike. You show FOX who is going to call the shots from now on.

    Unemployment is at 3.6 % I'm sure FOX won't want to find qualified replacements able to "dial 415" anywhere.

    New Job Title: Anchor / Social Influencer

  3. This is a weird station with 3 story floors and first floor is the anchor desk location. I would like to see KGO 7 inside cam showing how the managers/supervisors and any anchors not getting along (if any).