Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Required Reading; The Chronicle's Mick LaSalle

Part of my Sunday ritual begins with reading Mick LaSalle's questions in the SF Chronicle pink section.

It's usually a nice read--occasionally funny, informative, and definitely worth enjoying if you like the movies.

Did I say funny? Take one of  Sunday's truly bizarre question:

Dear Mick LaSalle: You can't be serious. This movie is one of the worst ever made, and the audience at the ArcLight in Hollywood will agree.

R. Corbett, West Hollywood

Dear R. Corbett: I might agree, too, if I knew what movie you were referring to. But I do appreciate your taking the time to send me an opinion that you considered worth expressing.

Uh, I was thinking the same thing.

I recall when the Chronicle first hired LaSalle. His movie reviews were very entertaining. And his column was off the chart. My first thought was Who is this guy? And the name too. Great writer, good read and enjoy his work, particularly his take, for example, this past Friday on great cinematic kisses.

Who do you guys like to read?

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  1. Mick is good,his retorts to questions as you said -are the best in the local bizz. Its movies. So any opinion has merits if you felt moved. Although I did notice once on his list of greatest actors..none were people of color. Many were French. Same for his list of greatest movies. If your aware of the great age of Mexican Cinema,Bollywood,or Asian movies..your not mentioned much other then Kurosawa.

  2. Well, I really enjoy reading Rich Lieberman 415 Media. well after the weather/sports....I closeout the night to 415 media!

  3. I sent him an E-mail question a while back, he got back to me and wanted to use the question for his Sunday column. Good, Fair and funny/vicious when he needs to be (Adam Sandler/Johnny Depp etc)

  4. Tim Goodman, who oddly enough was tossed as a weekly guest on the KFOG morning show.

    Gary Bogue, who writes about critters for the CoCo Times, and who is SADLY!!!!!! retiring this month. (Damn his hide!)

    Jon Carroll, who either you like or you don't. I like.

    Rich Lieberman, 415 Media.

  5. Seriously? LaSalle may be one of the worst film critics I've ever read. And his blog is even worse -- he's forever writing about things about which he knows nothing (like music). I've never seen anybody get so much basic stuff WRONG in print as he does. I realize they're all required to blog over there, but jeez.

    Tim Goodman, OTOH -- terrific writer even when I disagree with him. His inside-the-industry stuff is essential.

  6. Aside from Rich Lieberman, I enjoy reading Scott Herhold in the San Jose Mercury News - his columns span politics, current events, and sometimes focus on his angst about real life. Another columnist from SJMN that I enjoy is Mike Cassidy. His stories revolve around corporate America, local businesses, and technology advances / declines. Kauai's Garden Island newspaper features local citizens such as Howard Tolbe, Glenn Mickens, and Michael Mann for their opinion of the world...and can't forget James "Kimo" Rosen for his views on most anything!