Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Ronn Owens Cruise Deal, Part 2; Commentary Thursday

I will try to make a point here--maybe it was lacking on Wednesday.

In either case, I'm not going to back down.

Owens can cruise free the rest of his life, I don't care. I mockingly made aware his comped cruise he's been whoring the past few months. Am I envious? Hell no. You heard about cruises in the news lately? Case closed.

As for the price, some people can make that judgement on their own. I've heard a lot of "celebrity" cruise pitches and they mention the price. This spot doesn't. Does it bother me? You make the call. But that's not the big picture.

I have a long memory. I know a lot of people that were and are still put off by Owens sellout and will not forget. They are mostly broadcast people that are regretful about the dismissive one; his careless, screw you persona and his lack of professional grace the day after the Dec, 2011 ambush. They will never, ever forget the cruise man's golly-gee, we're gonna be great and just wait falsetto. Some of them worked with this lout and I for one, ain't gonna forget either.

So, let him cruise till his heart contents. Let him sleep on 300 different mattresses every year. Let him have an orgasm with Jared over his latest gadget. That's him, the narcissistic one with a giant ego the size of SF Bay times 10.

He still doesn't get it. Of course he hasn't said a damn word on his own sellout because he knows the people in the back office and some of the former hosts can't stand his behind. He's apparently fooled a lot of you ladies and gentleman and that's fine with me. You can move on--I won't.

I don't listen as much anymore and only when I get an e-mail saying his show is loaded with mostly commercials and verbal sludge with his pet, Jared, KGO's most-despised snitch in the building, do I listen. He's mostly off my radar and now, I migrate to other options that are far more compelling and add some depth to my radio consumption.

Lastly, I have no vendetta. This is for the countless people on Facebook who possess far more umbrage for this guy that I do. He's got a lot on his plate and I'm just being real. You don't have to agree or disagree. I'm hardly the perfect one and I got a ton of flaws but I do have a few principles left as opposed to the Invasion of the Body Snatcher guy. He has ZERO emotion and he's paying the ultimate price. I'm wise to him and he knows it.

So I don't regret what I did nor do I harbor any grudge. The man will have to live with what he did, (or really, what he didn't do), and one of these days, when the REAL TRUTH comes out, will some of you understand. It's not just me. And even if it were me, I have absolutely no regrets. If that bothers some of you, then I'm sorry. For those of you that got it, cool.

Enjoy the cruise, Ronnnnnnnnnnn.

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  1. This is nothing but a hit piece. Have you no shame?

    1. Uh, in your world view, I guess I don't.

      Lap on.

  2. I hear what you're saying Rich. I don't listen to Ronn (2 "N"'s, really) so I can't be offended by this. The few times I listened I was assured that he was a good solider that knows how to fall in line, Blow the right D, and keep a job. He's basically a non sports talk Bob Fitzgerald.

    While I don't like Fitzgerald and haven't listened to his show since the summer of 2010, I get that he's doing what is necessary to get a paycheck. He's about his money, just like Ronnnnnnnnnn. They're not Maverick's like you or even I for that matter. They dare not adopt risk and venture out on their own in pursuit of real autonomy and riches. They are more comfortable sucking a corporate dick that pays them fairly and they call it a day.

    We need people like this. So don't bemoan him, just try to understand him and be happy you're not him. I found out at a young age that I couldn't bow down to corporate managers and started out making my own way. I'm much better for it and you are too. But for what its worth, I completely agree and understand your position. Not everyone will but some of us do.

    Off topic, I have to tell you that I RARELY listen to terrestrial radio any more. I love talk radio but between the nonsense at KSFO, the constant commercials on 1050, and not much to be heard on KGO and KNEW, I find myself listening to my Sirius service a lot more. Besides Jim Rome, Damon Bruce and for comedy (and when I'm in the mood), Hannity - I can't handle terrestrial radio. And I've simply abandoned KNBR 680 completely. They insult the little intellect I have with their fluffy conflicts of interest.

    I tried listening to your show at my office via the web and it didn't work for some reason. Is there a problem with the radio stations web portal? Look into that. Keep up the good work on the blog.

  3. "The lady doth protest too much, methinks."

  4. My only question is: what took you so long to to take the gloves off against that jerk!? His attitude the day after the firings was shameful. He decided to talk about cell phones at the behest of Jared Hart rather than the firings. Savage was onto him a long time ago calling him ”Mr. Softie”.

    1. When you start using Michael Wiener as your support you are truly drowning. There is no bigger low life in the radio business than Wiener, and if he thinks poorly of someone the likelihood is that person is a saint. "Savage" is a great radio host but he is conversely one of the worst human beings you would ever have the displeasure of meeting or working with. It's my understanding that they were lucky to find one person willing to take the job. I wonder what will happen when that person quits or gets fired. Although with the lack of jobs available at Cumulus I'm sure they'll find some unfortunate soul.

    2. Weiner knows Ronnnn first hand....

    3. i'm sure they know each other because they worked at the same station! end of the day for all of us that have met them both it is not even close which one is the lowlife. wiener is as classless and dishonest a person as you could ever meet. downright nasty person with no friends and for good reason. not saying ronn can hold a candle to him on air but that's not the point!!!

  5. "Let's take another caller, cell phone use while driving you're on KGO".
    "You know, I really like this new format"

    Famous lines spoken by a bay area radio host.

