Wednesday, January 1, 2014

First Rich Lieberman 415 Media 2014 Know-Your-News Quiz

 First 2014 News Quiz

Is this?

A. Karel's eventual replacement on KGO

B.Karel post KGO Christmas party

C. Lee Hammer after an all-nighter

D. Human dolphin getting ready to sleep on first Sleeptrain temperpedic.

E. Comcast SportsNet Bay Area newest Raiders Insider

F.  A frequent commenter on 415 Media

G. Stan

H. Asiana co-pilot Sum-Ting-Wong

I. Newest KTVU Community Affairs Director

J. Chef Ryan Scott's first dude guest on Saturday

K. Spencer Hughes demo tape for Fox News

L. What happens when normal human being listens to last "You don't wanna be a termite" jingle

M. Gil Gross last caller

N. Uh, your typical "Red Eye" Radio listener

O. Uh, your typical "Bloomberg News" listener.

P. KRON's new GM

Q. What happens when normal human being listens to 5,768th Graton/John Legend Casino jingle

R. The 3rd fill-in KGO host for Maureen Langan from 10-1 AM

S. Mel Baker in disguise

T. The guy that invented the phrase, "At the end of the day."

W. Last rejected PD at KFOG

X. Latest new listener host that won contest on 95. 7 FM 'The Game'

Y. Frosty Stillman's inner pimp

Z. NBC Bay Area 'Investigate Unit' secret whistleblower on San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed's excessive purchases of purple socks

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  1. Stan. Totally. This is what Radnich has to see when he looks out of his bedroom window. Truly creepy. (Thanks for silencing him lately, by the way.)

  2. Forgive me for bustin your bubble, However, the answer is Double A. that grif is Absolutely Annoying! ...cheers

  3. *A* is impossible...they don't replace hosts who quit or are fired at KGO, they just have people do shows in the time slot for months/years.

    *E* and *F* are a possibility.

    *I* could be it, but the fish out of water jokes would be just too easy.

    *M* is impossible, they've been extinct for at least a year.

    *N* would be out of its native habitat here in the Bay Area, wouldn't it?

    *O*'s typically aren't anywhere neat that animated.

    *P* is possible, with the mouth breathing and all...

    but...I'm gonna go with *Z*!

  4. You have something against A, U and V?

  5. I thought it was your Canadien GF. ha!..ah,we kid each other.
    I've arrived when I'm the bad guy here and Radnich and KRON are feted. Being the only unabashed (but bashed here) liberal in bay area media,I have to make new grounds for the next generation. It sure ain't happ'nin with the old.

    1. Hate to break it to you Stan, but posting annoying comments on the internet and being banned from various blogs does not make you a member of the "bay area media."

  6. And happy new year you big old galut. I look forward to many more clashes and reconciles
    We maaaaake up, to break up is allll we doooo..

  7. Gotta go with N.

  8. Teacher! Teacher! Your favorite apple-polishing student, Stan#39 is starting to spam this site again. Just thought you should know. I will now return to may Hall Monitor duties!

  9. All of the above!!!

  10. Its the cumulus mascot.

  11. Jesus Rich, could you have picked a better GIF? That dolphin startled the crap out of me when I opened up your blog today.

    1. Yeah, it's a bit much to look at. Tasteful boob shots on the other hand...

  12. It is Stan. Although that might be an insult to that thing so on second thought...

  13. I don't know what that is, but I was seeing it in my sleep last night!