Friday, June 15, 2012

KRON Sports US Open Highlights Issue


From one of my readers:

"In watching KRON last night, Gary said he didn't have the network's permission to air highlights, so he and Vern simply enjoyed each other from the location. I asked someone else in TV about that and they said that was more than odd. Every other station aired U.S. Open highlights."

I didn't see this, but have heard this make the rounds Friday Morning. Don't know a thing other than perhaps they had technical issues and searched for an explanation that would be plausible for viewers.
If that's the case, and they went here, what else is new?

If they truly couldn't use highlights, (and other non-affiliated NBC/ESPN stations received permission), then what does that say about KRON?


  1. That's just what they said. I would guess Vern is leaving and now that's Garys job to call for highlights..and he's just too old to hustle.
    Because it smacked of excuses out of both mouths.

  2. If I watch KRON, I watch it for the Creep Show: Gary Radnich. When I want a Freak Show: I watch Gary Radnich. Video doesn't matter. Gary's the guy, creep and freak, all in one.

  3. Gary said they could not show highlights because people were still on the course, but then he did show highlights on the later broadcast.

    1. Thats what happens when you live by the schtick and make people try to guess when your saying that's true or some inside jokes...

  4. As I have said many times before..he can lie,and not blink an eye.

  5. It's KRON, so it could also be that the video wasn't working or one of the nutjobs who runs the place got a crazy idea that they shouldn't use any video of it because other stations were. Or they laid off the person who edits the video, or the cellphone they used to shoot the video got dropped, or they couldn't afford the video because they'd rented a chopper for the news earlier in the day and topped off their budget...with that station it could be all sorts of ridiculous problems.

  6. The US Open broadcast goes to 7pm, so just like the NFL you can't show a highlight if a game is still going. They have to wait until the game/tournament day is over for highlights per the agreements in place with the broadcasters. It wasn't Gary's choice I am sure.

  7. To 3:13. If that's the case, then why is every station in the market airing U.S. Open highlights? Are they renegades that say damn the rules while KRON has integrity the others do not have. Certainly, nothing to to with Gary, it's something with KRON.

  8. The lunatics who come onto this blog to insist that Radnich failed to show highlights for anything other than the stated reason are seriously unhinged.

    The claim makes no sense. Why waste everyone's time with idiotic allegations. Your Radnich hatred has taken you off the rails.