Thursday, April 27, 2017

Much Ado About Nothing

Image result for berkeley coulter protests  "TEAM COVERAGE?" For what?

Berkeley was the top of the list for Bay Area TV News assignment editors; a voluminous crowd of reporters and several news vans. And why? A pro-speech rally of Trump supporters and anti-Trump demonstrators --only nothing really happened. More cops than protesters. A few arrests but not a single act of mayhem, much to the chagrin of the correspondents on hand but I do know the ice-cream vendors on Telegraph avenue were doing stellar business.

Frankly, it looked ridiculous (doesn't it always?) but this time it bordered on the insane. Kudos to KGO-TV for not going to the Berkeley non-event and instead opened their 6PM newscast with a Walnut Creek murder scene. It was real "breaking news" as opposed to the carnival act in Berkeley where some of the crowd was seen lounging in the park. The only thing missing was a pro-Trump demonstrator hugging a free-speech protester: wait a minute!

There's NO story --that's the bottom line. Sure, early on before the cameras showed up a rally took place but there wasn't an issue. The rally went on free of any violence and was never interrupted --then a lot of mulling by everyone at the scene. If you had a hot dog cart I bet you would have had a tremendous day. Oh sure there was lots of yelling and screaming. Ho-hum, that goes on every day in Berkeley.

As nighttime nears maybe the Black Opps will go out and set fires and break windows on buildings; they've been known to do that; at that point get the copters out and then you'll have your real news.

Short of that? Much ado about nothing.


  1. Urethra in Glen EllenApril 27, 2017 at 7:17 PM

    I'd like to personally thank KGO for not covering the Berkeley protests. Any TV station that shows The Jeopardy!/Wheel Of Fortune Power Hour with Captain Marvel and Mighty Isis is OK with me.

  2. Ah Berkeley protesters. Or as I like to call them, young Democrats with addiction of some kind in their futures.

  3. Take your protesting crap elsewhere! When others descend on a city because they think they should to make a point, it's just an expensive pain in the ass for those of us who live here and are affected by others. YOU try to live with roadblocks and choppers flying overhead for 15 hours and see how you like it!

    1. Are you upset that people are bursting the little liberal bubble you live in?

  4. KTVU lead the 10pm slot with the WC standoff. I think everyone is disgusted by people from all over the country descending on a small city no matter your politics and even if it is Beserkeley. Glad the whole thing fizzled thanks mostly to the disgusting antifa which stayed home.