Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sunday Breakfast

  Da Lin: corned-beef hash.

Robert Handa: one scrambled egg, black coffee.

Juliette Goodrich: eggs benedict and endless mimosas.

Bill Martin: oatmeal, black coffee, smidgen of cream.

Damon Bruce: toast.

Allie Rasmus: one banana and some skim milk.

Ronn Owens: temperpedic omelet: mattress mash.

Karel: chicken and waffles.

Frank Somerville: tofu, green tea and some thyme.

Stan Bunger: blueberry muffin, cream-of-wheat, glass of milk.

Steve Bitker: sausage and eggs, borsht.

Len Tillem: one hard-boiled egg, glass of seltzer.

Gary Radnich: two eggs, bowl of cheerios and the rest? Nobody cares.

Kate Scott: tofu scramble, soft. Soy milk.

Henry Wofford: 8 eggs, sunny-side up, hashed browns and a side of sausage. Extra butter.

Scott Reiss: Noah's bagel, slightly-toasted with peanut butter and jelly. Vanilla pudding.

Christine Craft: Joe's Special. Espresso --triple shot.

Brian Copeland: Byron Allen blintzes; soft. 4 Red Bulls.

John Rothmann: H and H Bagel and lox, coffee, little cream and some black tea.

Chef Ryan Scott: pancakes; sweet-butter muffins and extra syrup. Cool, dude!

Larry Krueger: 4 bowls of Wheaties and extra-tall latte.

Claudine Wong: glass of orange juice. (Smile please?)

Stan, the commenter: extra-cut bacon and a side of sliders.

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  1. NOW,this is getting scary. When you enjoy a fine Sunday breakfast with a hearty bacon,then go on the 'net and see somebody who's never met you write you ate bacon for breakfast. The egg and strong TWO tablespoons of Nescafe dark roast instant coffee were good too.
    I gotta diet.

  2. thanks for the mention. Actually it was french roast(finely ground) with lots of Califia Creamy(almond based),followed by roasted plantains and quinoa and a fresh fig garni!

    1. Miss you Christine, terribly!
      When does Bernie come home?
      So miss him as well.

    2. Bernie has one year to go...I'll tell him what you said!

    3. Bernie?? Christine when I said you were cute I thought I had a chance. Now I hear of Bernie??? I'm not feeling the love.

  3. Replies
    1. Here is a $1 go buy an Imagination

  4. Rich Lieberman: Capt'n Crunch, Starbucks Pike's Peak.

  5. Catherine Heenan: Eggs Florentine, Earl Grey Tea, scone.

    Vicki Liviakis: Godiva chocolate.

    Tom Sinkovitz: Corned beef hash.

    Jan Wahl: Tall stack of pancakes, covered in butter and syrup, with a side of French toast and waffles.

    Diane Dwyer: Dried prunes.

    Aaron Pero: Darya Folsom

    1. Aaron Pero's breakfast.. So sad but true

      Mark Danon: Whiskey shots during the morning news!

  6. Roberta Gonzalez -- a mix of a screwdriver and high ball = a screwball

  7. Darya Folsom: Greek. Just Greek.

  8. Tom Tolbert: Big Mac, fries, and a Happy Meal for the kids.

    Duane Kuiper: Brat, potato chips, soda

    Mike Krukow: A dog, garlic fries, Ghirardelli sundae

    Rod Brooks: BBQ

    Jon Miller: Crab cakes

    Jan Wahl: All you can eat Sunday Brunch

    Joe Staley: Prime Rib eating contest at The House of Prime Rib

    Ray Woodson: Tri-Tip sandwich

    Dr Kim Mullvihill & Hunter Pence: Nuts, berries, greens, extra lean Pterodactyl burger without the bun.

  9. Amy G: Happy meal

    1. Majority of Giants fans who are subjected to Amy G: Unhappy Meal

  10. no mention of Gil Gross, no sure what kind of breakfast for him. How about cream of wheat, although it might be an insult to cream of wheat, which I personally like once in awhile on a cold day, I usually spice up with apple slices, cooked with a little butter, nutmeg, cinnamon, brown sugar and if on hand a few walnuts or pecans. Sorry didn't mean to include a recipe, but couldn't think of anything else, to justify my fondness for cream of wheat, and dislike of Gil, not him personally, but the way he has butchered his radio show.