Thursday, February 20, 2014

KRON's 8 PM NewsCast is Solid Even if Morale Isn't; KGO-TV 'NewsRoom' Set is Cool; Savage Taping 3rd Hour; Don't Blame the Dallas Outsourcers on KGO; Thursday PM Headlines and Happy Hour

 Thursday PM Talk of the Town

*At KRON, they dumped the weekly sports talk show; reporters are bitching, once again, about chaos in the newsroom--overworked and anxious staffers being screamed and yelled at by the obnoxious ND boor and his Marie Antoinette assistant.

*Those KGO Radio outsourced Dallas traffic announcers? It's really not their fault most are mispronouncing Bay Area city and street names, performing a sad verbal jabberwocky at night and on the weekends--you can thank Cumulus for this radio miscarriage, but oh hell, it provides for rather stunning and extraordinary comedy.

*Savage is, once again, taping his third hour. Not a good sign.

*That bold new logo in the upper right-corner of this blog should provide for a great tease about something on the horizon --but I'll let it speak for itself, for now.

*I kind of like the KGO-TV look --newsroom in the background--even if a lot of you are irritated. By the way, the anchors don't really care --as long as they're on the air and that's what counts---splashy news desks and studio Star Wars-looking sets don't always bring forth quality newscasts.

*Underrated: KRON's 8 PM cast: A no-nonsense, long on story, short on gimmick program with a gargantuan, (by today's standards), fresh and snappy 60-min presentation. Pam Moore is basic and that's real good and Grant Lodes visual enhancement with the news keys is just enough to make things interesting. I like it. Now if only we can all make you guys happy.

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  1. Radnich claimed that "It's on hiatus until next football season". And he only said that once.
    A big lie? Who knows?

  2. Pam Moore is a saint enabler. For Raddy,and in that 20 year engagement she's in.

    1. Is Stan Stanley Roberts?

    2. Nope. But thanks. I approve of Roberts now going after the real a-holes out there..and leaving the homeless single men with their only real friend in life a small dog,alone. It made SR look bad.

  3. I don't know about Dallas outsourcers, but Ronn's show this morning was outsourced to Christine Craft and, boy, did she rock! Talk radio at its best: provocative, fast-paced, and interactive. I have never understood why they don't use her more.

    1. Because she's boring and related to you?

    2. Christine is not boring, at the old KGO she was not one of my favorites, talked over callers too much, other issues, now since there is very little real talent in SF radio, she is one of my favorites. However, I never found her boring, she is intelligent and knows her stuff, and she often has a different take on subjects, especially shows that deal with legal issue, whose were always my favorites. Same with Brian Copeland he has a different take on subject dealing with race, it makes for interesting radio, when the host doesn't copy other hosts, which often seem to be the case these days.

    3. Which hosts are copying other hosts? Who's unique?

  4. So glad you changed the logo on your blog. The old man fondling the
    microphone was creeping me out!

    1. The old man you refer to is Michael Zwerling the owner of KSCO. I'm glad Rich will return to the air waves very soon. KSCO has such low level of talk show hosts. Georgia, Charley Friedman, The Costa Report, The Morning Show are just god awful. Believe me, I've tried to listen to a serious local station but I just can't tune in to KSCO with any regularity. They're awful! They had a great opportunity after KGO to build something great but they just stumble along. I mean take a look at the show currently on air at 2:30pm KARAOKE!?!?! Who thinks KARAOKE is a great programming idea? Did KSCO hire Jared Hart? When is the launch date Rich?

    2. I'm one of the many people who took the bait to help book "the Costa Report."

      Nice woman, but delusional, and not good at radio.

  5. It's not just KGO. All the local Cumulus stations are getting their traffic and possibly news from Dallas. Cumulus signed an agreement with Radiate Media last year to service all of their stations nationwide.

    I understand that the Cumulus LA stations will also be getting their traffic out of Dallas, if it hasn't started already.

    1. "Signed a deal" with the company the Dickbags also own.

  6. The Ying & Yang Of the Wolves of Van Ness.

    The Good Wolves:
    Catherine Heenan joy peace
    Mike Pelton kindness
    Justine Waldman HOPE
    WILL TRAN compassion
    Alicia Reed faith
    George Rask love SERENITY
    Gary Radnich humility

    D' Evil Wolves
    Aaron Pero false pride
    Jacqueline Bennett SUPERIORITY
    J.R. Stone EGO
    Grant Lodes Resentment
    Stanley Roberts LIES ANGER
    Jeff Bush GUILT
    Darya Folsom SORROW
    James Fletcher GREED
    Mark Danon INFERIORITY
    tech reporter with dusty suit jacket : arrogance..
    Gabe Slate SELF PITY

  7. Historically, KRON 4 is nothing more than a glorified NEWSPAPER crew.
    Plain and simple. Decapitate and DO business with whatever's left.
    They got redundant in upper management, half the crew drunk & say f ck luvin . take 'em out, absorb the whole fuckin' thing
    Let me tell ya a couple of six thanGs: Forget William Randolph Hearst Forget Roger Ailes , Forget Rupert Murdoch Forget Popeye the Sailor Man , forget Donald DeFreeze who goes over to SoCal in 74' and never comes back, forget Patty Hearst,

    Aaron Pero has no respect for this thing.
    Stanley Robert never been in on Air in the front seat. Prime Time. not really.
    Grant Lodes Here's a guy who steps over everyone and grabs the big seat, his Girlfriends Co Anchor.

    Listen to me. They make a news story about anything and everything over there. And the way that they do it, it's all fucked up. Reporters like Stanley Roberts Air trashy sympathy edited 'Clips that should be air once a week at most, not every day3x +. . There's no sword and gun on the table...
    No, either it has meaning or no meaning. the Stanley Roberts thing, the Station harbors a Snitch.
    It's tru
    Five fuckin' Families and we got this other pygmy thing over on Van Ness... There's no scraps in my scrapbook... Make it happen.

  8. It's known in the radio biz that Savage does not have the energy or creative juices to do a third hour.
    That's why he only does two hours live per show.

  9. I was wondering why I heard Savage repeat the exact same warning about a toxic compound in seafood just a couple days apart from each other. I thought he was just repeating it nearly word-for-word because it was important to him. Turns out it was a true word-for-word recording.

    1. Indeed! The old fool has no respect for his audience. I can only take Whiner in small doses. He can be entertaining but it is far in between. I tried listening now and he's back to Obama bashing. Booooooring.

  10. Savage is only recording 1/2 hour. And considering he's not having guests or taking many calls, it's still more than say, uhhh, Len Tillem.

    Sorry, Len, but you're not more creative than savage. And I don't like him.

    1. Tillem used to take off so many weekends while at KGO. He was worse than Johnnie Carson in his heyday. Remember? Every other show was a "best of" and then he started to do the same at 910am. No wonder they kicked his ass off the air. A horrendous Frosty live show is still better than a canned Tillem show.

    2. Tillem trying to find a radio home after taking to the air at 910 and gleefully bashing KGO. Now I get it, but don't expect to ever be back over there. His days as a SF radio host are over.

  11. Sorry, I hate the new KGO newsroom look. I thought it was so great to see the Bay Bridge and Ferry Building Clock behind the anchors. Made you know you were watching a San Francisco station! And it is ridiculous to send the weather people to the top of the building to broadcast. Maybe they are just remodeling the set? I hope so!