Sunday, July 15, 2012

Lowell Cohn: Give PSU the Death Penalty

I have said many times how much I like reading Lowell Cohn.

Whether you agree or disagree, he writes an infinitely interesting column and blog for the Santa Rosa Press-Democrat.

Like this beauty on the Penn State/Sandusky/Paterno mess. Great read.

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  1. Great column. I love reading this guys stuff.

  2. This column is a perfect example of why Rich likes Lowell Cohen, his excess of simplistic, self-righteous, indignation.

    Self-righteous, overblown, indignation isn't good journalism. It's just someone getting on a soapbox and shouting, all for the purpose of drawing attention to one's self.

    Lowell Cohen=Skip Bayless

    1. Agree with you. His over the top indignation is boring. A good columnist offers insights and new ways of looking at issues. What is so special about this column? If anything it is stupid to demand the "death penalty" for the program when the main culprits are either dead, in jail or under indictment. Asking for the death penalty for Penn State would be analogous to asking that Nixon's replacement serve jail time for Nixon's law breaking. Cohn can't hold Ostler's jock strap. Ostler, now that's one helluva columnist....

  3. Can't stand Lowell's writing ~ usually, and I've been reading since the 1980s.

    However, I agree wholeheartedly with him on this one, and he should be commended for being one of the few to speak the raw truth: death penalty for Penn State.

    Great job, Lowell Cohn. I spit nails to say it, but it is very well-written. I might even start reading him again.

  4. Lowell is one of the few liberals who writes about sports. He,Monte Poole,Ann Killion make about the sum total of the left wing. Make a right winger a sports writer and they back the ownerships and write like the back of baseball cards with the syrupy,1940's view of a fantasy America..George Will.
    Oh,Lowell wont say he's liberal..but he is. The pressure not to be singled out for your politics in sports is strong. I dont know why, because politics is a part of life and your identity.
    And on air? Conservatives dominate local sports media to its shame. ALL the big names are Republicans..and the smaller ones mostly too. Even the black ones.
    More about this if you want...

    1. "The pressure not to be singled out for your politics in sports is strong. I dont know why, because politics is a part of life and your identity."

      REALLY? Maybe because it has nothing to do with what he/she does on the field. When a second baseman turns a double play you want to know whether he is for the single payer healthcare mandate? Maybe you want a conservative vs. liberal All-Star game in MLB.

      Give me a break with this simplistic political crap. Yes, Lowell Cohen is a liberal as am I but I still hate his column and in fact I hate his column that much more because it's full of whiney liberal instead of good sports writing.

  5. Killion a liberal? She's simply the equivalent ... PC. Her columns are based on the path of least resistancef on subjects she knows she'll have to deal with in the immediate future. If you're winning, and I know I may get sent into your locker room, you're the best. If you're a losing team, I can rip away because I know our editors will limit coverage by a columnist (gamers only). She's formulaic, too. Player/coach is great. Insert reference to spouse/family member to show his/her is a human. Final take on why we should love him/her. I stopped reading her a long time ago.

  6. Politics has everything to do with sports. And like I said..the oral part of sportscasting is a white mans dream..conservative dog eat dogma. Take Yahoo sports...the writers were responsible,understanding, and honest about Lin. Listen to Yahoo sports radio..and the conservative all white hosts rant at how terrible a traitor Lin is and other stupidities.
    I can only hope the bay area takes back local radio from the Cumulus and KFSO types..they ARE NOT the bay area.