Friday, November 2, 2012

A few questions for FSR's 'JT The Brick'; From Radio Ink

My interview with popular talk-radio sports personality, "JT the Brick" from Radio Ink.

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  1. I'm curious if there has been any movement on local sports radio syndication. JT has talked about CBS and others moving in to various markets. I enjoy the back and forth between JT and Tom Looney, though I don't subscribe to JT's mantra of it "being more important to have a strong opinion and be wrong, than to be right."

  2. I dont care for the schtick of JT its the same thing every day at the same time sound effects etc. I get a laugh at calling the XFL a "garbage league" no arguments about that but HE was a radio play by play announcer kind of talking out of both sides of the coin. And those annoying regualr callers each sports talk show has but his are much worse.

    rOne if KNBR 680 or 1050 will drop him when they air the Scott Ferall show-Cbs sports radio or air them both. What a choice for late night sports talk.

  3. He still on the Raiders payroll? At what capacity was, or is he? thanks

  4. JT has done an excellent job in this market for many years. He does right by our military personnel and helps the struggling music acts with radio airplay. Works well with Looney, covers boxing better than most. I don't mind his "homerism" - I grew up in the NY-Philly market in the 50s. A previous comment mentions his being strong and wrong which is fine for a sports opinion but when he drags his politics into it I gotta go.