Monday, April 23, 2018

Aveson's Corny KRON Farewell; Ken Wayne Mapquest; Warriors' Radio Broadcast on 'The Game' Has Technical Issues; Chris Townsend Will Talk No Matter What; Wayne Leaving KTVU Opens Up Prime Time For Frank Mallicoat; Reporter Shuffle at Fox2; 'Armstrong and Getty' 'Tonight Show' Theme Has Carson Productions Mulling Lawyers; Rosemary Orozco Climate Change Idea; Chip Franklin Does Ten Minutes on Farting on KGO; Western Bacon Cheeseburger and KCBS Connection; 415 Media Monday Extravaganza

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Steve Aveson received a sappy goodbye from the KRON 10 PM news gang Friday --the whole crew exchanged awkward farewells and Aveson said so long--"you're are the nicest people I've ever worked with." Oy vey, good night, Steve.

Aveson's contract was not renewed by KRON because, among other things, nobody (viewers) knew who he was and had the personality of stale melba toast. See ya in Toledo, Stevie.

Related image*Ken Wayne watch: Where's departed Ken Wayne headed? I was leaning on PIX but says a spy, "doubt it." PIX is looking for a male anchor but apparently Wayne is not on their list...KGO might be in the mix but if so, a Circle7 source doesn't know anything; KRON? It would make sense but KRON would have to be creative with the salary Wayne is seeking, so I'm guessing it's a no-no there; stay tuned.

*Ouch dept. --Right at the beginning of the Warriors' playoff broadcast on radio Sunday, the tech people at 95.7 FM The Game, must have partied hardy the night before; the broadcast emanated from a telephone line for a good ten minutes!

Considering the way they {Warriors} played, maybe it was a blessing.

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Chris Townsend
*Speaking of 'The Game', a question as you sip your second cup of coffee, does sports guy Chris Townsend, ever stop his yapping? I thought I talked a lot; Townsend, who offers occasional inspiring yarns, talks over people, under people and sometimes, behind their back too. Maybe Chris needs some moral cleansing.

*Jaclyn Dunn of the PIX Morning Show has apparently put plastic surgeons on her pause button. We are following developments.

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Jaclyn Dunn
*Wayne leaving KTVU probably means Frank Mallicoat could be promoted to more work during the week and a permanent anchor spot on sister station, KTVU Plus--although I'm not so sure if getting promoted at KTVU is such a big deal anymore.

With Wayne gone, the chatter in the break room is "who's next to go?"

Veteran reporter, Rob Roth, a solid guy with good street cred, was thought to be a goner but somehow has survived.

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Frank Mallicoat
Tom Vacar, as I've reported many times, is a past middle-aged guy that no longer excites the senses and someone on Fox's hit list but they fear Vacar, a lawyer, would go after them. Of course, Fox has deep pockets and may not view Vacar as a threat anymore. We'll be watching.

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Armstrong and Getty
*Memo to the Branson, Missouri gruesome-twosome otherwise known as "Armstrong and Getty" (on KGO, syndicated) a chief legal guy from Carson Productions was recently informed the show uses the theme from the "Tonight Show" in their opening --uh, the lawyers are looking at the matter.

HEY-O! Oh no.

*Hey, look,  it's Rosemary Orozco, posing for a possible Time cover or am I mistaking the KTVU Weather lady for an introspective on Climate Change?

I would bet that Orozco would be an engaging, informative, enlightening and thoroughly thought-provoking individual with the right amount of knowledge to talk about the world's biggest environmental concern.

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Rosemary Orozco
Therefore, I nominate Rosy to immediately conduct a seminar in the KTVU/Fox2 parking lot on a summer day and invite the public. Refreshments will be served and all Fox cameras will be turned off as a show of support and inspiration. 

*Gees, do you all really care about Royal babies? As if this is something ground-breaking.

*The other day on that vastly educational station, KGO Radio, Chip Franklin and his band of yentas spent a good ten minutes discussing flatulence --a topic worthy of the "next generation" station which, coincidentally, by listening to its various shows would give you heartburn so yes, farting could ensue. Great programming! 

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Chip Franklin and the KGO Radio band of yentas/

On the way into the KCBS studios recently, morning anchor, Susan Leigh Taylor, saw an image of Stan Bunger (possibly) devouring the new Western Bacon Cheeseburger from Carl's Jr. on her windshield.

