Friday, May 10, 2013

So Damon Bruce Rips Me and Gary Radnich? OK, I'll Have to Bite; Friday Chatter

Oh, do I have to react to La Damon? Of course.

On Thursday in my notes blog, I made a reference to KNBR's Damon Bruce.

Bruce went all gonzo and called me and indicated he was outraged. OK, fine, aren't we all. The World is outraged too, seems we all have issues. Ain't life a bitch?

Let's address Damon's beef and go at it full throttle.

This blog is not for everyone. It is my space and vehicle where I give my opinion on Bay Area media, people, stations, radio/TV and I have an audience of people who look forward to and expect me to give an honest take on the various characters here.

I don't always rip. I occasionally praise. Frequently most people get both ripped and praised. Most of the people in the biz get it when I opine and every now and then throw a dart. Some are even smart enough to know that being darted isn't life and death. There's already enough shit and mayhem in the world to go around and my opinion about a few of the working masses here is pretty much tame compared to the calamity currently taking place around us. Just talk to the people in Cleveland and Newtown and Boston--think they have issues?

On many occasions, I have praised Damon. I think Damon is a gifted sports radio talent and still think so but, like me, Damon has occasional thin skin. That's OK, he's human. And he IS talented and he does stand out in a market that is full of a bunch of din-witted, boorish nincompoops that are in their sunset years working with an assorted mass of lightweights and beige wallpaper.

One thing Damon has to learn is that I'm not his publicist. It's perfectly his right to cherry-pick a mostly, tongue-in-cheek  item among other items on a relatively tame list of darts. I don't owe him a thing and even if his outburst on radio was lapped up by a sage Bay Area Sports media guy, fine, so be it. Frankly, yes, I love, wait, I'm cackling over all this attention and hell yes, you wanna give me a ten-minute commercial, Damon, (and subsequent ancillary media, fine, go ahead--make my day.)

Damon referenced The Radu and the fact he doesn't like him. I don't dislike the great Radu I only have called him out, UP FRONT, not hiding behind my computer. If Damon has issues, his real beef is with the bloated one, that, I'll agree with him on.

I wrote, tongue-and-cheek, that it's best not to confront the Radu. The Radu has an insecurity problem and really is paranoid that Bruce will eventually take his seat. That remains to be seen but I will say this and hear me out.

Radu is a schmuck. He's a bully and he takes a lot of shots at people without mentioning their names. He knows, like I know, that a bulk of the Bay Area media peeps don't particulary care for him and would love to get in his face and tell him so but are intimidated by his presence here even though his influence and cachet have disappeared into the bucket as fast a Steph Curry 30-foot shot above the arc.

Raddy is a clown. Quote me. He used to be relevant back when Bill Clinton was president almost twenty years ago. I'll give him credit for having to work with Fred and Ethel so he can bring home a paycheck for his overhead. The TV gig, which he calls his "Buster Brown" gig, he's still good at that as long as the mood is good, but that's not the point here.

What is the point is that I will continue to say what I say. I will continue to dish it out, unfiltered, unedited, and you like it? Great, if not, fine, I don't like strawberry ice cream, everyone has different tastes.

Damon, go get 'em. But you're not Willie Mays yet and most likely, never will be. Keep doing what you're doing and I'll keep doing, (God willing), what I'm doing. And let the Radu prance on before his next insecurity act which is beckoning.

Funny, he, (The Radu), sounded noticeably withdrawn today. Maybe he got orders from the Hammer time to chill.

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  1. Jeez Rich, even your backsliding contains back handed compliments.
    I didn't see all your Twitter posts regarding this (I unfollowed you months ago--way too many useless tweets btw) but still get your occasional retweets from Ike when you are kissing up to him.
    Go Warriors!

  2. Radnich isn't calling you. No,he never will. He's working on yet another plan on how to get over on you. That's his style. Hell,he will call you "The great"...if that works..
    Celebrities are like those naked people in SF who walk around and wonder why they get comments,and stares,and staring of their private parts. Only,celebrity's get paid for it.

  3. I listened to the D. Bruce rant yesterday and talk about making a mound out of a mole hill. The ironic part was he called you a "bully"! He never acknowledged the positive comments you make about the local media, just that you're all negative, all the time.

    While you're opinionated and can overreact (i.e., twitter rants after Warriors-Spurs game 1!), I enjoy the content of your website and radio show. We didn't have a local Howard Kurtz until you came along. Keep up the informative work and the needling of Mr. Media Know-It-All Radnich.

    1. Listen again, he did acknowledge the positive comments.

    2. I did it and was one part positive, 99 parts bashing. 'Most of the time...(Rich's column is) delivered in a condescending, sniping, too much bile and nasty way.' And that pretty much was the tone of the whole rant.

  4. >>>I don't like strawberry ice cream, everyone has different tastes

    <<< Oddly enough that was my favorite when I was a kid.
    Anyways, D Bruce and Radu suck but I still listen from time to time and Lieb's annoys the hell out of me with the Michael Savage butt kissing he does but I still read (and comment) from time to time.
    Believe it or not, it's all not that serious. Happy Friday.

  5. johnny bom bonneyMay 10, 2013 at 10:25 AM

    This is getting pretty good...
    1) Fred & Ethel?? You're really in the now!
    2) Not only will D.Bruce not ever be Willie Mays, he won't even be Ken Henderson
    3) Part of the appeal of Radnich especially in the later years is you can laugh with AND at him. Yes, the insecurity is at an amazing level, but, he's acknowledged it plenty...when Larry or Kate use a word like 'elixir' or 'rudiment' Gary will do 15-20 seconds on it as though he's a guy from the Fred & Ethel era, adjusting a hearing aid with twisted wires as big as an egg who worried about's a show, just like pro wrestling is theater

  6. LOL oh you girls...

    This little pissing contest only adds to a great atmosphere in th bay area. Relevant sporting events, good weather, good radio when Damon is on and now this. Love it.

