Sunday, April 22, 2018

Sunday Morning Star on NBC Bay Area: Meet Weather Woman With a Bolt of Energy, Vianey Arana

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Vianey Arana

SUNDAY MORNING I woke up to my pre-Meet The Press surprise to find the exhilaration of NBC Bay Area's Sunday Morning weatherwoman, Vianey Arana (pronounced Vee-A-Nay) and what a sight to behold.

Ms. Arana's sheer exuberance caught me off guard; cynically, I thought her chirpiness was the usual fake banter so often seen on local TV News.

Not so with Arana who sounded and looked comfortable on the air and offered up a professional forecast mixed with straightforward style and mostly concise information. She looked rather at ease; nice and comfortable.

I'm surprised I just found Arana; she's been at KNTV for almost two years via El Paso, Texas'  KTSM, the NBC station there. She also won Miss California Latina in 2013; I suppose in today's environment, that's a check on the resume.

I watched a confident young woman; happy to be on the air and providing just enough vigor and excitement on an otherwise lazy Sunday morning. She's refreshing and relaxed. Nice too.

In short, Ms. Arana caught my attention. Yes, of course, she's pleasant to look at; TV is a visual medium --there's nothing wrong saying the young woman looks terrific but I loved her enthusiasm and demeanor. It's all a matter of taste, I know, and I say Vianey Arana is an up-and-coming star at San Jose's NBC O and O.


  1. Vianey is also a switch hitter. She occasionally subs for the weather women on KNTV's Telemundo/48 sister station, switching to Spanish for their weathercasts. When Telemundo's primary weatherwoman, Gabriella Dellan, occasionally appears on NBC Bay Area, there's no mistaking from her accent that English isn't her first language. Not so with Vianey. I'm not good enough with Spanish to detect if her Spanish comes with a California accent, but a listener is hard pressed to detect any significant Latina influence in her English.

  2. I agree, Ms. Arana is great. She's so good, I'm wondering how long, not only KNTV, but the entire Bay Area, will be able to keep her here.

  3. I realize this sounds bad, but she just comes across looking way to young to be doing news. I just find it hard to take her serious. She looks like she just came out of high school. She doesn't have the mature presents or sophistication like many of her co-workers have.

  4. She hooked you Rich! She is one of those women who grab your attention and won't let go. Every once in awhile someone comes down the pike who is "Extra Special" right out of the starting blocks, no need to run the race, she is one of them...I'm hooked also!!

    Hope she reels me in before you!!

  5. 10:41 "Vianey is also a switch hitter."

    For a second, I thought you were implying she was a Lesbian or bi-sexual...but then you clarified this (I hope) by mentioning her Telemundo duties.

    I say "I hope"...because I hope she is an available heterosexual...because S-H-E I-S G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!...and I'd love to ask her out to dinner!

  6. If I'm not mistaken I think she is currently dating Sam Brock too...sure do misses his anchoring the morning news on NBC Bay Area...

  7. Ooos I stand corrected Sam Brock and Gabriela Dellan (from Telemundo 48) not Vianey Arana...but its a bright morning when she does weather reports on weekends...