Sunday, July 1, 2012

Cumulus launches new Traffic Block on Monday

Cumulus begins to implement its new traffic affiliation on Monday. They have canned the old Shaddow/Metro with Radiate Media.

The stations in this market include KGO, KSFO, KNBR and FM properties, KFOG and 107.7 The Bone.

I've heard that a number of traffic reporters at KGO already have been given pink slips, including Michaelynne Myers, although she's still on the KGO website.

Monday figures to be an interesting radio day on the traffic front. Some of the familiar voices you hear doing traffic updates, (and sports too), are gonno. Or will be. The slash and dashers are at it again.


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  1. Significantly, no more airborne traffic reporters or roving "supercommuters". I have heard they've hired some of the reporters that they used through the old service to "come to the dark side" but the way KGO does traffic in the drive times will be significantly altered without eyes in the sky. (ie cheaped out)

  2. How long before Mattres Man does a promo hailing the new and improved traffic updates?

  3. Gee ... and yet they kept Mel Baker.

    And Karel.

    And at least until the end of next Sunday, the witch queen of NYC.

    Oh, incidentally, after Karel totally screwed the pooch with his unprofessional questioning of a guest he knew nothing about (a book about Osama Bin Laden) he admitted that he is a "moron." The first bit of truth I've ever heard from him. Moron, indeed. And a low rated one at that.

  4. P.S. - Do your homework, Karel, you asswipe moron. You suck. And you had the balls to announce that only 20 people have bought tickets to that crappy show at the Razz Room with the witchqueen of NYC.

    What does that tell you? Only 140 more to sell, shithead. Good luck.

  5. Haha! Good one about Karel. Only 20 tix sold? That is very sad. I am not sure why he thought doing a show with that hated witch was a good idea! Btw: Anyone listening to the 10pm host on KGOne? We may have an even worse host than the NY witch. His name is David "Werling" something or other. This fool is using a pre-recorded voice that says: "yeah", "no" and "whatever" after every other sentence. AMATEUR hour! Is this another Jared Hart idea!? F U Jared!

  6. The ONLY reason I switch over to KGOne anymore is to catch a traffic report when I'm on the road.

    Nice going, Cumulus. It's like you're doing a lab experiment--"How to completely destroy a formerly great radio station."

    I just do NOT get it! Are they expecting people to keep tuning in and listening to their non-stop ads? There was a REASON that folks listened to KGOne so much before December 1st!

    I wouldn't have known who the hell Mel Baker was except he had to show up at our polite little rally last December and berate us! He certainly has NO idea of PR--he was offensive.

  7. This past weekend, I checked out KGone briefly, at several points on Saturday night and Sunday afternoon. There was this guy, David Weintraub on, who I think has been referred to above as the guy with the amateur-hour audio inserts. I found it pretty offensive that he couldn't even refer to the callers by their first names. Instead, he referred to them by the city they were calling from. He sounded like he was bored to death to even be on the air, and he was using (c)rap music bumpers. It sounded like an audio freak show. I tuned it out, within about ten minutes of tuning it in.

    Honest to God, these Cumu-Lulus who are calling the shots seem to be hell-bent on destroying the station and what little listener base it still has remaining.

    I caught some of Pat Thurston as well. I know there are those here who don't like Pat, but I do. I find it sad that she's stuck at that hellhole on Hawthorne, as she seems to be about the only host left with significant experience and ability. Her interview of a local author, who wrote about growing up in San Leandro, was very enjoyable. I wish she could get a gig at some venue that was far better.

    Also, I don't know what's up with the KGone signal, but it was really crappy, both days. It seems to have degraded in both strength and clarity, and had a sort of background rumble to it. Have they tuned down the power, "Because no one is listening, anyway"? Or have they re-oriented the antennas? Something in their night-time broadcast signal here in Fremont has clearly degraded in the past few weeks. Hell, I can get either KNEW or KKSF to come in clearer than KGone these days.

  8. The majority of the signal is directed north and south at a slight angle, leaving Fremont in the null spot directly east of the trasmitter.