Monday, December 11, 2017

KGO-TV Code 'The Blue Box'

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KGO-TV staffers:


If you see it, just be professional. Don't waver. Don't look suspicious. Let it just move forward and carried innocuously by some intern or manager. It's fairly coded and intricate so much so that I can't explain all the particulars now just suffice to say, be wary of "THE BLUE BOX"--it is not something you want to mess with; believe me. One day soon if I have to, I will explain. Unless you already know and if you do, then you're better than me and that's saying a lot.

Now get back to work and be wary of "The Blue Box."


  1. I heard that the Blue Box was used on the American Embassy in Cuba.
    I wonder if any KGO people are noticing sudden weird thoughts? Besides Spencer Christian.

  2. Translation: Rich doesn't even know what the fuck it does lol.

  3. Remember thats briefcase in Pulp Fiction?