Sunday, November 4, 2012

NHL Casualty in Bay Area; No Randy Hahn and Drew Remenda; Popular SJ Sharks TV Broadcasters; Sunday Scrambled Eggs

One of the casualties of the current NHL lockout, (in addition to prohibiting working men and women from making a living), is the absence of two of my favorite Bay Area TV broadcasters, San Jose Sharks PBP announcer, Randy Hahn, and color analyst, Drew Remenda.

As stated here, I'm not the greatest hockey fan, but I've grown to appreciate the game and most of that is attributed to the work of Hahn and Remenda. Those of you familiar with the dynamic duo are aware of their fine work.

Hahn is the epitome of master professional. Preparation, glorious technique, a superb style and a uncanny ability to bring even the most mundane hockey game into an intriguing virtuoso. Hahn works for the Sharks, but is good enough and talented enough not to draw the inevitable feeling that's he's a homer--far from it, which is lacking in today's sports broadcast environment.

Remenda is also a terrific color analyst; having coached before, he knows the game inside out and with a dry sense of humor and brilliant focus, makes the broadcast appointment watching. And like Hahn, Remenda will criticize the home team when merited. It's authentic, and to the benefit of the viewers, honest and credible.

I had a chance to sit in with both of the Sharks TV guys a year ago. They're both just as nice off camera as on. Here's hoping the NHL and its players can work out an agreement soon so we can watch Hahn and Remenda perform their broadcast duties.

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  1. Hear, hear! I became a Sharks fan about a dozen years ago and Hahn & Remenda have been invaluable. And this is the 2nd lockout in that time -- a damn shame.

  2. Hey Rich-I get it. But what universe does Pam Moore live in where she does the news in front of millions over decades-and she thinks not one notices how light skinned she's got? Alicia Keyes and Vanessa Williams (both with white moms) look at Pam and tell her to get some sunlight!

  3. The entire NHL lockout is a travesty! What a bunch of idiot owners and a stupid commissioner in Gary Bettman. Boo!!!!

  4. Get rid of Ice Hockey and get more soccer and rugby on TV

  5. The wit & wisdom of Hahn and Remenda...severely missing it! Sign the freaking deal and get the boy's skating already!!!

  6. Clue to one of the commenters but Vanessa Williams' mother is not white. Both of her parents are light skinned Black people.