We will investigate.

Image result for man devouring Carls Jr Western Bacon cheeseburger
Stan Bunger, possibly, devouring Western Bacon cheeseburger


  1. I doubt they will promote Frank to evening hours. He is very qualified but KPIX hated him, viewers average liked him, he does have the experience to take over evenings. Andre Senior is the best chance to take over evenings on KTVU Plus. For the working schedule, put Heather on weekdays and someone else on weekends to show KTVU news can be trusted. If Ken goes to KRON, what a lost and doubt the station can afford a high salary male anchor.

    1. Why would if be a loss if Ken goes to KRON? It's idiots like you who would miss him and not give him or KRON a chance. Get a life and live it!

    2. KRON a chance, GIVE ME A BREAK. They asked the reporters to drive them own vehicle, carry their own camera and tripod and microphone to do the reporting. Very unsafe one person doing everything with the lowest paid of all station.

  2. Nothing about Mike Shumann?

    1. Yea that is interesting about Mike Shumann...gosh I hope its not true about the "jacket" incident at the Warrior game...

  3. Perhaps we wouldn't feel that 95.7's "Townie" talks so much if he wasn't on after every sporting event. I've made this case before, but one can't be the go-to on-air personality for every sport... pick one: Baseball, Basketball, Football. Not all three. Please. Steinmetz and JD are fine on their own after hoops.

    1. Agree that Townie isn't needed for Warriors Postgame Shows. Let JD and Steiny handle those shows. Townie doesn't provide much insight for NBA basketball.

    2. not only is he on after the games, but i have heard him on always as the fill in guy when people are out, greg papa, damon bruce, and the morning show too.. good grief, they dont have anyone else who can fill in? bascially he is ok for maybe 30 minutes, then he quickly becomes insufferable and redundent

  4. Can somebody please explain to me what the appeal is with Chris Townsend? He has survived 3 PDs and gets gigs doing pre & post game with the A's, Raiders and Warriors? And he always acts like he's such a big deal? WHAT AM I MISSING?!?!?

    There are so many sportscasters in this market already who deserve jobs like those more than Townsend does. Plus the fact that he gets a check from the Raiders & A's makes me question his journalism ethics. If somebody on here actually likes this guy, could you please explain WHY?!?!?

  5. this coffe house hangout guy said he knew Schumann. hey , schu hangs with the alternate fringe geniuses at coffee houses. gotta expect quirky punky ''behavior''.

  6. Tom Vacar can't sue for age discrimination. He's over 70. The law protects workers between the age of 40-70, not beyond.

  7. The A&G show have used the Tonight Show theme since they had Ed McMahon on as a guest, even having him say and here's Armstrong and Getty. I seriously doubt that this is an issue, just a way for you you talk bad about the duo. Are they your arch nemesis?

  8. Love Claudine Wong on the weekends... Can't stand Mallicot. You want to put him on in the evening? Personality wise, give me Choi over the bland mayonnaise Mallicot. That's how boring that guy is.

  9. As long as A & G pay licensing fees for Johnny's Theme and their bumper music, who cares?

    Once an engineer left Townie's mic "hot" during a break on the Raiders Pre Game where he was heard "big-timing" himself: "Marc Badain pick me personally for this job!"

  10. Is there anybody anywhere you like? I love Townie (Townsend). He has no problem letting others speak.And he gives others plenty of time, and I have never head him interrupt a caller, as so many talk show hosts do.
    Armstrong and Getty: if you remove their idiotic laughing, which can be nauseating, they are very good at dealing more objectively with issues. More than I can say for the other locals, who are amateur day on radio. Thurston and Rothman are so predictable and petty, a two person hate-Trump Team.
    the Ed McMahon opening always struck me as a couple of kids trying to put on a show and thinking they are so cool. And anybody who says "f ... ing" like A&G do instead of speaking the word, is a coward who wants to have it both ways. They need a GOOD director. Too bad, because they possess common sense, a rarity in Talk World USA. I always enjoy them when they are talking about more serious issues.

    1. Thurston and Rothman are nuts. They are so against anything Trump does or say that it's kind of funny to listen to them. Rothman is not a sane man.

  11. A&G replaced their opening music with Kenny G this morning. It was hilarious.