Thursday, November 1, 2012

Back from the Radio

I'm back after hosting a radio show.

Good calls and topics. Spoke mostly about my new hero, NJ Gov, Chris Christie, who has been castigated by the ultra right for his dealings with Obama over Hurricane Sandy.

I also spoke to Bay Area TV veteran anchor, Tom Sinkovitz, about the cable coverage of Sandy.

I'm in the process of finalizing a plan to do a three-hour, live, show on the weekend, from 8-11 PM and as soon as the details get worked out, I will inform you of the debut.

Thanks to those of you who gave a listen to Thursday's program on KSCO.


  1. I am excited about your upcoming show on weekends. We need alternatives to the two lunatics: Karel and Dr. Bill. If your weekend show resembles your show today it will be very good. I agree with you about Christie, the right wing blowhards have been going after him which says a lot about those bastards. In their myopic view of the world Obama can do nothing right, I could not believe some of the fools who called you today from the Monterey Peninsula. I want to get back to the Bay Area, living among these fools down here is depressing!

    1. I must have missed some of the bizarro callers since I could only hear some of the show today. However, I did hear some unusually good callers, good for this radio station, that is. They were pretty decent. The station mostly serves Santa Cruz and Monterey, but please don't lump us in with most of the people who call KSCO. Keep in mind that from 9-12, Rush Limbaugh is on, and then from 12-2, the time that Rich was on, is always, except for today, a right leaning or extreme right radio host. The only time the station gives to moderate to liberal type programming is from 2-4 in their "What's Left" segment.
      The morning news is not political and is interesting and different.
      Yes, agree, Rich had a good show. However, I don't think Dr. Bill is on KSCO anymore and Karel never has been. Anyone want to clarify?

    2. I think what was meant was that Rich's show will be on at the same time as Karel on KGO and Dr. Bill's syndicated show on 910am and KSCO locally.

  2. I never did like Gov. Christie. But I have to admit that he was able to work with Obama I give him kudos for even doing that. Usually he sounds like a major douchbag. I now respect him and my opinion of him has grown a lot. Unfortunatly, Romney still comes off a an uncaring phoney and out of touch moron.

  3. I enjoyed your show today. I had to laugh because that 12-2 hour, which follows 3 hours of Rush Limbaugh, always has staunch Republicans and sometimes tea party types. You presented strong, sane, arguments without going over the top and probably blew some of the listeners minds. I'm sure they were expecting the normal right wing b.s. and I appreciate that you were strong on not accepting hateful extreme viewpoints. It was such a pleasure. You also generated some pretty decent callers. I do agree with you that Trump is a pig. I don't see that as hateful, just the honest truth. Although I missed at least a third or so of the show, I liked your approach.

  4. lol, i thought i'd check out the blog after not visiting for a few months but its just the same ol' leftards that make everyone snooze.

    1. Take a hike and don't comeback. Ever! Go and drink the Kool-Aid from your Hannity mug while sitting on your O'Reilly recliner and wearing your Rushbo bath robe while watching Fox 24/7. Douchebag...

    2. Wingnut radio has devolved many Americans. It is disturbing that so many people are ignorant and fearful. Conservatism is an essential component of a healthy democracy, but it's lunatic fringe is running the show now, and right-wing radio cashes in.

    3. Post at 8:36pm.
      Leave it to a liberal to use foul language and show his anger when someone chooses to give another view point.

      Good communications skills their.

    4. Libs are the kindest, most tolerant people in the world .. til you disagree with them.

    5. It is cute how the right wing nuts call out the lib for ”foul language” but ignore the original comment left by a right winger using the term ”leftards”. Romney will lose because as Lindsey Graham said: repubs ” don't have enough angry white men to stay in business”. FORWARD we go....

  5. I listened to the show. You're no Karel.

    1. Best. Compliment. Ever.

  6. conservatives play on the fear of people, so all things that do that, as well as offer them a target for their own ills is what drives the medium. conservatives are about the individual. liberals are about the collective. it's easy to make a case for the individual, but hard to get people to do for others. that's why they have their religion, so they can repent for not having done so.

    doing good conservative talk is easy. doing good left talk is not.

    1. What a remarkable collection of ignorance for such a short post.

      Conservatives have no corner on the fear market; the left has been engaging in breathless, sky-is-falling hysteria ever since the burning of the first bra.

      Liberals are about the collective? Sure, unless that collective happens to be white males, the only members of this society who've been lawfully discriminated against since the end of Jim Crow.

      Conservatives "have their religion" so they can repent for not caring about the collective? My goodness, your brain has been so damaged by leftist dogma that you actually believe conservatives spend their every moment engaged in the business of evil -- either committing it or dodging culpability. Your brain is so pliant you couldn't make it two minutes in a cow herd without letting loose with a moo.

      As for the relative failure of liberal radio, well, you should consider there just might be something wrong with the product itself. Liberalism across the airwaves has proved no more disastrous than has the liberalization of education, parenting, the welfare system, sexual mores, immigration enforcement, or the mortgage industry. As a solution to problems, liberalism fails at about the same rate as did Ted Kennedy's moral compass. At it's best, liberalism works as a necessary check to the power of status-quo conservatism; but at its worst, there is nothing more destructive.

