Sunday, July 17, 2016

Baton Rouge Ambush; 415 Media; KGO Radio Breaks Out of Taped Programming; Thurston and Burkhart Go Wall-To-Wall; Local TV Stations are Asleep; Networks Too


KGO Radio abandons taped financial shows; goes wall-to-wall coverage with Pat Thurston and Bret Burkhart.

KCBS: Went with regular programming relying with CBS Radio Special Reports and bottom/top of hour updates.

KQED: NPR feed ...


Stunning...maybe the commercial networks have become numb to the almost daily shootings involving and affecting police and civilians ...In the case of the Baton Rouge ambush ...not one over-the-air commercial network broke out of their regularly scheduled programming...they, along with correspondents were broadcasting from Cleveland at the Republican Convention.

FOX stayed with its "Fox News Sunday" (obviously taped before the Baton Rouge shootings); ABC ran its usual talk show and NBC stuck with the British Open ...sound programming, guys. CBS' 'Face the Nation' was stuck in Cleveland, so too, 'MTP' on NBC.

KTVU/Fox, again, this is stunning: ran a MLS Soccer match; maybe they're waving the white flag; KGO-TV, KNTV, KRON all mentioned the ambush but soon returned to running infomercials.

I'll give the local O and O's a break; they obviously couldn't go with the network because the networks are apparently asleep or gearing up for the GOP Convention.

Sundays are not a good day for Big News Events to occur.


  1. I notice reports say "No info on race of the suspects". I'm betting Human. See,instead of saying dark complexion as the accurate way,its more of us vs them by using the word "race". Now,why not say dark skinned or complexion? Because people will laugh? That shows how stuck we are on skin color means CERTAIN behaviors. We just can't break that.
    Race..THAT should be laughed at. Like what race of dog is funny.

    1. Says the guy that used to drop comments with WM when he was referring to white male in here somewhat regularly.

    2. Are poor people more likely to steal then wealthy?
      Sort of sums up the problem.
      That and most people hire those who look like themselves. Like KNBR.
      Skin color and low income. Add religion and is there any other divider bigger then those?

    3. Works reverse too. White cops who did nothing murdered.
      Its the proverbial vicious circle.

    4. Stan somehow linking the situation in Baton Rouge to KNBR is peculiar. Do we really have to start reading Stan's thoughts on race again?

    5. Weren't Stan's rants about race the reason he was banned here last time?

    6. I'll go out on a limb and defend him even tho I was one of the critics. As I assume a black man, I'm sure he has seen more than his share of racism in his lifetime. Having gone through that he definitely can add a perspective to this conversation that most of us couldn't. That being said, I really wish he would stick to what he does best. He probably watches more local news than most of us combined and really does add insight in that regard. I for one enjoy his commentary on the bloated one.

    7. Thanks 12:41.
      The problem with too much back and forth? It descends into it wont end unless I say what the questioner wants me to say.
      So,one or two retorts,and if I haven't gotten through? I usually just stop. This my third- a bonus-wink.
      I bet Rich feels the same way.

  2. THERE IS no information on the race of the suspect so far. That's easy enough to understand.

  3. It's a black male wearing cammo according to Baton Rouge police scanner, and IPN feed.

  4. I accidentally came across TV reports of the shootings when I was on my Roku, and went to a channel called "Port News", which provides a live feed of CNN. Since I don't have cable [only internet] I have found this to be a great way to watch CNN without having to pay a cable bill! Anyway, CNN came on with this soon after it happened, and I was also monitoring the local news to see if they were going to break in or not, and finally ABC [KGO7] broke in with a special report at 8:30am, which was WAY after it was already being reported at CNN. Also, CNN was the first to break it with 3 cops confirmed dead, while it took almost another 45 minutes or so before ABC or CBS also confirmed 3 as dead. At least for today, I was glad to have access to CNN via my ROKU3 and "Port News"!

  5. "That shows how stuck we are on skin color means CERTAIN behaviors."

    Stan, any idea how that came to be?

    1. If it was a white male it surely would have been stated.

  6. Couple of observations:

    1) Typical weekend news staffing/decisions, whether it is Radio or TV -- more reasons for Drudge and other social media to continue gaining traction

    2) Networks still stuck in "we've always done it that way" mentality, or "golfers don't want to hear about that" or "we just can't dump out of that taped interview segment"

    3) National news managers have already had the discussion about what point they stop breaking in with such shootings. "Heck, Dallas was far bigger," they may very well be thinking. May also be why everyone just jumped in with President Obama's speech and a brief recap of what happened, and promoted their evening news/web coverage.

    4) Lastly, it's still all about $$$$. If you consider the expenses of the political conventions, the excessive OT/travel costs of crews covering all the overseas/domestic incidents, The CFOs are going nuts trying to figure out how to keep profits high for investors. All you have to do is look at CBS which is now essentially out of the live weekend news business, and most of its live overnight news. Several local US stations are already doing that, especially the ones that have duopolies with independent stations, and c an't have two live shows running at the same time when their sports/live special programs go long.

    Instead of complaints that "news ops don't do it right anymore" I think you also have to look at the quick pace of how news coverage and delivery is evolving. Know how this former top news exec followed today's events? Live mobile of Baton Rouge local stations, Facebook Live and Twitter. Really no longer any need for much else, as long as you weigh all the facts.

  7. TV news is NOT evolving. It's getting lost into the vast waste of facebook and all that "garbage news".
    Fake, distorted, wrong, garbage info.

    As little Choa from Korea says in her broken english...

    " It is from the garbage pigs".

  8. If people wanted to follow what was going on in Baton Route, they had plenty of news outlets to choose from. You don't need every station or network that provides news covering things like this 24/7.

  9. I find it uncomfortably embarrassing when KGO has their talk show host and skeleton news departments attempting to bring us up to speed with any of the larger world issues. They act like they're a resource we need to stay tuned into when it's so clear they have little to give. We know they have no reporters. We know they're connected to KGO-TV anymore. We know the building is empty. I'd rather they just do their shows and leave the news reporting to the experts.

  10. 10:41, that comment makes zero sense. Bret Burkhart is an AWARD-WINNING journalist who is fully capable to bring you accurate information on news stories locally and abroad. He has done it for YEARS! And FYI: KGO Radio is NOT connected to KGO-TV anymore. God forbid a big story should break and talk show hosts and talented journalists talk about it. How embarrassing!! (insert sarcasm here) Would it help if the news department was fully staffed? Obviously. But I believe NOT talking about such a big story (regardless of the number of news staff in the building) is more embarrassing. But that's just me.