Friday, April 28, 2017

Friday Quick Hits

Image result for Ronn Owens mattress IT'S THE END of the month; dreaded time at Bay Area media companies where personnel worry they'll be called into the office and asked for their security card. At Cumulus SF on Broadway and Battery the moans and groans are especially vivid come 5 o'clock. If you can't fathom the deal just go to Grumpy's for a burger and beer later this afternoon to witness the abyss.

*The mattress man gets really, really giddy when reading the new mattress name spot. A pure Temperpedic orgasm.

*Bret Burkhardt: "Hi, I'm Soupy Sales!"

*Cumulus will sell off one of its Bay Area radio stations to pick up some cash in order to use it to buy down some of its massive debt.

Here's why the clouds are crapping in their pants.

*KCBS builds it reputation around traffic and sports; a LOT of TRAFFIC and sports. So, even though they had to abide by the traffic announcer shake-up they still had 100% control on the people they kept and new hires. THIS JUST IN: The overnight guy doing traffic sounds like crap. The woman at night, a KGO reject, sounds like crap. George Rask is a smart guy and has some street cred but he sounds like a math teacher giving lectures when he reports the traffic. George, read a little faster and don't sound as if you're Gandhi.

*Yeah, of course, John Rothmann got screwed. But here's the deal: KGO needs Rothmann more than Rothmann needs KGO. And if I were Rothmann I'd tell the mattress man I'm busy the next Presidents Day.

*KCSM is no longer on life support. They seem to have found some fiscal support, at least for the coming year. After that, who knows.

*Remember this: Ron Cervi, a truly terrific traffic reporter up in the copter was let go. Why didn't anyone at KCBS save this guy? But you insisted on Cheryl Raines. That's all I need to know.

*James Gabbert could buy KGO in a nanosecond and become a Bay Area hero but Gabbert would like to celebrate his sunset years hoarding cash. He must really need the money.

*Wait a minute, you can't see dogs on the radio. I forgot.

*KGO-TV (ABC7) those morning show ads highlighting Reggie Aqui: el barfo de dayo.

*KPIX new slogan: "At least we're not KRON!"


  1. I remember one time when Soupy Sales and Gene Rayburn had too many drinks at Vespi's in NY, and boy, you sure could smell the tinkle.

    1. Drinks and thrown pies - left a blank in the restaurant budget.

  2. I wouldn't bet on Cumulus selling KGO or any of its other stations simply because the other chains aren't buying ... they're not buying because they've got too much debt and are at the FCC limit for stations they can own in this market. And don't bet on a mom-and-pop owner coming along because it's not easy as an independent. Ask Bob Kieve. And radio sales is difficult these days. The high-dollar advertisers have gone on to the internet or other media. Radio's left with mattress companies, get-rich-quick schemes, miracle cures, mortgage rip-off companies and window-frame scammers. Bottom of the barrel. I don't think KGO is going to be changing hands, but I wouldn't be surprised if it goes all syndicated in the next year. Based on what they're billing, it doesn't make sense to have local talent when you can simply go to the bird.

  3. I find that it makes a TON of difference to me in navigating traffic without Ron Cervi & Co. Whatever the Instant Traffic Crystal Ball that they are using now is, it doesn't compare. Those guys have saved my bacon more than once. I hope Ron catches on somewhere soon, or (doubtful) KCBS discovers that it made a mistake and rehires these folks. Oh, wait -they changed the phone number, too.

  4. The funniest KGO 7 ad I seen is the one with the two morning anchor claiming they wake up at 2AM to bring viewers a refreshing news meaning they wake up early to bring viewers better news. If you want a job that starts at 4AM, common sense, you need to wake up early to go to work and earn that bacon. All early anchor wake up early and do the same thing, but I do not see how KGO 7 news is getting better as they claim to be. Well, at least better than the funny mismatch on KPIX 5.

  5. I think the entire format is crap. Why is everyone telling these damn stories during the traffic report. No one cares! Just give the damn traffic and move on.

  6. Agree. Letting Ron Cervi go was a mistake.
    Easily one of the better traffic reporters around.
    Now we must contend with that giddy chick doing traffic.

  7. In the bay area....traffic is not news!

  8. James Gabbert is a very interesting fellow, a bigger than life personality when it suits him and a pragmatic businessman.
    I keep waiting for someone to make a movie about his life and contributions to the Bay Area. I can't think of any working actor who could play him in character. If Michael Douglas (Kirk's son)
    were younger and taller, he could do it. I met James one time, in 1991, under unusual circumstances. He's a nice guy, whose mind is always active, and calculating. Write a screenplay, James! You do it.

    1. I'm thinking Gary Sinise as Gabbert would be a better fit...

  9. Michael Douglas is both taller and younger than Jim Gabbert.