    2. @3pm, your ilk is fast disappearing and that is a good thing. Lindsey Graham recognizes your talking points no longer work. FORWARD we go....fossils stay behind....

  7. I might remind 3:00pm anon that the America that allows you and I to have strong opinions is in fact, a much more 'liberal' society than almost all of those in the third world.

    So 'Liberal' is not a dirty word.
    Look up its definition and you might be surprised at what you read. FDR and JFK were both liberals, and they were both pretty good presidents. RFK was a true liberal who would have made a great president, sparing us Nixon and Watergate, but that's one of the great tragedies of the 1960s, an era that you probably don't remember because I doubt if you were even around then or have read much about it.

    By today's warped right wing standards, Republican President Teddy Roosevelt would be considered a 'liberal' because he helped break up the trusts that ran this country for the better part of four decades.

    'Liberals' also championed Civil Rights legislation, which led to the Voting Rights Act of 1964 that finally broke the barriers for many African Americans to vote in the south, almost 100 years after the Civil War had ended.

    And as flawed and paranoid as Richard Nixon was, he understood that environmentalism was not a political issue, (at least not in the 1970s!) Nixon would also be considered a 'liberal' by today's conservative standards, because he signed into law the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts, as well as the Pt Reyes National Seashore, which is one of the Bay Area's true treasures. Maybe you should spend some time out there by the ocean or hiking those beautiful trails and clear the garbage and acid from your system. You might actually learn a relatively healthy life well into middle age.

    Even the darling of today's conservatives, Ronald Reagan, infuriated many of the right wing when he moved closer to the middle, as 'liberals' such as Clinton and Obama have infuriated many in the left wing by moving closer to the middle of the political spectrum.

    The right wing fanaticism that you're spewing out there sounds like an angry backlash from you Mr or Ms 3pm anon, but believe me, it's is no longer a part of the mainstream of this country's political beliefs anymore. Yes, there are a lot of angry, bitter white man like you (and I also happen to be a bitter, angry white man, but for much different reasons than you!) because they listen to the tripe and actually believe what Rush and Sean Hannity and other sensation-seeking loud mouth, bloviating hate mongers put out there on the radio
    every day.

    What should that unmentionable treacle be called? How about 'Verbal Puke?' And guess what? Those guys don't really believe in what they're saying anyway because they're just into the business of radio for the ego and the money! The more outrageous things that they say
    (and that you probably blindly agree with), the more laughable and pathetic and absurd they look.
    They could care less what people think of them, and they have no integrity because what's most important to them are their portfolios, their Havana cigars, and their 3pm T-Times on the golf course. All they are about are the ratings...the bottom line...and THAT'S WHAT'S WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY! That's what put us all into this shaky economy....greed and avarice and the love of a buck over anything else. And conservatives embrace this philosophy whole-heartedly. It's selfish and destructive and with a population now of 7 billion on the planet, the result of this kind of thinking has lead into a system that is no longer sustainable. We're running out of resources very quickly. Perhaps if you took a space trip to the moon you would look back and see just how precious and tiny our planet is.

    So do yourself a favor my friend before you self-immoluate. Lighten up and maybe even light up a good doobie and MELLOW OUT!

    1. @9:02 PM
      From the top:

      I used the word "liberal" as did the commenter to whom I replied, and then acknowledged its role in the balance of power.

      Don't try to surprise me with historical facts, especially those manufactured by the forces of political correctness. FDR was a liberal in the worst sense of the word; an egotistical bastard who couldn't wait to get his nation involved in a war the people didn't want (the duplicitous platform of his 3rd campaign was neutrality), didn't hesitate to deprive his citizens of their rights (concentration camps for Japanese-Americans, employment restrictions for Italian-Americans, etc.), yet somehow managed to turn half of Europe over to Joseph Stalin. JFK's record of achievement amounted to 10% of the promise his people had for him, but given his brief tenure, he deserves the benefit of the doubt.

      What you perceive as my fanaticism is the product of your own mental illness (by the way, I don't listen or watch rightwing anything). Being staunchly conservative in fiscal matters is prudent, not fanatical. Embracing culture, values, and tradition, while being wary of the radical and untested, is the strategy that has provided civilization the stability to survive, grow, and adapt to gradual and beneficial change (what is fanatical is the anything-goes approach of the last half century). Examine the birth of our own nation -- a radical break in its own right, and you'll discover men and documents steeped in culture, values, and tradition. Nothing of worth has ever been built by allowing the wholesale rewriting of the rule book, which goes far in explaining why so much is wrong with today's America.
      Where I agree with you is that my values and convictions are not mainstream in America. Good for me. Today's America believes that, with equal schooling, all young people possess the same potential. Of course it's not true; of course it's contradictory to common sense, human history, as well as the laws of evolution, but your America is proving itself willing to break the bank in the name of this treasured belief. Today's America believes that if its young women want to dress like hookers, tattoo their bodies, and get their tongues pierced to facilitate pleasing young men, well, that's just progress. My, hasn't feminism been a blessing! Historically, young women were viewed as too stupid to make such decisions for themselves -- thus the need for stern parents and strict social conventions; but not here in your America: today's bright young women know to get vaccinated and use protection to prevent STD's; know that if their baby's daddy can't support them the government will; know that the peace of mind their grandmothers once found in family and at church is now available at the pharmacy. Today's America believes that it can educate, subsidize, and culturally absorb however many millions of foreigners sneak across its borders. Of course it's not true. Our schools, public hospitals, and social welfare programs are strained to the max, and, based on real estate prices, no one -- not even liberals, has assigned any market value to living amongst them. But still, your America says it "values" their presence.

