Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Gasia Gets a Lecture

Image result for gasia mikaelian TUESDAY HEADER

*Gasia Mikaelian about to get lecture from the big boys (and girls) at KTVU and Fox.

*415 Media source: told to "tone it down" ..she can mug all she wants but when ad-libbing off camera, hold the shenanigans

*Formal reprimand off the table but open to review if on-air cackling continues

*Only muck it up when you have to.

*Hey KTVU, what took you so long?

*Check back Wednesday for more details.


  1. She is lucky getting the morning spot, if she work with Frank, he probably will be annoyed by her hahahahaha

    1. Frank and Gasia were doing 10 together for a while, and Gasia wasn't like this...she seemed more than capable of newsreading with no Valley Girl shtick...no idea what happened other than Foxification...

  2. It's about time. Be like Bill Belichick and do your job. Leave the clowning to the idiots on KRON4.

  3. Gasia was always like this. Watched at 4pm and hated it.

    What happened to the KTVU set with windows overlooking the Estuary that was used 8-10am? So much better than that ugly newsroom