Tuesday, September 12, 2017

415 Tuesday Media Noshes; Jon Miller Gets Nostalgic with Dave Flemming during Giants-Dodgers Rain Marathon; Phony Mike Nicco; Jessica Castro Too; Watkowski-Silva Days Numbered at KGO?; Ishimaru $10M Plus Medical Just a Guess; Cosell MIA at KNBR Maybe Because the Price Is Too High; Notes

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Starters: Yeah, it was quite quaint and cozy to listen to Jon Miller do his best Jon Miller last (Monday) night during the Giants-Dodgers marathon into the wee hours, past 2 AM this Tuesday morn...the rain and thunder and lightening was quite a show and Miller's cute anecdotes was a refreshing change from the usual ho-hum ballgame irrelevance.
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Related imageMiller and partner, Dave Flemming, talked about the weather; a few good Vin Scully impressions were uttered by the Giants HOF broadcaster. It would have been even more authentic and out of this world had Miller stated the obvious: the game was held up way too late because you're not going to cancel out $2M worth of tickets and food and souvenirs for Larry Baer's savings account. Which isn't a bad thing, but hardly anyone says so, including you, Hank Schulman, of the Chronicle.

*You don't hear Greg Cosell, NFL Films guru and interesting guest, on KNBR because the budget is tight. Plain and simple, Cosell, is too expensive for the bleeder.

Image result for mike nicco*Mike Nicco is getting much too phony on KGO's TERRIBLE, morning news circus. I thought Nicco was a low-grade weather mouth until I saw another one of Circle7's god-awful promos. Nicco is a borderline clown with severe mental deficiency --maybe he should consider blogging. 

Image result for jessica castro kgo*Hear I thought Jessica Castro was about to become a star now she's just another Bill Burton pawn with Toledo on the destination list.

*Just a guess but Heather Ishimaru got $10M buck from Disney plus all medical bills.

*By the way, KGO ND, Tracey Watkowski-Silva, abruptly left 900 Front last Friday to head to the SF Superior Court where reporter Ishimaru's case was settled at the last minute. During jury selection. Watkowski returned to KGO around 10 PM that night and believe me, she had a totally withdrawn look on her face. A KGO source who observed her: "she looked beaten." 

Image result for tracey watkowski silvaThere's this matter of thought in and around the KGO newsroom: Watkowski-Silva isn't the most beloved manager in the building and this was before the Ishimaru settlement. Disney HATES settling lawsuits and handing out moolah. Watkowski was the prime instigator in the Ishimaru lawsuit. It was on her watch and she was the one screwing with Heather so I wouldn't be totally shocked if ABC/Disney were to declaw Trixie


*SF TV NEWS morale: Baaaad. KGO used to be relatively calm and collected; not nearly the case now; KPIX is so battered and shaken they could use Judge Judy to clean up the mess; KNTV's honeymoon with the new ND is over; still trying to figure out if Jessica Aguirre is the face of the station; KTVU: little house of horrors.


  1. Why is Tracey so unhappy? She LOL hiring Reggie and Natasha and getting rid of Eric and Kristen. I bet Eric ain't too happy getting the current lousy job on weekends. And, anyone remember Leyla Gulen, she must be LOL now knowing her former boss who got rid of her on camera time is not LOL. One advice to the ND, LOL in front of your newborn child, you don't want to be the one on the news doing something not LOL. Two settled lawsuits in 2 years, should Disney keep her?

  2. KNTV's ND is the kind of person who smiles quietly at your face as he drives the knife into your back. But at least he's hygienic enough to wipe his prints off the handle.

  3. Over the years, it seems as though Hank Shrillman is a PR plant by the Giants. He is such a homer. Nothing is wrong with the Giants, according to him. How much do you want to bet that he has three World Series rings?

    Yesterday's rain delay was a joke. That money mongering Larry the Baer wanted his gate and the concessions for his piss-poor in the toilet bunch of losers. The magic number is 11 for 100 losses, which will equal what the 1985 team did. But Fat Fuck Panda is back and Vogey will retire as a Giant. Is William VanLandingham coming back too? Gee, nothing can go wrong here. Wonder if the Giants have any playoff T-shirts for sale or if those ugly ass orange rags are going to the Q for prison garb instead.

    1. Yes it's apparent Schulman is not an unbiased reporter. He always sticks up for management and doesn't dare go off script with what Baer and co. hand down. Listening to him "shill" and sounding like a guy employed by the Giants when he's interviewed on radio it's pathetic as he makes excuses and rationalizes all for the team. It stinks. Figures: all those ex-Examiner people who forced out the original Sporting Green and Chronicle writers when Hearst bought the Chron are/were inferior in every way. That was around 2000, coincidental the Chron has become a major joke/rag since the takeover?

