Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Insider makes his Debut on 415 Media; Promo Wars at KGO-TV/ABC7

From the 415 Media blog...

An all-new exclusive: the 415 Insider. One of my spies provides some juicy KGO-TV/ABC7 info.

Info, you'll only get HERE.

> A few years back, the suits at NBC Universal started humming around the water cooler: "if you can't beat
> em (ABC/ESPN) join em." Nationally, the London Olympics and Sunday night
> football may help solidify the further erosion of "back, back, back," ESPN dominance. In
> the Bay Area, a good example was the hiring of Valarie Stabb.
> After leaving KGO/GM, for the NBC O/O station gig, Staab canned the "I've
> got a great rack don't I?" morning weather babe ad campaign. Insiders know
while they're good to look at especially..... for us 50 somethings
> needing a little AM "boost," .....they generally don't work. Where's the Beef?
> So, Staab hired a similar post production team she used at ABC for "soft lens
> film" ( Ala, the famous Barbara Walters fountain of youth lens ) promos of
> the KNTV morning news team with the weather chick buttoned up. They're VERY expensive.
> But aside from spending a gazillion dollars to upgrade infrastructure, i.e,
> trucks, cameras, good people what else you can do? Pound for pound,
> no station matches KGO news gathering because they constantly
> re-invest with good equipment.
> Freaked out KGO suits countered Staab....with a dumb ass
> Mike Finney promo walking down the street ..Pow! Smack ! Batman ! Watch out bad
guys 7 On Your Side will get you. Shitty, cheap, in house
> shot on tape with little thought. It sucked so bad, ABC
> pulled it. Finney works hard he deserved better.
> Look for KGO-ABC ( New York not San Francisco ) to respond correctly. They usually do, and usually
> win. A "softer" gee, I'm Eric Thomas, a nice morning guy with a family. Or
> I'm Carolyn Johnson, I look better than Julie Haener at Channel 2! Oh, and I went
> to Stanford!

Wonder what Steven Spielberg is up to?
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  1. "Finney works hard"? Never. Slacker, producer-dependent, thin-voiced, middle-market functionary who was plucked from obscurity by a former news director looking only to re-establish vanilla reporting, white suburban creds. Survived by staying under the radar. Question now being asked: "Why are you still here?"

    1. Michael works very hard, has great information that can greatly improve your life. The volunteers make it possible for many consumers to be helped. He is no dummy, no slacker. After he went to law school, he decided a great way to change the world in a positive way was to go after all the ripoffs there are..thus a great Consumer reporter. His voice is unique. It has character and so does he.He also has the courage to tell it like it is and for that, I always listen.

    2. Finney's show on KGO is terrible. He often has very little knowledge about the topics that his guests and callers discuss. And he frequently demonstrates that he doesn't understand what they're saying, by asking followup questions that directly contradict or miss the point of what was just said. In terms of how he has been on for so long, the "under the radar" explanation is the only one that makes sense.

    3. @ Christine, A lawyer defending a lawyer. That is funny. Regardless of that point, Michael has a minor case of ADD. He is a very nice guy.

  2. WOW that was exciting

  3. I don't get it...

  4. I love you Rich but this post makes no sense. Maybe it is too "inside" for us average readers...

  5. I continue to listen to Michael Finney on Saturdays but I think his show content has gone down hill since the big implosion at KGONE. The show has become very bland and has a "canned" quality about it. It consists mainly of the rehashing of lists previously appearing in other sources, i.e., magazines, websites. For example, yesterday we were treated to 10 things college students should sell when the school year ends and 10 things you shouldn't carry in your wallet--in other words, the kind of filler stuff you see on Yahoo or MSN.

  6. The first guy is correct. Michael is nice.. but its the producers who do all the work...while Michael gets all the glory. Same with the i-team and Dan Noyes.

  7. That was a bit too "Insider" for us outsiders to understand.

  8. Carolyn johnson looks better than julie haener? In what universe? I am a married woman but if i had a girl crush it would be on ms julie, she is just so cute. Tori (no lips) cambell on the other hand......yuck, how has she kept a job so long? So harsh looking.

  9. Tori is a Debby Downer..and when she wears those grandma plaid coats you know she would have made a good knuckle rapping Nun.

  10. Elizabeth Cook of ch5 has gone heavy on the bad girl makeup lately..very smokey and sexy.