Monday, September 11, 2017

KTVU/ Fox2: Home of Paranoia; Cheating Anchors; Sniveling Idiots; Other Than That, Everything's Cool

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KTVU ..uh, yeah, I forgot: "Fox2", the official home of paranoia, talent on edge, crazy, disillusioned anchors placed in every conceivable time slot; makes it almost an open invitation for some anchors to have an affair! Wait a minute.

KTVU: so petty, they're removing videos from bloggers' sites. Funny, I was told management doesn't pay attention to us grunts even though they've asked one particular guy if he's talking to me. 

KTVU, as I have said many a times, used to be the gold standard of TV News operations. That was years ago long before the station hired wayward reporters and asinine producers that kissed management's ass. The best reporters KTVU has now are the ones either about to get the axe or waiting the last minute for a buyout offer.

I want to talk about the GOOD PEOPLE at KTVU; the camera guys, the assignment editor who's been there forever; THESE people are the hardest-working and dedicated to their job. They are consistent and they possess integrity and care about the operation and its product.

They don't talk like pirates.

They don't shit on loyalty and make up bullshit and keep their appointments and piss on people.

They don't act like asswipes off the air when the camera isn't on.

They don't tell certain people with life issues they'll get back to them and then disappear.

They don't embarrass their co-workers right in front of the boss.

Fox, maybe "The Firm" has polluted the air conditioning in Jack London Square.

Let me tell you you're ALL on notice --the suits are coming to town and they're not handing out comp cards at Kincaids.

You'll be getting more DETAILS soon. Stay tuned.

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  1. Fox (KTVU), Disney (ABC) and Universal (NBC), big companies fighting against piracy affecting their media industry in years. Disney is earning money for their hit movies, comic movies and Star Wars, but they have a very tight policy against piracy. Piracy is all BS these days. Go on youtube and other streaming sites, you will find content from all 3 and other studios. This is what happens when one station get the highest ratings for their evening news, they look at themselves as luxury.

  2. Tim, Jim, knock it off!! No tv for you both tonight!!

    1. Mrs Lanthier, Tim's GrandmotherSeptember 11, 2017 at 9:08 PM

      Shut Up, Goddamit. I'm trying to watch Matlock.

  3. Speaking of KTVU:

  4. Whenever the suits walk through I always have an annoyed look on my face. That way they always think I'm busy, leave me alone, and think I'm the hardest worker there. Works every time.

    1. I fart in the edit bay...that keeps them away also.

      BTW Rich...
      That KTVU photo is sooo 1987. Takeout your instamatic and snap a new photo please?

    2. Rich has been stuck in the decade between 1977 and 1987 for decades now. Third time trying, Rich is afraid to print this joke for some reason...

    3. Though it's printed, it still aint funny.

  5. Every time I think about KTVU I can't help but remember
    Captain Sum Ting Wong
    Wi Tu Lo
    Ho Lee Fuk
    Bang Ding Ow

  6. Sara Sidner is SO fine. You call it fat, We call it thick and voluptuous- and NOT mad !

  7. Meanwhile, Rich's least favorite Circle 7 reporter futilely tried to do an SFPD knife hostage drill (very slow reflexes), and there is a rain delay at AT&T Park, and we know what that means for the TV broadcast. (ARRGH!)

  8. From the day Fox bought KTVU,I predicted all this. Its not your Charlie and Humphrey station anymore. It even told the previously ok Frank Somersville to write defensive commentary's for the conservative causes ala an employee for the infamous Sinclair Broadcasting.
    I hardly watch ch2 anymore. There's no "Investigation" into the corruption of big bay area business.
    Its also not your Claude Mann station anymore..

  9. Post more than Great , Kindly Thanks

  10. Who are the cheating anchors?