    2. Could be worse. They could be the A's!

      The AAA's, the team that wears those piss yellow and bile green clown suits, are drawing under 1,400,000 this season. In the AL, only the Rays have sorrier attendance numbers than the A's. Playing in a stadium that literally is a giant leaking water closet doesn't help. That confounding "Moneyball" fiasco, signed off by their cheapskate Billionaire Majority Owner, ensures that the Elephant Boys kick themselves in the ass year in and year out. I honestly feel bad for A's fans, having to deal with that one-step forward, three steps backward serial.

      A's ownership hauls out Eck and Rickey, in an attempt to jog memories of the good-'ol days at the Oakland-Alameda County Toilet Bowl, but sad to say that 1989 was a looong time ago. Being a fan at that hideous eye-sore means you are subjected to having shit rain down on you, figuratively and physically. When going to the Oakland Mausoleum, update your tetanus booster, wear sewer slickers, and bring your binoculars (so you can try to view the perennially pathetic Funnyball product from those abysmal sight lines).

      Conversely, the team that wears those gorgeous, classic orange and black unis (ranked second best in the majors by MLB Network, just behind the Yankees) still enjoys brisk apparel sales and a soon-to-be 3 million dedicated loyal fans at the gate. Playing in one of the best ball parks in the country, and winning an MLB best 3 World Series titles in this decade, still provides an attractive sales formula. And as goofy as Baer is, his ownership group does spend money in an attempt to field a contender. That was a failed attempt this season, but I have much more confidence in their longterm approach compared to the miserly A's losing loop.

    3. They need to bring back Crazy Crab.

  4. Glad you chose radio over TV during the lightning delay.
    If the name is Cosell - be it Greg or before that, his late dad Howard - then phonies are not tolerated. The Bleeder? They define phony.

    1. Greg Cosell is Howard's nephew, and has been on KNBR with both Gary and Larry and with Tolbert and Lund this year.

    2. It was his Uncle Howard. Very strange, Cosell was featured on all the shows during pre-season, now he's out? Way to keep listeners informed scumulus! What an embarrasment that "company" is.

  5. Let's see, $10 million, 30% to the lawyers, perhaps another 30% to the feds and state, leaving her with about $3.3 million; a tidy sum but far short of what she deserves assuming (and I do) that your info source is close to the plaintiff. Will be interesting to watch how this plays out.

  6. Trixie listen close. Footsteps. The Mouse is on the prowl and Billy Boy Burton knows its him or you.

  7. Radnich went on air yesterday at 9:45 with his hair sticking out sideways.Nobody told him. Funny that he does 4 shows a day in news,one morning show and then knbr. I mean he's not missing a dollar on the table.He would even take stripper money happily- and you know where that's been. Eh,his wife wishes he would add a few more gigs.
    I was reminded of all this because Britt Ship tweeted she was back from some fun vacation. She likes life I guess.

  8. It's my understanding that once the line-up cards are exchanged at home plate before the game the umpires control weather related issues with the game proceeding or not. Larry Baer may have wanted to play no matter what, but the umps also have to take into account the fact that this was the Dodgers last series here this year and the teams don't like doubleheaders.

    I have no love for Giant's ownership, but fair is fair. Larry didn't have the final say.

  9. You're right on Nicco. He's become increasingly annoying. I even tweeted him before the last heatwave hit that he didn't need to be so giddy before we got an dramatic change in Bay Area weather.

    He's like the smarmy guy who thinks he's funnier than he really is and would kiss up to his teacher, and now his boss. He's the guy that would give you up in a second.

  10. In the "They never learn" category. Radnich and Krueger just bashed ESPN for being left and liberal. Its about the tweet that Trump is a white supremacist. And I don't mean Donald joined up with Diana Ross.
    Meanwhile, the duo made famous world over for bigoted and misogynist remarks in the recent past warn ESPN is turning off a wide part of its audience. Sure,the racists.
    Radnich of course has never had a bad word to say about Trump as opposed to his regular Obama bashing of the past.
    To top it all? Radnich said "When you get older you know what you can say and not say". How old was he when the Cathy Heenan brouhaha broke two years ago? 75? Sure,he knows.

  11. Look,I've cut back my Radnich listening and watching by a huge amount,and YET..in those few minutes he does and says things like last night on kron for the only cast he did I saw,and even then it was near the very end: He's doing a report on Serena Williams having a baby. What does Radnich do? He goes to where he shouldn't..making fun of TV stations who say "We congratulate Serena..etc" Radnich about to say- Who really cares?..well,before he gets that out he stops cold like somebody is whispering in his earpiece, then blurts out with "We at KRON congratulate Serena" with Aveson explaining that because of some complications Williams is still in the hospital.
    Producers at KRON are at high alert to stop Radnich when he goes off script.
    He was about to laugh at people happy Serena had a baby. Not good.

  12. Get rid of Raj Mathai and get rid of Parag Marathe. Both of them belong elsewhere. #HireMeNotH1B #MAGA