    1. That was so sickning!!! made me protest the 1st time in 40+ years.. till makes me POed...

  6. IT'S JUST NOT TRUE that celebrity cruise advertisements mention the price.

    Typically you get the celebrity spokesperson talking about the cruise and then give a phone number or website for more information.

  7. Duane Kuiper goes on the air to talk about how he solarized his house and suggests that listeners do the same.

    Kuiper never talks about how much it costs. Does anyone think that Kuiper paid to have solar put into his home?

    No more reason to criticize Kuiper than Owens or any other celbrity spokesperson.

  8. "Lastly, I have no vendetta."

    No, of course not. Rich doesn't resent, envy, or hold grudges. LOL

  9. Come on Lieberman, you're supposed to be the pro in charge around here, get it together!

    Occasionally(yesterday for instance), regardless of the topic, you submit a blog with abridged thoughts, relying on the reader to connect the dots and arrive at an off target conclusion. Then, you follow up with a drawn out explanation, not back peddling, but trying to refine your thoughts.

    If you don't have a point to make, fine, blurt something out and let it take it's course. If you do have a point, make it, make it clear, and just once so that the group can comment on something specific. That way, we don't have to rehash the first draft.

    Think of the readers as puppies, pottie training commands need to be clear and consistent while play time is informal and without objectives.

    Your handling of the owens cruise opinion deserves a D...and that's a generous gift. You're capable of much better and that's why my reprimand is worth writing.

    I hope you find my criticism helpful and suggest that you read some of the fine books written by Tony Robbins!

    1. I'd rather listen to Karel than read Tony Robbins, but thanks, Dr. Phil.

    2. don't be silly.

  10. Hey, Rich, lay off the guy, no one is perfect and besides, this is an industry standard across the county to get folks onto cruises using well known folks in the media. I got a few freebies thrown my way in 45 years of broadcastings here in the Bay Area and I don't regret one of 'em!

    1. Yeah, but I like you Mike. Big difference.

  11. Rich,
    Here's the deal: You write a blog and you need to come up with something bright and pithy. Not always easy to do.

    Believe me, I am in the ranks of the listeners who walked away from the Ronn Owens show after his terrible on air comments after the massive bloodbath in December 2011.

    And that's old news. So I understand you can't exactly rehash that as "fresh."

    I really don't like Owens. But to make a fuss because he does on air endorsements for a company is just silly. It is not "whoring." My God--I wish I could get paid to endorse a product--any product!

    Do you remember Dinah Shore's radio jingle for Chevrolet?

    This thing is as old as time.

    All that being said, what would interest me--since I no longer listen to Owens--is YOU listening and then taking snarky jabs at the actual content of the show.

    And having just typed that, I realize that you maybe created some controversy here to spike reader interest. But really, in my dirtiest of my black heart, can't you slam Owens for something else right now?

  12. Rich is one of those guys who is never wrong about anything.

  13. Rich, I've been a KGO addict these past 33+ years and am torn up over the bloodbath on Dec. 2011. I can't get enough info on the whole story. What a loss to me! I've been wondering what Ronn's relationship is now with the former hosts. You mentioned that some of them can't stand him now. Of the former hosts... Gene, Gil, John, Ray ... which ones does he still communicate with and which ones can't stand him? Which ones are on the fence? You mentioned Facebook. Where do I go on Facebook to get more info? Thanks... WP

  14. We all have flaws, Rich. If someone attacks you for yours, big deal.

    They ought to look in the mirror. We all have 'em.

    And if they are tired of your opinions on this subject, there are millions of other blogs and news sites to read.

  15. So many people write in that "radio is dead, I don't listen anymore," yet they are still talking about it. Satellite radio, internet radio, cable TV, newspapers, etc, all cost something. You get AM and FM radio for FREE, so at least you don't have to waste your money!

    Unfortunately it's sadly true that all of these mega-media companies that own these stations have diluted or "downsized their
    properties," (isn't that a wonderful way to describe the public airwaves?!) and the quality certainly isn't what it used to be, but there are still some solid people out there in the ether.

    These are interesting times, and very fluid. It's hard to figure out just where we're going, but we'll know it when we get there, IF WE GET THERE!

    In the meantime, do what I do and that is be a selective listener. Michael Krasny on KQED, the Giants and A's games, and some of the syndicated shows on National Public Radio are worth the time. News updates from KCBS and KGO give you a quick up to the minute synopsis of the day's happenings. And I like some of the reporters who are still around: Doug Sovern, Mike Sugarman, Scott LeTiere and Jenna Lane are all solid, dependable people.

    It's not what it used to be, that's for sure, but then WHAT IS?

  16. Yawn. Enough already about Ronn. Isn't there something that is actually interesting to write about? By responding to this, I am being an idiot and reinforcing your worn out comments about Ronn; however, I do like to check in with your blog and I like Ronn despite the less than admirable response he had to the big firings in December, 2011.

  17. Rich, you can never dish enough on Ronnnnnnnnnn...good for you. On the same vein, how about the termite commercials from Tim Montemanure...He goes into this thing about "being lazy" and termites taking over...and how he called this termite company and they got things taken care of without having to tent his house and told him what to watch out for in the future. Eh, according to HIM he rents...? What kind of rental has you take care of your own termite problems...thought that was landlord. Two possibilities- 1. story is a complete lie which certainly leads to credibility on all levels or 2. It was something that happened rather a long time ago, which also smacks somewhat of false advertising. In any case, we would all be better off if they tented Tim and exterminated him (know it is time for one of Rich's 'personalities' to come forward and blast me for comments against Tim)