    Let me say this: I love Damon Bruce and his show. He's the only and I do mean ONLY respectable, competent, worthy opinion I derive from bay area radio. I agree with him most of the time but not all the time. He's a good listen and I hope he's around for a long time. However - he's feeling himself way to much lately. I understand what its like to achieve and see your hard work payoff, but he's loving himself way to much for my appetite. To each their own but that is about my only complaint with Damon. He is otherwise, the best in the bay area and second place is far...far far behind.

    Rich - I think you want attention but I do think Damon overreacted on your piece. I believe it was tongue in cheek and Damon getting worked up over it & sharing it with the rest of us made him look small. I think you're both great (more him than you lol) :) but I like that you both have an understanding of just how much Radnich blows.

    You girls kiss and make up. I like you both and don't want to see disharmony. Damon needs thicker skin and to focus his rants towards people that are actually hating on him (Pretty much most of the KNBR..."talent"(?).

    If I were him I'd view you mostly as an ally who's price is a little bit of attention from time to time. Consider his last rant on you payment for the rest of the year lol. Seriously though - you guys play nice. I do like you both.

  7. I made the move to Damon Bruce quite a ways back and could count on him to entertain competently. In the last weeks/months, I just cannot listen to his ego filled attitude anymore. The way he acted after the loss to the Spurs was a station changer. Dial it back a few notches and I'll try again.

  8. Bruce isn't nearly as good as he thinks he is. He's going up against weak competition. Put him in Miami, New York or Chicago and he gets crushed. #fact

    1. I'd disagree.
      No disrespect to your assertion but I've lived in two of those three cities you mentioned. The "quality"(?) of their sports radio commentators is greatly exaggerated. There is no doubt that the SF bay area has below average sports "talent" on the airwaves, but the belief that in some far off major city its significantly better is one of the greater myths in this world.

      Damon is as good as anyone in any major city. Now, if you're saying he's as good as some of the national sports talk people (Jim Rome, JT) I'd say he's not as good as them but he is at least as good as the best non syndicated, big city sports talker. Disagreeing is borderline hating of the player lol

    2. You really want to say he'd get crushed (I am no Bruce fan btw) but come on.......the #1 talker in NYC has been known to fall asleep on the air? The #1 talker in an ESPN talking head most of the time. And Chicago??? They are dominated by ESPN programing....

  9. Damon is very talented and understands radio as well as anyone I know. He is a bit full of himself, but so are many people who do talkshows on the radio. Damon loves sports and knows what's going on, but he is NOT a reporter and doesn't try to be. Therefore, when he has a strong opinion of something, it's based on his intuition or discussion with folks in the press box or perhaps what he's read or heard from callers or perhaps a sports guest.

    Nothing wrong with that, but you have to also remember that he isn't the
    be-all, end-all guy as far as knowing about what's going on in bay area sports. I would say that as much as he sometimes irritates people with his cynical and sometimes sarcastic manner, Ray Ratto is probably the sharpest guy out there in terms of knowing what's going on and being able to explain it to people.

    But the unfortunate part of almost all of these media folks, is, with the exception of the play by play guys who are actually AT the games, talk show hosts, columnists, and even some of the beat reporters and certainly many of the sports anchors are nothing more, in my mind, than super-fans who think it's cool and hip and edgy to be cynical and all knowing. And many of them are also that way, because they figure they have to be to keep their bosses happy and get ratings and circulation and hits on their blogs...just as you do Rich!

    1. Good post at 1:58pm.
      Ray Ratto and Damon Bruce would make for an interesting and entertaining matchup. KNBR should give this some serious consideration.

  10. Well played, Rich

  11. Rich, I enjoy your radio show when it is not an extension of your blog. Frankly, your petty cat fight with Bruce and the bloated one makes for boring radio. You'll be ready for syndication when the quality of your show is more consistent. At the moment it is hit or miss. The minute you miss I tune you out. Seriously, you said it yourself, Ratsnitch was relevant 20 years ago, I tuned his ass out years ago when he was obviously envious of Bruno and did his best to undermine him during their bits. Anyone who still listens to him is mentally ill.

  12. I'll give my two cents worth on Damon Bruce.
    What I admire most about the man is his ability not to worship the local teams.
    There have been many KNBR hosts (and the one who works at KGO) who just give unabashed admiration to the local teams. Blind loyalty.
    Like mindless zombies.
    At least with Damon Bruce he gives you an opinion. May be an unpopular one, but at least the guy has an opinion and for that he should be commended.

  13. KNBR sucks. Period. Even reading those so-called journalists from Bleacher Report (most are college get-a-lifers who couldn't hold a professional journalist's laptop) is better than listening to KNBR. They pander to the Giants, have to feign interest with the 49ers, banish the Warriors to the Ticket (which can only be heard on an old transistor radio) and could give two craps about the Sharks.

  14. I agree with the comments regarding Damon. He is good and very creative - however - he spends too much time praising himself. In addition to the self praise - that sophomoric tarzan cheer he does really grates on me - I have to immediately change the channel.

  15. Who's Damon Bruce?

    1. Damon is more Bobby Bonds then Barry.