      Today's America believes "if it feels good do it." Thus, under the guise of "fill-in the blank" justification, it believes it can brazenly kill foreign men, women, and children at will, and still maintain its national honor. That's not reflective of my values; that's not being conservative; and it's possible only because America has surrendered its culture, values, and traditions.

  8. 3pm anon is living in a dream world. The majority of young people of voting age today (20-29) are not conservative or Republican. The sad thing is that many of them (as many of the rest of our nation's citizens), won't even exercise their right to vote. Most are not interested in politics, more of them are disconnected or disengaged than ever before, and who do we have to blame for that?

    How about Richard Nixon...who did more damage to this country in 1972-74 than any president in the 20th century. He turned many people off to the idealism that seemed for awhile to flower for a time in the 1960s. The latter 1970s were characterized as one of the real 'downer eras' in U.S. history in the 20th century, with Americans turning to a political 'outsider' in Jimmy Carter in 1976, (who unfortunately was ahed of his time) and then to a 'knight in shining armor,' (but he was hardly that!) in 1980 with Ronald Reagan.

    I will say this for 3pm least he or she is interested enough to comment reasonably intelligently, unlike so many young people today who respond to posts with childish insults and
    truncated words and sentences. HAHAHHA.....LOL...LOL...Good this a new language or are young people today just too lazy or are they too afflicted by attention deficeit to concentrate for more than 30 seconds and write something that we may all be able to understand?

    1. I only wish I could conjure up a dream world. My nightmare is realizing what my generation has done to this country, how it has, through arrogance and stupidity, dismissed so much of the hard-earned wisdom of its forefathers, squandered the good fortunes of fate, and bankrupted the future of its children, all in a misguided attempt to soothe the sore feelings of society's fools, freaks, and failures.

      To blame Richard Nixon for today's problems is like a fifty year old blaming his high school snack bar for his obesity. The man's been off the stage for 38 years, and the notion that he did anything to the nation's idealism is absurd: there was no idealism to be found when he took office. Riots, war protests, assassinations, overdoses, and rampant crime: that was the America that RMN inherited from that vile, dishonest, scheming Texan, LBJ.

      America's problems have a lot more to do with we Americans than it does the actions of our presidents. No one in the White House made us spend more than we earn, drink and eat more than we should, or spoil our kids with too much entertainment (and too little responsibility). I don't recall any president saying that having a dad at home wasn't important, or that having children out of wedlock was the new morality. No, these messages (which originated on Madison Avenue, in Hollywood, and on college campuses) were delivered to us, ad nauseam, through the media, America's most liberal and most destructive social force.

      As for your acknowledgment of my "reasonable" intelligence, I thank you. But be advised, there's no hole in my swing, so don't expect to get one by me.

  9. Though a lot of conservatives and lighter skinned folks don't like Obama (can you spell r-a-c-i-s-m?) a majority of American voters will re-elect this man for the next four years on Tuesday.

    And, not that it really matters to many Americans, many of whom are so either dumbed-down by TV and the internet or spend way too much time stressing over how much money they're going to make so that they have the ability to buy a lot of things that they don't need, but most of the rest of the world has a lot more respect for us since this guy has been in office.

    Unfortunately, the US squandered much of it's good will throughout the third world, particularly in the Middle East, by wasting 'blood and treasure,' (what a cold way to look at the loss of human lives and the waste of our resources), to fight a war in Iraq that did nothing but destabilize a region and get rid of one dysfunctional, sociopathic dictator.

    As the Good Book says: we are only "reaping what we sow."

    1. Actually, your first sentence shows you are the racist. That aside, I agree with your comments on Iraq. George HW Bush got it right when he stopped Allied Forces from taking out Saddam. Taking out Saddam under "W" might have felt good, but all it did was further destabilize an already unstable region.

      Obama will likely get re-elected on Tuesday. Why? Because about half of America wants the government to give them things just for existing and they like the idea of sticking it to the "rich" at the same time, so they will vote for their own self-interest.

      Under all this entitlement spending and the hard truth that you can't tax the "rich" enough to balance the books, I believe it is likely the US economy will collapse before the end of his second term. With this collapse will be a very weakened military which will embolden all of our enemies that we have made over the years, but kept contained with a strong military. I wouldn't be surprised to see terrorism come to US cities. Maybe NY will be the next Beruit.

      The American people will reap what they sow on Tuesday.