Friday, December 27, 2013

The Would-Be Seduction of the 415 Media Blogger

  We have developed a following here; so much so that we are constantly now being bequeathed with a bevy of sexy requests from the communications division of the 415/408/650 and 510 media factory.

It is routine now that I, personally, your 415 Media aperitif gets inundated with compromising offers that are flattering and beguiling but have been begged off due to the journalistic ethics and profound media guidance from the home office in Union City....needless to say however you enthrall me, 415 women, you confound me to some degree and I am tempted but I would do a disservice to my readers if I dare took to your luscious and succulent offerings. I will say this: All of you lovely lasses, while I may occasionally make fun of your puckering ways and means you always come back and impress me.

Might I say again, I am humbled by your offerings and tempted by your femme fatale ways but I'm going to keep it real, and clean for now. Carry on, my fearless fan and to all of you, a very Happy New Year. May 2014 be a splendid, safe and happy journey into the sea of sanguine.

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  1. Hi Rich. Please restate or translate that prior written piece for us readers less,,,bon vivant than your primary audience. Are you saying Madame X and Baby Phatt Y. are calling your cell, ringing your bell, wanting to arrange an unexpected rendezvous or something of 'mutual' benefits? And that you've politely slammed the bolt lock doors in their powdered faces? You been prior approved for blunt language, we're okay with that.

    1. Translation: Rich's shrink is driving a new Mercedes, courtesy of Rich.

    2. 2:52, you left out the ivy league education for the shrink's kid.

      FWIW, when did union city become the mecca of culture? So gross.

      To rehash the life support post, did a responsible piece on end of life decisions race/racist angle. Must be disappointing to Lieberman, Jackson, and Rev. Al.

  2. Not this shit again.

  3. Last call for alcohol....

  4. And then you woke up.....??

  5. I'll ask for the third time....was it Karel? (I figured Rich would get the humor and stop blocking that comment). Ease up buddy, I'm a supporter!