Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Smiling Faces, Sometimes

Related imageClaudine Wong/KTVU: Only when she's forced to; part of her professional DNA I guess, hardly ever seems to smile; of course now she has an excuse.

Professional Media observers had a convention in Lovelock, Nevada and determined that the less you smile on TV, the better anchor you are.

Wong must have adhered to the missive because the last time she smiled with regularity on TV, Jimmy Carter was president.

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Related image*Allen Martin/KPIX: Martin, a distinguished newsman with all the warmth of a Des Moines Arby's, last smiled in 1975; I remember the day; Jimmy Hoffa was kidnapped and never found. Martin once tried to move his facial muscles for a mild grin but was rebuffed by a ghost in the newsroom resembling Milt Kahn.

Image result for eric thomas kgo*Eric Thomas/KGO: Thomas seems to be in his sunset years at KGO; the last few decades took a toll on the veteran anchor as his giggling days are over and done. Eric used to smile in the old days when Terilyn Joe threatened to throw a grapefruit at him.

*Amber Lee/KTVU: tries very hard, really to the max, to offer a sincere smile but has resisted and instead maintains the Betty Ann Bruno persona.

Image result for amber lee ktvu*Tom Vacar/KTVU: Vacar refuses to smile ever again ever since Rob Roth put on a Ronald Reagan mask at the Channel 2 Halloween party back in 1999.
Since then, the famed Consumer/Investigative reporter gave up all happy face and instead prefers to act like a third-tier spokesman for Caltrains.

Image result for lawrence karnow*Lawrence Karnow/KRON: the weatherman is all business. Weather is important and the less smiles, the more distinguished. Karnow would smile more but suffers from frequent nightmares involving Mark Danon and Darya Folsom duking it out at Tommy's Joynt.

Image result for tom vacar ktvu*Vicky Nguyen/NBC Bay Area: unwritten rule in 'Investigative Unit': Never smile; act important and have eternal serious expression; pretend your questioning a Gilroy city councilman accused of stashing four tons of raw garlic.Image result for nbc bay area we investigate


  1. My list of anchors with a huge mouth and big smile.....
    1-Dion Lim
    2-Ama Daetz
    3-Jessica Castro
    4-Natasha Zouves

  2. The thing that Claudine also does on air is- she tweedles her fingers like a shy little girl. And like I posted before- its like she's hates to be "Mrs Involvement" She wont do a high kick when she talks to the Rockettes,she wont put her toe in the water when she does a story on a local swimming hole in July.
    If she votes Republican? It all comes together...

    1. Hayward in all of its glory right here.

    2. Me, Del Rio, and the Rock. Where you from? Modesto?

  3. But!- I do like Claudine's hair. Gassia should try the side part and little stylish flip. When I see Gassia's hair? I think "This is how my mom always combed my hair" and I also think she's about to take her laundry down to the river and beat it clean with rocks. Its a bit dated look for a beautiful young woman. I can tell her- she will look back and think "Why did I keep that old hairdo?"..Also,youth goes by much faster then she ever imagined.

    1. 11:18...Are you wearing a dress?

    2. Nah. I'm no Jared Kushner. I bet he's another Bruce Jenner in the making.
      Nothing wrong with that. As long as he properly accessorizes. Mr. Stan says so.

    3. So now Stan outs himself as a homophobe. Add that to his racist comments in the past. What a great guy.

    4. So how do you interpret that my commenting that Kushner has registered to vote as woman and my pointing that out in my way as homophobe?
      Oh,yeah,The usual FOX news viewer way- BRAND and the reverse Universe.
      I'm sure 544 couldn't care less about gay rights. He's there with Mike Pence when the dust settles.

    5. That is the Trump way- 1155 and 544. I'm a homophobe for not wearing a dress Yep,That's Donald and the kron and knbr way. I think people notice that.
      Why do I bother pointing out their moronic logic? Because I like using truth to nail those idiots!

  4. Funny, Candice Nguyen looks so hot in those 2 Investigates commercials but in the studio she’s “Eh.”

  5. From an insider, Amber will never smile, her and Ross Palombo were difficult to work in the newsroom with.

  6. "her and . . . "? " . . .with."?

    Looks like some of today's HS grads are finally getting inside jobs. God love 'em.

  7. Dennis Richmond never seemed to move his facial muscles let alone smile. Then again, did Cronkite smile, or Van Amburg? Hmm...