Thursday, February 20, 2014

Asiana Name Prank Part 2?

After the Asiana name prank ordeal, I'm always suspicious of suspicious-sounding names.

Read this story.

Like Dave Price, I'm curious about the names in this story.  AP is saying the snow plow driver was "Wu Wu"! The other names, when read out loud, sound funny too, like "Min Lin" and "Song Huang."


  1. say nothing of "Maimonides"...

  2. Why is Rich and idiot? Takes one to know one...

  3. I passed that on duly. That's me commenting. I need to go back and add Wu-Wu.

  4. What's wrong with these names exactly?

    The fact that Rich thinks these may be prank names when they are perfectly fine just undermines his original contention that anyone with two neurons should have immediately, under deadline pressure and with management breathing down your neck, to spot that the original four names were fake.

  5. What is suspicious about these names? They seem perfectly plausible Chinese names to me. Nothing like the Asiana prank names.