Monday, March 3, 2014

Once again CSNBA and all the other Bay Area Sports "Insiders" Get Scooped by ESPN; Bristol Brats First on 49ers' Boldin Re-Up

 Another AWOL moment for the "Insiders" and local sporting press and further proof that they continue to be asleep at the wheel.

Well, perhaps KNBR was preoccupied.

The 49ers star wide receiver, Anquan Boldin has re-signed.

ESPN had it first, courtesy Schefter.

The  local reaction guys will tell you that "we're all over it."

Sure they are, just like I'm all over her.

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  1. After the Andrew Baggarly experience re: Melky Cabrera and PED's, I'm not surprised that the local reporters just repeat press releases. I don't like it and snicker when they tout the "insider's story". Get the story, get it right, stand by your work. Too hard, I know.

  2. Sources within these teams prefer to give the news to ESPN or FOX Sports or CBS. Even a national outlet like AP rarely gets big scoops. Local media just aren't sexy enough to get the exclusive. Not really the fault of CSNBA but I can understand your feelings given that they're called 'insiders'

  3. The KNBR picture/story on Deadspin says "Susquehanna" which means it's an old memo most likely.

  4. Kate Scott read the tweet that Anquan sent out...but agreed... seems the only sports guys honed in on this were east of the Mississippi.

  5. To be fair to the locals, agents leak stuff to national people so they can get info that may benefit their clients, sniffing out salary numbers or a team's interest in a particular player. You don't think Jay Glazer sniffs this stuff out do you?

  6. If really matters that you had to wait an extra minute to find out that Anquan Boldin re-upped, its probably time to reevaluate your life.

  7. So instead of Boldin tweeting his good news he should have whispered the news to a CSNBA reporter first?