Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Married, KPIX Exec Plays Footsie With Reporter; Giants' Broadcasters Take Season Off Too; Ronn Owens 100G Mattress Deal; Scott Reiss/CNN Update; Tuesday Morsels

Related image THAT HIGH-LEVEL, MARRIED KPIX EXEC who was co-giggling over a bottle of Merlot at Kokkari at the end of the bar the other night should know his female friend --a reporter at a local station (not Pix) can be something of a "Play Misty For Me." --I know, from experience. When I was running high and mighty a few years back. First it was definitely worth it--later on? Uh, not so much. mattress

Image result for sf giants announcers*As the Giants tank this season, so do their broadcasters. Duane Kuiper hosts more dead air lately than a Colma mortuary --LOTS OF DEAD AIR. Kuiper is especially bad at the end of innings when he routinely DOES NOT GIVE THE SCORE OF GAME! "Giants coming up." Hey Kuip, there's people out there who are sight-impaired --hello! Jon Miller doesn't believe in giving the score --ever. In last night's gruesome blowout with the Pirates, there was over 10 seconds of DEAD AIR late in the game on KNBR --which given the circumstances, actually sounded better then virtually all of KNBR's content. Miller has become horrid lately. Overrated too.

And Miller's incessant plugs of the web site that tells the MPH of the hit off the bat is pretty pathetic. I don't think Miller is getting a kickback but he mentions it almost every batter and it's BORING and repetitious.

*If you wonder why Ronn Owens makes some of his guests read the tacky mattress ad commercial on KGO radio, it might be because Ronn makes about an extra 100 Grand for being mattress pitchman. That's rather Temperpedic, dude!

*KPIX new reporters: The Fresno Greyhound terminal is a busy place these days.

*KRON new NY TV News hire: God, I thought I was desperate.

*KQED Gets Hacked: Yeah, I saw the story. Big fuckin' deal the whole world is getting hacked, next story.

*REAL Giants' TORTURE: Listening to Giants Replay, slightly worse than root canal.

Image result for scott reiss*KGO-TV and KTVU: Maybe a few more weather people.

*Although if Scott Reiss splits Oakland for CNN, then one less bell to answer. By the way, Reiss is better anchoring news which is one reason why CNN is interested.

*Listen to the amount of "uhs" that Miller says on a radio broadcast--mind boggling.

*The phony , brown-nose redneck that complained on a video about the slave wages on KNBR hosts a 5 AM show that can best be described as something slightly more nauseating than Giants' replay. Hint: eat some pecans.

*Gotta go, I'm on assignment. I'll just keep it a mystery.


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  1. Speaking of KNBR,That whole "We dont need a readers of news or traffic" reason to fire two loyal employees? Was a pure lie,as they still do those same breaks. Just for help that must work cheaper- their second job,not primary.
    Also- Radnich seems to have given up that constant Lee Hammer mentions. Unless a guess brings him up.
    Radnich has no trouble bashing Pablo,but never says a thing about Zito or any present Giant like Cain,stealing Giant money.
    Even though Pablo "stole" Boston money not Giant.

    1. Samantha in Santa RosaJuly 25, 2017 at 5:15 PM

      I played footsie once with Dave McElhatton at Lao Che's in the Tenderloin, and his pacemaker kept overheating the Teriyaki Chicken.

  2. Rich, change the topic re: The Giants. Incessant whining about the pro broadcasting team is off base and just plain inaccurate. I've listened to San Francisco Giants broadcasts since 1968 and this team is right up there.

  3. Reiss is one of the most talented people in the market.

  4. Who gives two shits if the Giants give the score? There's literally a score strip on the TV. I can literally ask my phone what the score is and it will tell me. For fucks sake, Rich, you're really scraping the bottom in looking for pathetic shit to complain about.

  5. Your KRON reference is too cryptic...who is it, what are you talking about? Same for the KPIX item and the Fresno bus station. What does that mean? Is the NY TV news hire at KRON Tiffany McElroy? She is now doing mornings.

  6. Thank you for mentioning this absurd new obsession with mentioning MPH of the ball off the bat, who the F cares?? Does Larry own a chunk of this company?

  7. Tiffany McElroy has super hot arms..

  8. Scott Reiss by far is one of the best around

  9. I turned the dial to KGO one afternoon this week. The hilarious "I am not a genuine black guy!" was on. What the hell I will give him a shot. Maybe Copie has finally developed the intellectual capacity to be discussing an intelligent relevant topic and get off the race shtick.

    He was talking to a guest about "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and how offended they both were about Mickey Rooney in blackface.

    It's 2017 and they are discussing this old movie. Whining race-baiting garbage? Really??

    Unbelievable. Turned the shit off after 2 minutes.

  10. "KRON new NY TV News hire: God, I thought I was desperate"
    You must be referring to Tiffany McElroy